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Kajira Callista
His/His dirty lil' secret
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Dear Sir Winston

Take the love that comes to you today, embrace it for all it is worth, and return it threefold, tenfold, a hundredfold.
Take the joy that comes to you today, embrace it for all it is worth, and return it. Take even the sorrows that come, for not all of life can be wondrously fine and happy and laughing, and embrace them for what they're worth...
And give tomorrow unto tomorrow, for we never know if it will come at all.
Sir Winston
You wrote this to me a million years ago, and since that day I have lived my life just this way...and I have never been happier.
Thank you for all the things like this that you have given me. You are an amazing man and I love you!

Please add something special that you would like to say or something about SW that stands out in your mind. He is an amazing man and I would really like to show him just how amazing and loved he is.
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“Too long a sacrifice
Can make a stone of the heart."
William Butler Yeats

Take the love that comes to you today, embrace it for all it is worth, and return it threefold, tenfold, a hundredfold. Take the joy that comes to you today, embrace it for all it is worth, and return it. Take even the sorrows that come, for not all of life can be wondrously fine and happy and laughing, and embrace them for what they're worth...
And give tomorrow unto tomorrow, for we never know if it will come at all.
Sir Winston

I don't like copycats.
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Word spanker
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SW is nobody's fool. He's a clean, sharp lawnmower blade. A crisp, economical sentence. His jib is exceptionally well-cut and his socks are warm and dry.

He gives advice without sounding sanctimonious, congratulations free of obligation, and barbs that hit their mark straight and true, without sloppiness.

He's whip smart and knows how to translate experience into fuel.

His grammar is first-rate.

He is a generous and caring soul. Once, when I was particularly upset and flayed myself publicly on these boards for my feelings and actions, calling myself an asshole, he sent a PM with a three-word title: "Not an asshole."

While his judgement in that case might be suspect, his kindness has always been beyond doubt.
"I guess the hard thing for a lot of people to accept is why God would allow me to go running through their yards, yelling and spinning around."
--- Jack Handey

"A little nonsense, now and then, is relished by the wisest men."
---Willy Wonka

~ Some poems

~ Save second base
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Meticulously Flighty
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Dear SirW...

I'm going to miss you.
I already miss you.

You've always offered such great advice; I hope all of us who have been touched by your presence, can continue doing so in your honor.

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Literotica Guru
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Dear Sir_Winston

I'm thinking of you today, the start of football season. How many years ago was it that you started the first football pool here on the Cafe? At least 4 or more. The pools were always so much fun. I admit to copying the idea for a group I am in over in Fet. Last year we only had 3 of us participate which is why I haven't started one here this year. But know when I make my picks each week I will be thinking of you and sending you love and positive energy.

With much love,


(also...thank you so much for all the years of forgiving my horrendous grammar.)

I'm looking for kinky girlfriends-My Lit Personal Ad

"Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them you are a mile away from them, and you have their shoes."~~~Frieda Norris The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
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רעד מיט מיר
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Dear Sir W

There's one particular post that you made three years ago, directed at me. I have it bookmarked and I read it sometimes when I'm feeling down. It was a very little thing that you said, but it never fails to lift me from a particular type of funk.

Your thoughtful posts and impeccable grammar are missed.

-Edith Södergran: Wandering clouds
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Really Really Experienced
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Dear Sir_Winston,

I have always appreciated the kindness you showed when replying to my first threads and posts. I was a very confused and anxious noobie, terrified to post and your thoughtful comments were more appreciated than you can know. I know many more listers must have similar feelings.
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Dear Sir Winston,

Your kind and helpful posts are one of the reasons I joined the BDSM Lit community in the first place. Your thoughtful advice, forthright manner, generosity of spirit, and willingness to take responsibility for your actions are all traits I greatly admire. As is the respect you afford others, even us grammar impaired.

You are a man with opinions, yet can, and will, apologize when the need arises. I have no higher praise.

I miss seeing you on the board.
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Master of Maintenance Sex
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SW, I've said it before elsewhere, but thank you for being a friend and an inspiration.
Golf is a game invented by the same people who think music comes out of bagpipes.

"I can eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit a better argument than that." Internet poster by your ecards.
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Sadomasochist switch
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Dear Sir Winston,

You were one of the first people I spoke with when I stumbled onto this board back in 2009.

Since then I have read your posts with deliberation.
You write with rare common sense and great humour, and I will admit to searching your posts.

You put me on the path to making floggers. I now have a thriving business as a result of our conversation. Look for Daisy's Floggers, that's me, that was inspired by you.

You have sent out wonderful ripples during your time on lit. You have been a force of positivity, reason, humour and grace.

I am privileged to know you and call you friend.

I recently lost one of my closest friends to cancer and vowed to never leave things unsaid.
I love you my friend.
You rock!

