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Seducing Sarah's Mom (Open to an over 30 female writer)

This started as an online roleplay with me and an online chat buddy. Never got to develop it as much, but it is fun simple erotic romance story in the woods

Stockdale is medium size town in Upstate New York you've probably never heard of, but than again when most people hear New York they think of the city and they can have it. Sure I'll go there for work from time to time, but I need my space, and I have it on my 7 arc plot in the woods. It takes 15 minutes to get to town and part of it is on a dirt road. It is beautiful with a stream running through it, and all kinds of wildlife.

I've got a great two story wood cabin I built with friends on the property along with a barn, and the trailer I first lived in when I moved on the property. The barn holds my truck and well the trailer holds my dog Abel who despite having a bed in the house goes out there to sleep. He's a German Shepard and pretty smart, but sometimes I just can't figure him out.

I'm usually gone a few weeks at a time driving a big rig, working construction or doing whatever to bring money in. Hell I've been a bouncer at a topless bar, hunting guide, and was even a commercial diver. I've done a lot of stuff over the years and as I'm coming up on the big 35 my mom just tells her friends Christopher keeps busy when they ask what I do for a living. As for girls I've had some great meaningful one night stands, but not many girls want to make life out here. Seems most of the married couples in the area were both born nearby.

I'm pretty isolated, but a couple of years back this married couple came out with their little girl Sarah and built a log cabin of their own. Well they hired a company to do it and it was a nice place. Supposed be a summer home, and I didn't see them until sometime in June and up until September when they'd move back to the city.

They seemed nice enough and when I had people over for a beer bash the most I'd hear from them was a request to keep it down, and that was usually from the husband. They'd wave driving by, but the only one to say hello was little Sarah.

She'd wonder over with brownies or just to say hello, and I always found her homemade boats in the stream down my way. She also loved playing with Abel who was always happy to play with her, and would run after a tennis ball as many times as she was willing to throw it. Oh and it was never formal with her like she'd be with other adults, every time I'd see them in town it would be 'hi Chris". I'd get drawing for my fridge, and Christmas cards every year, but this year things changed.

Sarah and her mom arrived right after school let out and this time with a moving van. I figured they were just getting a few new things, but well a lot of stuff was unloaded, and when September rolled around Sarah and her mom were still around. I never saw her husband the whole time which seemed odd, but I just figured he was working a lot or something. It wasn't any of my business when it came down to it, but I always found it odd that beyond Sarah the family never seemed to want to get to know me or any of the other neighbors in the area. I didn't judge a lot of people came out here to get away from people and their hectic lives.

Today though everything changed while I was out splitting wood in the back. I always like to start early for the wood burning stoves the keep the place warm, but I always try to have extra and the tree hit by lighting during the storm a few days back needed to come down. So there I was shirt off sweaty splitting wood when I see a dog running through woods to the clearing where my buildings are, and stopped when she saw me and Abel.

Well I figured it was a she because she had a pink collar and leash, and she was small for a German Shepard., but she looked young. She let me pet her and the dogs sniffed each other, and she even let me read her collar which had PRINCESS printed on it. I had only begun petting her when I heard voice crying out her name. I recognized Sarah's voice, but was unsure of the other one.

A start

Hi pm me if you're interested and share your thoughts. I'm not sure if this is a seduction as much as someone discovering love and sex after years of a boring and sometimes painful marriage. I always figured the mom as divorced, and she got the one property in the settlement. Does she like country living? Is she lonely? What is going on with her and why hasn't she been sociable before? I see this taking place in the fall with a lot of changes. If you like the wilderness and your erotic to have a touch of reality drop me a line. I think we can have fun.
"It is better to Rule in Hell, than Serve in Heaven" -Paradise Lost John Milton

“That rifle on the wall of the labourer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.”― George Orwell

"That's the great thing about Catholicism. It's so vague and no one really knows what it's about."-Father Ted

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Late night post so it needs a bump to be viewed....
"It is better to Rule in Hell, than Serve in Heaven" -Paradise Lost John Milton

“That rifle on the wall of the labourer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.”― George Orwell

"That's the great thing about Catholicism. It's so vague and no one really knows what it's about."-Father Ted
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So, no takers on my reality based romance novella?

It can be very hot even if there is more reality here than the typical fantasy here on Lit.
"It is better to Rule in Hell, than Serve in Heaven" -Paradise Lost John Milton

“That rifle on the wall of the labourer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.”― George Orwell

"That's the great thing about Catholicism. It's so vague and no one really knows what it's about."-Father Ted
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Still looking for a good female writer who understands the story....and can probably relate to it. Let me know what you think and drop me a line.
"It is better to Rule in Hell, than Serve in Heaven" -Paradise Lost John Milton

“That rifle on the wall of the labourer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.”― George Orwell

"That's the great thing about Catholicism. It's so vague and no one really knows what it's about."-Father Ted
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Luciana Marie Sullivan-James and daughter Sarah

“Mom!” Yells the voice of a young girl from the other room. “I’m going to take Princess for a walk, Okaaaay?”

In the kitchen Luciana is caught up in the conversation on the phone. “No mom, we’re fine- I’m fine.”
Tucking the phone between her ear and neck, “I’m sorry I worried you with that message it was my first time away from Sarah and I had one too many glasses of wine while feeling sorry for myself.”


“I don’t think we’ll make it out for Thanksgiving, but maybe Christmas. I have to check with Stephen to see when he wants Sarah.”

Rolling her eyes Luciana walks to the sink and pours a glass of water. “Mom – please – no, I’m trying to be civil. That’s not the case—“

Sarah steps into the doorway of the kitchen with a pretty German Sheppard half her size nudging pass, “Mom!”

Luciana turns around and mouths “Hold on.”

Nodding her head a few times to a squawking voice on the other side she interrupts, “Mom – mom, listen I have to go. Sarah and I have plans to take the dog out.” Sighing softly, “I’ll call you later. Yes… tell dad I love him. I love you too. Bye.”

Pressing the end button Luciana sets the receiver down on the counter, “Your grandmother says hello and she loves you.”

Sarah smiles, “Princess wants to go out for a walk.”

“Does she?” Leaning down Luciana scratches the dogs ears, “Well, then let’s go…I could use a walk. You go get her leash and I’ll grab my sweater.”

“But Princess hates the leash…she wants to run free like Abel.”

“Hmm, yes but Abel, from what I’ve observed listens to his owner. Until Princess completes her training classes and proves she can listen to us she has to wear the leash.”

Sarah stands in the kitchen doorway with her arms crossed giving her mom ‘the look’ which Luciana ignores as she passes her into the living room grabbing a purple zip up hoodie and whistling for Princess, who comes scampering into the living room. “Come on Sarah you wouldn’t want to disappoint your friend.”

