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Sucking Cock....Dentures in or out?

Like a lot of men, my age(66), I have full dentures. I prefer to remove them when I'm sucking a cock.
Sucking with them in removes most of the feeling, which is most of the enjoyment of cock sucking.
I have never asked the suckee about his thoughts on weather I should leave them in or take them out. I am a married bi and my wife doesn't understand me. So I have only discrete encounters with other men, which dosen't afford the time for much verbal conversation. I would like the opinion of other men as to which they prefer as the suckee. Some prefer the light scratching of teeth when they are being sucked, were as some like the feel of an asshole or pussy.
Tom T.

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Interesting question. I think we'd have to try it both ways!

(a banana chorus line)

Team PM

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only once

had I been sucked with the dentures out..... it was different... I wasn't sure...till he showed me his dentures in his hand..... I feed him a load.....
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Now that is a situation I would like to be on the receiving end of, either male or female. I have often wondered what a blowjob would be like from someone without their dentures in.
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vacuum seal

I envision it as being nice and tight like a vacuum cleaner might be, butt a better choice being a tight ass. i once read about it in maybe a novel about an old guy doing it w/o dentures in a sauna, and the receiver thought it was super. The only time i sucked a guy he asked me to go easy with the teeth when i first started sucking, so i eased up and he said no more. Groaned a lot tho lol i have never (yet) had the privilege of my cock being sucked with or w/o dentures. i'm working on finding somebody to do it for me.
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The one older gentlemen that wanted to ON me instead of mE on hi, did remove his. It was odd but warm and gently massaging
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Not that Ive tried But hear out is the best.
Hi I'm so glad to meet you, now let's get naked.
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