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"Unreal": Primary OOC Thread

Primary OOC Thread

This is still being put together. Be patient with me.
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Google Street View
How to use it
both in general and in our story

A basic explanation of Google Street View (GSV):
  • For those who don't know about it, GSV is literally a view of our world from the streets, as seen from the cameras of the Google Maps Street View Cars and bicycles.
  • Ever few yards, the panoramic cameras in the pods atop the cars/bikes take a picture.
  • When you are in GSV, you can move about the streets or paths as if you were right there. At this link, for example -- recorded from a GSV bike -- you can move about a bike trail in New York's Central Park. (FYI, this is where our role play begins, which you will learn later.)
Using GSV on your computer or device:[list][*]Most desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smart phones can use GSV.[*]Some features available on computers are not available of the smaller devices.[*]Others are available in a different fashion. [*]Because of this, my explanations below are general. Experiment: you'll figure it out.[*]To use GSV:
  • Select this link or open a tab on your computer, search for Google Maps, and connect.
  • Find the little yellow man icon. (I will refer to him as Google Man. )
  • Use your mouse (or your finger on a touch screen capable computer) to move "Google Man" out over the map.
  • On most computers/devices, blue lines/dots will indicate roads/paths over which the GSV cars/bikes traveled or where panoramic pictures have been taken.
  • If you see no blue lines/dots, either:
    • Your computer is slow. Give it a moment or simply drop Google Man on the map and wait.
    • Or the GSV cars/bikes haven't been in the area at which you are looking and you need to look at a different area.
  • Place Google Man on or near a "blue" line/dot, wait a moment, and voila, you should have a street view of that location.
  • You can now use your mouse/finger to look all about, zoom in or out, or move to a new location.
  • If you want to exit GSV and go to regular Google Maps, simply click/touch the "-" (minus) sign to exit GSV.
Something very important to keep in mind:
  • The GSV cars/bikes can take days, weeks, and months to record roads, neighborhoods, and cities.
  • This means that moving objects -- cars, pedestrians, bicycles -- may be in one picture but not in another taken just yards away.
  • For example, a pedestrian in one picture might not be anywhere to be seen in a picture taken just a few yards ahead in the same location.
  • In our role play, I will determine and announce which objects and people are or are not actually present for our story.
  • Always assume the worst case scenario:
    • Dangers are present.
    • Resources and treasures are not.
  • If you consider it this way, you will never be disappointed. Paraphrasing an old anonymous quote, "Go into a situation expecting nothing, and you will always come out with as much or more than you expected."

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