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Describe the first pussy or cock you played with

Guys and girls come share your experience of the first taste of pussy or cock and tell us what it looked like, what it was like to touch, shaved or unshaved etc...

Also tell us how you prefer them now?
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decided to edit this with a serious answer since there's like no other posts on this topic.

so let's see.
she was a thin girl. a little bigger than me, but still slim. (mentioning since being rather big can sort of change the way it looks between the legs and whatnot)

she wasn't totally bare, but definitely nowhere near hairy. just a real close trim you could say. so it didn't get in the way or anything like that. it wasn't an ugly vagina. it was sort of pretty - at least in terms of lady parts. it was nicely tucked in. the lips weren't icky, too big/ small. The color was pretty normal, but there was more of a tint of red in the pink than mine has. Her clitoris was a pretty standard good size too so not much to say with all that.

Everything was so soft and moist. sure, it had been that way with myself but the excitement of touching someone else in that way was great. i had fingered her a few times before, but this was the first time i took her panties off. it was all very exciting. i had been on top of her since i was planning on doing something instead. i was a bit nervous when i was heading downwards, but that slowly went away after i got there. the scent was kind of strong. i didn't really expect it. it wasn't bad though. just very clean and natural smelling. the same goes for the taste. at first i wasn't sure about it.. but as i continued gliding my tongue all over her clitoris, it was quite alright. actually kind of good. i have no idea how to describe it really. it was sort of plain but in a strong way and there was some sweetness to it as well.

i was a little shy. i wasn't sure if she'd be okay with me moving my tongue over her lips and even into her vagina. i'd just move it down a little here and there to see if she was okay with it. just wanted to be sure. and she was. so that was fun to do. there was so much to explore. the feeling of putting my tongue inside her - as well as over everything else really drove me wild. i had never seen someone in so much pleasure, nor had i ever been as aroused as i was. it was hard to contain myself so i masturbated during it. one orgasm was enough to hold me over until she was done and wanted to do something to me. but i loved having my mouth down there when she came, which was 2 or 3 times. i can't really remember, but i know i made an effort to taste every drop.

but overall, the whole experience was terrific. i didn't think i'd enjoy it as much as i did but i loved it.

sorry if i typed too much. i tried to keep it extremely basic and brief, otherwise it would have been huge.

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Not particularly well cared for, to be blunt.

And her idea of a handjob was to squeeze my dick hard.

Yeah. That was a short relationship.
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I was 5 and in kindergarten. The little girl sitting next to me said she'd show me hers if I'd show her mine. I did, and she did.
But because I didn't know what to expect, I saw what I expected to see: another pee pee. I was 12 before I understood what a vagina is.

Sex stinks, but I love the smell.

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Well the first cock I ever saw was like 6 inches long and slender with a triangle shaped tipped head. I remember watching in amazement how it grew from a little soft dangling thing to a nice full erection standing straight out. I just could not say no to it!!!! I won't say here but it was someone I knew quiet well and he got me to look at porn magazines with him and explore all the things it showed "bad girls" do! It was the first cock I ever saw, touched, licked, sucked, and fucked me.

The first pussy I played with other than my own was the sister of a friend of mine. We were having a pool party and well she played with me first in the pool and later showed me how to play with hers in her room , it was a small little pussy with barely any lips and she was shaven which started me to shave mine, well except for a small little triangle on top kinda like a " V " pointing you the way anyway, she used here tongue on my naughty little pussy a few times and I always returned the favor!

Here I was going to bed and now I may have to ..... ummmmmm, play
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[quote=Bebeslut;36352669]I was 5 and in kindergarten. The little girl sitting next to me said she'd show me hers if I'd show her mine. I did, and she did.

The same, except we decided to play. So we got out paints and colored our parts. I think we were both amazed at how my penis changed when she painted it! Boy did we both get in trouble at bath time that night!
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gorilla your dreams
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it was my own.

love at first sight and we've been together ever since.
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Originally Posted by glamorilla View Post
it was my own.

love at first sight and we've been together ever since.
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Originally Posted by panzer105 View Post
Guys and girls come share your experience of the first taste of pussy or cock and tell us what it looked like, what it was like to touch, shaved or unshaved etc...

Also tell us how you prefer them now?
Ok here goes - seven years old - With my cousins (male) in our grandparents shower room for the cabins they rented. One male and one female. We played at first by just touching then stroking. Then one of my older cousins asked me to suck him I really liked it. None of use was ejaculating at that time. Then the big one came - Cornhole we called it back then. I liked it all.

