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Sister forces brother into pussy and ass licking.

I know there is a similar story idea posted over here (http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=742722), but my story idea still is a little bit different, so I started my own thread.

There is this girl, around 19. She ain't very pretty and she is a little bit overweight. She would love to get her pussy licked, but so far, no one ever did that. She even thought about dating a girl, even though, she ain't bisexual.

Her 18 year old brother is in a similar situation. He is very shy, he doesn't know how to talk to girls. Even worse, he has never seen a nude woman in real life, only in porn mags or the internet (or maybe the story is based in a time before the internet).

So the only nude woman he has ever seen is his sister - and that only happened when he spied on her.

One day, Sister is taking a shower. The parents are out of town, and the brother is away, so she can not only shower, but she can also use the shower head to masturbate. She moans very loud when she climaxes, so she can only do it when she is alone.
She is short before her orgasm, when she hears something. Wasn't that the door? If someone from her family came home early, she can't moan as loud as usually, so she can't really relax. Damn ...
She has to be sure, so she gets out of the shower and wraps herself in a towel.
She looks in every room - they are all empty, even her brothers room. So she heads over to her own room - and to her surprise the door is open ajar. She looks inside and is shocked. Her brother is standing near her wardrobe closet. In one hand he holds one of her own panties, his other hand is inside his pants. It seems as if he is stroking his dick. He sniffs on the panties and then suddenly, he starts to lick it.

She becomes angry - how can this filthy little pig lick on her panties. What a pervert. She wants to open the door and bust him, but then she notices something strange. She notices that she becomes horny. She starts to fantasize how it would be, if he would lick her pussy, instead of her panties. She starts to think: why not blackmailing him into it. And if she can humiliate him, that would be cool, too.

She opens the door: "Hello brother. I see you have a new hobby ... licking my underwear. I am just thinking what Mom and Dad will do if I telll them. Unless ... I guess I can forget what I just saw when you do something for me. Get down on me and lick me - both holes."

Brother doesn't know what to say, but he is embarassed. Also the thought of licking a pussy ain't that bad. Sure, he never thought about licking his sisters pussy, but then - he has to take every chance he gets. So he accepts.

She lays on her bed, with her legs wide open. He starts to lick her pussy, but since he has many fantasies about anal, he also has no problem to lick her butthole.

Sister moans loudly under his licking while his cock becomes harder and harder. He already opened his pants with one hand and strokes his dick, but then, he has an idea. Why should he masturbate his cock, when he has this wet, horny pussy right in front of him. So suddenly, he stops licking. He gets up and pushes his hard cock deep into his sisters pussy .... she is surprised, but right now she is so horny, she just wants to get fucked, even if he is her own brother ....

From that day, brother and sister realize that they don't need other people, as long as they have each other for horny sex.
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I like it! I'd read it. You might call it, "Sibling Ribaldry."
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