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I love giving my wife a face coverd in cum
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To me, one of the hottest things about receiving a facial is watching a guy jerk himself off literally a couple of inches from my face.
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Originally Posted by HeyItsDani View Post
To me, one of the hottest things about receiving a facial is watching a guy jerk himself off literally a couple of inches from my face.
I love facials and the next best thing..... photo tributes!

Nothing quite like the feeling of cumming over a girls face
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Yeah, agreed. A girl asking for it is so hot.

Saying that, my favourite 'thing' is to have a girl kneel over me and have me give her oral. I love it when she comes then, and its so hot to watch a girl come over your face that close.

An ex use to get me off with her tits and then ask for it all over her face and breasts as I was getting close. She always asked me to finish off, though, she said she loved watching me get off a few inches from her face.
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A long time ago, when my wife was just my gf, I had a car and we drove all over to make out.

Once, when we were parked in her parents drive, she decided to go down on me. It was great but when I was near "the time" I just twisted my dick out of her mouth and shot my load all over her face.

Maybe I was taling a risk, but something came over me (parden the pun).

Anyway, she got back into the pasenger seat and I got my fingers into her pussy with her jeans half down.

It is one of my fondest memories, watching her have a major orgasm as my cum dripped down from her pretty face. She told me afterwards that it made her feel so dirty and horny she really came hard.

The funny thing was that it was so unplanned that we didn't have anything to wipe up the goo when we were finished so she had to user her shirt to wipe everyting up and then sneak in past her parents who were watching tv.

Happy days.
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My fetish is Cum and facials are a lovely work of Art on women and men Sometimes when i'm at a museum and look at old paintings I imagine what went on in the studio after posing, late into the night or even in the afternoon while taking a break the stuffy messy studio cramped or spacious studio, smells of turpentine, sweat. Growllllllll! I am odd that way
Let us all meet each other with a smile, for the smile is beginning of love
Mother Teresa
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I'm fine with it.
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Wink My turn

After 3 days of having my cock teased in every which way. Just rode hard and creamed to the point her eyes were stuck shut! I feel like 2Pac, thugs don't fuck around!

Let's see how eager my lovely partner is to post tomorrow.

Good night!

Last edited by ChinaBandit : 11-07-2011 at 11:07 AM.
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I love to do it to my wife and my wife likes when I do it to her
she also likes the cream pie as well
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All you women are giving me SOOO much to j/o to later! If you would like to PM me, please do!
My, my, my whiskey and rye
Don't it make you feel so fine
Right or wrong don't it turn you on
Can't you see we're wastin' time, yeah?
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Originally Posted by LindaColsOH View Post
I recently found a porn book hidden in my husbandís drawer, called something like ĎCum eating whoresí..

Too bad we have wasted 26 years I woke up this morning ready for more. I canít wait for tonight.
Perhaps if you told your husband of the time you "licked your daddy's cock at age 18" it would spice up your marriage?
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I would love to give my wife a facial, but she abhors cum. Sucks for me...or should I say no suck for me.
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One of the most exciting things is to see a man erupt
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Originally Posted by HeyItsDani View Post
To me, one of the hottest things about receiving a facial is watching a guy jerk himself off literally a couple of inches from my face.
I cannot wait for the day I can experience this with a man I love.