What I do now: I have as much safe sex as I can with men and women and always loved to have it with both or separate.
Male all the way!

Written by Andy Rooney...
I've learned .... That being kind is more important than being right.

Author unknown...Life isn't tied with a bow . . . but it's still a gift.
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Hmmmmm...first time for anything other than MY own "junk" was a friend from across the street. He was just my every day hang out, play games, on the same baseball team, bud! Occasionally, we'd get hold of a "Playboy" and marvel at the "titties". One such time, we had the magazines out in my clubhouse in the back yard, and decided it was a good enough stash to "jack off" to...so we both had our cocks out and were playing with ourselves. A little while into the "stroke session" he came over and put my little dick into his mouth (we were young, not saying HOW young) and started sucking. He finished me, and I sat there thinking "wow that felt great!" As that happened, his mother called from across the street yelling it was "dinner time" (not knowing that he'd just had a sausage appetizer) And he left...we made plans for the next day, and that was it.

I thought about it the rest of the night..and got myself so worked up that I had to jack off again...the next day didn't work out, but we got together the following day! My suggestion was to go back to where we left off, I wanted to try that...so we got the mags out again and dropped our shorts...a little while into it, I went over to him, and started stroking HIS little dick, then got the nerve to put it in my mouth and suck...I sucked him to completion, and he went down on me again.

We kept this up for a LONG time, through high school, (and shared a girl one summer...that story is here somewhere) and after he returned from Navy bootcamp, he never wanted to "play" again, so we left it at that.

Not long after the above incident, I also learned the joys of young pussy. My next door neighbor had grandchildren that were my age and slightly younger, and we all played together. One day the girl that was about a year younger than me and I were in the same clubhouse. She saw my magazines, and busted my chops about them...she then showed me what a REAL pussy was like, (because I think she wanted to know what a cock was like) and we started playing with each others parts. We never actually had intercourse, we were afraid to get her pregnant (not thinking that she was probably a tad too young for that at the time, I was just starting to actually shoot something) Unfortunately, that situation didn't unfold, like the other one, but we did have some fun exploring each others young bodies!!
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My goodness I am a truly late bloomer. The first pussy saw was the first I ever had. I had never even masturbated at that point. I was a freshman in college and my first gf was a real joy. She taught me everything! She's an all natural (hairy) girl, the hair on her pussy was several shades of blond, full lips and her inner labia unfolded like the petals on an iris, long and fluted and curled on the edges. Her gorgeous clit made my mouth water. It was already glistening.

No one has ever compared to that. 12 years later, I am back with her. My preference is definitely her, although I prefer me shaved!

"I will not be the goody bag at your pity party..."
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I was young

I was in fifth grade, obsessed with my dick, and horny all the time. I had a friend who was unpopular, non-athletic, and nerdy. No one else really hung out with him and he had no friends. He lived a few doors down and I was basically his friend by proximity. I didn't hang out with him much but we'd talk during school and I'd make sure he wasn't alone all the time.

We were playing in his basement and I was so horny (all the time now) that I reached over and put my hand in his crotch. He stopped and stood motionless, not sure what was going on. I pushed lightly and rubbed his sweatpants and he didn't react at all. I was going to go for it because he had no one to tell. I pulled his sweatpants and underwear down to his knees. I wasn't big for a 5th grader but he was really underdeveloped, had a tiny penis between two fat thighs. It wasn't even the size of my pinkie finger now.

I took him in my mouth and started sucking on him. It was for only a few minutes and then his dad called us up for dinner. I pulled his pants back up and we went upstairs. It was never mentioned again and we still kinda hung out every now and then. I wanted to do it more then ever but he seemed a little bothered, so I left him alone. I know I could have done anything to him because I was the only one who paid attention. I didn't.

