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Annisthyrienne's profile

Gender: I prefer female characters, but I'm willing to try males. I think I could do a decent job of it, but you can be the judge of that.

Age: Any age is okay up to mid 40ish. For fantasy races, I think in terms of human equivalent anyway.

Orientation: I like hetero, but am bi-curious in RL so I'd like to do that in role play. I had one experience like that in RL, so I could draw from it.

Power Exchange: I would have to say rather submissive here, but I can take the lead when the mood strikes, especially during seduction scenes. Sometimes I can be quite direct and aggressive about it. I tend to respond to what my partner is showing me. Submissive girls I play with bring out the more dominant 'loving guidance' side of me, while aggressive dominant partners, both male and female make me want to be their sweet little girl. But when I really get turned on and know what I want, all bets are off. You take your chances.

Race: I prefer fantasy scenarios, and in those I will usually prefer an elf or a drow, but shape changers and vampires are also possibilities. Of course, as human, I think it best to play something I know, so Caucasian, or Cherokee, since I've studied their culture extensively. Other Native Americans are doable, maybe, to the extent that I know their culture.

Body type: I like athletic, slender, medium to small busted characters, but I'm open to try any type.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I've played elves, halflings, drow, shape-changers, giants, vampires, ghosts, demons(succubi), angels, animal people(anthromorphs?). I probably wouldn't play an insect. Other than that, try me.

Settings: I find a wide variety of scenarios to like when I read them, so I think I'd be up for trying pretty much anything. Erotic situations can occur in all genres. As I said, I prefer medieval fantasy, modern horror, primitive, early Native American, historical.

Likes/kinks: I don't care for inflicting pain or humiliation, nor do I really want to receive it. But having said that, some things are exciting to me, like anal as a form of domination or punishment; machines; outdoor and skinny dipping; wet sex like in a lake, shower, pool, waterfall, etc.; lactation and breast feeding. Probably more as I think of them.

Hard limits: No bodily waste, or vomit. Blood is okay, in a vampire setting. No hurting people seriously, no degradation of the spirit.

Availability:Online nearly every night, at least to check up on things. Available in chat on Yahoo messenger for more private role plays or things that might not be kosher here, but let's not get too weird! PM me for my contact.

Misc: I tend to be verbose, so my posts are usually long, but I work with what you give me. I like to take time to craft my posts in Word before copying them on the forum. That way I can spell check and grammar check and proofread to make sure I said what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it. I feel this is only being respectful to my writing partner and my readers. I want to do my best if I'm going to do it at all. To me, getting the reputation of being a bad writer or role player would be as bad or worse as getting the reputation for being a lousy lay in bed. And we wouldn't want that to happen!

I won't do webcam or phones, so don't waste time asking. Role play is about fantasies, let's leave it at that. Also, it is generally useless to PM me with some come-on line. If you want to get to know me, interact with me through the lounge threads. When we become friends, your PMs will be welcome if they are reasonable respectful. I may be flirty, I may even flirt with you, but no one has a claim on me for anything unless I agree to it. I'm not a public utility!

Also, while in my early days here I would agree to write things I didn't really want to in order to please my partner, I've decided not to write anything anymore that I don't want to write. Sorry, I know it's supposed to be a two way street, but if you want something I don't, it's not fun for me, and that's why I'm here.

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Gender: I play male characters, probably cause I am one.

Age: Generally 35+. I’m not going to play the role of a young stud. I’m just too far past that.

Orientation: I will only play a straight character.

Power Exchange: Mostly I would play dominant roles to the extent that is necessary for my partner and the story line. I’ve never really considered or put much thought into the submissive role.

Race: This has never occurred to me before. However since I am Caucasian I think I would write as one. I have no problem writing with someone of any other race.

Bodytype: I would be pretty flexible here. Although I don’t think I’m going to play the young hard body type right out of the gym. That just so isn’t me.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I’ll stick to a strictly human character.

Settings: I would generally write in the present. I am comfortable enough to write in the WWII era and maybe the Civil War. I’ve thought about writing in the future but not real sure how that would go.

Likes/kinks: I’m a pretty flexible guy. I like to write with a good plot and a good bit of character build up. The sex scenes should be a part of the story and not the story in and of itself. The kinks I can think of at the moment are listed below:
Coercion, Blackmail, Slavery, Rough sex, Rape, Mild torture, Spanking, Collars, Bondage , Facials (any kind of cum-play really), Oral sex, Public sex

Hard limits: Minors, scat, vomit, drinking piss, anything having to do with blood, animals

Availability: I am on Lit at least once most every day. If not I try and let my writing partner know.

