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Opening a brothel

With times being what they are I was thinking it's no wonder people do whatever it takes to get by and then I had a fantasy about what it would be like for me and some of my friends to work at a brothel. While we are doing some research about it we meet a very well off couple who are willing to invest and provide the location but they will run the business and be in charge of the girls. We all sign up and agree to their growing list of conditions. We work hard and business is very good!

“They were the strongest hands I ever felt, he held me down by the back of my neck pressing my face into the mattress as his powerful thrusts quickened and his hard cock plunged into my virgin ass. My muscles ached from being so tense but he continued like a wild animal until he came inside me abruptly thus ending our date. He tossed the money onto my prone and sweaty body and laughed and slammed the door behind him. My boyfriend stepped out of the closet with the video camera and smiled and confirmed I was officially a whore.”
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Go on, this is a story but it's missing something. A cast, a location, a theme, a reason. I don't know what it's missing but this maybe you were all friends, or better yet semi-close daughters of very close friends. That way the tension is built around one of the fathers showing up, or a location. I'm kinda digging Santa's Elves but still, a theme (I got nothing), or a reason. I know the 90's were chock full of teenage daughter/cousin/niece shows up and finds family business in shambles and decides the best way to save it is to turn it into a bikini carwash/dude ranch/drive in.
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Yea, it needs something to differentiate itself from Tom Cruise's (I think) Risky Business.
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