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Paying back my wife's brat niece-for joanna_wake

Me and my wife of 15 years have had a pretty good marriage. We have worked hard and have a nice house in the country. My wife is pretty busy with work and it has taken a toll on our love life. To complicate things my wife's niece Amy moved in from out of state to go to college.

Amy is a hot little Latina is about 5 foot nothing and has a perfect ass and a nice set of tits. She is always using my Mercedes and she never fills up the tank and she never washes it when she brings it back. She also walks around in her underwear at night which only gets me hotter on the many nights my wife is too tired to please me.

My wife thinks I work at an insurance office but I am really a white collar criminal that makes his money extorting other business and running other scams.

I talked Mo, the heavy in my collections division, about my problem. He's a 6'5" black man that is all muscle. He suggested that I stop being such a pussy and handle shit. He said that my wife ought to be fucking me whenever I wanted and that Brat Amy needed an attitude adjustment.

Mo suggested that we do a break at my house and that he would be happy to ravish my wife in exchange for me getting the chance to have Amy. I really thought about this for a while but the thought of my lovely wife being ravished by another man was actually another fantasy of mine. I had so much pent up sexual energy that I guess I was a little perverted.

The plan was hatched. We would break into the house on Friday. Our house is secluded so we didn't have to worry about anyone hearing us. I told Mo where the security alarm was and he would destroy it to look like an amateur job.

Friday came and I was very nervous. I was having second thoughts until I saw my Mercedes, the fucking front was smashed in. Come to find out Amy got drunk and smashed my Mercedes. When I talked to her about it she said that my insurance should cover it.
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"Oh no! I left my credit card at the cafe! We left and I forgot the waitress still had my card."

I looked at Amy and she gave me a look before she rolled her eyes.

"Well just drop me off and go do whatever it is you have to do," she said.

Although we both knew I was lying, it wasn't for the reason she thought.

"Tell your uncle Larry that ill be home soon, ok?"

"Whatever," replied Amy as she slammed the car door and walked up the driveway. Ever since my husband Larry allowed her to move in, I've been on pins and needles.

A few months back, my brother Hector had invited us to his house for the weekend. Larry and I were surprised at the invitation, but my husband liked Hector (and my neice, Amy), so I reluctantly agreed to accept his invitation.

We took a cab from the airport, and as soon as we walked in, the two started drinking.

It was late and I was exhausted from the trip, so I went straight to bed so they could have their fun.

The next morning, I was shocked to learn that Amy would be staying with us. I was angry! He didn't even bother to consult with me!

I knew Hector was just a cheapskate who didn't want to pay for her housing while she attended the nearby university, but it was too late. Larry had already accepted and there was nothing I could say or do to change his mind.

At first, I didn't think it would be so bad. My husband makes good money and there was more than enough room for a houseguest. But I got careless, and it wasn't long before Amy discovered my dirty little secret. I was cheating on Larry.

Amy heard me talking to my lover on the phone, and ever since then, I lived in constant fear of being outed by her. She started asking me to buy her all sorts of expensive things. Clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry. I told her she should find a job, but she just smiled and said she would rather ask me than ask Larry. I knew exactly what she meant. It was clearly a threat, but I refused to be blackmailed.

After that conversation, whenever I came home late, it was Amy, not Larry who would ask where I was and who I was with. She took great pleasure in making me nervous, and I finally had to give in to her requests.

Unfortunately, she didn't stop there. She started getting chummy with Larry, and walking around the house half naked. She knew my husband had a weakness for latin women, and she was soon asking him to loan her cash and driving her car. I was helpless to stop her, and soon found myself giving her money to pay back Larry.

It didn't take long for Larry to figure out she was manipulating him, but she knew how to press his buttons. I could see how resentful he was becoming. Not only towards Amy, but also towards me for not speaking up. At times, he would play along with her, hoping to make me jealous. When I did nothing, he would get angry and not talk to me for days, and the only refuge I found was in my lovers arms.

I had never planned for things to turn out this way. For a man his age, Larry was a decent lover. He had a surprisingly big cock, but he was a selfish lover. One good fuck and he was done for the night.

That wasn't enough for me, so I found satisfaction wherever I could; the gardener, the mailman, our mechanic... but the day of the picnic, the moment we locked eyes, we both knew we would be fucking before the day was over.

I remember that day so well. I had a white halter top and a pair of jean shorts. He had a red tank top and black and red shorts. a few hours later, we were fucking in the back of his truck. Although I had made a rule of not screwing around with the same person more than once, I couldn't get enough of him. It was going on two months now, and when he called me yesterday to tell me had a big surprise for me today, I became excited like a school girl.

But now he wasn't returning any of my calls. I knew my husband was expecting me home, but I had to find out why he was ignoring my calls. I dropped off Amy and drove to his apartment, but he wasn't there. It would take me almost an hour to get back home with traffic, and I wasn't looking forward to explaining where I was.



