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There's this awesome mint-flavoured shower gel. That's pretty hot.
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One of the most amazing scents for me ever HAS to be the way my boyfriend smells. His roommate smokes, so there's always the faint smell of smoke on everything, but that combined with this natural scent that I can't describe as a scent...I don't know. Its more like a sensation that I get when I smell him that makes me feel so aroused.
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Mint. If it just that particular way it smells that always gets me excited. I definetley blame my love of mint on my girlfriend and her mint-flavored chapstick.
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I so distinctly recall this "scent"....on a hot summer day...

My then Girlfriend and I had made a brisk hike up a four mile trail into the Utah wilderness.
Arriving in a picturesque pine forest clearing we spread a blanket to cool off, eat a snack and
fuck each others brains out.......

We were in a sitting position, her straddling me, arms around my bare shoulders, slick sheen
of sweat ... chest to chest... then, with her hands cupped behind my neck and leaning back...
the combined aroma of our intense coupling wafting up from between us... mingling with pine tainted mountain air... Ahhhhh... I thank God for installing "long term memory"!!
The Bath
One of those mundane afternoons that goes surreal..

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A long time ago, when I was eighteen, a boyfriend to whom I felt extremely attracted to the point of being infatuated, forgot his t-shirt at my house. I don't know what it was, but the musky scent or his transpiration mixed with his deodorent was the best smell to me. I kept inhaling that sexy scent over and over and it would make my whole body tingle. To this day, I cannot forget it and every now and then, a man passes by and by his smell, reminds me of that t-shirt I almost wished I had kept.
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Okay, so my girlfriend smells pretty good in general, to the point that whenever she wears perfume at all, I usually try to lightly discourage her, since it just covers her smell up.

But while I love the way she normally smells, as well as the way her underarms, pussy, etc. smell, my favorite is a little weird.
I really like the smell of her ass.

Anyway, we were sitting on the couch a while ago. I had my pants pulled down a bit and my cock pressed against her ass through her skirt. She decided she wanted to feel a bit less restricted, so she sat up a bit, pulled up her skirt, and sat back down with my cock nestled nicely between her ass cheeks this time.

Thing is, when she lifted her skirt, I was hit by a sudden waft of nasty delight, the smell of her sweaty anus passed through my nostrils for about two seconds before she sat back down.

I made it a point to lick her thoroughly back there (and in front as well) as soon as I had the chance.

Weird? Maybe. I guess I'm into some weird stuff. But I like it a lot.
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Love the smell of my ladie's pussy on my finger the morning after a night of making love
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i guess the sexiest smell i can think of is a stroke of melted chocolate on my boyfriend's body just before making love, because it combines taste (well, i can't just leave it there!), touch and smell together in a luscious union of hmmminess... plus it just happens to be on HIS skin
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my finger when I pulled it out of my lover after she climaxed on it twice.

Wet and sticky and tasted so goo. And the smell of sex was so strong it made my cock so hard!!!!
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Originally Posted by Gianniana View Post
One of the most amazing scents for me ever HAS to be the way my boyfriend smells. His roommate smokes, so there's always the faint smell of smoke on everything, but that combined with this natural scent that I can't describe as a scent...I don't know. Its more like a sensation that I get when I smell him that makes me feel so aroused.
The scent you can't describe but arouses so much lust and passion is called pheromones. And i agree.sometimes it's the undescribable scent that is the sexiest. A young girl came into work one day and I caught a whiff of her and got an instant Desire to bury my nose in her hair and the hollow where her neck sits on her shoulder. But i behaved myself somehow. Just don't ask me what she bought or anything because everything But the scent is a blur....
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Okay this is going to sound really weird... but the smell of me on my guy. I don't know why, but it's almost like he's been branded.
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The scent of the panties you receive at work the next day, sent FedEx overnight, after you left the 50-something waitress at Applebee's a tip consisting of a love poem, your business card and a Spanish gold doubloon.
"She's just like potato salad -- creamy and delicious!"

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The smell of a woman just out of the shower.
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Originally Posted by yuna1981 View Post
Describe the sexiest smell...you have ever smelled, or what you imagine could be the sexiest smell.
^This^ is a writer's exercise and strangely enough, to this writer, an incredibly personal muse.

There is a smell; an aroma... or wafture or zephyr or crazily simple sensual hint that has haunted (in the most lyrically musical way) my creativity for... as long as I've been aware of such things. I'd describe it here. I would, if I could... but

...the quest to describe this most specific... perfumery? is more important to this writer than the elusive name that might possibly describe it.

It is the name, not the description, that eludes me. What it is is concrete - though never ever the same. There is a name that describes it. In this, lies my deepest faith. The description of this smell is etched in the endlessness of my awareness. I almost never want to find the perfect name for it. All else after naming the muse would be hollow.

She walked by. It was much more than that. What arrived in her wake spoke volumes.
"Carbonated beverages could help with that... Seriously!" ~ Margee D'Neherdo
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This goes back to memories of my youth, but the smell I describe will always excite me:

The smell of a girl/woman after an evening of dancing, when just before we finish the night and head home we have one last slow dance. That smell will forever arouse me.

Just here to enjoy life, play, talk, explore. I am somewhat of a sarcastic old ass. And that's my only redeemimg value.
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I had a crush on my friends older sister and she knew it. So would tease me when I was around. The kind of stuff that a teenage boy fantasizes about a slightly older teenage girl. She would walk up to me while her brother and I were playing video games and very lightly caress my face. Then giggle and run outside. I would threaten to chase her down but never did, except once.

It was sprinkling outside and the Texas desert smelled of freshly cut mesquite. She ran under the back porch hair wet, giggling as I chased her around the side of the house. The back door was locked, so she was trapped on the screened in porch. I walked up the steps and didn't say a word.