Hearing a huge sigh from her ten year old daughter footsteps lightly step across the floor and the clink of the leash coming off its hook, which sends the eight month old puppy bounding for the back door. Luciana laughs and follows after her daughter and their dog.

Outside the sun is warm, but there is a cool breeze rustling the leaves of the trees which are already beginning to change from their dark green to vibrant reds, orange and yellows. Luciana is holding the leash as Princess still likes to pull and is already a lot stronger than Sarah. They took training classes with the dog in the beginning of summer, but Princess turned out to be a little stubborn, so they were signed up for a second round scheduled to begin in a couple of weeks. At least she had learned the basics such as sit, lay down, roll over…now if she can only come when she’s called.

“Mom, can I please hold on the leash?”

Luciana looks down at her daughter considering the request Princess seemed to be behaving today perhaps she wouldn’t dislocate Sarah’s arm. “Alright, but if she begins to tug too hard remember to tell her to heel.”

“I know.”

Handing the leash over to Sarah she asks, “School starts in a few days are you nervous?”

Sarah shrugs, “A little…but I kind of know a couple of the kids who live up here from previous summers.”

“True…I’m sure you’ll adjust fine,” She reaches over to muss her daughter’s hair who swats her hand away, “Did you have fun with your dad?”

“Yes, you already asked me.” Sarah stumbles forward a little and tugs on the leash, “Princess, heel!”

Stephen had taken Sarah for a week, so he could spend time with her before she began school not to mention he hadn’t had time to see her all summer. It was also the first time Luciana had seen him after the divorce was finalized not exactly easy as the wounds of a less than amicable split are still too fresh. She tries not to dwell too much on the fact that she’s three months away from turning thirty-five and starting her life over as a single mother. Moving up here was to supposed to be a way of getting away from everything, but there are so many memories attached to the house, which was once their summer home. Still, Sarah loves it up here and that is what is important as the divorce had been particularly hard on the young girl, but she seems to be adjusting.

As they walked deeper into the woods they can hear a rustling in the bushes and then a rabbit burst out into the open and straight across their path. Princess lost all control and pulls forward running after the rabbit. Sarah tries to hold on, but falls to the ground. “Princess!”

They both yell as Luciana helps her daughter up, “Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m alright…mom we have to find her.”

“We will. Come on.”

Taking Sarah’s hand she leads her through the forest both of them calling out for the dog and pausing here and there to listen to the barking and crunching of trampled leaves. Several minute pass and Sarah is starting to get upset. “Don’t worry, we’ll find her, she’s a smart dog…I’m sure she can find her way home.”

Coming up on a clearing the mother and daughter emerge from the trees onto Chris’ homestead. Sarah smiles brightly seeing Princess and Chris, running up to retrieve her dog and give Abel a pat on the head she greets, “Hi Chris! I see you’ve met my dog. She got away from us chasing a rabbit.”

Luciana breathing a little heavy from the long trek through the forest her purple hoodie is tied around her waist exposing black tank top and yoga drawstring pants, wiping the back of her hand across her forehead she pushes her bangs to the side. “Hi Chris, we’ve never actually met…I’m Luciana…Luci…Sarah’s mom.”

Inching forward she wipes her hand off on her hip and extends it out to shake her smile easy though she is trying hard not to dwell on the fact that he’s not only attractive, but also shirtless.

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Now I'm not some underwear model, and when I say that I don't mean to put myself down and say I don't look good, I think I do, but I have body hair and though I'm pretty jacked I don't have no six pack abs. I'm just solid all around and more than a few girls notice and judging by Luciana's look she noticed too. Sarah is to much of an innocent to notice anything like that, but her mom, well she looked and wasn't bad looking herself.

Chris wiped his hands on his shirt, but didn't put it on and shook her small hand and smiled and than flipped over her palm and looked at it. It was soft and the skin felt nice, but she was strong also.

"Christopher Ellis, and yeah haven't really talked since you guys have been coming up here. Here to stay now? And I'm sorry, but I'm curious you work with handle tools regularly?"

Luci blushed looking him over even closer. Tattooed, muscular, and tan his body was very different than her exhushand's. She spoke up though and said, "yeah well the last few months now. I've been taking advantage of all this nice wood. The previous owner left a whole shed of good timber, and well we never really touched it. I normally do sculpting and painting."

"Right Sarah said you did art for a living."

"Oh she did did she well I've sold a few pieces here and there. Ever been to any of the galleries in the city? I've had a few pieces in magazines as well."

"No sorry read a lot of Field and Stream though and other publications like that, but I'm sure your stuff is really pretty."

In the mean time Sarah was wondering around as the dogs we playing. That fun carefree play that dogs do as they chase each other back and forth. Eventually Chris made his way over to the dogs and knelled down between them, and began to pet Princess who was so content she rolled over on her back so he could rub her belly.

"See mommy the dogs want to be neighbors, and they like each other?"

Luci looked concerned all of a sudden. "Excuse me is your dog fixed? Because we got Princess from a friend in the city and well we just got her check out."

"No but I'll have a talk with him about that," Chris said with a smile.

"Oh ah alright than. I was wondering if you could give us some referrals. You know people to get firewood from, ah the septic tanks, and stuff like that."

"Sure you can come in I have everybody in my phone book. I have to ask though. You've been coming here how many summers and you haven't come buy for even a cup of sugar. Well Sarah has plenty of times."

He turned to the girl who was trying to teach Princess how to shake by watching her and Abel. "Hey Sara you still like root beer?"

She eagerly nodded and ran towards the house with the dogs running right after her, and the screen door slamming.

"Sarah! Behave yourself. Wait she never drinks root beer at home?"

Chris finally pulled on his shirt and and wedged the ax in the tree stump. "Oh she's spoiled. I only buy the natural soda with the real sugar cane sugar in it. Tastes better, but I have water and stuff if you like. Let's go inside and talk."
"It is better to Rule in Hell, than Serve in Heaven" -Paradise Lost John Milton

“That rifle on the wall of the labourer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.”― George Orwell

"That's the great thing about Catholicism. It's so vague and no one really knows what it's about."-Father Ted
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Luciana Sullivan-James

Their conversation flowed easily while they stood outside. She had like the feel of his hand in hers, a little rough and strong they were nothing like her ex’s smooth, manicured hands. In fact, as far as she can tell he’s the complete opposite of her hus—of Stephen. Chris had even noticed she didn’t have quite the delicate hands of your typical city woman and he already knew a little about her courtesy of past conversations with Sarah, typical.

"Sure you can come in I have everybody in my phone book. I have to ask though. You've been coming here how many summers and you haven't come buy for even a cup of sugar. Well Sarah has plenty of times."

