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Mortal Kombat X: Humiliation (OOC)

Yes, so the new Mortal Kombat game is out and I think it would be fun to have a Mortal Kombat game. We could break it up into both fights and people simply interacting in the various stages in which the story conflict is taking place.

By choice of opinion, people can either pair up their own fights or I can put together a versus list and while the tournament will of course see participants eliminated, their story doesn't need to end there. People can feud behind the scenes and further other plots.

Characters need not even be participating in the tournament. They could be there for their own reasons (Shao Kahn kidnapped my X! I have to take revenge on Y!) and I would ideally prefer that sort of thing as much as possible to avoid bogging the RP down with just fighting, which I'll explain below.

The fights will be determined largely through OOC. If you don't want to have a certain character die... I can throw a disposable NPC at them for a round. If two players want their characters to duke it out, just ask and that will be arranged. I leave it up to the players to talk to one another and determine who would lose or win... although one needs not always kill a defeated opponent.

But, if you want some drama and an element of surprise... You can leave it up to me to adjudicate that sort of thing. I'll randomly match-make two fighters together if both players agree. If both players agree to me determining who wins and who loses, I'll flip a coin and PM the victor.

For the most part, I don't want the 'action' of the actual fights to dominate the RP. A post or two depicting the actual duel is fine- but I'd expect the bulk of the RP to be about things happening in between the fights. Namely, things like Outworld trying to dick over the human contestants as much as possible, gratuitous sex, attempts to do crazy shit with the souls of defeated warriors, ect.

On Sexuality!!!
Now generally I don't set up a game with the direct intent of "sex game" but I do like the idea of victor's taking from the losers what they want, be that their life or their ass. But I'll let people decide that between, unless there's an overwhelming interest in doing it or avoiding it.

So I want to be as inclusive in this RP as possible. But this is Mortal Kombat. If you're fine with the segregation of sex and violence (one at a time), then I will respect that. However, given that this is a group game, blood and gore, maybe even guro in a sexual sense, might be occurring in the same thread. Anything non-con (to include the death and disfigurement of characters) should be agreed upon by the players.

From here I'll let people express interest or ask questions!

Character sheet:
Home Country: -or realm-
Original or Canon:
[b]Faction:[/] Lin Kuei(leader subzero), Black Dragon ( leader Kano), Shirai Ryu (leader scorpion), White Lotus Society(leader Raiden), Purple Empire, (leader Mileena) Special Forces (leader Sonya blade), The Brotherhood Of The Shadow(leader Quanchi), Blood Sun (leader Kotal Kahn).

Fighting Style(s): Choose one or make your own.
Weapon: Pick one
Speciality: (Such as Sub-Zero's ice, Raiden's electricity, Ermac's telekinesis, Quan Chi's sorcery etc) Pick one

Reason for entering Mortal Kombat:

Permissions: Do you accept match-making? Do accept coin-toss victories?Do accept disfigurement? Do accept death? See On Sexuality for details on sexual activities.

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