Now I know it was a good call.
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The first person with whom I did anything of a sexual nature was my best boyhood friend. I had known him since we were in elementary school and we both lived on the same block in Brooklyn. When we became teenagers we were curious about our emerging sexual urges. We confided in each other and discovered that we both liked to masturbate. I'm not sure who came up with the idea first but we decided to try masturbating together. It was in his house one day after school when nobody else was home that I saw his erect cock for the first time! It was gigantic! It was much larger than mine was in spite of the fact that I was three inches taller than him and almost a full year older. He told me that during the summer, while visiting with relatives, two of his cousins who were about the same age showed him their cocks and wanted to see his and were also impressed by his larger size. After a few sessions of jerking off together, I suggested that we try jerking each others cocks to see how it felt to have it done by someone else. In reality, I just wanted to touch and feel his big cock. It felt very different from mine and I got more turned on from jerking him off than from him doing me. When I held his cock in one hand and mine in the other, we both knew that he was my sexual superior and for some reason I didn't mind. Our mutual jerk off meetings quickly turned into mutual blowjob sessions which became gradually more one sided with me blowing him more frequently until eventually he stopped blowing me altogether with the mutual understanding that I would become his own personal cocksucker.

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Hey sterculius - how big is his dick today? Makes me hard just thinking of you two.
Male all the way!

Written by Andy Rooney...
I've learned .... That being kind is more important than being right.

Author unknown...Life isn't tied with a bow . . . but it's still a gift.
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First pussy

I was in my early teens and was staying over at my best friends house for the night. He had a very attractive mother and beautiful older sister. I had gone into their laundry room for some reason and noticed a pair of panties in the laundry hamper. Naturally, I had to pick them up and take a sniff. Wow!! My young virginal senses went through the roof. I started searching through the clothes for more and hit the jackpot. I found several more pair and a couple of bra's. I was in heaven; it was the first time that I'd ever smelled "pussy". I lost track of what I was doing and where I was as I kept bringing different articles of clothing to my face to smell the incredible aroma.

You guessed it; I finally stuffed the goods back into the hamper and turned to leave. My friends mom was leaning against the door; she was watching me with a smile on her face. I was busted.

She asked me what I thought I was doing and I couldn't answer. She asked me what my mother would think when she told her. I couldn't answer. She asked me if I had enjoyed it and I managed to whisper that I had. She stepped all the way into the room and closed the door.

What should we do about this, she asked me. I finally managed to plead with her not to tell my parents. She said that we might be able to work something out. then she asked me if I'd ever smelled a real pussy. I told her that this was my first experience and that I'd never do it again. She laughed and said that she knew that I would and that I was going to do it right then, unless I wanted her to talk to my parents.

She was wearing shorts which she proceeded to take off, then she pulled off a great pair of tiny panties. She handed them to me and told me to take a sniff. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but, I obeyed. The smell was unbelievable, I couldn't stop. She laughed again and hopped up on the laundry table, telling me to come over to her. She spread her legs and told me to look at her pussy. I was entranced and I was at full erection . I was afraid that she'd notice the bulge in my shorts.

She told me to come really close and get a ggod look and smell it. When I got within arms reach she gently took my head and pulled my face into her crotch. I wasn't sure what to do until she told me to lick it. Soon, with her guidence, I was eating pussy like a pro. After a bit, she came violently, scaring the hell out of me.

When she recovered, she said that I deserved a reward. She got down from the table, squatted down and lowered my shorts and underwear. My little soldier was at full attention. She began to stroke it and it seconds I came all over here face and blouse. She laughed and said that we would have to get together more so that I could learn control. She kissed me full on the lips, handed me a towel, put her panties and shorts back on, threw her soiled blouse in the hamper and left the room. It took me awhile longer to recover.

As time went by, I found myself spending more and more time at my friend's house. Every once in awhile it paid off. Needless to say, by the time I started dating, I was a confirmed, expert pussy eater. Ask any of my girl friends.
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Bump it
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first time

my first pussy was my sister but i cant go into that here.

I sucked my first cock when i was 23 it was wonderful he was 35 and very hot. His cock was a little bigger than mine and he put it inside me after i was done sucking him.
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I guess I don't understand how people remember cocks and balls. Some are big or small, cut or uncut, hairy balls or smooth, etc. I guess I do remember when I see cocks that can pre-cum (very positive and doesn't happen with all men or that often) and of course the dirty uncut ones as the smell is hard to get out of your mind (very negative and luckily I haven't been exposed to very often).

Now on the other hand I do remember assholes. The first guy that let me fuck him had basically a smooth ass and a little bit of dark brown/black hair back there. He was rather tight -- not painfully so. He wanted to use a lotion. I still remember him leaving the hotel to go to the grocery store. I waited for his return in anticipation. I will always be thankful for that guy. While he was plain and unattractive, it was my first fuck, and the very first time I can say that fireworks went off. Up until then m2m sex pretty much sucked (pun intended). I wondered if I might be a closet heterosexual with a "daddy" need. With that fuck, I realized that m2m sex really could be out of this world.