She feels a little embarrassed when he mentions that she’s never come by in the past with an apologetic smile crosses her lips she is about to explain, but he turns his attention to Sarah the dogs offering a root beer and as Sarah ran off into the house Luciana began to understand just how well her daughter liked their neighbor. She found it sweet how nice he is with Sarah, but still she shouldn’t just run off into his house, “Sarah! Behave yourself!” Then shifts her attention to Chris, “Wait she never drinks root beer at home."

"Oh she's spoiled.” Chris explains as his puts his shirt on, “I only buy the natural soda with the real sugar cane sugar in it. Tastes better, but I have water and stuff if you like. Let's go inside and talk."

“Root beer is fine for Sarah,” Luciana smiles easily as she follows Chris to the house, “but water for me, thanks.”

Stepping inside her eyes wander over the kitchen before she takes a seat at the kitchen table, “To answer your earlier question…yes, we’re here to stay – Sarah and me. That’s why I’m asking for the referrals…if we’re going to make a home here then I need to be prepared. Admittedly we haven’t made too many friends and only a few acquaintances over the last few years…since we were only here for the summer and trying to spend time as a family I guess we came off as unsocial.”

Watching Chris go to the fridge and pull out the drinks Luciana likes the easy nature of her neighbor and hopes they’ll be friends. Reaching for the bottle of water she smiles, “Thank you.”

Sarah leaving the dogs for a moment skips up to Chris to retrieve the root beer he’s opened for her. “Thank you.”

The young girl smiles and takes a long drink from the bottle before returning to the playing dogs. Luciana cracks open the bottle and takes a sip, “So, what do you do?”
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Chris's Place


They all headed into the cabin and Luci was treated to her first view of his rustic homestead though for Sarah it wasn't the first time. They walked up the back deck which was on the corner of the house and was a large rectangle surrounded by a railing.

There was some wood patio furniture and close to the door there's a large stainless steel barbecue on it. In the opposite corner a beat up looking wooden panel hot tub sat covered which benches on either side, and a number of empty beer bottles. They all walked in the kitchen door which had a doggy door to give Abel free access to come and go as he pleased, but Chris warned that other animals could and had made their way into the house.

The kitchen was a square setup in the corner of the room with all wooden cabinets on the ground level and glass ones on the upper portion. There was a small kitchen table with four chairs near a door that looked like it lead to the pantry. A collection of cooking utensils hung from a rack above the center island, but what stood out the most was a good size still fridge that look more like a meat locker.

When Chris opened it to get out the soda which was on the door along with many bottles of water it would be clear to anyone he was well stocked. Also that Sarah was cared about by him, because several of her cards and pictures were on display there and on the bulletin board mounted on the wall. The sink was a double with half of it empty and the other with dirty dishes and pots.

The other way out of the kitchen which lead into the main house was in between the main room which had the fire place, large couches, and access to the front door. There was also a open stair case that lead to the second level, and a chandelier made from an old wagon wheel hung above the room. The floors were all wood with a large rug in the center of the living room under the coffee table.

On the other side was a large wooden kitchen table with chairs and a set of three windows which gave a good view of the backyard. There was half wall separating the room from the rest of the house and there were several lights mounted. Pictures of American Revolutionary War battle scenes hung on several of the walls.

Half the table was covered by papers, books, and maps along with Chris's laptop. The hallway ended at the bathroom which was clearly viable thanks to the open door giving Chris's company a view of his towels hanging up. While the house wasn't messy per say it looked lived in, and the furniture looked well loved. The rifles on the wall weren't there as display pieces, and the boots weren't all neatly placed in a row.

The place clearly lacked a woman's touch, and hadn't had many female visitors. Chris not one to be embarrassed easily realized he had some more delicate guests in his house, so he collected the hot rod magazines with the half naked chicks on the cover and tossed them into a magazine rack with the rest of his periodicals. He also took his jacket off the deer head and placed it on one of the pegs by the door. Also the bikini babes calendar was conveniently covered up by a something else hanging up on the fridge.

Chris walked over to the dinning room table and went through his belongings and found the book he kept address and numbers in, but also served as journal as well. It was actually a large old ledger and went with him from job to job in his backpack. It had been all around the country with him, and he used it to chronicle all his adventures.

He looked up when he heard Luci's question. "What do I do? I take you mean occupation career that type of thing?"

Luci turned around in her chair and nodded and smiled. She did have a nice smile. "Well I drive a truck manly, but that's lead into other professions like fishing, logging, and construction. You have to hall freight all over ,so you end up in some interesting places, and sometimes you don't always want to head back right away. Been looking for something local lately."

He flipped through his book and realized he could do this an easier way and went to his laptop. "Excuse me for a minute I have to go upstairs to print this all out. I don't have wireless in here, well not yet anyway, but I have a file with everything you need on it. Put it together for a writer who moved to the area a few months back. Did some odd jobs for her and hear husband on Skylar Road. Nice people."

With that he headed upstairs hooked up his computer and printed out several pages of information for Luci and her daughter. The list was pretty exhaustive and better than the yellow pages, because all the places had been reviewed by him or a close friend. The general store actually used part of it for their local guide book, but he'd save her the five dollars. He stapled the print out and head back down stairs.

From the stairs he could see both dogs laying on the couch closest the hallway. "Ah Abel teaching Princess all your bad habits. I'm sure the James have new furniture and wouldn't appreciate dog hair on it. I got those at a liquidation sale dirt cheap, and fortunately had the truck to hall them back with from Iowa. "

Even though he should have chased them off he just walked over and handed the print out to Luci and smiled. "Welcome neighbor. "
"It is better to Rule in Hell, than Serve in Heaven" -Paradise Lost John Milton

“That rifle on the wall of the labourer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.”― George Orwell

"That's the great thing about Catholicism. It's so vague and no one really knows what it's about."-Father Ted
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Luciana Sullivan-James

As Luciana steps into the house she cannot help but looks around and feel an odd sense of regret at not having stepped into his home before. By the way Sara made herself at home Luciana realizes how caught up she was by her own problems and work that she allowed her daughter to befriend a neighbor she herself had never properly met. How irresponsible she had been by assuming Chris was a respect adult. How fortunate she had been that he was. Still, why had she? Had she taken for granite that they were in the country or was it because there was nothing by nice things mentioned about Chris by the town folk when they first bought the property? You will need to be more responsible going forward, she thinks; it’s only you and Sara now.

