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Sweet heat II

In part one my friend from India was getting more nervous about what he had to do with my wet pussy. I stood in front of him and guided him thru his first love session. By that time I was so aroused anxious to see his cock. As I tried to unzip him he covered his cock area but I moved his hands to the side I AM SO ASHAMED FOR BEING HARD he said. I kneeled in front of him, he saw my pussy lips opening from my stance, clit out of its sheath, his breathing was heavy as I had difficulty taking his cock out. Bigger than I expected, oh god yes, his cock was large. I leaned down over his rock hard cock and rolled the foreskin back. I teased him with my tongue tip circling around the pee hole, up and down the sides of his dick. Precum formed YOU ARE THE FIRST WOMAN IN MY LIFE he said in a whisper.... And then I took his cock into my mouth and blew him, blew him out of his mind. Yes I wanted him. He came within seconds in my suck mouth and swallowed his load.
After we rested, especially him, gave him a hj because needing a fuck to take care of my wet pussy. He satisfied me as he shot another load into me.
After that I guided him into various sexual happenings bordering on perversion.
He is married now with 2 children. We still email bringing each other off with our intimate writings xxx
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It's so hard to stay away.
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