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How did you learn what sex was?

Just wondering...How did you learn what sex was?

For me it was the neighbor girl who was a couple years older than me. She told me if I rubbed a "special' place between my legs it would feel good! She was right. Then she told me what people did with that spot! LOL
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PSA for anyone posting in this thread: For Lit purposes, everyone is at least 18.
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Growing up on a working ranch, you pick stuff up at an early age, at least as far as gender plumbing, mechanics, and results between mating pairs of critters. If you're a relatively smart cookie, you extrapolate that things aren't much different when it comes to humans. Couple this with parents that didn't shy away from the subject when pressed by inquiring minds, and that said inquiring minds were exposed to educational tv programs covering the whole range of human sexuality and you get well adjusted teens who have a very real understanding of the subject, including its risks and consequences. I was in my early 20's before I found out first hand how much I truly love boobies!
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I too grew up on a farm. It sort of makes the birds and the bees conversation rather unnecessary.
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I had a babysitting job. The mom used to leave very early for work and so that dad would pick me up about 6:30 in the morning and take me to their home where the children were still sleeping. He used to tell me to "go ahead and sleep in the big bed" until everyone woke. Over the course of several weeks, he got to where he would leave his porn magazines peeking from under the mattress...

I was 37, of course.
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I still don't know
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Y'all mean fornicate?
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