Judging from the manly décor of Chris’ home Luciana can tell this man is a certified bachelor and had a woman ever lived here with him he’d erased any proof. However she does notice the many drawings and Christmas cards pinned to the fridge and smiles as she sits at the table and casually stacks a few papers out of the way, an unconscious habit. Accepting the water she breaks it open and sips as he tells her a little about what he does for a living. She appreciates his helpfulness and grateful she won’t need to go through the trial and error of randomly selecting business from the yellow pages. When Chris goes up stairs to print out the pages Luciana looks to her daughter who is sitting near the dogs and scratching Princess’ ears.

Chris isn’t gone long and when he returns he has a small stack of paper stapled together, which he hands to Luciana with a smile and says “Welcome neighbor.”

Reaching out she grasps the papers and smiles in return, “Thank you. We won’t be bothersome; I promise and if Sara is ever coming by too often please be sure to let me know.” Standing to her feet, “We’ll leave you to your day. Sara, grab Princess, we’re going home.”

“Aw mom, already?” Sara whines as she picks up Princess’ leash and gives a tug, “Say good-bye to Abel, Princess.”

The dogs nuzzle noses before Sara pulls on the leash harder and leads Princess from the living room to the kitchen. Setting the root beer bottle on the kitchen table the young girl says enthusiastically, “Chris you should come over for dinner! We’re making pizza.”

“Sara,” Luciana smiles to Chris as she glances to him and then back to the young girl, “I’m sure Chris has better things to do than hang out with the two of us.” Looking back to Chris, “Don’t feel obligated to say yes… we can have you over another evening.”

Luciana couldn’t believe her daughter and yet at the same time she wouldn’t mind having the adult company. The entire summer had been mostly she and Sara though for a week her best friend Maureen had made a trip up from the city. Other than that the only adult interaction was a few trips into town and phone calls. She tells herself once Sara starts school she’ll get to know some of the other mothers. “In fact, don’t feel as if you have to answer at all, but if you like pepperoni and sausage and don’t mind pineapple or mushrooms on your pizza…you can stop by.”

Luciana blushes as she stumbled over the words suddenly feeling nervous about squashing the invitation and then offering it again but in a way that makes it easy for him to decline. “We’ll leave you to the rest of your day. Thanks again for the information. I truly appreciate it.”
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"Okay I'll be by around 6:00pm than. If it's okay I'd like to bring Abel. I like to feed him while I eat so he doesn't come looking for hand outs all though," he paused and smiled at Sarah as she walked into the yard. "Someone does enjoy giving him treats just because."

Sarah giggled and he and the mom just nodded and said that would be fine. They'd be at least starting to cook the pies by than. He agreed to bring over some wine and watched the pair head off into the woods before heading back over to his work. Conversation over dinner now that was a welcome change, and now Abel had a playmate.

Chris thought to himself that was fun and awkward, but he wasn't about to say no to a dinner invitation even if it wasn't thought out. He'd watch Sarah grow and since he didn't have children of his own she was the closest thing to a daughter. Not that having children was out of the question for him, but they weren't in the picture. They had been once, along with all those other wonderful things that came will a long term relationship, but circumstance beyond his control had ended that dream.

As he slit wood Chris felt the tears come, the kind you can't help as they roll down your cheek. He was thinking about another time and he hated doing that not because there wasn't joy in his past, but because it ended with pain. With each slit log he thought of Debbie, and a one point he could even see her sitting on the steps shucking corn as he worked. She loved it up here, but that wasn't always the case.

He'd met her while he was on a construction project in the city. It was a six month deal and he was staying with a buddy. He wasn't in the union, but his skill set kept him in work, mostly off the books. Across the street from the job site was a hospital and it got it's share of business from the workers, and one day while visiting a friend in a crowded ER he literally bumped into Debbie.

She apologized and kept moving, but kept looking back, and that was the start of things. Their shifts ended at the same time, so it wasn't before they were meeting for coffee, than dinner. They'd hang out on weekends and when the project ended she'd drive up to his piece of the world. She didn't like it at first being a city girl, but over time she'd grow to love it as much as he did. She was the one who helped pick out Abel from a shelter, and helped him decorate his place. She was even supposed to move up with him, but that never happen.

She applied to the county hospital, but in the mean time she'd work four days on and have three days off, and during that time come up and visit. Finally in the spring thanks to the holiday weekend she had Monday off and planned to come up for the whole time. She planned to leave Thursday right from work, but the rain was coming down hard. He'd tried to call he to say she should just wait it out and come the next morning, but she never got his message. Maybe she was to excite, after all he'd mentioned that he'd gotten her something special from the jewelry store.

He never got the chance to ask her the big question though. He did get a call from a friend on the Highway patrol late that night. She'd been hours overdue, and he'd called her cell a dozen times, but instead of getting a call from her at some motel or truck stop along the road he heard from a buddy who tried to break the news as best he could. There is no good way to tell someone news like that, and when you're planning on forever and get five minutes you can't help, but be let down.

Still though after a few tears he got back to thinking of all the happy times with her, and it wasn't like he'd been a monk after she had to fly. He'd had more than a few women in his life, but nothing steady or long term. Most had been fun for a couple of months before he moved on to another project and they knew that as well as him, but it would be nice to come home to someone for a change.

He kept himself busy with chores until around 5:00pm before he put away all his tools and headed in the house. He showered and shaved and took extra care to clean up, after all he was eating with the ladies. Most bachelors fall into a rut pretty easily, and personal hygiene becomes an after thought, but when the possibility of female companionship appears on the horizon he could be bad as any chick.

He settled on a new short sleeve work shirt, a fairly new pair of jeans, and a pair of cowboy boots. He added a jacket and checked himself out in the mirror and smiled. He glanced at the picture of Debbie tucked in the corner and nodded. Well he was ready for a fun night of pizza making and conversation. He knew Sarah would want to show him her room, she'd decorated it special again, and of coarse he'd be more than happy to look it over. He also thought about Luci.

She wasn't bad looking at all, even dressed down, which was probably the best way for her to be. He felt for her, go through a divorce, end up being a single parent, and on top of that start over in a town you barely know. Couldn't have been easy, and frankly if he just started fucking her, it could end badly, and while adults could deal with shit like that, kids were a complete different matter entirely. Also Luci seemed like to interesting of a woman to consider simply a good lay.

He let himself think about her walking around in the woods nude, and other fantasy thoughts for a long moment before he got his stuff together. He got the meat that would be Abel's meal along with his dish and a bottle of wine and put them in a bag. He collected a few gifts he'd bought for Sarah during his travels and loaded them along with the dog into his pickup and headed down the road. It was only a short drive, but easier than carrying everything through the woods.

He honked as he pulled up into the driveway of the cabin, and now more than ever he was curious to see inside of it. He had the dual image of Luci now though. The devoted mother, and the passionate lover he wanted to find out about. Well this was the first step, and the journey would probably be a lot of fun.
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Casa Sullivan-James

"Okay I'll be by around 6:00pm then. If it's okay I'd like to bring Abel. I like to feed him while I eat so he doesn't come looking for hand outs all though," Chris says agreeing to the dinner invitation then comments to Sarah. "Someone does enjoy giving him treats just because."