Additional Comments: Here are something that are very important to me. I like my writing partner to be able to do these things ;

- write at least once every couple of days.
- write at least a two paragraph response (one line responses and lack of detail is boring)
- proper spelling, etc. (I use a spell checker)
- able to help in the creation of the plot and story line with me. To go with the flow and not force my character in a specific direction unless we have discussed prior.
- don't rush to the sex. I enjoy the slow build up and good character development, etc.
- and to communicate with me. I don't want to just be role playing with no feedback and such, I like to discuss the progress, if we want to change anything, etc. I prefer to IM on YM vs. the PM here on Lit.

Well that’s about it. A big thanks to Fuckmeat for coming up with this SRP idea.
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Stephanie's Profile

I do not care to lock myself into anything or out of anything with this document. A good lover or writer can bring out almost anything in me. Keep that in mind while reading this please, and give a new girl a touch of grace. This profile is a work in progress.

Gender: I play female. I'm not sure I can relate well enough to males to pull it off.

Age: I don't mind playing young girls, it's fun, but I am experienced and willing to play up to the 40's.

Orientation: I am bisexual, but willing to play gay or straight.*

Power Exchange: I am a submissive woman. I don't need to play submissive roles, but I have a hard time switching to a dominant role. I'll try almost anything though. How does one play a dominant who just wants to please?

Race: I am Caucasian but am willing to play other races if I feel I can do so without stepping on cultural toes.

Body type: I'm tall and athletic, equipped with all the girl parts. I play that best, but I am here to expand myself. I'll consider most anything.*

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I’ll entertain any idea. I love fantasy and some sci fi and horror themes. This will have to be case by case.

Settings: I'm open...

Likes/kinks: I can be a very kinky girl if I like my partner. This will certainly apply to whomever I write with. I love oral sex, both giving and taking. I will open my bum for a tender lover or a respected dominant. I love to be bound and I am a shameless masochist with a mildly sadist side. I'm extremely sexual.
I love romance when it has it's place. My biggest turn on is a provocative mind. Cum on my body is an extreme turn on. I love to be spanked. I wish I could dwell in subspace forever.

Hard limits: child play, excrement, piss, abusive bdsm, humiliation, hardcore s&m and rape. That sounds like a good start. I give willingly but when I say back off it's time to back the fuck off. Submissive doesn't mean weak.

Availability: I can maintain a minimum of three days per week, maybe more. I'll let someone know if I can't respond reasonably.

Additional Comments: I stole most of this part from someone else so if it comes off as anal or arrogant blame Mr. Unknown.*
- write at least a two paragraph response (one line responses and lack of detail is boring)
- proper spelling, etc. (I use a spell checker)
- able to help in the creation of the plot and story line with me. To go with the flow and not force my character in a specific direction unless we have discussed prior.*
- I enjoy build up and good character development, etc.
- communicate with me. I don't want to just be role playing with no feedback and such, I like to discuss the progress, if we want to change anything, etc.

This is a work in progress. I'm new to SRP so thanks to all the other profile writers out there who helped me put this in perspective by making such nice ones of their own.

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Gender and Orientation: Female and male characters. I write with female writers playing female characters. Although I'm male, my female characters tend to be more colorful than my male ones. I even have a nice submissive transgendered one might enjoy...

Age: Flexible, up to middle-aged.

Power Exchange: Any. I've written BDSM and dom, but prefer implicit relationships.

Race: Any. Preference for Caucasian and Asian.

Bodytype: Any. Myself, I take yoga classes, and am working on improving my body.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I've written different species, but prefer human.

Settings: I've written in different settings, but perfer modern day, sometimes with a twist. I've come up with some crazy ideas.

Likes/kinks and Hard Limits: Flexible. Rabbit Hole profile: http://rh.greydawn.net/browse.php?c=Scribe

Availability: Often. I also communicate with my partners over YM and PM to let them know what's going on. I prefer partners with YM so we can brainstorm the story, as well as say hi. In the late evenings, PST, I'm sometimes available for online roleplay. And I'm very good at it.

Additional Comments: Tom had some good boilerplate, so I'm going to be a better artist and steal:
- Write at least once every couple of days.
- Write at least a two paragraph response (one line responses and lack of detail is boring)
- Proper spelling, etc. (I use a spell checker)
- Able to help in the creation of the plot and story line with me. To go with the flow and not force my character in a specific direction unless we have discussed prior.
- Communicate with me. I don't want to just be role playing with no feedback and such, I like to discuss the progress, if we want to change anything, etc. I prefer to IM on YM vs. the PM here on Lit.
- Fast buildup to sex. I'd like to start writing the steamy stuff within the first page. Y'know, because I like sex.
- See my "Scribe's Retreat" for more details, including storylines I would like to continue or restart!

Scribe's Retreat on Literotica
SRP Blog, Profile, Ideas, and Archives

F-List SRP Profile
Introduce yourself to me on YIM and let's play.
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Gender and Orientation: I'm a heterosexual male, so that's what I play. It would be an injustice to any other character for me to attempt to portray them otherwise.

Age: 18-28.

