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La_Reina's SRP Ideas Thread

Before reading my ideas I have a few requirements from my SRP partners.

-Must post at least 3 paragraphs. You can post more, but not less
-help develop the plot and move it along (do not repost what I have just written. easy way to piss me off)
-do NOT god mode me (do not post as me, unless it's common sense. ex. Rob slapped Gina making her head turn to the side (good) Rob slapped Gina who began whimpering and kissing his feet so he wouldn't hit her again (bad - b/c I usually play strong willed women and a slap isn't going to turn her into mush that easily. sorry)

Are those acceptable? You can handle that? Alright go ahead and continue on.

Gender: I will usually always play female. Only in special cases and with some prodding or a really interesting plot idea will I play the male lead
Body Type: Smaller breasts, lean, and athletic, because that's what I am and I think it's more original than the beautiful, big breasted, super skinny, girls that are always on lit.
Race: I tend to play minorities or mixed minorities. Why? B/c they're just aren't that many minority writers on here or people who play that race. I like to spice it up. Also b/c I am a minority and I like to see my race on here too. If that bothers you don't rp with me.
Alternate Species: I've never done it before, but if it's really really really good. Sure. Though if I had to choose between Vampires or Werewolves I'm choosing weres all the time. I'm not into vamps.

-I am interested in Horror
-Or anything that is different not the run of the mill. If you have a weird, out there, crazy idea, than I'm your girl to make that fantasy the reality.
Availability: I have a super busy schedule. I may be on once or twice a week. Sorry. Holidays are the exception!

SRP Ideas

World Went to Shit, But I Got a Golden Ticket - Single Thread
~The apocalypse happened. Everyone is out for themselves. No one cares about anyone else. The way for survival is getting into one of the big cities. Something that happens only if your born there or have some usage from them. That is until Mountropolis is hosting a hunt to find the Governor of Mountropolis' only daughter (me). It's up to you to decide if you're going to return her to her bleak life or find a way to help her.

A Nice Quiet Vacation -Group/Single Thread
~People on an island vacation are having a good time. It's 2 weeks of solitude until the next boat arrives to take you back to civilization. Everyone's having a good time until people end up dying. Who's the killer(s)? Everyone has a reason to kill everyone. So can you find the killer before you're on their hit list
(((I know it's a corny overdone horror movie, buuuuut it'll be interesting to rp)))

Running, Hiding, Catching, Fucking
There was this one story I read by a title I can't remember or the author I can't remember. It was pretty gory with tons of sex, but pretty fucking weird and strange.

~There was this monster all white, tall like 7 feet, strong, and furry. It had a penis that had teeth. They lived in some small town where the origins of the monsters are unknown, but there are like 3 of them and they live in this huge scary mansion of a house. They can't speak (though for our purposes they can) they are actually the father, brother, and uncle of the women who live there. The women get raped nightly by these things partly because the older women (mom, aunt, grandma) won't let the younger women leave, they birth the creatures, and because the sex gets addicting. It hurts like hell but pain can be pleasure and nothing is more pleasurable than being fucked with something that eats you from the inside out. Or that's how the book describe it.

We can do a variation of that. A woman trapped in a house that has been condemned. The windows are all plastic, can't be broken, mostly boarded, and the doors all locked. The woman is hiding from you. Sometimes you find her sometimes you don't. Or sometimes you do, but can't get to her. During the night you sleep so she wanders around at night, hence why no one has come to her rescue not many people are up at night to see her from any windows if she has come across one that isn't boarded. During the day your stalking her and that's when she's running from you or trying to get food etc.

Though during the day and night you could always try to get her. Again sometimes you do sometimes you don't.


You're ex-Military, Special Forces, etc. You're stoic, bad ass, and been captured only once by the Chinese. They skinned you from waist to head trying to get you to talk. You escaped and instead of returning to base, you circled back, and killed them all. Now you work for a top secret branch of the government they have no name. You're scarred from the back of your neck and down your back, half of your front, part of your face, and your cock. They skinned part of your cock before you could get free.

Me - She's an unaware spy. Not stupid, just thought her job was legitimate. She knows the answers, but not the questions. She's valuable and your job is to keep her alive as everyone is trying to kill her.

This is more a story on hard, rough sex leaning towards sadism. Because your body is mostly covered in scars it has to be tough for you to feel. So with sex you have to fuck her hard for you to even feel it. Nails on back, pain to others would be barely noticeable to you.

More to cum
Words that make a girl shiver in delight:
*leans close and whispers* You get whatever I decide you deserve to get, whenever I decide you've earned it. Or when I decide to take it.

Grammar is Important:
Capitalization is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse and helping your uncle jack off a horse.
It's knowing if you rather be pissed off THEN pissed on or pissed off THAN pissed on.
It's the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit.

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