Luciana smiles suddenly feeling nervous about tonight’s dinner, raising her hand she waves to Chris, “See you at 6.”

Ushering Sarah and Princess off in the direction of home they walk through the woods their house roughly a half mile away. Allowing her daughter to hold the leash as they make their way through the trees she begins to mentally plan out the evening now that they would have a guest joining them and not just any guest but their long time neighbor, she’d only just met, and yet is fairly friendly with her daughter – ah another pang of guilt. Asking a man come to the house for dinner feels weird to Luciana. Maybe if he was more years her senior it would feel different, but he’s attractive and her age and well, frankly, she’s been lonely these past months. Not that she has any plans to sleep with him, he’s her neighbor, Sarah’s friend and frankly, it’s too soon. She’s not ready to venture down that road, but that doesn’t mean the needs and desires aren’t there.

As they reach the house Luciana pushes these thoughts to the back of her mind as they follow the walkway which leads to what most would call the back of the house, but it is where the main entrance is located. “Sarah, since we have a guest coming over let’s tidy up and please make sure your room is clean.”

“Aw, mom!” Sarah whines, “It’s ONLY Chris coming over.”

“It doesn’t matter its good manners to accept guests into a tidy home.” Luciana opens the door and herds her daughter and Princess inside, “Now, go…Princess will help you.”

“Mom, Princess is a dog.”

“Yes, and just like in the movies she likes to help, now off.”

Sarah giggles and gives a tug on the leash, “Come on Princess.”

The two run up the stairs to the main floor and Luciana remains on the first floor, which is considered the basement, a large open area with white walls where she displays many of her paintings each specifically lit with two round red lounge couches in the center of the room. To the right under the stairs is a doorway covered by a thick tapestry curtain leading to her studio. On the far wall of the room is a single door leading to the garage and storage room. The area is usually kept uncluttered, but she walks the area making sure nothing is out of place. Pulling the tapestry curtain aside she props it open by wrapping the tie around the curtain and turns on a small lamp to dimly light the room in case Chris might be interested in having a look. Her studio is always in a state of organized clutter, it is her favorite room in the house with its cool stone walls and high ceiling allowing enough natural light in during the day.

The next few hours are spent picking up on the main floor which is cluttered with magazines, books, toys, sketch pads and various art supplies. Luciana dusted and ran the dishwasher before she jumped into the shower to ready herself for their guest. She’d stay casual, but after the long hike through the woods she definitely needed a shower. Once she was out of the shower she yelled for Sarah to take a bath and received the usual resistance. While Sarah bathes Luciana finishes getting ready, blow drying her hair and adding a bit of light make-up. Pulling on a deep purple v-neck t-shirt she tucks it into a pair of black jeans and adds a belt with a painted vine design burned into the leather. A simple leather string necklace with a large multicolored blown glass pendant is placed around her neck and small diamond earrings adorn her ears. It might be customary to wear shoes when having company; however Luciana prefers to be barefoot in her home and especially while she is cooking. It made a wonderful picture years ago when she was pregnant with Sarah; all the obvious jokes made by her husband and friends.

Checking in on Sarah she is pleased to find her daughter properly bathed and getting dressed. “You look pretty mom.”

“Oh,” Luciana seems surprised as she tried not to make any special effort she didn’t want to give Chris the wrong idea, “Is it too much? Should I lose the jewelry or put my hair in a ponytail?”

“No, I like the way you look.”

“Okay, thanks….I’m going to the kitchen to lay out the ingredients and will be ready to start the dough soon.”

“K, I’ll be there soon!”

Music playing Luciana lays out the ingredients and opens a bottle of wine pouring a glass to sip at while she and Sarah begin to cook. Since Sarah is far too young to drink a glass of sparkling grape juice in a wine glass is readied. Once she comes down stairs in a green t-shirt and jeans the two go about preparing the dough. The oven set on warm the finished dough is set inside with a towel on top where it will spend the next hour rising. They clean up their mess, unload the dishwasher and go about slicing the pepperoni, cooking the sausage and dicing up a fresh pineapple. On the large marble covered rectangular island the sauce is set out with the cheeses in separate bowls and two pizza stones are properly brushed with a thin layer of olive oil. A work area is dusted with flour waiting for the dough to be kneaded and rolled out into pizza crust.

Everything is going smoothly, mom and daughter singing when the house phone rings. Since Luciana’s hands are in the sink cleaning a pan Sarah hops to the phone and picks it up, “Hello?”

There is a pause, “Hi daddy! Mommy is washing a pan right now, so she can’t come to the phone. How are you?.... Oh, we’re making pizza tonight and Chris is coming over with Abel….”

Luciana pauses as she sets the pan in the strainer and looks over at Sarah, she wonders if he’ll recognize Chris as their neighbor. Sarah didn’t seem bothered by the tone of her father’s voice, “Daddy, you remember Chris, he’s our neighbor and Abel is his dog…he makes a great friend for Princess….yeah, okay…I love you too, Daddy. Call me soon.”

Sarah looks to her mother and holds the receiver out, “Daddy wants to talk to you.”

Luciana smiles warmly as Sarah brings the receiver, “Why don’t you finish loading the rest of the dishes in the dishwasher….the dough will be ready to knead soon.”

Pressing her ear to the receiver, “Hello Stehpen.”

Luciana’s manner visibly stiffens as she walks into the living room to keep Sarah out of the impending argument.

“So, the neighbor is coming over for dinner, Luci? “ He begins in a mocking tone, “Now, remind me… he’s that good looking guy Sarah always talks about, right? The one she sends cards to and draws pictures for?”

Lowering her voice, “Yes, our neighbor.”

Luciana stresses the point hoping to avoid any accusing dialogue, but Stephen is easily jealous, “So tell me Luci how long have been entertaining this neighbor…is Sarah calling him uncle yet?”

“Stephen stop. It’s not like that. We ran into him and Sarah invited him over.”

Why she was explaining herself she has no idea, but she didn’t want Stephen turning an innocent situation into something torrid. “Look, it’s really none of your business who Sarah and I have over for dinner…you gave up that right when you left us.”

“Might I remind you that you’re the one who filed for divorce.”

“Only after you continually left us for your job….and then that woman. I’m hanging up now, Stephen. You call me tomorrow and we’ll talk about the reason you phoned in the first place. Good-bye.”