Power Exchange: I can see how being in a commanding or submissive role would be fun, but I'm most comfortable when the two individuals are on even ground.

Race: Never really been a factor. I'm white so that's what I believe I best portray, but I never really thought about it.

Bodytype: Tall, with broad shoulders, but a sturdy build. Not muscular, just solid.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I've only done human, but I'd consider otherwise if it's not to out there.

Settings: My favorite settings tend to flow towards the fantasy end (Magic, Kingdoms, etc) but modern day stories are also a lot of fun as well.

Likes/kinks: I'm pretty open save for my hard limits below, but I prefer the lighter edge of things outside the norm rather than the extremely intense stuff.

Hard Limits: No toilet play, no pain, no cruelty, no necro, no animals, and no minors

Availability: Unfortunately my college life keeps my schedule forever shifting. I do however check my email multiple times a day. I can do email no problem.
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Gender: Female. (I have not tried playing a man before. Come to think of it, I haven't played much more than myself before, lol.)

Age: 18-40. Other ages are fine if it makes sense.

Orientation: I'm straight with a bi-curious side that I have explored before in RL and a little online, but can play anything. Role playing with girls and boys is fun.

Power Exchange: Usually submissive, but I'd be willing to try other things.

Race: Caucasian, but I can be flexible here.

Body type: Average to slender or athletic. Medium bust. (It's me - and what I know from mirror each morning.)

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Open minded and willing to explore. I've wanted to do a super-hero type RP for awhile.

Settings: Modern b/c it's what I know best, but I'm a big fan of historical/gothic/fantasy settings.

Likes/kinks: *sigh* So many, so many. Oral (giving and receiving), anal with the right partner, being held down or tied up, dirty talk, some biting, danger and risk of being caught, being forced to dress in provocative clothing and going out in public, some mild humiliation. I'd like to explore my submissive side with another woman sometime. I've been with strong, dom-ish men, but never dominated by a woman. I'd also like to explore being the dominant one sometime, maybe dominating a man or woman.

Hard limits: No children, no bodily waste products. I also reserve the right to opt out of things later that I didn't think of now.

Availability: Varies, but usually a few times a week. Times vary with my work schedule.

Misc: I prefer longer posts if working on a story. Complete sentences, good grammar and spelling is a must. I will put forth the effort, I don't think it's too much to ask the same from you.
"In the garden, I was playing the tart..."

Please don't ask me for pictures or to cyber.
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Gender: I play mostly female charaters, but have played male charaters [prefer female]

I'm new to the forums here in lit. I'm going to be posting some of my stories on here soon enough but for now I am looking for any players who wishes to become my muse.

I am bisexual/equal. I dont lean too much one way or another..

I am playful and very discriptive in my storytelling as well as very sexually driven in my writing yet I love a story driven role-play session.

Like I said i'm new here and looking for friends! dont be shy to PM me and say high or invite me into some kind of story.



Age: between legal and ageless

Orientation: I can play heterosexual, bisexual or lesbian characters.

Power Exchange: I prefer story based sexual role-playing.

I'm a switch but when I am playing a sub, my charaters needed to be forced.. I love non-consent even thou myself [the writer] consents to everything, I'm a no limit girl.

Race: [writer: mixed black and Asain]
I enjoy playing "deadly" races, Nagas, Succubus.. any fantasy creature you can think of..

Bodytype: [Writer: Small/avarge. not to slim]
as I said before, I dont care as long as its sexy in one way or another.. thou I do have I weakness for a strong ample built lover, be it male or female.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations:
Pretty much anything... I'm also into hentai and the like so you can guess what I enjoy in my stories.

I can play just about any setting but I prefer a fantasy setting over a future setting and a modern over a future also.. I love my fantasies and I want you to be apart of them.

Likes/kinks: ohh.. I just cream for a good "black widow" story...
I have no limits when it comes to role-playing.. I'll try playing everything once.. thou I'm not really into waste products coming from peoples bodies... everything else thou, I consent to.. DONT ASK I already consent ^^

Hard limits: I guess I would have to say I have a slight vore fetish... I have my own ideas of it.. but theres something to be said about being "loved" then eaten when done and defenseless..
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Gender: I am female; play female roles. no good in male roles

Age: can do anything from 18 upwards...

Orientation: Bi-Sexual, Enjoy both male and females.. ((LOTS))

Power Exchange: Very submissive; slave; puppy trained (if you don't know ask me)

Race: only played white roles. (what kinda question is this anyway)

Bodytype: Real life, I’m 5' 9", 110lbs, firm body, tanned, shaved smooth. blue eyes; hair is to the middle of my back now, light brown, SRP I'll try and play whatever is best for the character!

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I have played a ‘furry’ once and story lines that tempt me back to Vampires, WereWolves, also can try alien.

