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Dark Adventure(closed)

It was just another dull night at the small tavern in some no name town on the edge of the shadow lands. The tavern was oddly empty today as he looked around and saw only half of the normal group of loud and rowdy group of men and beastmen that called the tavern home. He picked up his mug and gulped down whatever was left in it and set it on the table with the many other empty mugs as he also pulled another coin to pay for the liquid he threw back every night. Once a a knight in the army that took down the demon lord and sealed him away, now nothing more then a mercenary for hire in a town he never bothered to learn the name of. His kingdom fell and he was few and far between this far away from his people's new home. As a large panda beastman he stood out next to the mostly reptile beastmen of the area. His once shinning armor, dull and dented from years of fighting with no repair or upkeep. He sighed as he looked up as a group of loud mercs walked in tossing coin to the old man behind the bar, they seemed to have bagged a monster or stay demon worth a bit of coin. He did not look like it but he probably had more money then this town had ten times over. But he acted and played his part as just another merc with just enough coin to keep the liquid they called strong coming to his table. He let his dark brown eyes close as he slumped forward onto the table to rest. He payed the owner a fair bit of money to let him use this place as his place of rest, and other then the coin he was simply asked to not drive others away by not bathing often enough. The man behind the bar walked with a tray over to the group of 3 or 4 men who were still shouting about how they took down something or another and as the old man placed the last mug down on their table he brought another to his own table and took the coin he had layed out moments before. Setting another full mug down before he left to return to behind the bar. He had to smile as he had gotten to know the old human, and simply let his mug sit, letting the cool liquid inside slowly come to room temperature. The corner he claimed had the largest of all of the round old wood tables and he had a special chair he sat in to hold his large frame. Some might have called him fat, but most knew to call him round. And that fact kept most of his enemies off their guard as like most beastmen he was much stronger then a human and his rather large belly didn't hide the fact that in battle he was quick on his feet even in his heavy armor. He made note that the new mercs sitting at a table in the center of the tavern were a much louder group of men then the normal ones, or whatever they had killed had been a battle to remember. He looked up towards the door as he caught the scent of something different, his dark eyes watching carefully to see if someone would walk through or if the scent was imply being carried on the winds from somewhere far away.

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