Luciana hits the end button just as the timer on the over beeps and immediately after Chris pulls up in his truck and honks his horn. Princess who has been lying on her bed in the corner of the kitchen perks up and gives a brief “woof” as she looks out at the window and then barks again warning her people they have a visitor. “Quiet Princess it’s Chris and Abel!”

Sarah says as she looks to her mother, who is setting the phone receiver on the counter and walks to the oven, “Sarah will you go meet Chris at the door and be our tour guide?”

“No, mom…you go…I want to roll the dough.”

Luciana smiles a bit as she pulls the well risen dough out of the oven, “Alright….just be careful the bowl is hot…I’m sure Abel will come up first, so you keep an eye on the dogs, okay?”

“Will do!” Sarah says as she smiles brightly.

Picking up the glass of wine from the counter she pauses just outside of the kitchen and drinks a mouthful before letting out a slow breath putting the phone call out of her mind. Crossing the room she heads downstairs and opens the front door in anticipation for Chris and Abel, who are coming up the walk. Greeting them both with a smile she steps outside and gestures for them to enter with a sweep of her hand, “Welcome to Casa Sullivan-James. Abel, Princess and Sarah are upstairs waiting for you; keep an eye on them ….”

Luciana laughs softly and looks to Chris, “Sarah is upstairs tending to the pizza dough, so I will be your tour guide this evening.”

Once they’re all inside Luciana closes the door and turns to the showroom of sorts, “My personal gallery…and my studio which is through the doorway under the stairs." He can see the soft glow of a dim lit marking the studio. "If you’d like to take a look later you’re welcome, but why don’t we go upstairs so you can put down your bag and we can get you a glass of wine….or beer…I have that as well.”

Leading him up the stairs they enter the main room of the house, a large wide open living room with three walls of windows and the fourth wall solid, a doorway leading into a hallway where the three bedrooms and two bathrooms are located. There’s an L-shaped red sectional couch in the center sitting on a large square rug made up of a modern pattern of browns and greens and a square coffee table of teak engraved with flowers around the outside. A wood stove is off to the far left corner, a 65” plasma flat screen mounted on the solid wall with a few shelves holding books and nic-knacks on either side. There are a few end tables set around with sitting chairs. It’s not cluttered with furniture, but offers enough comfortable seating presented as separate nooks like one might see in a nightclub. “Please make yourself at home. Sarah and I don’t stand on formalities unless the party requires.”

When they walk into the kitchen Sarah is covered in flour and has her small hands buried in a mound of dough. The dogs are saying their hellos by sniffing each other. “Hi Chris! I’m finishing up the pizza dough.”

Luciana walks to the sliding glass door and cracks it open enough so the dogs can go in and out on the kitchen balcony. “Just place your bag on the kitchen table.”

The table is a large dark wood rectangle with two long benches on each side and single high back chairs with arms at each end. A vase of freshly picked flowers decorate the otherwise empty table. “What do you think so far? I know the place is probably more contemporary than one might expect, but I am a city girl…” She smiles warmly noticing for the first time that he cleans up rather well, “So, what can I pour you wine or beer?”

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Chris pulled up to the house and parked near the mail box at the end of the short driveway. As he let Abel out and walked to the house bag in hand he thought how different every part of this place was, but that was no reason not to have a good time. Luci's ex-husband didn't exactly make himself welcome in town when he first got to the area. He'd bought the property online from an elderly couple who were moving to be closer to their children. The Turner's were nice people and had a charming house, but Steven decided to rip it down and build this modern wonder.

The only reason the town let him was because he made such a stink about it, and since it was isolated enough they just rubber stamped his plans. Now the town has it's share of part time residence between summer renters, hunters, and people looking to get away from it all for a weekend or more, but some just didn't fit. Luci and Sarah seemed to do fine and Sarah had no shortage of friends, but Steven made nothing but complaints. Sure they were in the sticks, but they weren't living in the 19th century either. When you move to the country you lose somethings, but some people can't accept it.

First time he met Steven was when he came over to complain about the music at a party he was throwing for some friends. He said everyone was keeping the whole house up. They had a bonfire and the music was loud, but his house was half a mile away. He was rude, threatened to call the police, and seemed to resent being called Sarah's dad. Even after promising to turn the music down and was offered a beer he stormed off. Next day when Sarah came through searching for a particular type of tree she said she slept fine. Aside from that he seldom talk the man, and now that there was a divorce he never would have too.

The door was answer by Luci who was smiling and looked good in jeans he thought, and after a minute of wondering how to greet each other they shook hands. Not close enough for a hug or a kiss on the cheek yet he thought, but this was his first visit. The home was impressive even though it was modern, now modern homes could be interesting to look at, but they didn't seem to have the same character as older homes, but hey that only happen with time, so he resolved to appreciate the place.

He enjoyed the brief tour, and looking at Luci's ass in her jeans as they walked around. MILF was a crude term, but Luci had it going on and had a good head on her shoulders. Steven really must have blown it to lose a woman like this, but one man's loss is another man's gain. Before the tour had even started Abel had run off to be with his favorite little human, and spend time with the new girl in town.

Chris followed Luci into the kitchen were he saw Sarah making a mess as she prepped the pizza for cooking. “Hi Chris! I’m finishing up the pizza dough.”

He smiled at her, "well I can see that. I have a few gifts for you when you get all cleaned up, and some stuff to show you as well while the pizza cooks."

Sarah replied with an eager "oh boy," and quickened the pace. He than turned back to Luci who'd been showing him around the place.

“What do you think so far? I know the place is probably more contemporary than one might expect, but I am a city girl…” She smiles warmly noticing for the first time that he cleans up rather well, “So, what can I pour you wine or beer?”

"I'll have a beer if you have it. Always liked it with my pizza. You have a lovely home, and I'm glad you guys became my neighbors. Just wish you saw the lovely house here before you decided to tear it down. Well it is huge piece of land, and you can probably grow anything in that garden."

Luci got him a beer from the large fridge and poured it in a glass for him. It was a European one that he didn't know, but it was pretty good and he clicked his bottle against Luci's glass. "To new friends," he turned to Sarah and smiled and said, "and to having old ones closer"

This made Sarah blush and giggle, and soon the dinner preparation continued. Two large pies went into the oven, and everyone gathered around the kitchen table to see what Chris had brought with him. He first presented Sarah with a little wooden sailing ship painted white with pink trim and real cloth sails that needed to be raised which he did to Sarah's delight.

"Now when you send your ship down the stream you know it will hold together."

Sarah beamed and began playing with the little model ship. "This is so great! Where did you get it, can we get another one to have races?"

"Sarah! Thank Chris first."

"Thank you Chris so much, "Sarah said as she hugged him. "Mom I want to be a welder like Chris, so I can build ships like he did."

Seemed that took Luci a little by surprise, but she smiled and said, "we'll see Sarah."

