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Mmm, I personally enjoy the smell of sweat and steam mixed with a pungent berry body wash and shampoo along with that slight cool breeze coming in from the open window carrying that oh so sutble hint of pine, Just one of those combined smells that makes you stop and be able to appreciate life for all it gives.
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Semester End Party

Any one that's been though college has experienced a grueling term. This was especially true for last term of my junior year. So much so, my steady and I took a three week hiatus.

At the end of term, there was always a blow-out party at a friend of Ginny's. Mostly a good old fashion kegger where the majority just drank into they couldn't stand any longer.

While it wasn't pre-arranged, it quickly became obvious to the two of us, as well as any close by. Ginny's pussy was warm to the touch and she was giving off the most wonderful smell. After a couple of drinks, we couldn't stand it. The problem was where? The house was pack, ever time we'd enter a room, we found people standing about drinking and making small-talk.

Frankly, I didn't know who was the more anxious, but as we found ourselves in the kitchen, it become obvious what the solution was--the backyard.

I took Ginny by the hand and we began to run into the backyard and towards an apple tree. As we ran, clothing began to be discarded. As we ran, her scent was stronger and stronger. Deep and musty, I was hard and growing harder. We pounced on each other, kissed, licked, bite and fucked . . . we were two wild animals

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When a man walks by wearing the right aftershave, no word of a lie, I'll inhale deeply as he passes me. Anything that smells cool and clean just makes me want to wrap my arms around him and bury my face in his neck. And if he's wearing a suit! Forget it...I'm his!
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I love the smell of the neck of a woman. A mixture of shampoo, soap, and perfume all in one place, but none too strong and overwhelming as they are when first applied. I love it especially when it has been worn for a few hours in the fresh outdoors on a cool autumn day. I could kiss and suck on a woman's neck for quite a while. Even during intercourse, I kiss and smell the neck to increase my own arousal. She may think it's for her but it's just as much for me.
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his smell filled my nose the moment we met. it was distinct like a phormone enhanced potion of sorts meant to draw me into his arms and entice me with the posibility of what the evening would hold. I ran my mouth up to his neck and let it linger. he tasted as good as he smelled and I wanted to devour him then and there. he teased me with a be there in a little while while I pouted begging him to let me inhale him, to taste him, to consume his being with the animal like passion that he had aroused in me. how could just a smell so simple as the way soap embraced and intermingled with his chemistry be such a poision to my willpower.
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The smell of the skin of a girl I really liked after drying of from summer rain washing away everything that wasn't... her.
Meine Geschichten bei Lit: Kojote
Meine Geschichten in meinem eigenen Blog.

Originally Posted by Auden James View Post
Du musst wissen, dass jener Autor [ed. note: yours truly] für mich so etwas wie das LIT-Äquivalent eines Sebastian Fitzek aus dem kommerziellen Literaturbetrieb ist: ein Autor, der so schreibt, wie es die ahnungs- und geschmacklose Masse am besten verdauen kann, sprich: grottenschlecht, aber – entsprechende Hirnareale ausgeschaltet – ohne übermäßige Mühe lesbar ist. Kurzum: Der ideale Kandidat für geistlosen Zeitvertreib.
Dass nun ausgerechnet du den Herold all dessen, was schlechte Pornographie ausmacht zum Urheber der besten LIT-Story aller Zeiten ausrufst, ist in meinen Augen ein Debakel.
Germany’s most pompous critic of (Lirerotica-based) Erotica (and former author after pulling not well received stories again) has spoken. Listen to him, world. When you’re ready to simply get entertained by porn and switch off brain areas needed for people like Tolstoy, I’m officially your man.
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Grey Flannel.