Settings: historical settings and fantasy style settings; contemporary settings… Futuristic, sci-fi, gorean, old west, will try anything once.. LOL

Likes/kinks: slavery, bondage, spanking,. whips, chains, submission, forced submission, puppy play, toys, Females, shemales, men, 3 somes, 4 somes, more somes. LOL.....

Dislikes: Minors, scat, animals, necro, vomit, posts one liners, do not feed my mouth I am capable of speaking for myself, and again willing to try things once. I would let you know if it's not going where I can.

Availability: I check the forum everyday, would post and or PM when I do. weekends not included.

I think that is it.. anything I missed ASK or I will add later... LOL
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Gender: I play both female and male characters. I don't really prefer one over the other, but I have played females the most recently.

Age: I usually play 18 - 22, but there are always exceptions, especially when it comes to the rp genre.

Orientation: I can play heterosexual, bisexual or lesbian characters.

Power Exchange: I'm mostly a switch really. I'll play sub here, dom there, but it never lasts too long. I don't like playing the extremes because I feel they get so boring after a while.

Race: I'll play any race though I'm african american myself. Most of my characters are white or black, but I like to try other things too.

Bodytype: It depends really. Most of my characters have lean athletic builds though I like to play curvy girls too. They probably range from 5'2 - 5'7 in height, but I really adjust things depending on who i'm posting with.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I've not really tried much of this, but I'd be will too. I get really picky with details sometimes, so its hard to do anything super fantasy unless i have lots of info about the setting and life there available.

Settings: I mostly do modern settings, but I wouldn't mind trying some historical things or even something fantasy oriented. I'm really interested in history all of a sudden, but i don't feel i'd do it justice.

Likes/kinks: I'm not too picky about what I like. Exploring is what I really like to do and I'll try just about anything once. I mostly like incest, forbidden relationships, flirting and teasing, oral. I like the idea of non-consensual turning consensual, seeing as I like to play somewhat defiant characters, but nothing too violent. There's a lot more, so if you're curious just lemme know. I do prefer to have a storyline over straight smut, but every now and then I'll have a thread like that, but I get bored of just smut really fast.

Hard limits: Scat, water sports, age play, animals, anything extremely violent or foul

Availability: If I'm excited about a post I'll check back several times a day to read it. When it comes to posting, I'm in college so it's harder to do, but I try and post at least once a day, if not more. It depends on the length of the post that needs writing and how many I have going.
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Gender: I'll do male or female roles, transsexual or cisgendered. EDIT: I'll also do hermaphrodites or other genders. I love playing with gender.

Age: 25+

Orientation: My orientation differs, but I pretty strictly choose male partners.

Power Exchange: I'm a switch with submissive tendencies. If given the choice, I'll be submissive. I prefer being rebellious at first and using that period to "earn" my role as a dominant or a submissive. However, even as a sub, I occasionally like to switch roles, in case I need to show the dominant what they ought to be doing.

Race: I have no preferences, either to play or playing with.

Bodytype: If my partner is submissive, I prefer that they be slimmer or shorter than I am. If my partner is dominant, I prefer that they be more muscular or taller than I am.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: No Na'vi. I will do furry activities, but only if you ask. I've played as a Vulcan before and I'm willing to reprise that if you're so inclined.

Settings: Modern settings or Victorian era settings. I'm pretty bad at anything else.

Likes/kinks: I'm extremely kinky, to the point of thinking blood play sounds erotic. I'm a big fan of rough sex and non-consensual scenes, especially when on the receiving end. I also enjoy humiliation and restraints. I enjoy a good torture scene, too. I love roleplaying odd pairings and strange roles (I've got a bit of a thing for roleplaying in religious settings). I tend to be kinkier when I'm a submissive, so if you want to be more extreme, it would be better if I was a submissive.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, vomit, animals, necrophilia. Seriously, none of that. I also won't play in any RP that involves blackmail or slavery, so no Gorean stuff for me.

Availability: I'm not sure what my availability will be like, but I can definently be on on the weekends.

Additional Comments:
- I've got a knife fetish that will probably come up at some point. I like having that indulged.
- I will do piss, but I won't do it unless you ask.
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Gender: I am a hetero male. I play hetero males.

Age: For human characters, I can do anything from 18-30.

Orientation: As above.

Power Exchange: I'm interested in the deeper end of the kink pool I guess. Light BDSM doesn't really interest me. I'm dominant and sadistic. I also love humiliating/corrupting characters. I'm not the kind of guy to play a stereotypical 'Master' with all the props and protocols that go with that. I want to explore nonconsent, rape, slavery and other nasty shit but I guess in a more anarchic fashion than some of the other guys here.

Race: I am mixed race. I'm happy to play white, black or mixed guys. I don't think I'd play other races without stereotyping them, but I'd be willing to give it a try.

Bodytype: Being in the military, I am tall and ripped. I play guys upwards of 6ft. Big, bad, physically intimidating guys with big, bad, physically intimidating cocks.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I've started out playing a vampire, so that's fine. I don't know about other stuff. Would depend on whether I could take the concept half seriously or not. Feel free to ask.