I was so happy when I found out that I had been accepted at the university. When dad got home from work that night, he didn't seem very happy with the news. Money was always an issue, and he flat out told me that there was no way he could afford to pay for my housing.

"Maybe aunt Rose can help," I suggested. He and aunt Rose never really got along and he told me not to get my hopes up. He swallowed his pride and invited them to the house.

I knew aunt Rose wouldn't like the idea. She didn't have a good relationship with my dad, and she wasn't all that fond of me either. But uncle Larry, that was a different story.

Everyone knew that uncle Larry had a thing for latinas, but he had an especially soft spot in his... jeans for me! I have to admit that it was partly my fault that he paid so much attention to me. Whenever they'd come to visit, I'd wait for dad to get drunk, and then I would start my little show. I'd bend over in front of him, or put my hand on his shoulder. But the thing that put his $$$ in my hands, was when I would sit on his lap. I would feel his excitement growing in his pants as I wiggled around, pretending to get more comfortable. I'm sure he thought I was a total slut, but in reality, I had only had sex once, and it was over in two minutes. To tell the truth, the boy I slept with had a huge dick and he wasn't very gentle. It hurt so much that after that, whenever I came close to having sex, I would always find an excuse to chicken out.

Don't get me wrong, I had no intentions of having sex with my uncle... that is, until I moved into the mansion. I would often come home to the sounds of aunt Rose sceaming with pleasure. I began to fantasize about going all the way with uncle Larry, and getting a big allowance in return!

One night, I was sitting in the TV room watching a movie, when I heard them start to go at it. My curiosity got the best of me, so I quietly made my way up to their bedroom. I opened the door and peeked inside. The room was empty, but I could hear them in the shower. I hesitated for a long time, unable to decide what to do. When I finally worked up the courage I took two steps towards the bathroom. All of a sudden, the bathroom door swung open, and their stood uncle Larry, with the biggest cock I had ever seen swinging gently between his legs.

He smiled proudly as his naked body dripped in the doorway. I was frozen by the freakishly large cock that seemed to have a life of its own. I heard the water shut off and I ran to my room. That ended any fantasies I had of sleeping with uncle Larry.


When aunt Rose gave me that story about her credit card, I knew what she was up to. I thought it was pretty shitty that she was fooling around when uncle Larry gave her everything she wanted. I sometimes felt like telling her how I felt, but today, I was more interested in trying on the new outfit she had bought me.

I went to my room and changed into my new outfit. With aunt Rose gone and armed with my sexy new outfit, it was the perfect time to try to wrestle a few dollars from uncle Larry.


It was always the same routine. Uncle Larry would spend almost all of his time at home in his private study. I'd go out to the backyard where he could see me from his upstairs window. He'd come downstairs, and after looking around the house to make sure aunt Rose wasn't home, he'd come out to the backyard and ask, "Where's your aunt Rose?"

I'd tell him she wasn't home, and he'd light up his pipe while I pretended to be busy straightening out the lounge chairs or picking up the wet towels or empty glasses around the pool.

I had been out there 20 minutes now, and he still hadn't come down. I guess he musta still been mad at me for wrecking his car, but he hadn't even peeked out the window! It wasn't like him to ignore me, and it caught me off guard.

Ten more minutes passed and nothing. I went inside the house and headed upstairs. I knocked on his door and no answer. I wasn't allowed in his study, but I opened the door anyway. Next thing I knew, someone yanked my hair from behind me and shoved me to the ground. I looked up and uncle Larry was gagged and tied to his chair. I turned around and a gun was pointed in my face!
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The plan wasn't supposed to go this way but I went along with Mo's plan. Amy walked in and Mo grabbed her so fast she didn't even have time to scream. Her eyes were wide open when she became orientated and saw me tied up.

Mo and his friend, who wasn't in the original plan, took Amy and tied her to the chair. They talked like this was a robbery and asked when my my wife was coming home. Amy said she should be home shortly. They pretended to rob the place and when they saw the car lights come up the driveway they got in position. This time they waited for Rose to make up to the bedroom and they didn't snatch her. Rose walked into the bedroom and saw me and Amy tied up. Slowly and menacingly they came around the corner. I saw Rose tremble in fear but she didn't let out a scream, which would be pointless because their were no neighbors for half a mile.

Rose asked what they wanted and they responded that they came to rob but that they had a little extra time to take something else. Mo walked over to Rose and caressed her long black hair, Rose looked away knowing what he meant. Mo said that they wanted either her, Rose, or the young girl. Rose, in spite of her anger towards her Niece couldn't bear the thought of her violated by these big men. Rose knew she could satisfy these men and perhaps they would leave all of them alone.

Rose looked down and said she would take care of the two robber and pretty matter of factual dropped to her knees, took out Mo's huge cock and began to suck hard and deep. I watched this with envy because I hadn't gotten head like that in years. Rose was making slurping sounds and trying to get Mo off fast. She caressed his balls and moaned but Mo pushed her away. Mo told her to go to her closet and put on some nice lingerie.
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