I didn't know whether I was ready to cum, piss or have my entire bladder explode; whether I was going to pass out or have a heart attack; whether I was dying or being born. It felt like every Christmas, Easter, Birthday, and 4th of July condensed into 20 minutes of joy. Even as a teen I knew I wanted to touch a man's ass -- before I knew what fucking is, but I was scared to death that those military adult guys (my dad was in the USAF) would kill me if I even dared try to touch their asses. Thus I had 23 years (since birth) to build up to this first truly wonderful sexual experience.

While over the years since then I won't say every fuck is out of this world . As with anything the more you do it, the less it is a unique sensation. Still j/o and oral don't hold a candle to really being inside a guy -- to have your cock feel first hand how a guy's asshole muscles contract as his prostate shoots out cum when he reaches orgasm, to see his eyes and facial expression as you take control, to hear the change in his breathing patterns, to feel that "connection" of total trust on his part. Words don't do it justice.

Like the little girl once said: "Every time a butch, muscular, hairy guy gets fucked, and angel earns his wings. " God bless every bottom; there aren't words to describe how wonderful their gift is.

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Originally Posted by schaum_m View Post
my first pussy was my sister but i cant go into that here.

I sucked my first cock when i was 23 it was wonderful he was 35 and very hot. His cock was a little bigger than mine and he put it inside me after i was done sucking him.
How did he feel? Did he recapture afterward? Did he streach you a bit? Was it wet n warm n soft?
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The first pussy that I saw was my sisters...but I never touched it...The first pussy that I fingered and licked was a girl at my school around the time of my 16th birthday...we were at a party and ended up on the floor in one of the bedrooms..

I stripped her naked from the waist down and played with her wispy haired cunt for what seemed like hours, fingering her tight hole before I licked it...she had tight pussy lips and she bucked hard agaisnt my face as she came...

From that day on, I love to lick cunt
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I was 14 and so was my girlfriend. She was very tiny and cute. We kept getting braver everytime together. I finally got the nerve and lifted up her skirt and pulped down her panties. I remember a perfect triangle shape of short hair. I spread her legs and the sight of her little moist lips is forever burned in my mind. I loved the smell and the taste.
Fast forward 25 years. I got up the nerve to be with a guy and found a comfortable situation. It was the first time I ever touched another cock. He was black with 9" thick inches. When I first touched him thru his jogging pants I was amazed at the thickness and he wasn't hard yet. He stood up and pulled his pants down and I was closer to a cock than ever before. It was throbbing and starting to get hard as I was stroking him. I was literally amazed at the size. I took him in my mouth as best I could. Felt incredible. 14 yr old pussy and a huge black cock forever burned in my mind.
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First pussy I touched was when we were both very young (can't say here.) It was a girl from a little way up the same street. Not at all sexual because we were just trying to act out what we'd seen in some porno mag we'd found in the park. No lead in my pencil, no wet on her whistle! We didn't even know that either was necessary.

First cock, I was quite a bit older. Went round an older friend's house on a Saturday and we talked about girls and wanking as we played darts. He said that he was starting to feel horny, and instinctively I looked at his crotch. He caught me looking and suggested we wanked together.

I'm easily led (very easily!) so I went along with it. His cock was a bit longer than mine but WAAAYY fatter. He said the immortal line "you do me and I'll do you" and off we went. I found it quite awkward to wank him off - mainly because he had to stand, which meant that I had to stand beside him at an angle.

His cock was a real handful, compared to mine. Felt a lot harder than mine, but I think that was because we were both way more turned on than when wanking on our own. Thing I remember most is that he just kept coming and coming. All over the floor - wonder what his Mum thought about all that?

Things went on from there, and it was a regular Saturday thing for months.
(currently exploring as many kinks as possible)
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First pussy was not very memorable at all. Neighborhood slut 4 years older than me. I was 15. Thought I should get it done because it was offered.
First cock and many after that came in the good old Boy Scouts. Almost every guy I knew in the Boy Scouts either sucked dick or loved to get their dick sucked. It is funny how such a homophobic organization can be such a hotbed of boy on boy fun. I sucked a lot of cocks in the Boy Scouts. Same thing when I joined the military. Very homophobic but behind all that, I had a great time. Maybe I should become a Morman or a Baptist.
If little girls are made of sugar and spice, why do they taste like tuna?
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