Settings: I haven't given this a whole lot of thought. I'm very open about setting. It's the characters and plot that matter to me. The setting I think is less important.

Likes/kinks: Rape, violence, blackmail/coercion, slavery, petite girls, incest, sadism, bondage, throat rape, anal, gangs, pissplay, objectifying/degrading a woman, choking/strangling, biting, cutting/blood, marking/brands/tatts etc and plenty more nasty stuff besides.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, necro. Also so called 'submissive' characters that turn out to be rebellious to the point of suicide. If your ultimate goal isn't for your character to be broken and owned, go find someone masochistic enough to indulge your brattiness, because I won't.

Availability: As my username suggests, I'm a Royal Engineer in the British Military. I will have down times when I can spend whole weeks writing filth and I will have other times where I blink off the radar for weeks at a time. I'll do my best to keep people aware of what I'm up to but I have zero control over where I'm sent.

Please pm if you'd like to write with me.

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself. - John Stewart Mill

Give me the money that has been spent in war and I will clothe every man, woman, and child in an attire of which kings and queens will be proud. I will build a schoolhouse in every valley over the whole earth. I will crown every hillside with a place of worship consecrated to peace. - Charles Sumner

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Gender: I play female.

Age: 18-35

Orientation: heterosexual, can play bisexual or lesbian.

Power Exchange: I can be submissive, or at times dominant, both turn me on, and depending on the story, I can be either.

Race: Caucasian (can play others depending on the setting)

Body type: I'm 5'7 and curvy

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I’ll entertain any idea. It needs to be something interesting, and not a fan-fiction type of piece.

Settings: I'm open...anything from current, to the past, to the future....vampires, angels, etc

Likes/kinks:bondage, non-consent, threesomes, being tied up, some humiliation, forced submission, blackmail, facials, oral, etc.

Hard limits: child play, excrement, piss, abusive bdsm, incest, and rape.

Availability: I'm a college student, so it varies, but usually I'm online at night. If I'm really into it, I might be online several times a day, and might not be online for days.

Additional Comments:

Looking for a guiding hand RP where that person turns me into something different and more suitable for their wants and desires, through bondage and domination.

Looking for someone who posts MORE than once a week. I know rl is touch at times, but when I get into a story, I hate waiting weeks to post again.

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If imitation is truly the highest form of compliment, then I confess to being higly flattered by the post above.

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Gender: Female

Age: Will play characters aged 18 plus.

Orientation: Heterosexual; would play a lesbian or bisexual character.

Power Exchange: Submissive, not so good at playing blatantly dominant characters but can do (and enjoy) seductress.

Race: Generally Caucasian because that's what I know but I am open to playing as any race.

Body type: Any. I'm flexible.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Vampires, elves, fae, shapeshifters, supernatural and fantastical beings, humanoid aliens. Probably would not do furries.

Settings: Historical, fantasy, futuristic, realistic.

Likes/kinks: In no particular order... submission, romance, seduction, light bondage, spanking, blindfolding, oral sex, vanilla, exhibitionism, reluctance, group sex, toys.

Hard limits: Minors, scat or watersports, vomit, blood, gags. Extreme violence, extreme pain, or extreme humiliation. Necrophilia, bestiality. Non-consent.

Availability: I generally post at least once a day and will post more often if I am able. If I'm going to be away, I will always try to drop my fellow writers a note.

Other Notes: I love sweeping, Gothic settings. Lush stories. Myth, fantasy, and the supernatural.

Ask! If there's something that I didn't cover here, please inquire. You'll get an honest answer.

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Originally Posted by Stephanie4play View Post
If imitation is truly the highest form of compliment, then I confess to being higly flattered by the post above.

Hahaha.....I didn't realize it, but I did end up saying a lot of things the same way you did....oh well.....we could be related you know jk lol
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Gender: I’m female and prefer to play female characters, that’s not to say that I can’t play a male if needed but I’d like to reserve that for NPC’s

Age: Well with normal human characters I tend to play 20-40, whatever fits the story. If its supernatural or alien characters well then it all depends

Orientation: Mainly hetero, but will do bi

Power Exchange: Tend to play more submissive characters.

Race: I love variety, so if its up to me I’ll choose whatever I feel best fits the story and my mood. I've played characters of every race.

Body type: Unless my partner has a specific whish its kind of luck of the draw, the same as race applies there are many fantastic body shapes to choose from though I wont lie very skinny characters wont be my choice.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: No Furries. Who wants to clean up all that hair anyway?