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Peach lotion
Always go Commando

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I got you
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Polo Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yum, always - always makes me want MORE
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The sheets are still warm. I crawl to your side of the bed and inhale the smell uniquely you. A combination of leather and baking bread with just a hint of bitter dark chocolate and of tobacco ( not stale cigarette but rich tobacco, like from a pipe or cigar).
I close my eyes and breathe deeply. This particular smell makes me instantly wet. The soft sigh you hear when we enter the leather store or low moan with eyes closed that makes you laugh when I order the chocolate mousse for desert only happen because I'm reminded of that most sexy and arousing of aromas... You. *
You walk in and find me still there. My lips are slightly parted as I breathe in the last wispy trails of you. I let my fingers slip into all that wetness, spreading, teasing and drawing out a new aroma created with a single purpose, to draw you to me.
For here, we are not afraid to follow the truth, wherever it may lead us. -Thomas Jefferson
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For me the sexiest scent is Mistress' body after She has worked long and hard. It isn't dirty, just SO erotic for me. I am a bit of a scent freak maybe as certain scents will turn me off fater than lights in a power outage... Brut. UGH! My father positively bathed in that and I still get nauseous when I smell it.
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I got you
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Ralph Lauren - Blue

On a man that owns it completely. Strong, slender, defined, tan, and either

dark hair with sexy ass scruffy facial hair (a nice short and tidy sort of scruffy)


Blonde, a little long and no facial hair.

Blue eyes I think... but it'd be good if blondie had brown eyes.

grrr baby grrr

Oh, wait - back to sexiest smell.

ummm, yup. Ralph Laren - Blue, pulling in a nice deep breath nice and close to his ear.....

okay, now I'm giggling. sorry.

but! I digress.

Blue - it's the best most sexiest smell ever (in MHO).
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Leather, fresh leather like a leather shop. Combine that with the subtle scent of perfume and cinnamon mixing together but not too strong. That sets the atmosphere. Next, add her smell, her very distinct scents. Her breath, her body oils, her shampoo....... The smell of her sex. Combine that with mine and our combined sweat. Yeah, now that's a sexy smell. ; )
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Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani is wildly intoxicating, and completely irresistible. To wake up in his shirt, and to smell this scent first thing the next morning, is simply divine.
I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one.
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thunder in the distance

rain falling on open ground
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head buried in lover's lap

You've been kissing and fondling.....turned on and that first light sheen of sweat begins. Working your way down his body to his hard cock and nudging that velvety head all over your lips....pre cum begins and he rocks into your mouth ...that smell that wonderful musky smell
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I love the crisp clean smell of the bed sheets when they are freshly laundered. To lay in the sheets, wrapped in his arms, feeling the cool fall breeze coming in through the open window is sensual. I know the clean cotton smell won’t last long the way he is holding me, but the smell of the crisp sheets surrounds us as we begin to make love.
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A crisp winter night, when my sense of smell seems almost animal in its intensity. The elegant yet subtle aroma of a perfume that perfectly matches her body chemistry, combined with the sharp animal scent of her new leather jacket as she embraces me...
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When a woman passes me by wearing a fine French perfume (not too strong), and I get a wisp of it in her wake.
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A hint of patchouli or jasmine oil wafting by my proboscis works for me.
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The cuntsmell

of the woman who used to love me.

Originally Posted by yuna1981 View Post
you have ever smelled, or what you imagine could be the sexiest smell.

My Stories: http://www.literotica.com/stories/me...ge=submissions
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Talking Curve, the men's cologne

Years ago a classmate of mine offered to pick me up on his way in to school. He was a very handsome man, but I was a delusional 19 year old, not understanding of the world (and apparently the drive of scorpios), and didn't realize that he had another motive to have me close to him in his vehicle.

The smell that for the first time in my life drove me absolutely crazy was his cologne. He wore curve men's cologne (in the green bottle with the gold lettering and the orange cap). I got into the car with him one morning on our way to our first morning class, and the minute the smell of his cologne hit me I jumped on him. I started sniffing his neck just trying to get close to and inhale the spicy sweet smell of the cologne on his skin.

Needless to say, he was very pleased. He later asked me out, but I had him firmly in the friend place (even though I secretly lusted after him). Even though we do not keep in touch, I still love the smell of that cologne. Even now, over a decade after my first whiff, I'm still hooked.
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One of my boyfriends had a wonderful soap-clean but musky smell that I didn't even notice until more than a year after we'd split up and I found myself in a public restroom aroused by the smell of my hands. Apparently they had the same soap.
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The smell of the brown sugar and vanilla body wash when you pop open the tab and take the first smell it is so intoxicating its orgasmic
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