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Do you moan during sex?
Personally, I've never been extreamly vocal having sex with women-that's not to say they weren't. It wasn't until I fulfilled a fantasy and fetish of being a bottom for a tranny, that I started moaning as I've heard women do. It was then I relised women were more vocal was because getting penetrated-hard- was many times more intense and couldn't help but moan and yell and gasp for breath with every deep thrust.
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My wife makes sure that I do. When it's her turn to be in control it's a personal goal of hers to get me to that point.
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Although I'm not aware of it, my BF says I'm very vocal.
Just a girl with a dream. Well.. an erotic dream
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Do you moan during sex?

Yes, and very loudly it seems Our children are now used to it and they have simply associated it with Mummy and Daddy's secret playtime. It's really cute

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