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I'm a middle aged guy, mostly into women but I also exchanging oral with other guys just for the sheer, hedonistic taboo thrill of it. I also occasionally partake coke from time to time and when I do, I can count on four things: I get very horny and develop a strong urge to suck a guy's dick, it's very difficult for me to get hard, much less cum and I leak precum by the quart.

Although I generally prefer mutual encounters, if I'm doing coke, I just love being on my knees pulling a guys pants down so I can get to his dick so I can suck it and feel it on my lips as he slides it in and out of my mouth until his cums.

One of my most intense encounters was with a guy and we were both doing it and we spent hours sucking on each other's shrunken knobs, never coming but still making each other feel good. Anyone else have this experience?
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I friend I get together with from time to time was telling me about how he just recently had a threesome with cocaine involved. He also mentioned not being hard and enjoying the hours of sucking and playing. The thought of semi hard cocks and lots of precum!

I would love to try but it would have to be the perfect storm of circumstances. I do enjoy using poppers.
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My lady and I more recently enjoy a small amount of Molly/MDMA for sensual activities. It's a very "rubby" experience and similar in that you ebb/flow in hardness/fluids that's quite nice especially as your sense of touch/taste is heightened.
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Im the same. I will occasionally partake in powder. But when I do, holy shit I want to suck every dick on the planet!

It takes me a while afterward to be able to get hard, but when I do and finally get off, I cum a damn gallon, and its such an intense orgasm.

At first, I didnt have any problem getting hard, but after a while it became an issue, or I would get hard and lose it.
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I haven't used coke in years (had a pretty expensive habit back in the 80's), but it had a similar effect on me. It always made me extremely horny, it made me crave cock, and it made me want to confess my past sexual escapades. I confessed my bisexuality to my future wife when I was high on coke, and described some of my past sexual exploits to her in great detail. She still married me.

I also confessed my bisexuality to a straight friend of mine when we were both doing coke in my hotel room after a charity golf tournament, and I ended up sucking his cock that night.
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it all leads to a living nightmare and very unhappy places...
An Armed man is a citizen. A disarmed man lives in Kalafornia, Chicago, New York, Colorado....


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