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Wink Virgin Territory [Open for 1M, PM]

Hello Everyone! It's time for a new story. Let me know what you think! If you'd like to take the role of Grayson, just send me a PM with a short sample of your response. Hope to hear from you soon!

Annie Wilde is the youngest of four with three older brothers, all of whom are extremely protective of her. Grayson St. James is the best friend of her oldest brother, Derek, and Annie has known him her whole life. He is practically a member of the family and has always treated Annie like a little sister. In many ways Annie is closer to him than she is to any of her brothers.

Now a freshman in college, Annie's decided that the time has come to lose her virginity. She's tired of being treated like a little girl and she can no longer ignore the repressed passion built up inside her.

One night, while out at a bar, Grayson bumps into Annie and notices the change in her. Her unabashed curiosity and unfaltering boldness set off all of his protective instincts and make it impossible for him to ignore the feelings for her he's been fighting for years. Feeling protective and possessive, he decides to do whatever he has to to keep her from going to bed with another man. Unable to deter her from her course, he decides that if anyone is going to take her virginity, it's going to be him.

Annie Wilde
Petite, 110lbs
Very petite, slim, delicate features
Ivory skin, rosy pink cheeks, long, curly brown hair, bright blue eyes, freckles
Very sweet, innocent, inexperienced. A virgin, never been kissed. She looks like an innocent angel, ethereal and delicate, but with an underlying strength.

Grayson St. James
6"1, 190lbs, toned, athletic
Lightly tanned skin, dark brown eyes, short brown hair and strong jaw
He's a good man: hard working, loyal, and principled. He's very much the home grown, all American, small town boy who has been chased by women since he hit puberty. He loves women and he loves sex, but he's never been in love, choosing instead to sate his needs with women who knew the score. He feels really guilty for being attracted to Annie and he tries to fight his feelings for her.

And here we go!


Annie sighed as she looked at herself in mirror that made up the wall behind the bar. She let her eyes travel from her mass of curly brunette hair to the faint freckles scattered across her cheeks to the ivory cocktail dress that clung to her curves like nothing else she had ever worn. Her cheeks burned as she thought of people looking at her in the dress. She bit her lip and cast her eyes around the room, wishing she had worn something a little less daring.

Correction, she thought to herself, The dress is perfect. You've just been a prude for so long you can't handle it.

That was going to change tonight. She'd decided to lose her virginity, and she wanted it to happen immediately.

She drew in a deep breath, the air feeling heavy in her lungs, and took a seat at the bar. She'd been told by friends--all of whom were more experienced than she--that all she'd have to do is sit alone and guys would approach her. The process seemed a bit artificial to her--forced--and a knot formed in her stomach. Was this really how she wanted this to happen?

No. But she DID want it to happen. Desperately. And this was the only way.

Suddenly feeling uncomfortable and exposed at the bar, Annie darted another nervous glance around the room, only to find someone was watching her. He was about her age and extremely attractive, and everything in his posture screamed that he knew it. Seeing her opportunity and knowing she should take it, she met his eyes and sent him a shy smile.

At that small gesture, he rose from his seat and left his group of friends behind, gracefully sliding into place beside her.

"Hi, Gorgeous," he said in a deep, smooth voice, accompanied by a seductive, confident smile. Naive as she was, she didn't recognize the intense, predatory nature of his approach and wasn't prepared to protect herself from creeps. His green eyes captured Annie's and she couldn't look away, sensing the impending decision she would have to make.

Summoning calm, she let a slow, knowing--albeit artificially so--smile grace her features and said hello.

With few words, he drew her onto the dance floor with him and let his hands slide low on her hips, pulling them tight against his. Forcing down her discomfort, Annie let her body rest flush against his and swayed to the music. Every cell in her body objected to this man's touch but she refused to acknowledge her feelings as legitimate. She would get used to it, she was sure.

She had to.

She focused on the beat and tried to ignore her nerves, not sensing the gaze--slowly changing from concerned to enraged--that had been locked on her since she walked into the bar.

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I gave the blonde one of my trademark grins with a sultry gaze from my half-closed eyes. As I expected, she blushed under her tan and turned away slightly from the scrutiny to sip at her drink.

I gave her an appraising glance. Her short skirt put a lot of leg on display. She had those super-slender thighs which girls seem to think guys like but we really don't. Still, her tits made nice dents in her top. I had a little bet with myself that those pleasing mounds shared the caramel shade of her exposed skin; she looked the type to tan topless.

I'd definitely find out soon. I'd always had a natural affinity for hooking up. Ever since I got out of that awkward stage of puberty, girls seemed to find me irresistible. After years of experience, had it down to a near science. I figured I was twenty minutes away from having that pink tongue running laps along my cock.

I cast my gaze around the club. Place was busy. The dance floor was packed with people in full revel. I personally didn't care for the crowds, but I had never failed to find willing females here.

I almost missed her I my casual glance. I had to stop and look back. Sure enough, I recognized a face in the crowd. Odd. This loud club hardly seemed like quiet Annie's scene.

I kept half an eye on her as I continued chatting up the blonde. I'd known Annie for ages as my buddy Derek's little sister. She'd always been a soft-spoken, delicate flower of a girl. Certainly lovely, but pure as the driven snow. Definitely the type who could wear white on her wedding day without any sense of hypocrisy.

That wasn't the Annie I was seeing right now. While her dress was still modest by club standards, it was a far cry from the demure outfits I remembered. It clearly showed off her narrow waist and left considerable amount of creamy thigh on display. The dress only hinted at her bosom, but with breasts Annie's size, you didn't need anything more than a hint.

That fact had clearly impressed itself on her companion. I vaguely recalled Annie going out with some meek clarinet player, but I doubted this guy was another band nerd. He looked like a club regular and he was definitely not meek. Over the course of a few minutes, I watched his hands gradually creep up from her waist to just a couple inches below the swell of her breasts.

"Excuse me," I told my blonde companion. "I see someone I know and I should go say 'hello'."

Without further explanation, I threaded my way into the crowd till I stood before her. As her eyes widened in recognition, I inquired. "Annie, what the hell are you doing here? How did you even get past the bouncer? You're not 21."

I turned my attention to her handsy dance partner. "Dude, this girl is my best friend's baby sister and she's underage. I suggest you get your hands off her before you get yourself in real trouble."
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