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Pachelbel's Canon in D

We meet at a bar that neither of us had been in before. We sit in a circular booth that in the corner and are mostly out-of-view. You wear a sleeveless knit top with a short black skirt. You have a reserved manner, yet your fiery eyes and coy smile suggest another plan. The outline of your breasts are easily were seen under your sweater and reveal a passionate side. You clearly enjoy your sexy outfit even as we talked.

As we were discussing your job, you lightly rub your right knee against my shin. My hand then brushes against your exposed leg. Since this was all done under the cover of the table, no one could see what we are doing. As my hand rests on your knee, your legs widen a bit and I stroke the inner aspect of your leg. You open your lips just a bit, smile, and close your eyes for a moment, as my left hand lightly strokes the inside of your right thigh. To my surprise, you wear only stockings and a garter belt; so past the edge of your skirt, my hand is on bare flesh.

As my hand moves further up your leg, you simply spread your legs a bit wider. We continued to have our conversation with barely a break, but if anything, you become a more interested participant; though breathing a bit heavier. Your hand, by this time, had moved over to my lap and was rubbing my already hardened cock thru my pants.

My hand moved even further up your thigh, and I already feel the dampness and warmth of your fine pussy bush. Since you have no panties my fingers are soon teasing, stroking and rolling your clit. Your pussy lips become increasingly wet and swollen. Again, our conversation continues, though I don't think I showed much interest in my drink! Also, your breathing and mine quickened a bit.

My 2 fingers continued to "tease" your now "sopping wet" pussy. My finger sometimes dives deep into your wet sheath, always rhythmic stroking of your clit. You smile more with an open mouth, and your eyes are a bit "glazed". You sometimes glance over at your husband as he clearly enjoys your pleasure.

Incredibly, the table we sit at continued to disguise most of our activity; though someone watching might have wondered why we showed such little interest in our drinks! After a few "small orgasms" (and me very close), you suggest we travel to your house (a few miles away)...

Of course, I had to wait a few minutes before leaving the table; and only then, with the aid of my folded over raincoat carried in front of me.

When we arrived, we drank some chilled Riesling and you turned on the stereo. I brought a CD of Pachelbel's Canon in D, a very soothing medieval piece... (Some claim the most beautiful music ever written... )

You had just dimmed the lights slightly and strode up to me with a mischievous smile. You slid down my side, and while kneeling, unfastened my pants. My cock sprung again thru my boxer shorts. You then grabbed my red and engorged cock with both hands and begun to tease the cock-head with your tongue and then half-swallow as much of me as you could from that position. I reach down, pulled up your knit top and was able to caress both of your breasts as your hand and lips rhythmically stroked my cock. I was beginning to feel my balls swell and my cock stiffen even more. I wanted to have my cock in your pussy as soon as possible.

We slumped to the floor, and I removed your skirt and took off the rest of my clothes. As you lay next to me your husband smiled his approval (it was clear he was turned on by your wanton behavior)... you grabbed my full erect 9" and rubbed it back and forth across your glistening pussy. You then spread your legs wide and drew your knees back to your breasts and with both hands alternately rubbed and parted your pussy lips. I could not resist the temptation to first tease (and taste !!) your pussy with my mouth and tongue. After rhythmically stroking and probing your pussy (in time with Pachelbel's Canon), you gushed, came quickly and then groaned for me to fill you up.

I eased my cock into your thoroughly wet, hot pussy. When I got about half way inside, you were already moaning, knees again back to your breasts. You also reached down and gently held my balls as I continued to go deeper. When I had finally reached the bottom, I could truly feel the end of your vagina, my cock-head nudging your cervix. I imagine you felt really stuffed!! I continued with the deep rhythmic strokes and you groaned, lightly squeezed my balls and came violently. Feeling your vaginal wall contract on my even harder cock was finally too much. I just erupted in your pussy. This was quite an experience, since you were also cupping my balls in your (right) hand and no doubt felt them swell up and empty.. All the while, your husband lightly stroked your calf that was wrapped around my back...

After emptying (what I thought was) every last drop into your contracting pussy, I slumped sideways. Your vagina continued to tightly grip my cock as you rolled over, straddling me with your knees; your breasts wet with perspiration. I lightly stroked your arms and then one nipple and the other... You already had an impish grin and said you'd love what ever more I had "left". I smiled, but thought "I doubt you'll get much more tonight!" You rocked side-to-side, just enough for your nipples to swing, lightly rubbing my chest as you backed down towards my feet. Your husband would note that it was quit an erotic sight with your pussy literally dripping a "trail of cum" on my right leg. I just remember how warm and wet you felt...

When your chin reached my (half erect) cock, you said you just had to taste more, and licking your lips, you engulfed as much of me as you could. To my surprise, my cock sprung back to its fullest while your lips slid down to about "mid-shaft". In the meantime, your husband was on his knees and had entered your (well-lubricated!) pussy from behind. You groaned with your mouth and throat full, and rhythmically stroked (with your hand) that part of my cock that did not fit. I lightly cupped your breasts and gently twisted your hardened nipples as you rocked back and forth between your husband and me. In an almost "trance-like" state, you would sometimes release my cock and arch back to meet your husband's thrusts. At those moments, the skin between your neck, breasts and rib cage had a mottled reddish flush. With almost a "milking" action you stroke my cock with one hand while your lips, cheek and tongue suck furiously at my engorged cock-head and the area just 2" below.

At this point, I felt cum just rush to the tip of my cock, and with your quickened strokes, flood onto your mouth and throat. An erotic "chain-reaction" happened: You had three "full body" convulsive contractions. And your husband later remarked that your pussy had never gripped his cock so firmly! He immediately came, you slumped forward,cheek resting on my chest, the rest of you completely spent...

Other than to breathe, I don't think any of us moved for about 10 minutes. I finally got up and found a blanket and laid it over us all. You remained in a heavy sleep while your husband and I softly talked. About 40 minutes later, you awoke, and still sleepy, give me a long kiss. I left a while later.

About five days afterwards, you husband calls back and said that, for the next few days, you remained a "wild thing" and sex had never been better.

That was the start of a long friendship....
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Well done Well Hung.
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