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Story In The Works

Hello all I have been an avid reader of Literotica for years and in the past have sat down and penned many stories but have never put one out there for others to read. I have an idea that I have been toying with for years. It is a story where sex and gambling are rampant and out in the open. Where you can be sitting at a slot machine and get a blowjob or you can walk into a club and get laid right there in the open.

The idea is to take Las Vegas and base the story around a true Sin City. What do you think.
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Sounds good. Sounds a bit like some SciFi tales involving a "pleasure planet" but there's no reason it couldn't be set in some private high-roller's club in Vegas or Macau or Moscow or Rio or wherever. Could work well as a period piece in some renowned den of iniquity, like 1920's (Weimar) Berlin or Hamburg or gangster Chicago, or 1930's (Kuomintang) Shanghai, or 1950's (Batista) Havana. Any depraved activity would be quite authentic.
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