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Who have you caught/seen having sex?

Just thinking about this subject...

Here are mine...

When I was about 12 or 13 we were on vacation. I was sharing a bed with my little brother and my parents were in the other bed. After my brother was asleep and I guess my parents thought I was too they started to have sex. It was not real dark in the room and I could see some of the stuff going on. My dad put on a condom and my mom took off her underware. I could here them kissing and hear them moaning softly and making noises. After a while I heard my dad go ooohhh oohhhh oohhh mmmmm mmmm mmmm and I think he came.

My college room mate and her boyfriends would go at it in the next room.

The upstairs neighbors were loud when I lived in an apartment.
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Yea i had similar experiance

It was late i went to get glass of water or something and saw parents having sex on sofa. Bit of a shocker when you are half asleep lol
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I'm really glad I've never caught my parents having sex! That must be horrible But I have caught/seen my best friend having sex, with my boyfriend!
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Invisible exhibitionist
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When I was 16, I secretly watched my 18-year-old male cousin masturbate. That was quite the eye-opener!

Back in college I pretended to be asleep while my roommate and her boyfriend went at it in the other bed. They thought they were being as discreet as they could be, but I saw and heard everything in that dimly lit room. I'm still friends with the roommate, but I never said a word about it. (I also ended up sleeping with her boyfriend a few months after they had broken up. I guess that after the sneak preview, I wanted to try it for real.)
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me and three friend got all hammered up one night and there was me and my buddy and my ex gf, and i fell asleep on the couch and awoke to my ex with my freinds cock in her ass....that was where i got my voyure fetish
Sorry about all the random Posts....after the break up apparently I should have changed my password.
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Back in college, in the middle of the night, I woke up to light moaning and some grunting. My roomate was having sex with someone in his bed and I apparently didn't wake up abruptly, because they kept going at it. I just stayed in bed and was just trying to get back to sleep, because I didn't want to keep him from getting off on account of me (also the chick was making some amazing moaning sounds). After about 5 minutes my roomate got off his bed, went to the bathroom, and proceeded to vomit in the toilet. The chick asked him if he was alright but didn't get a response. She then went into the bathroom and found him passed out on the bathroom floor (this I found out later). She came out of the bathroom looking extremely disappointed and turned on a lamp, to look for her cloth. At this point, I pretended to wake up to the light and look shocked at seeing her naked. Luckily for me, she turned out to be quite a kinky woman. We ended up fucking three times, her giving me a blow job after each orgasm. Then, before she left our dorm room, she took her panties and wrapped it around my cock.
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Old 11-06-2010, 12:10 AM   #7
Love the day.
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Hatsoff--was that at aTm?

My ex and I got caught by her roomate and friends.
They came in the door a bit too quiet and caught us going at it doggie style. I think they were more shocked than we were.
Please check out my stories.
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In college too many to count. My roommate a few times also in college. The best one was I had two drunk friends that hooked up at a party I threw once and most of us watched them for about half an hour because they forgot to draw the shades in the camper.
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I love having sex outdoors! I was caught with my high school boyfriend while we were next to some waterfalls at a nearby nature reserve. I was happily bouncing on top of him when I saw a man watching behind the trees. I immediately laid down on top of my bf and couldn't stop giggling

My most memorable voyeur moment was in college- ha!I walked into my dorm room and thought my roommate was giving her friend from the soccer team a backrub while she was sitting on the edge of the bed. When I looked closer I saw that my roommate's head was thrown back and her friend was kneeling in the wrong direction for a backrub It was the very first time I had been exposed to seeing women together and it shocked me. If I saw that same scene today...LOL!
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Old 11-09-2010, 06:51 AM   #10
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many years ago spied my female boss getting nailed after a work function when we went back to another colleagues house. She was she discarded the matriach figure she portrayed and performed acts that surprised me much. My immediate thoughts to turn away were superceeded by me not blinking enjoying the show and playing with myself.
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When I was about 12 or 13, late at night walking home I walked through the yard of a really beautiful girl's house. She was probably 16 or 17 or 18 - something like that, really unsure. Let's just say this girl was fully developed, and still living at home. There was a VW bug in the driveway, and as I walked right by it, I heard the sounds. All of the sounds of a hard fucking. Never heard such a thing, so it was awe inspiring. The passenger seat was folded back, and that girl was lying on it with her feet straight up on the inside headliner car. Some guy was in between her legs doing her. They were both straining hard and thrashing violently. She was flat getting reamed and loving it. I seem to remember all her clothes were off and those big juicy tits were flopping back and forth synched up with the guy's thrusts. His pants were down only.