Settings: I love a good historical/futuristic RP, fantasy or not. Not that I wont do modern settings, I tend to be a little more picky about those.
While I will do an rp that’s based off of a movie, TV show or book I’d rather make up a

Likes/kinks: Well this is writing and with each story I have different characters that like different things. However, as much as I want to deny it I’m a girly girl at heart and am a sucker for a good romance, even if it is a bit twisted (actually twisted romance’s are more fun ^_^)

Hard limits: Hard BDSM. Violence in sex as the main plot, if that makes sense… Other than that no minors, scat, vomit, urine drinking of any kind. Necrophilia unless it’s a vampire.

Availability: I try to get on once a day, this does not always happen just because life does happen. But normally I will try to post three or more times a week depending on the posting speed of my partner.

Miscellaneous: I am probably as easy going as they come however… If I take the time to spell check and proof read then I expect you to extend the same courtesy. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. Yes, there may be the occasional typo and grammatical error (I’m guilty of it myself) but, I shouldn’t need to consult a translator to understand what’s been written.
And I think that’s pretty much it, any questions/concerns pm me.
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&quot;can you resist it?&quot;
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Posts: 1,863
Gender: Female

Age: Anything between 28-40

Orientation:Straight, can do Bi

Power Exchange: I am game for all.
Race:Whatever strikes my attention or desire.

Body type:What will fit into the story line , and wishes of others.

Likes/kinks: I enjoy many hit me up see where it leads.

Availability: Mon-Friday Mornings.
“Passion, it lies in all of us, sleeping... waiting... and though unwanted... unbidden... it will stir... open its jaws and howl. It speaks to us... guides us... passion rules us all, and we obey. What other choice do we have? Passion is the source of our finest moments. The joy of love... the clarity of hatred... and the ecstasy of grief. It hurts sometimes more than we can bear. If we could live without passion maybe we'd know some kind of peace... but we would be hollow... Empty rooms shuttered and dank. Without passion we'd be truly dead.”

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((I suppose I should make this since I have gotten questions regarding my these things))

Gender: Male

Age: Usually around 20 to 30 years old

Orientation: Hetero, nothing else to say on that

Power Exchange: Scenario given I am willing to be dominant, but not so much submissive. Let's just say I don't like being told what to do. I do enjoy more of a power struggle though at times. In a few words sex is like pizza, it's good no matter how it is.

Race: Human..... not really sure how to answer this a person's nationality does not dictate how they act, by that logic I would know Spanish. Though I tend not to gravitate to stories where nationalities are key.

Bodytype: Medium build, about 5'11 black hair, dark brown eyes simply because that's me. I am open to my partner's preferences.

Alternate species / fantasy races / furries / mutations: I've never done any of these before aside from witch which I'm not sure counts. I've never had any interest in furries, but aside from that I am willing to keep any open mind if the story interest me.

Settings: I've yet to be in a setting I hated. Historic, futuristic, dream-scapes, I'm not all that picky with setting.

Likes/kinks: I like a story, but sometimes I can go for something simple, but those types of RPs never last long. A good story can make me interested in anything. I like the reasoning for why things are happen. Why am I pressing her against the floor with my hand around her neck, why am I treating her like dirt and why is it turning her on? I love depth within a story, and finding out what makes a person tick.

Dislikes: Aside from furries, I'm not one for scat, pissing, vomit, gore or underage. I also find it really hard to do rape, it's just a personal thing of mine, that I just find uncomfortable. I also don't generally like stories based off movies, game, or shows. I really hate when a person just bail on a story without warning, it's annoying and just disrespectful. If there's a problem with the story a simple PM to me will fix everything. I strongly dislike boring/ one sided post where my partner does basically nothing. I'm not asking for much, just give me something to work with.

Availability: I post on all my stories at least once a day. If something is wrong I will tell you. I tend to have so many stories going on at once, but not too many that I overwhelm myself. I treat every story I do all equally and try to put as much thought, love, and care in each and every one of them, after all I wouldn't be doing them if I didn't like them.

Side Note : Communication is important to me. If you have a suggestion, feedback, or if something is wrong with the story my writing or anything, please let me know. I'd rather know something's wrong and try to fix it, then to know nothing and watch a good RP fail. I also will not post a story under my current section until it reaches two pages, a second page shows me my partner is willing to keep going. Also my writing tend to emulate my partners, by which I mean if you write provocatively I will as well. If you make small post, I will too. This isn't the standard, but I tend to do it a bit. I also do tend to look at my partner's profile and or other stories to get a feel for them as well how frequently they write so take that into consideration.

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Just Having Fun, I think?
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Gender: Male

Ages I'll play: 20+

Orientation: Straight.

Power Exchange: Anything really. I am usually the dominate, but wouldn't mind when the woman takes charge (for a scene or two, doesn't have to be the whole thread.)

Race: Open

Body type: usually 6'... Skinny, muscular, or anything else that is part of the story.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I am open to new ideas... I haven't done anything but humans (and a bit of furries)... But i like the ideas.

Settings: Open, modern, future, past... all interesting.