Daisy Bee xxx

Hear me sing

Read my story

Proud to be owned and collared by SirNick48 or Carlos Bee as he is known on Fetlife

Find me on Fetlife as DaisysFloggers

Please do not contact me for "cyber" it does not interest me.
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I've always been impressed with your candor, your advice being basically untouched by the veneer of BS and woo with which most people discuss the nuts and bolts of SM.

But I'll remember and miss you on FYC. I don't think that people would have gathered the way they have over there without you, and I think it has sticking power. This impresses me.

The catharsis, the fight, the support - there's not a day of that when I think the people who know you won't remember you being there.

You are missed.
If I had my way we'd sleep every night all wrapped around each other like hibernating rattlesnakes.

― William S. Burroughs
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carpe diem
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Thank you for giving wise advice, for having a wicked sense of humor,and being a great human.
I'm smirking on the inside.
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Dear Sir W,

You're one of the most wonderful people I know. I'm so happy to have had the privilege to meet you in person. You're a fantastic friend, and you never gave me shit for my decisions, even when I was being an enormous idiot and undoubtedly would've deserved it. You're among the people I credit with my still being here.

You're intelligent, kind, witty--nay, hilarious--and pretty much everything I wish I could be. The boards aren't nearly as entertaining without your frequent visits, my friend.

Thank you for everything, namesake, and I you.


As a dreamer of dreams and a traveling Bun,
I have chalked up many a mile
Read dozens of books
About heroes and crooks
And I learned much from both of their styles

Grammar is very important to the Nazi party.

Na razrusha'ya. E'ya razrushost.
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Truth seeker
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Dear Sir W,

You tell it like it is, always. You're endlessly kind-hearted, you big sadist!

Thank you for you always caring enough to direct your antenna and channel that positive energy where it needed to go.

We're all beaming it back to you now.
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Dear Sir Awesome,

I never imagined I would meet someone online who would make so deep an impression on me that I would consider them a dear friend, even though I had never met them and probably never would. You are that person. Thank you, universe.

For all the words, the laughs, the wisdom, the shared Grammar Nazi-ism, the private messages when I needed them, the literary cheerleading, the occasional pervy compliment, and (of course) the much needed antennae, I am forever humbly grateful.

You know that I am not one for waterworks but I'm not ashamed to say I'm shedding more than a few right now. I wish I could hug you. Just once.

All my love,
Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it! Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.
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the captians wench
sewing wench
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Words fail me


Originally Posted by Homburg View Post
Look ye to this woman, verily, as an example to all ye aspiring cocksuckers.

writings of a true lady
Jounar's fat bottomed slut
And proud owner of his cock.
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Stag of Oberon
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Dear Sir W

wish I had the energy to search through your posts to single out those things you've said over the years that helped, that resonated with wisdom, or just those times that you brought your articulate genius to rescue whatever point i was failing to make at the time.

My current excuses aside, you've been too damn prolific for that, the effort could easily fill a thread by itself.

thank you for being you
"It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so." ~ Mark Twain
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Your Sexual Tormentor?
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What do you say to someone you've never met face to face, but seem to understand, just the same? Sometimes words don't come to me, when they should, but the thoughts are still there. "Sir" seems very fitting for someone like you. I've never heard your voice and I've never seen your face. Our connection has been via text on a screen. How can someone's caring inclinations ring so true in such a format, but they do.

I've seen some brash posts from you, but never without reason. I've seen some knife edged posts from you, too. You aren't one to mince words in those posts, but we've all known the situation called for it. But that is just one side of your personality. I've come to respect that side of you, but also respect another side, the knowledge you've brought to this place. Sure, it's a sex site, but what I'm talking about is more than that. People come here asking for help and answers. They are confused and lost and seeking understanding. We've tried to give a feeling of home with this site and you have been a very large part of that. You should be proud.

The regulars here know your posts are from a mind and a heart mingled together. Stern at times, but always with a caring heart...simple respect for all others, without judging. Some can be quick to post a flippant comment when a newbie comes for help, but that's not what you're made of...not at all.

I said I only know you through text on this computer screen of mine. To transfer thoughts and emotions in this kind of format is rather unique. We develop a caricature in our minds of the people we talk to in this way. At least I do. That's why I said "Sir" was very fitting for you. It shows respect and I have a lot of respect for you.

Yes, we're both old, so we have that connection and one hopes wisdom follows with age. In your case, it does, but that doesn't need saying. Wisdom, intelligent humor, tenderness, caring and a vast knowledge of many things all are parts within you, but the list goes on and I'd probably be accused of rambling by somebody here. So, suffice it to say this. Sir, I'm proud to call you one of my friends.

Electroplay is a shocking experience! My humor can be, too!
But my posts are all totally PC!! Well, kinda sorta

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Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill,
That we shall pay any price, bear any burden,
Meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe,
To assure the survival and success of liberty. -- John F. Kennedy
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~watering pretty things~
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Dearest SW,

Not all of us are able to realize and then truly use our talents in our lives, but you have clearly lived genuinely as I know without a single doubt that among all the warm and wonderful things you are, you are clearly to your core here to be a teacher.

