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Question Painting request!

Can anybody help me design my ultimate dream girl?! And no I do not have any money to pay you.
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Have you tried using the sims 2 or sims 3 character creation thing? That's the easiest way for a non-artist to design an attractive realistic character. http://the-sims-2-body-shop.en.softonic.com/ Sims 3 has more realistic graphics but you'd have to actually buy the base game. There are lots of youtube videos if you want to see how it works. You could also try a free MMO like Perfect World, though with that there's no mods to make the character nude, nor a set of sexy costumes.
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And if that doesn't work just check out some Hentai!

They are STUNNING!!!
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Originally Posted by SillyBilly1993 View Post
Can anybody help me design my ultimate dream girl?! And no I do not have any money to pay you.
I once had an adult game called 3D sex villa and its older version called Hentai 3D: Cry of Pleasure. They both have character building feature that permits you not only to modify the clothing but also the physical features. Very Easy and You can have the characters undressed .. and use them in the game to have sex (virtual - sex) with them.

Though you will have to buy the game unless u know where to get a pirated version.

I can draw a pencil-sketch for you if u would describe what u want to see.

My artwork is here.
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