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All of a sudden a blast of Cream
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When a woman offers you the opportunity to give her a facial, I think itís a deeply erotic thing. A womanís face is the most identifiable and personal part of her entire body. Regardless of how great a woman's body is, itís her face we fall in love with as men. Being allowed to erupt on it, to cover it with our seed and mark it in a wholly unique way can be a deeply romantic and incredibly satisfying experience for two people who are either in love, or trust each other in lust. Seeing a girl I care about naked is powerful enough, but seeing her with my cum all over her face is even more tantalizing, because itís a look only I can give her. Of course thereís a sense of domination and submission regarding facials (the girl is literally letting you mark her with semen [which contains sperm], a substance so powerful that it can create life itself). Imagine how symbolic and powerful it can be to have a man perform oral sex on a woman, to literally consume her femininity. When a woman shares with her partner how she looks, tastes, and smells, she is sharing with her partner every part of herself. Since a womanís cum itself is not part of the copulating process, it does not have as much power in terms of sexual symbolism as a manís semen does. So in that moment of lust, a man could be looking to symbolically dominate his partner, or share with her the beauty of spilling his masculinity across the delicacy of her face (the part of her that he loves, not lusts after). But I donít think facials themselves are humiliating or degrading.

Sure, niche genres of pornography have popularized the facial in a somewhat degrading context, but then again, what in pornography couldnít be considered degrading on some level? People have sex in pornography all the time, but we donít let this distract us from the intimacy achievable through sexual intercourse with our loved ones, so why should we treat facials any differently? The physical act of ejaculating onto a girlís face is not inherently degrading in itself (symbolic perhaps) when itís an act committed by two consenting adults who both want to experience some since of joy from a shared orgasm. So when a woman is down on her knees before me, she is offering her face to me as a beautiful virgin canvas that I want to paint in the physical joy she brings me. Cumming on a womanís face can also be the easiest way to properly let a girl share in the intensity of your own orgasm. Once youíve finished, I donít believe a woman has been degraded. I think in that moment, right after youíve covered her, you can truly share a tender moment with a girl who is probably feeling more vulnerable than she has ever felt before (especially if this is her first time). There should be no need to rush for the box of tissues, either (this is the equivalent of a guy getting off and immediately wanting to jump out of bed and right into the shower). The sight of a naked woman Iíve just made love to, lying beside me while my orgasm still spills down her features is indescribable.

Personally, I love the feeling that I am marking my lover as my territory sexually...

I understand the physical act of a facial does not bring a woman pleasure since there is no sexual stimulation for her, and I understand my writing this is not going to change anybodyís kinks, but I hope it offers a bit of insight into a common male fantasy that I feel has been written off as a byproduct and symptom of pornography, or a chauvinistic act pertaining to degradation. Hopefully we can start to take these negative contexts out of what could otherwise be deemed a beautiful and deeply erotic sex act as time goes on...
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just bumping up this thread. are there any women in Texas who like to take facials? i live in San Antonio.
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For a long time, facials didn't appeal to me. It just screamed, 'You're mine, bitch!' to me and my inner romantic was appauled. It just didn't seem right and, honestly, it seemed insulting to the girl. And it still screams that to me, even to this day--that whole 'you're mine' thing--but, strangely, I don't mind that anymore. In fact; I quite enjoy it. I guess my inner-dom is growing to replace the romantic. Or maybe I'm just becoming more perverted as the years wear on; but I'm not sure if that is even possible. I've always been rather perverted.
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San Antonio, Texas?

i was wondering if there are any women in San Antonio who like to take facials? i'd love to hear from women of any race who are 18 or older. send me a PM if you like facials & you live in or around San Antonio. or if you vist my city sometimes.
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While I really prefer to swallow, the feeling of cum on my face is really a huge turn on...I love watching his body tense up just before he climaxes then I love watching it squirt out with each throb of his cock....

Oh ...now I can't wait till my man gets home
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I had a girl friend once who really loved seeing men spurt. We'd watch porn together and she'd love the "money shots" and giggle and laugh. She often let me cum in her mouth but sometimes asked me to cum on her face and she'd giggle and rub it all over her face. Great times, fond memories.
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klippert1 on kik
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two thumbs up from this fella... MrsK took some on her face the other night
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I like to do it sometimes. Although it feels so good to be in her mouth when I cum, it's very intimate to see my cum spurt out on her face and drip down on her breasts while she looks up into my eyes.
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Originally Posted by klippert View Post
nice vid klippert!
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