When I got up to her she was grinning and about to say something but I stopped her cold by kissing her on the mouth. I pinned her to the door and caressed her face, reaching around her waist to hold her. As I kissed her mouth, I sucked on her tongue and exhaled through my nose. She gasped, eyes wide open and pushed me back, turning very bright red and ran away.

That was the last time she teased me like that. But she did give me a knowing grin every time she saw me after that and would always make a little "Hmmm" before she said my name. I'd swear every time I saw her, I'd also smell mesquite.
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Part of a story I have been writing:

"I rest my head against his shoulder. The hairs at the open neck of his shirt tickle my cheek. He smells of soap and clean linen. And then I smell that unmistakeable scent. The one that smells of nothing and yet everything. The one that steals up your nose without you knowing what is happening and suddenly slams into your brain, making your pupils dilate. That pheromone you can't describe but which plants a seed of carnal desire within you. A desire that must and will be satisfied."
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Pheromones are an intoxicating smell. Nothing is better than the scent of a longterm partner after we rinse clean with some foreplay in the shower, and then fuck ourselves sweaty on various surfaces in the house. Snuggling my nose into his armpit with the taste of both of our cum on my lips covers every one of my favorite smells.
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Walking home from school I found the detachable collar of a woman's coat laying on the ground. It was a dark blue... almost black. Why I picked it up I have no idea... curiosity. Saturated into the fabric was a mixture of her sweat, perfume, shampoo, maybe her hairspray even and personal pheromones.

When I brought it to my nose I took a hesitant sniff, then buried my nose in it. I was a virgin at the time...hell never even been kissed. It was the sexiest most feminine scent I would ever know till the night I lost my virginity.

I kept that collar for months and made up dozen of fantasy girls but I to this day will always wonder what that woman actually looked like. I would love to know. You see for awhile I was so in love with her it not funny, and I never even met her.

All from the scent she let fall.

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Originally Posted by FatBttmGrl View Post
Okay this is going to sound really weird... but the smell of me on my guy. I don't know why, but it's almost like he's been branded.
I love the smell of my man on me. Since we only see each other every 6-8 weeks, it's sometimes hard to want to take a shower a day after he's left.

It's been four weeks and two days since I last saw him. The middle of December can't come soon enough.

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My cologne by Old Spice. Sound a bit narcissitic? It isn't.

One day, I came home early from work. Between classes actually, to grab a bite to eat. I was a teacher. So I would have to go back, more is the pity.

My lover didn't hear me come in. I could hear noises from the bedroom we shared. Very erotic noises. Noises that were at once a turn on and at the same time disturbing since I wasn't in there helping make them.

You've heard the phrase "out of your league"? The lover I had somehow attracted was not only out of my league, she was out of my world. I hope I can be forgiven for a tiny bit of suspicion that led me to tiptoe across to the door and open it slowly.

She was alone. She alone was responsible for all of the noise. She was wearing one of my shirts and a pair of my underwear and was molesting my pillow so hard I expected an explosion of feathers any moment. The sounds she was making that were semi-intelligable words flipped between softly seductive and rambunctiously raunchy so quickly I had no idea whether to be appalled or aroused. Then I heard her call a name. My name.

"Is this a private party?" I asked. "Or is there room for one more?"

She screamed and I saw an object go flying that I hadn't seen her holding to shatter on the dresser. She rolled over and clutched the pillow to her.

"Honey!" She gasped. "What are you doing home?"

The item she had thrown was a picture of me. The pillow was the one my head lay on at night. The shirt and boxers were ones that I had worn the day before. And all of it was doused with more Old Spice than I would use in a week. She admitted, blushing the while, that she did this every day when she came home and then fell asleep surrounded by my scent until just before I came home.

I made a small mistake when I hastily pulled my clothes back on and went back out the door. I grabbed the shirt off the floor she had been wearing when I caught her. One of my co-workers jokingly asked me if I had used enough cologne.

"What?" I couldn't help but smile as I asked. "You don't think it's sexy?"
The difference between genius and stupidity is usually the audience.

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Oh Aktion, please write up that story 'Old Spice' - it's lovely!

I love the smell of freshly laundered sheets that have just come in from the line. The smell of the wind and a hint of rain in their crisp white folds. I like the "rough male kiss of blankets" but I love the scent of trees and fresh air and blue skies with a sudden puff of cloud. I love the crisp firm caress of cotton sheets; I long instead of running the hot iron carefully over them, to wrap myself in their bright cleanliness naked and fall on the floor to fuck myself in their folds until they are so stained they have to go back in the wash.

I love freshly ironed knickers too - warm on my bum! but that's another thread I suppose.

Just like one of the lads, really. (With tits .)

Submission. I mean my submissions.

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Cum: Man or woman

it's the sexiest smell I know. Especialy after it;s been involved with a hot hard fucking from both of us.
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Originally Posted by Acktion View Post
I made a small mistake when I hastily pulled my clothes back on and went back out the door. I grabbed the shirt off the floor she had been wearing when I caught her. One of my co-workers jokingly asked me if I had used enough cologne.
Maybe I'm just slow, but I'm trying to figure out how & why you got undressed in the first place: it's not common to undress before confronting an unfaithful lover.

Or maybe you helped her "finish up"?

Details, details...
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Originally Posted by lovecraft68 View Post
Not to be crude but very simply the smell of sex. There is nothing sexier than waking up the next morning, going to the bathroom, and when you re enter the room getting hit with that sweet, slightly sweaty, very pungent, aroma that tell you that there was some serious sex being had last night. That smell of course is enough to want more of the snake that bit you and add to that savory scent.
...I was going to say that just fucked scent but someone so eloquently and many moons ago beat me to it ;-)
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