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Post Kingdom of Kalaria

This takes place in a medieval world of kings, knights, dragons, adventure, and a little bit of sex. This takes place in the year 1610, which is an important date in the story. There is a good king in the throne, which brings peace and prosperity to his land. Everyone within the boundries of the kingdom is happy. But something happens, and the kingdom needs protecting. Create your character and go on adventures to fight for the kingdom and find treasure.

In 1599, England area, a kingdom was formed and grew to be known as the kingdom of Kalaria. The king had built the kingdom from the ground up with a group of working men. They had all just escaped another kingdom where they were forced to work building houses, mining, and farming for little to no food. They swore their kingdom would be the opposite. When the construction was finished, the man who had freed the rest, Edward Decosos, was voted king. The rest of the men gladly took position as royal knights. When they knew it was safe, the knights with family and friends brought them to the new kingdom. From there, the kindom became recognized, and people started coming to this free land. They claimed more land and built multiple villages.
The kingdom was doing very good. Even though attacked occasionally, they were never defeated in battle. One day in 1610, a group of adventurers found something very powerful. This was a golden water in a silver goblet. No matyer how far you tipped the glass, the water would not move. It could not be drank. The adventurers took this to the king. He took it to the royal mage to find out what it was. All the wise mage knew was that it was made with a dark and powerful magic. When all the royal knights got together to discuss what to do with it, it magicly gave them immortality. This is where the player story begins.

Please PM me and wait for acceptance before you post.

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New character: Ias

Name: Ias (eye-us)
Race: Plane touched
Class: Assasin
Age: Ageless (looks about 16-18)
Weight: 85lbs
Height: 4'9"
Hair Color: Silver
Hair Style: Very long
Eye Color: Violet
Body Type: Slender
Orientation: Lesbian

Ias was a princess in the planes of destruction. She was forced to marry a prince from another kingdom. After an accident during sex the night before the mairrage, the prince died. Ias ran away and was taken in by a renouned assasin. She was tought how to fight and kill silently. The master was then found out by the kingdom, Garnia, where they lived, and were both executed. But the Gods had different plans for her, so she was resurected as an immortal. After a long time of traveling around making small money to survive on, she found the kingdom of Kalaria. The king accepted her despite her history of being an assasin.
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The adventure begins

Ias walked down the castle corridors toward the throne room with much intrest in the furnishings. Painting of the royal knights, stained glass windows of the Gods, tall granite pillars holding up the cieling. She had been called upon by the king in an urgent message. The *click clack* of her shoes hitting the marble floor was the only sound there.

When she got to the guards at the throne room door, she looked to the top. She had always been amazed by the craftsmanship of a handful of workers. She shyly bowed to one of the guards.

"Ias I presume?" The guard said without braking his gaze at a far pillar.

"Y-Yes. I was called by the king in this message." She said, pulling a paper out of her belt pouch and holding it out to the guard. This disrupted his gaze to the paper. He read it, and immediately continued his stare.

"Open the door for miss Ias!" He shouted so the pillar could hear it. All four guards pulled the door open to reveal the king and all the royal knights standing near the throne. This was unusual, because the royal knights were normally busy with other things.

"Miss Ias. Come, come. We've been expecting you." King Edward said loudly so Ias could hear him.As she got closer, she heard one of the knights whisper something.

"Wow Edward, you weren't kidding when you said she was sexy." Ias looked up at him and stopped walking when she heard this.

"A-Are you planning on using me for sex, my king?" The knight looked shocked.

"Yeah, and she has the unnatural hearing you told us about too." Another knight said out loud. All of the men but the king started laughing.

"Silence." The king said, and the laughter immediately stopped. "Ias, you have nothing to worry about." This only slightly reassured her. She continued walking. This is when she noticed the king's regular happiness was gone, and his normally comforting smile was nowhere to be seen. She finally reached the throne and bowed, while saying, "Your Majesty".

"Ias, I called you here because something has happened." The king then explained about the adventurers and the golden water.

"King, this is wonderful. Now you need not worry about getting harmed!" Ias exclaimed. "But... You're not happy. What is the matter?"

"He's just paranoid this will go wrong. He can't accept the gift and be happy about it." One of the knights stepped in.

"And what if it is paranoia? There is no such thing as being too cautious." The king snapped back. He stepped down the three stairs leading to his throne, giant steel armor clanking all the way, and stood right in front of Ias. She had to look up to see his face. She supposed that he would be very attractive to any girl. But Ias wasn't that orientation, and felt nothing sexual from looking at him. He put his hand on her shoulder. She grimanced, because she wasn't often touched. "Ias, I need you to get a group of adventurers together and search for something, anything, that would give some explanation to what happened." Ias knew she wouldn't be asked for information before the royal mage, so that meant the mage didn't know. Not a comforting thought.

"Where would I begin?" Ias asked.

"I wish I could help you, but I don't know. I'm sorry." The king said. "But the mage said something about the mystic stones maybe having something to do with it." Ias had told the king she knew where one of the ten mystic stones where, but not the rest. Maybe it held some clues...

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