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How do I know when?

How do I know when and if my story has been approved for postings >?
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Originally Posted by radioz66 View Post
How do I know when and if my story has been approved for postings >?
Uncle Willie
Go to your Author's Profile page. Click on SUBMISSIONS. You've done that before, in order to submit a story. But instead of SUBMIT, click on VIEW. You'll see all your submissions and their status: Pending or Approved or Rejected. Do NOT click the PENDING link unless you need to make changes and re-submit; doing so moves your submission to the tail end of the approval queue. When a story has been approved, you'll know it by viewing the status -- but it won't be available online for a few hours, maybe as long as a full day.

[EDIT - Freudian slip - I originally wrote that as "as long as a dull day."]

The moral to this story: Be patient. Approval takes a couple days. Availability takes a few more hours. After submitting something, do NOT sit and fret about it. Do something else for a few days -- jog, drink, fuck, read, work, whatever. But do NOT obsess about your story... not until the votes and comments start to arrive. THEN you can worry.
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