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Seeking NYC Dom

Hello, Literoticans

The overview:

I am a bi-gender male who is looking for a Dom to help explore her feminine personality. As you probably already know or have intuited, a bi-gender is someone who alternates between two distinct personalities and gender identities. I was born a male and, while this remains my dominant, expressed identity, I have a well defined, separate identity as a submissive woman.

A little more about me:

Starting this fall, I will be attending university in the city, after moving to New York from just about the farthest possible place in the contiguous states. I have little sexual experience as a woman and all of it has been online. If you would like details about my past or preferences, I will happily answer any questions you have via PM.

A little something about you:

None of my family and few of my friends know that I am trans; your discretion is extremely important. Probably the single most important thing about you, as far as our relationship is concerned.

And a few things about us:

First, let me get a question out of the way.

Is the location a requirement?

No, I'll happily talk to people half way around the world. However, I hope to eventually take my experimentation into the real world and having a Dom to guide that process would be ideal. Additionally, voice communication may be next to impossible with a roommate. Unless we can meet in person, we may have to be confined to text. I have absolutely no problem with this and only bring it up because so many enjoy skyping.

Of course I'd like to get to know you over email or PM before we meet. I'm open to roleplay, rl tasks, or just chatting. It's your choice, sir. If you've made it this far, I hope to hear from you!

Yours faithfully,

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