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Well I couldn't find any other place to put this so here goes

Gender: Male characters, will do multiple male characters on request

Age: Anything

Race: Whatever

Bodytype: Anything

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Any species can work as long as I can imagine myself in that role. Furries....nah. I'll treat mutations on a mutation by mutation basis.

Settings: I'm open to all sorts of settings if I know what is expected of me in the specific setting.

Availability: I try to check in on my posts daily, also as I am new to this sort of thing my posts isn't masterpieces. I love to write, so if there is a opening for my character in a post, I'll write a segment.

RPs I'm currently in:

Decadents and Dropouts


Shadow over Gerelden


Not so normal day


There were no unicorns left






Dead threads, if you see one you like and would like to do PM me



Adventure Company - Fantasy


An Unlikely Companionship


London's Shield


Starship Troopers: Havoc of Z-75



The Wrestler

Been playing around with the thought and I've been wondering if somebody would be interested in this. I would like to create a Federation much like WWE, the main character would be a rookie, who just came in and is getting a push. He is a face (good guy) and is a hit with the fans because it seems like the only thing he wants to do is entertain the fans.

Other players would be either other Rookies who is friends with the main character, older wrestlers, retiring wrestlers and if there is female interest Diva's. The RP battles can be short and to the point, or it can happen between two characters. Who will be the champion when the Main PPV happens? Stay tuned and find out.

Terminator: Aftermath

SkyNET has finally fallen, it took years of struggle, millions of lives lost, generations came and gone, but finally the grasp of SkyNET was broken. Jubilation was short lived as it became apparent that not only was the Terminator X-300 units equipped with AI processors, they also was a marriage of liquid metal and T-X technology, practically indestructible. Again battle ensues, this time against machines that could think for themselves and due to an uplink to each other, learned at an astonishing rate. Who would you be? Terminator or Human?

When the fever runs through the body, feed it. When a cold grips the bones, starve it.

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ORP Profile

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Hi, and great to see you joining in on the introductions.

For it to be noticed better, try coping and pasting it onto the top 'sticky' thread on this same forum, with the other intro's of the same kind. Just a suggestion but it might help you if you need to find a rp partner in the future.
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Gone for now, but thinking of all those who meant something to me here, until a time comes where returning is possible.

Thank you.

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