He explained he picked it up in a small shop in Maine that made custom wooden toys. The place had been in business for years and he passed the catalog over to Luci who had to appreciate the wood working craftsmanship involved. The lady at the counter had pestered him who it was for and he said his niece just to give an answer that wouldn't require further explaining.

The next gift was more practical and was a military style backpack for someone Sarah's size, but instead of a green camouflage pattern it was a pink one. As Sarah put it on he smiled at Luci. " I bought it before I knew you would be staying, but well she'll need one for school. I've bought stuff from these people before and it lasts forever. "

The third gift brought even more excitement from Sarah. Before it was even out of the bag she clutched a furry brown bear in a nurse's scrubs. Every year Debbie's old hospital threw a fund raiser where they'd sell the bears along with other stuff to raise money. Debbie would always buy a few and gift them to kids in her building. Since her passing he'd make the trip in and have dinner and drinks with her friends. He liked remember her that way, and Debbie did think Sarah was the sweetest thing the few times they met, so it made sense to give her the bear.

"She have a name yet Chris?"

"No she didn't mention it. She must have climbed in my truck in the city and fell asleep. Didn't find her until I got up here. Will you take care of her?"

Sarah clutched the bear tightly and smiled. "Ah huh. She's so cute."

"Don't let princess play with her okay honey."

"Yes mom. What else is in the bag?"

"Well just Abel's food and a few pictures of where I've been. Like to see them?"

He'd printed out a small pile pictures from his camera. Mostly shots of where he'd been working, and many beautiful shots from around the country were also included, and some were taken from his truck going down the road. Pictures of friends and coworkers, and the farm in the months Sarah and family weren't around. It looked beautiful in the snow, and there were a few of Abel running around in it. He'd even taken a picture of their house on a snowy morning.

Sarah poured over them and Luci asked questions as he laid them out on the table. He'd included a few pictures of his mother at her house since Sarah always asked about his mom. She lived in New Hampshire on the tiny sliver of coastline the state had and owned a small stationary store, made pottery, babysat and worked as a substitute teacher. Not unlike her son she couldn't just stick to one thing.

He leaned over Sarah pointing her out in a picture. His mom had long curly brown hair and the same color eyes as her son, and was was in a tie dye t-shirt and jeans. "See the is my mommy Sarah. She was taking people on guided tours of the woods near her town that summer. She calls Abel her grandchild and sends him homemade jerky."

"You said you had a picture of Abel the day you got him right?"

"Yeah I do honey. He was so small than, but very friendly." He searched through the photos and found what he was looking for, but found the one of little Abel being lead out of the shelter by Debbie on a leash. She was smiling and even the dog look happy. He just wanted to cry, but that was a happy day, and a good memory.

"I'll find you a different one to keep sweety, but this was the day we...ah I brought him home."
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Dinner at Casa Sullivan-James

Luciana enjoys watching Sarah opening the presents Chris had brought while moving between the kitchen table and oven checking on the pizzas despite the fact she has the timer set. For the first time she is able to see the connection between her daughter and their neighbor; he is good with her in the way that resembles more uncle than friend. This thought brings a tiny frown to her lips as she recalls the latest unpleasant conversation with Stephen. The conversations were becoming more common. At least in the beginning they were talking friendly and she thought for a short while they’d get back together, but then he started dating a newly hired trader only a couple of years out of college. She is beautiful and brilliant not your typical upgrade. The frustrating part to the whole situation is that Stephen while supposedly happy with the new lady in his life has become increasingly more difficult. His jealous nature continued even now to try to control her life.

Breaking from her thoughts she glances at the picture of Able as a puppy and smiles thinking the woman in the picture is rather pretty. She wonders what happened that she’s no longer in Chris’ life. Filing that question away for when Sarah is not around Luciana glances to the timer to see that the last few seconds are ticking down. “Dinner’s ready.”

She says as she steps away from the table setting her wine glass on the island on her way to the oven. Sliding on two oven mitts she opens up the door just as the timer begins to beep. She pulls each pizza out of the oven and sets them on the island before tapping the timer off. Tossing the mitts to the side she opens a drawer to pull free a pizza cutter and slides the sheath off the sharp round blade. With the cheese still bubbling she cuts into the crust diagonally several times creating eight pieces on each pie. It was a lot of food three people, but she and Sarah loved cold leftovers and would send some home with Chris as well. Glancing over to the two Luciana smiles thinking how natural is feels to have him over sharing a meal. Her dark eyes linger on Chris for a moment and there is a twitch in the center of her chest that halts her breath for a moment. Shifting her gaze to the back of Sarah’s head, “Sarah why don’t you go put your presents in your room.”

“Okay, mom.” Sarah replies gathering up her things. Luciana feeling warm in the face attributes it to the steam rising from dinner. “Chris, will you grab us some plates? They’re in the center cupboard behind me. I’ll get the condiments and you another beer.”

Luciana has always enjoyed moving around the kitchen with a man, back when she and Stephen were first living together in a small one bedroom apartment they would constantly bump into other and have to climb over each other while cooking. Funny how success can sometimes negate the simple things in life such as cooking together. Walking to the spice cupboard next to the stove she pulls down a shaker of hot red peppers. From the fridge she pulls two containers one of grated Parmesan and the other an off white solid mixture. Stepping to the microwave she pulls the lid off the solid mixture container and pops it in setting the timer for thirty seconds. Then walks to the table to set the other items down as well as a pile of napkins before returning to the fridge to grab the beer she forgot and pops off the cap. Swinging by the microwave she grabs the melted mixture which smells of buttery garlic. Returning to the table she sets those down. Chris had already set the plates out on the table.

“Help me with the pizza…” Luciana says with a smile and grabs the mitts off the island tossing one at Chris, “Careful, the pan is hot.”

There is a laugh in her voice and without intent she is casually flirting with Chris. Turning her head she calls over her shoulder, “Sarah, stop goofing off and come eat.”

Picking up a pizza with a gloved hand she smiles to Chris and hears Sarah in the back of the house call out “Coming!”

“She’s easily distracted,” Luciana explains, “especially when she has new toys. Thank you, it’s sweet of you think of her when you’re traveling. I’m sure she’ll be down at the stream tomorrow trying out her new boat.”

Walking to the table she sets the pizza into the middle of the table and Chris follows suit. Two large pizzas sit in the center of the table with two plates on one side and a single on the other where Chris was previously sitting. “We should probably feed the dogs so they don’t disturb us during dinner. I typically feed Princess on the porch…she’s a little messy. Feel free to put Abel’s bowl where needed. If you think they’ll behave eating in their separate bowls….I know dogs can be territorial regarding their food. Can’t say I blame them….I’d try to bite someone who tried to eat my food without asking.”

