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58 year-old British guy seeks woman for online relationship

I am a 58 year-old British guy who is seeking a long-term online-only relationship with a woman.

I would like to find someone who is intelligent, amusing, enthusiastic and friendly. The main thing I can offer is that I am highly creative, and so if the idea of doing erotic tasks appeals to you - tasks which probably no one has ever done before - then I hope you will get in touch.

I want to develop a friendship which goes beyond sex, and I would like to hear about your interests, passions, and your life in general. Tell me for instance about the last book you read, and what was good or bad about it.

I like animals, cats in particular.

I should tell you that I am married, but the marriage is sexless. I will never be physically unfaithful to my wife, so this is why I am seeking an online-only involvement.

My fetishes? Well, I have a particular fetish about stripping a woman in a thousand different ways! I am serious! So, yes, eventually I will want you to undress for me, but only when you feel ready to do so, and even then I fully expect that you will be concerned about your online security when you strip - and of course building trust is difficult, so by all means adopt an 'internet persona', by disguising yourself with headscarf/wig, dark glasses, heavy make-up etc. Another fetish: I prefer a woman who has pubic hair - and if you do shave at the moment, please throw away your razor! I would also like someone who dresses in a 'feminine way', and who enjoys wearing skirts and dresses. But apart from those two or three fetishes, I am pretty easy-going.

I have placed ads before, but I have never really received any serious replies. Some ladies have got in touch, I suspect on a whim, or because they are excited by the IDEA of an online relationship, but following through is another thing completely. I am coming to believe that some kind of threshold has to be set down by me, to make certain I get only serious replies. There are two things I am going to suggest. First, I hope you will send a reply of a decent length, telling me something about you and your life. Second, I think you should send a fully-clothed photo of yourself in a skirt or dress, in which you are showing a fair amount of thigh. In other words, nothing outrageously erotic, but at least hinting that the skirt will be raised higher, and that you would be happy for my eyes to wander up your legs...And as I said above, by all means adopt an 'internet persona' if you want to, but please don't send headless or masked pics, because I don't find them sexy at all. I want to see you smiling!
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Giving you a bump because why not
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