The combination of unexpected total surprise, absolute passion, small suppressed screams, mews, grunts, sloshing sounds, that knockout body moving like it was made to move, couldn't be matched by any made up thing like porn.

Last edited by Tmmldr : 11-09-2010 at 11:08 AM.
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I'd say way, way into the triple digits. Of course, if you mean outside of sex clubs/hookup spots, that's a different story. Lets see, 2 couples in parking lots (one doggie, one missionary), a ton in various showers, once in a steam room (mutual masturbation),...
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I am he that walks unseen
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I definately caught my parents... that was.. well... yeah...
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Yeah, I caught my parents, too. It didn't bother me at all.
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I walked in on my parents once when I was about 4 or 5, they were in the living room with my dad on top thrusting away. They were both making noises I had never heard before and were so into it I was able to back out of there before they realized I caught them.

Never been caught personally, but hoping to "accidentally" get caught at some point
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Old 11-13-2010, 07:52 AM   #16
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Got caught parking in a station wagon with my bf in college. I lived in the dorms and he lived with his parents so we had nowhere else to go. I was, of course, completely naked and under my mostly clothed bf. There was a policeman with a flashlight (and another policecar as backup with the policeman standing outside the car) and I was scrambling to find something with which I could cover up. In retrospect, it is hilarious. At the time, I was embarrassed. Thankfully, they just warned us to never do it again and watched us leave the area. (I always wondered what effect it had on them?)

Had a bf later that lived in the dorms and he had a roommate. I stayed over with him many nights in his little twin bed (and he was over 6' so this was rather cozy). We attempted to be quiet and his roommate seemed to be mostly turning the other way but obviously not asleep the majority of the time. Later when the bf had an apartment he shared with a friend, the friend came home and caught us doing it in the living room. We scrambled and ran up the stairs to the bedroom. He looked very embarrassed and upset and I found the whole thing to be rather funny. Given that it was obvious that we were sexually active with each other, I didn't really see the big deal. But it sort of spoiled his mood and I couldn't get him to concentrate very well after that.
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Old 11-13-2010, 06:59 PM   #17
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Yeah got caught by my ex father in law having sex in the car... he was well surprised
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Lia Monde
Life is good
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During a college football game, the score was a blowout against us. Many of the fans were leaving early. We were the visiting team and I had time to kill before my post game ride back to school. I decided to explore the large stadium and enjoy the fall view from the top.

It was half empty so I was a little surprised to see a couple by themselves huddled under a blanket high in the end zone. As I wandered the stadium, I kept glancing up. When I got closer, I noticed there was only one head above the blanket. It was a girl with bright shock of red hair. I assumed her boyfriend had gone for snacks or a bathroom break.

Then I saw some motion under the blanket. Looking closer, I saw a pair of legs sticking out of the blanket that clearly belonged to someone kneeling between the legs of the girl with red hair. Fascinated, I crept closer pretending to look over the top edge of the stadium at the campus.

I needn't have worried about being noticed as they were plainly oblivious to everything but their interaction. When I was as close as I dared, I watched them from the corner of my eyes. Red was clearly enjoying receiving oral sex. Her head was back with her eyes closed and she was breathing heavily.

Her hands were under the blanket apparently resting on her partner's head and pressing it into her crotch. I couldn't make out all the words, but at various points I did hear, "That's great."; "Oh, Lee, that's perfect."; and breathlessly "Yes! Yes!".

