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Starting Over (Closed)

**Closed to KiwiD82**

Rebekah Little shifted her backpack on her shoulders as she looked out over the dusty, deserted fields. Three years. It had been three whole years since it happened and it still felt like yesterday. Their enemies had unleashed a biological terror upon the Earth, infecting and killing nearly 95% of the human population. Rebekah had been on her own journey, exploring the galaxy when the attack occurred. No one knew who it was or their motive. Only that they must have hated every human on Earth. When she got news of the attack, Rebekah returned to Earth as soon as she could to find an utter wasteland. Hardly anyone from her hometown had survived. Her parents, brother, friends...all gone. Perhaps the worse loss was her best friend and research partner. She'd begged him to come on the exploration journey with her. He'd declined, saying he could do better work here in their own solar system. She never even found his body. Only those that could have managed to get into underground bunkers or possibly had some anomalous immunity could have survived the attack.

Giving up on finding anyone she knew, Rebekah and her travel partner Josey went in search of fellow survivors. They banded together with anyone they found, forming a survival party. They expected another attack any moment, but none came. Not yet. At first, resources were plentiful but when they began to grow low, competition began and it was a fight for survival. Slowly, those that were left had begun to repopulate the Earth, making resources even more stretched. Rebekah and her group made efforts to grow their own food and gather their own resources, but even that was a struggle. Still...after 3 years they'd had some success. She thought it was time to go back to her hometown, rebuild the place, and start anew. So, she took the friends she'd made and led them back to her hometown.

Travel was slow as cars were few and gas was almost nonexistent now, but they made it, losing only one on the way. As they arrived, town was still barren but it looked as if it weren't completely deserted. One or two people, whose faces she didn't recognize, stared as they came down the dusty streets. Hopefully, if there were others settled here, they could make a good start. There was a lot to do, but the first stop would be her old research center.

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