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10 year anniversary loosing virginity

My anal virginity that is. Im very bisexual. First time I was with woman I was 17. First time with a man I was 18. 10 years ago this month. Ive always been a natural bottom. I met david on AOL he was 20 years older then me a couldnt believe his luck scoring 18yr slim virgin twink. Ofcourse it sucked for me. Lookinfg back now I size him at 7" but thick. We fooled around a lot first. He gave me head and I came very quickly. He spent a lotof time fingering around my hole but it was soooo tight. It was getting annoying but I stopped him quick with my insatiable desire to suck his dick. My first real dick andi didnt think I was going to let him try to put it in my ass, but I wanted to make him cum so bad, eventually he got tired of me gagging on it and lubed it up and did the same for my ass. On my back, legs high and wide he restled it past my ring and then tbe "pop" hit. That sharp searing pain I felt once before attempting to use a dildo when I was 17, but I never touched the thing again. He went deeper after the pop and pulled out to try again in a minute.Thiswent on 3 times or so before he got a motion going in and out of me that still hurt but was tolerable enough for a minute or so before I made him stop again. I guess it felt amazing for him cause he started to beat off quick almost to orgasm. Quickly I grabbed at the base of his cock and excitedly told him to cum on my face. Does it sound bad that I fantasized as a teenager about a man cumming on my face? Oh well, plus I thought this would make him happy cause I didnt know how to suck dick, my ass couldnt take anymore then a minute of slow motion before he had to stop so I couldn't possibly fuck up a facial and I had been fantasizing about a face full of cum anyway. Just like getting pounded hard to this crazy orgasm I still knew nothing about.
And thats that though, 10 years ago this month I spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out how to suck the first dick id ever put in my mouth, before laying on my back hips up legs high and wide while a random guy I met that day online spent 3 minutes wrestling his thick dick into a barely legal twinks virgin ass only to get a minute of slow motion in it before pulling out because the virgin (me) almost cried from pain, then a half minute later this guy more then double my
Agegot to aim his dick at my waiting face and leave jizz all over it. He was running late for work and promptly left before I even went to bathroom. Great story hunh? Fortunatley im 28 now, I can take bigger and harder easier for longer, only the bf gets to cum on my face.
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