Likes/kinks: I like screamers... i love to know that i am pleasing you. 'marking the territory' Scratching, biting (only in 'loving' stories). BDSM, I would like to tie you up and force you to get pleasured. Incest (havent done daddy yet). OH! and i love squirting too.

I LOVE SHOWER SEX... I will definitely do it in all my threads somehow...

Hard limits: I follow Literotica rules (no scat, no golden showers, no minors). I really hate when a person just bail on a story without warning, it's annoying and just disrespectful. If there's a problem with the story a simple PM to me will fix everything.

Writing: I CANNOT stand one line posts. It gets to me, usually makes me stop posting altogether (I say beforehand that i want more than one liners).

Frequency-PLEASE READ-I can usually post everyday... I get my posts to my e-mail and i will read it then (if i am not working, out... yada yada). If i don't post that night, expect it in the morning when i wake up.

Side note- If you don't post for a few days (without prior notice, or something i figure out (you don't post on weekends or something) then i will probably PM you to wonder whats up. If there is something wrong with my post i can change it... did i offend you? i can change the post... Just tell me, and i will fix it.

Side-Side note- I believe that the threads are yours AND mine... Even though i (or you) thought of it, its both our stories. So, please don't hesitate to PM me to fix, or explain something. (or if something didn't make sense, then i will rework it.)

"When you were born the world was smiling and you were crying. Live your life to the fullest so that when you die, you are the one smiling while the whole world cries."-Pleaz me

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Gender: I usually play female since that is what I am, however, I have played male parts on occasion.

Age: I'm pretty flexible...just depends on the story.

Orientation: Straight, but bi is okay too.

Power Exchange: I can't say I ever played a dominant female...I sort of flip flop between the shy, innocent type to the more powerful woman – in fantasy, I tend to lean towards a woman that would kick your ass first and ask questions later...however, again, I'm willing to play around with my characters.

Race: Human usually – but hey – if it's fantasy – I'll create someone more unique.

Bodytype: Anywhere from slender, petite and fit to curvy with a little more to hold onto – after all – no woman is the same as the other!

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'll make them up as I go along.

Settings: I like present time 'real life' stuff, but I also like fantasy, sci/fi or even taking 'real life' and sprinkling some fantasy into it.

Likes/kinks: I can go with lots of different things here. It all depends on the story, the characters, whatever might fit to make things interesting. I'm a bit of a romantic, however,depending on the story and mood, I do have a few kinks: Reluctance, Rape, Oral sex, Rough Sex, Lots of foreplay and teasing, high on the description. I love plays on emotions...I like romance, but I'll mix it up.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, vomit, piss, spit, cum play...I don't want to hear about gargling cum or anything that like unless you want me to be gagging on the other end. Sorry.

Availability: I am on Lit at least once most every day, if not more. If not I try and let my writing partner know.

Additional Comments: I appreciate a partner who is willing to put thought behind their words. Someone who is willing to draw out a story and not just rush into the sex. Someone willing to write on a fairly regular basis...it seems if you go for a week or two without writing a response, the story loses something. I also love my parents to be able to distinguish dialogue from the rest of the story. I hate it when people lump things in one long run on sentence. Take a little pride in your writing. Your spelling doesn't have to perfect or your grammar, but it would be wonderful if I could figure out where one sentence begins and ends before going to the next! It is also a rule of thumb that you don't take over my character unless asked in advance. A little move here, a simple sentence there can be alright. But taking complete control will get you cyber smacked.

Additionally – I'd rather keep our time on here in the fantasy realm. I'm not into cybering on YM or giving anyone my phone number. But I will brain storm and enjoy getting to know new people. Just don't PM or YM me just to ask me what I'm wearing. That gets very old. Thanx!
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Dark Lady
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Gender: I prefer playing a female, although I have ventured into one or two gender benders.

Age: Any age, prefer tweenies or thirties

Orientation: I am as straight as they come (to the shock of many), but am not overtly opposed to bisexual or lesbian play.

Power Exchange: I can play any ranging from a severely submissive character to a domme and even a few vanilla characters. They invariably all gravitate towards submission, because I am submissive.

Bodytype: I am average in height and I prefer playing characters with dark hair and blue eyes, but that is not set in stone. If a co-writer prefers a specific body type or look, we can negotiate /grins wickedly.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I am a sucker for a vampire story and am not opposed to elves, dwarfs, fairies and have even played a few outer space characters. Furries do nothing for me and I am not too fond of playing abominations, they’re just not sexy.

Settings: Current, historic or futuristic, I don’t mind. This is usually a result of plot and storyline, and if I like either of those, I won’t mind the setting.

Likes/kinks: I like putting up a helluva fight. The most fun I’ll have is where the two main characters are in a compromising situation or are at odds. I like throwing curveballs at my co-writers when given the opportunity. I enjoy being pushed into a proverbial corner, I am submissive, can be masochistic at times and I have been told that I have a diabolical ‘baddie’ in me if given the chance.

