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Well I always wanted to do this...

...and with "this" I mean, make a comic in full and upload the whole deal in one go.

Because most of my stories depending on how inspired I am, take multiple months (In the case of my Amelia story, YEARS) to finish.

So I have been going: "If only I could made a full multiple page story and take at least a week or less to make it and upload it in full..."

So people will go "Whoa, where did that come from?"

So last I have been very productive and I drew six pages of an erotic story that will be available to read by this weekend.

So I took a very well known Japanese cartoon series and have this girl.

Her name is Georgia.

And this aspiring amateur movie producer who is rarely seen without his camera.

His name is Luke.

And Luke's shape shifting Pokémon Zorua.

Now Zorua likes to change into people.

Georgia and Zorua, find out for yourself who is who.

Anyway, onto the story. Luke is branching out with his movies and Georgia is the first subject of his new project, or is she?

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Nice. I enjoyed it!
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Cool! Enjoyed it.
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