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Gender: Male characters, will do multiple male characters on request

Age: 18-30ish

Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange: Equal

Race: Whatever

Bodytype: Anything

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Traditional fantasy species and near humans should be fine. Furries....nah. I'll treat mutations on a mutation by mutation basis.

Settings: I'm open to all sorts of settings. Fantasy. Science fiction. "Real Life" scenarios. I suppose I have a preference for science fiction and especially superhero type of fiction, and more generic fantasy settings. For the modern day settings, I'm open to things but prefer something that could or could not lead fairly quickly into sex.

Likes/kinks: Well like any hot blooded male I like big breasts as long as they don't become unmanageable, further on I don't have any real kinks, but I must admit that the blond hair, blue eyed genre still manages to catch my attention

Hard limits: Violence, I won't mind giving a smack here and there, but causing serious harm is out of the question. Further on I think scatology, watersports, choking that sort of stuff is not something I find a turn on.

Availability: I try to check in on my posts daily, also as I am new to this sort of thing my posts isn't masterpieces. I love to write, so if there is a opening for my character in a post, I'll write a segment.

RPs I am currently in:

Immortal Love


The King and I


Thank you for the music


The corporate underworld a beauty to be tamed


The Stranger


Western Trails


Cursed Revenge


Dead threads, if you like one of these and would like to do a similar one with me PM me

An Angel's reason revealed


Devil's Thrill


Defending the human race - A zombie's outlook


Finding the beast



Unfortunate Return


The Underworld


Masks at Midnight


Seducing a married woman


Summer's Dread


Murder at Hillside Manor


Rise of the Phoenix


Andromeda Lost




The Estate



You ordered what?

Will need one or two other writers

A waitress gets seduced by a vampire and the quickie in the alleyway turns into a pain in the neck and a vampire fleeing for his life as a hunter shows up.

PM if interested

Mind the poison


An assassin's target dodges the bullet and have to run for her life as he stalks her and kills everybody she turns to. Can she survive or will she end up as another paycheck?

PM for interest

Protecting her chastity


The lady loves to flirt and show off her body while staying as decent as possible. A surprise attack on the house's coach leaves her to the mercies of the bandits, will she be saved, or used and killed?

PM for interest

Top Gear Top Tip: If you don't want to talk to me...fucking just say so, don't bloody ignore me

SRP Profile

ORP Profile

My New Home (Under Construction)

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