I was incredibly aroused by the salacious public display. My prick was stiff. I put my hand into my jeans pocket and applied some pressure to enhance the pleasure.

There was a roar from lower in the stadium as someone scored, but I didn't care. I was riveted by the action up here. I gave up the pretense of not watching and
even moved a little closer. She'd given up talking in exchange for a low, steady moan of joy.

Finally, Red rocked her body quickly back and forth while biting her bottom lip. The motion caused her tits to jiggle and bounce. The head under the blanket moved feverishly. Then, Red collapsed against the wall with a blissful expression on her face. As Lee began to slide forward and emerge from the blanket, I was ready to give a thumbs up to the lucky guy.

I was surprised when a pretty brunette appeared. She pushed her hair off her forehead and used the edge of the blanket to wipe her mouth. Before she noticed me nearby, Lee leaned in and gave her playmate a sensuous kiss on the lips. The recipient of the tongue lashing responded in kind.

When they saw me, Lee broke into a fit of giggles and her friend flushed crimson. As they stood up, I saw that to complement her tight pink blouse, Red wore a short plaid skirt in school colors. They both appeared a little tipsy from the empty wine bottle that was visible at their feet. They gathered up their stuff, dropped and retrieved several items and moved cautiously down the steps.

Watching them go, I enjoyed the sway of their hips as they held hands to support each other on the stairs, and in an unpretentious display of their affection. They disappeared into an exit tunnel.

Savoring the memory of the unexpected show, my eye spotted something where they had been. I walked over hoping to find something they'd left that would give me an excuse to pursue them and return it.

I reached down and picked up the blue cloth. When I saw it was a thin nylon panty with embroidered lace, my breath caught. I looked around guiltily to see if anyone was watching. There was no one even close and all eyes were looking down at the field.

My heart was racing at this unexpected, erotic find. I got even more stimulated visualizing the red headed coed strolling across the campus bare-assed under her mini- skirt. Balling the lingerie in my palm, I furtively brought it to my nose and inhaled. I was rewarded with the strong smell of her perfume and a hint of female musk.

All thoughts of returning this treasure evaporated. I thrust the panty into my pocket as evidence to convince my buddies on the drive home that I wasn't making up the unbelievable story. More importantly, the panties would be a permanent souvenir to stimulate my fantasy reveries.

My team lost that day, but I scored a life memory.
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Oh thats good, you should have joined in
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I saw my mom giving a blowjob to her boyfriend some years ago. They were still in the car when they came home from a date late at night. It's in my story "spying on my mother" in my sig. I used that part in my story- the rest of course is made up.

I saw my neighboor's breasts twice through the window. We live on a slight hill, her certains have a small opening, so when I do the dishes at night I have a small look (it's very rare though that I see her)
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Sadly, never caught or seen anyone having sex. This could be both good and bad. lol
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muffdiver extraordinaire
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Haven't "caught" anyone else having sex, but have seen more than a few friends in the same room, or in the same car, when I was young.

Have been caught myself a few times, though...
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I've never caught anyone but I've been caught. It was at my birthday party about 2 or 3 am. I had just finished a case of labatt blue and my buddies had went outside for a smoke. I was sitting on my couch teasing my girlfriend. Next I knew my cock was in her mouth. All was well until I heard a knock on the window and my friends laughing their asses off. Me and here make a joke out of it now and my friends still bring it up now and again and we have a good laugh

Let us cross the river and rest beneith the shade of the trees
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While in college, my wife (then girlfriend) and I were chilling in her second floor apartment. We heard a moan and peeked out the window. We saw her neighbor on the couch with her legs spread wide getting her pussy eaten. We were both on our hands and knees so that our peeking wasn't obvious. I was hard instantly. My wife let out a soft moan. I pulled her shorts to her knees and plunged into her flooded pussy. We fucked like animals as we watched her neighbor cumming in her friends face! Years later we still talk about that night!!
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Was caught by both of my parents when I was around 18. Both my girlfriend and I had to run down the hall bareass while my parents watched.
"I am no one"
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