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My progression in art.

I was bored one day and decided to draw, so I paused a movie. I never expected to share it, so maybe that is what helped it to look better, but I have never really have drawn people, but I ended up being really impressed with what showed up on paper.

But it needed color, so I went out and bought colored pencils, the problem is I got the wrong type. But in every mistake there is a lesson.

My next drawing I tried, I am still not using the right pencils for the job.

My next sketch, I never did color it in

This is my first try with colored markers, not the best

Was Frustrated on how the colored pencil drawing turned out, so I tried to go back to colored pencil, It turned out awful

Went back to colored markers, better, but not great.

Another colored markers

Getting frustrated again, I am trying to keep my "other" art style in the eyes, but I don't think it will work, I ended up photoshopping it to clean it up. I debated if I should just follow "everyone else" and just do everything digitally... But I think I will keep working with the traditional methods.

Starting to get better

I see so many issues, she ended up looking too young, he ended up looking too thick, not liking how I did the penis...

And My latest Picture.

Believe me I can see the flaws in the pictures, and I get they aren't perfect, some are almost embarrassing, but the bad ones show how far I have come, I love seeing the progress I am making!
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Nice progression

Hi Francine I am self taught and the best thing I did was buy a few books at AC Moore or Micheal's Craft shot on how to draw. They are very helpful. There are few online communities as well that I have gotten helpful direction from Wet Canvass is one

For colored pencil I use prisma and art stick they are oil or wax based you can mix them with a blender pencil and a burnisher
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I'm so pleased to have seen this. I'm not the only one working on improving. I love how expressive your pictures are, that's special. Thank you.
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I think I should take some self taught drawing. I'm in the process of teaching myself to airbrush but my drawing skills are rather lacking. You've done some nice work and it's encouraging to see others work. Thanks for posting
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