Hard limits: bathroom play is a big no no. Contrary to popular belief, I am very uncomfortable with noncon scenes. If you want to go in that direction, we need to talk it through first. I am petrified of being restrained, again, if you want to go that direction, talk to me about it.

Availability: I have a hectic schedule in real life. At times I am available 24/7 and other times not so much. On average I only post once or twice a week. Please don’t feel forlorn if I disappear for a week or two. At times I need to recharge my batteries and not be writing at all.
I knew I loved you, before I met you...

SRP Profile

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Gender: I play female, when I tried to play a guy part. It didn't turn out so great.

Age: I like being eighteen, no idea why lol. But I can play any age if requested.

Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange: I am not a dominant personality, so I have never really tried to play a dominant personality. My characters are loyal, has balls (so to speak) But if requested I would try playing Dominant. However, I don't play wimpy women.

Race: Human Mostly

Body-type: I like playing girls around 5'4 in height. I like tall people. But I never have a figure in mind, depends on the story ideas.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I like them all, I prefer to play human. BUT will play any race

Settings: I love real life things, but also fantasy and Rp's based on movies, books, video games. I enjoy stories with vampires and werewolves, kings and witches. Yes I am strange, but that's me.

Likes/kinks: I like romance, and rough sex is something that has always interested me.

Limits: Minors, scat, vomit, piss, spit and cum play.

Availability: I am on all the time, yes I have no life how tragic. So I am online enough to get some work done in a rp

Finally: I am open to everything, send a pm if you have ideas

My Ideas Needing Players Threads Needing A Partner

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I should drop in here more often to say hi to the newer arrivals in the lounge and srp forum. So hi..good to see you, and I hope you have a fun time here.
Private messaging is disabled.

Gone for now, but thinking of all those who meant something to me here, until a time comes where returning is possible.

Thank you.

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I am surprised by how specific some writers are in RP. I like to leave room for the other person to imagine what fits in with their fantasy. Obviously sometimes I have a clear image (like long dark hair, for example) and sometimes the other writer will want to specify a detail.

Gender: Male characters.

Age: Any age. Again, I don't specify, although the nature of the story usually implies a certain range.

Orientation: heterosexual.

Power Exchange: I enjoy being in control, really love nonconsent, although the whole Dom/master thing seems just silly to me.

Race: I'm white, but whatever you want to imagine me to be is ok.

Bodytype: Fairly tall, slim. Not bulging with muscles, but neither bony nor flabby. Obviously, my character must be powerful and strong enough to control his woman as much as the story demands.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: No

Settings: Contemporary, I suppose. If it was in medieval times I would start to worry about the lack of plumbing and the body odors and ....

Likes/kinks: I enjoy nonconsent, but without too much violence; partly because I find it hard to portray convincingly, and partly because I like to be in control, but don't like causing pain just for its own sake. I don't like humiliating anyone, but I do like treating woman as my belongings. I can enjoy incest, but what I like about it is the way the proximity of the other person leads to situations more than the incestuousness in itself.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, animals/furries/whatevers, necro, vomit, piss, foot worship, submissiveness. Romance and gentle touching (both are great in person, but come on, this is a fantasy.)
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Gender: I play female.

Age: I play around 18-30.

Orientation: I play anyway you'd like.

Power Exchange: I prefer playing with dominant men and woman, though I'm not exactly submissive. I'm much to feisty for that. An ideal situation is one where the power is constantly shifting although I definitely enjoy being the toy every once in a while.

Race: I'm white and I generally play my characters that way but I also enjoy all types of races.

Bodytype: I tend to play short, curvy women because I'm a short curvy woman but I am more than flexible. Thin, nerdy and clumsy or tall, slender and strong are probably my favorites.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I love playing neko characters and most other races are fine with me. I've done elves, fairies, demons, goddesses, slime girls and witches. Likewise, I'm fine with playing with all sorts of creatures from different times and places.

Settings: Fantasy, science-fiction, and history are my favorite settings. I can do a real-life situation but not an every day one. I'm not interested in student/teacher or secretary/boss type things. A good assassination plot or warrior training is more than okay with me, however.

Likes/kinks: I love the power play that comes from non-consent and violence. Plots with struggle and actual fight scenes are a favorite of mine. I love anal. I like a lot of things, honestly.

Hard limits: Scat, vomit, drinking piss, foot worship, graphic gore, too much romance.

Availability: My posts are usually medium length but some are longer or shorter. I try and update once every few days but I'm in college so sometimes I get overwhelmed with other things.

Summary: I like strong men and women, situations that aren't ordinary and surprises.
"What to do if you find yourself stuck with no hope of rescue: Consider yourself lucky that life has been good to you so far. Alternatively, if life hasn't been good to you so far, which given your present circumstances seems more likely, consider yourself lucky that it won't be troubling you much longer."
Douglas Adams

"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns." George Eliot
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