I have personally learned much from your posts and have always imagined you at the front of a classroom. Your voice is rich with wisdom and life earned humility and humor that is captivating in it's honest human form and always gives me something new to consider, appreciate, and learn. Even as you must have struggled and faced the challenges of writing your last life chapters, you have continued to give your compassion and wisdom to the people here which has been maybe a quieter class, but a profoundly moving and deeply inspiring one for me. Please know that even in silence, you are heard and still hold your space at the front of the classroom.

I also have to share that in my life I never really paid attention to the antennas on buildings and cars. I guess I never really noticed them, or maybe I was consciously ignoring them as nessecary, but unattractive things. Now, I see antennas sparkling and gleaming everywhere and they make me smile to imagne all of them sending out love and support the way that you have taught us and they make me smile and feel connected to all of humanity. It makes me pause and think of someone dear and send them my soft thoughts, which has changed my mood and perspective many many times while stranded in classic Cali freeway traffic and would have been otherwise focused on my worries instead of my riches.

You are a true teacher and I am blessed to have had the chance to listen and learn from a beautiful you. I will carry your lessons and antennas with me always.

Thank you.


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No Gentleman
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Dear Sir Winston

Thank you for all the wisdom and knowledge you've shared, the clever twists of phrase, the sharp reminder as often as not, to THINK.

You've been a valued friend. You always will be.
"Oh woe, these be perilous times! Children no longer obey their elders, and everybody is writing a book!"
--Pliny the Elder, AD76

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Literotica Guru
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Dear Sir W

I joined lit with my little soul full of confusion and questions. I was hoping for some answers, but was prepared for the derision I had received elsewhere. Instead, you took the time and trouble to help me with tales of your own experiences, with a level of warmth, concern and humour that simply took my breath away.

You have kept a weather eye on the goings on over on the UK thread, and it is a delight to us all when you pop in for an occasional chat.

You have touched many people's lives in such a positive way and your generous spirit is a rare and splendid thing.

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Stag of Oberon
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For four years now I've wanted to create a "Stag's Humation Thread" on April first; something along the lines of the oh so common 'humiliation' threads, asking for humiliation ideas and safety advice, with a particular eye for temporary live internment as a form of humiliation & predicament bondage (perhaps there's another category that falls under).

I was also considering riddling the opening post with horrific grammar as performance art, but I simply don't think I can top the usual fare, & the original point of this prank was specifically to see if I could trick Sir Winston into complaining about misspelling in the thread title. Alas these four years April has been my very worst time of year, when I am most stressed & depressed, and least likely to begin anything new.

I was considering scrounging up the energy to undertake that now. It's not the same without that perfect date stamp, and having just moved this past week from the Seattle area to about 100 miles north of there (yup; the Canadian border), there's not been much energy to scrounge.
"It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so." ~ Mark Twain

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Lit Lesbro Coven
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Dear Sir Winston,

For years now I've lurked in the BDSM forum, occasionally posting. I came upon these threads as a novice, but had my curiosity piqued and then I wanted to know as much as possible. From that beginning (about 6 years ago), you've always been honest, open, kind, and welcoming. I've sought out your posts for years, always appreciating your perspective. Thank you for being so generous with us.

Oh, and I really, really, love your grammarian expertise and willingness to address the horrific postings.

You are appreciated and loved, Sir W.
Please don't PM me for anything other than friendship.
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A Desert Rose
Simply Charming Elsewhere
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Ditto Captains Wench - words fail me, as well. But you know how long winded I can be if I set my mind to it... I make a pathetic sub, don't I?

My sister-in-law, who is horrid with ever saying the right things told me the other day that she could not believe that after 8 years with a brain tumor, I was still alive! LOL (You gotta keep finding humor in people and things or what's the point of it all, right?)

Good people like you Winston, should not die from this kind of thing. And dwelling on that will only make it happen sooner. Negativity breeds negativity, as they say. I removed everything and everyone from my life that did not shed goodness and positive light into it, and I was/am the better for it. And I believe that's what has kept me alive (to torment and confound my sister-in-law - HA) all these years.

Winston, every day that you open your eyes and know who and where you are, is a gift from God. Do with it as you told KC: embrace it, thank God for it and return it tenfold to the next person you know who needs it. Rest knowing that you have touched the lives of many people, some you will never even know you touched.

I love you and pray for you and C,
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Mallory Heart Surgeon.
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I've been holding off on posting because I don't feel like I know Sir W well enough to claim friendship (although I liked what I saw) and I don't really know what to say. But I'd rather post some sort of incoherent "cancer sucks and I'm sorry this is happening to you and I wish you peace and comfort" than say nothing. So here it is.
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rope grupie
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Dear SW
Your words have always been kind, witty and no-nonsense.
I hope to grow up and be half as strong as you.
Antenna pointing your way from this side of the world.

Rope Bottom Safety Decalogue

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"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." Aristotle
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