The last bit said with a wink and laugh before she turns away to prepare Princess’ mixture of dry and wet puppy food. Luciana waits until Chris has finished preparing Abel’s food; both dogs are already out on the large balcony connected to the kitchen. Nudging the sliding glass door open she steps outside and shivers against the chill of the air; it’d been fall in a couple of weeks and the weather is already beginning to change. Princess eagerly trots up beside her as she goes to set the bowl down beside the outside water bowl and oversize pillow. “Dinner time….you be good and eat only your food,” She tells the pup.

Without pause the female Sheppard puppy begins to dig into her food and Luciana turns away to smile at Chris, “Ready to eat?”

Sarah is already seated at the table when they go back inside. “Hands washed?”


“Good girl.”

Walking to the sink Luciana washes her own hands and dries them off with a paper towel, which is promptly tossed in the trash. “I’m starving.”

Taking a seat beside her daughter and helps her grab a large and very cheesy piece of pizza; both mother and daughter giggle as the strands of cheese seem to get away from them. Everyone settled to eat the pizza is good. Luciana had two wonderful teachers – her mom and father-in-law. It’s often been joked that if she failed as an artist then she could be chef.

Dinner carries on with a light conversation and a few laughs. It’s comfortable and easy. Once everyone has had their fill Sarah pipes up, “Mom can I show Chris my room now?”

Luciana nods, “Yes, show him your room and then it’ll be time for you to get ready for bed.” Glancing to Chris, “its okay. I’ll clean up.”

Glancing out the sliding glass door she can see the dogs still getting along and thinks this evening couldn’t have gone smoother. Rising from the table she begins to clean the table as Sarah leads Chris to show him the rest of the house, but more importantly her room.
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When Chris was back at home in the woods company was always a short drive away, whether it was the Laughing Dog the local bar that served pizza or The Tall Pine Diner he could get food and enjoy some friendly conversations. He talked about the good pizza they had at the dog and what nights to go, but thought it was best to leave out which waitresses he'd boned, well at least in front of the kid. He was sure Luci didn't think he went without female companionship, but you don't need to push in her face either. He also talked about the places out on the highway, but they already knew about them, so he talked about all that did happen in the fall.

This dinner was different than those times were though, and it gave Chris some incite into all those other guys he worked with enjoyed. The comfort of home and enjoying being around a wife and child. Well, this home wasn't his and Sarah was just a sweet kid who latched on to him and got to see his sweet side, and well when it came to Luci that remained to be seen, but he kept finding himself leaning over and smile at her throughout the meal.

From head to toe Luci really was very pretty, and while she wasn't some young girl she was close to his age, and simply had different life experiences. He'd spent most of his life going from job to job working for other people to finance his adventures. He'd lived and met someone she thought was special, and while it didn't work out along the way she created plenty of great art and no less important had a wonderful daughter.

After dinner Sarah wanted to show him her room and after checking with Luci she said she'd be fine with the dishes and the dogs we headed up stairs to see her room. He was a sweet heart running and giggle and you have to smile. Like her mom she wasted no time in kicking off her shoes once she was in her room and giving him the grand tour.

Unlike most girls her age Sarah had paintings and drawings on her walls as well as original photographs of everything from old barns in the country to exotic tropical locations. She explained all her mom's artists friends had given her gifts over the years, and since they were all so nice she couldn't decided what to take down. She said he dad didn't like it looking so messy on her walls, but her mom let her decorate how she wanted at the country house.

Of coarse there were all the typical things you'd expect to find in a kid's room like a computer table with a bright green laptop on it, a bulletin board, and a queen size bed which looked like it was over taken by stuffed animals. Chris wasn't surprised when he was informed that though Sarah was a "big girl" she and didn't need them all to sleep she couldn't bear with the idea of packing them up again. There was also an old comfort folded on the floor for Princess to sleep on when she decided to stay with Sarah rather than her bed in the kitchen.

The walls were painted a deep dark purplish color and had a dark pink trim around them, and like the rest of the house Sarah was treated to a beautiful view of the forest from her large windows. Above the desk though there was something very different painted on the wall. It was a window with a view of a path leading to the beach beyond complete with clouds, surf boards, and lines filled with clothes in view.

Chris's more intense gaze was picked up by Sarah who was moving some of the animals off the bed onto a chest at the foot of the bed. "That's grandma and grandpa's house. Well it's what you see out the window in the room where I stay when we visit them. There house is like so cool, because they're like so close to the beach and they farm animals, and cats, and make their own wine, and..."

Chris laughed and smiled at Sarah. "Well that does sound very cool, and a lot like my mom's place, but she doesn't have wine, but she does live on a farm."

Sarah than came over and sat down next to him on the bed. "Yeah do you miss your mom Chris?"

"Yeah I do, but she and I call and talk and email, and we visit. This year she's coming to see me for a change. Most of the time she has people at her house, but she wants me to cook this time around."

"That's nice Chris can Princess and I come?"

"Sarah I'm sure your mom and dad have plans, and I'm sure I'll have you guys for dinner before that."

"Yeah, but your nice and you don't fight with my mom and stuff."

Chris let out a sigh. Divorce was never easy, and while he didn't have all the details about what had happen he had the distinct feeling things weren't going that good. Some of his friends barely spoke to their ex-spouse while others just moved a few blocks away and were friendly and continued to raise their kids together. This situation didn't seem all that friendly, but he didn't know enough to step in yet.

"Okay Sarah here is what we'll do. If you and your mom don't have other plans you're welcome to come and have Thanksgiving with us, but that's only if you don't have plans. Sound good?"

Sarah nodded and leaned up against him, and he just put his arm around her. Funny thing is how kids can make you feel, as strong as you want to be, they have no trouble melting your heart, and get you to do things you don't want. So, for a little while Chris worked on getting her mind off of the bad things, and more into the good things like her new school. He told her everything he knew, and who his friend's kids were, and everything kids did for fun in town. Sure it wasn't like the city, but the local kids did have a lot of fun, and he knew Sarah would have fun too if she gave it a chance.

Downstairs he could hear the phone ring, and Luci cleaning up and taking care of the dogs, but not much else. So, he let Sarah chat all she wanted about talking to her friends online, and all about what she did in the city when she went to see her father. She did mention daddy's "friend" a few times, and Chris got the idea that this woman spend plenty of time with him, and he didn't let his daughter's visit get in the way. Hey, sure when you get divorced you move on, but this guy didn't seem to be taking to much of a break, and maybe he didn't take one at all.

When they headed downstairs Sarah wanted him to see her mom's room, but he decided to wait on that, and instead go down and talk to Luci. They found her busy wrangling with the two dogs who despite being on leashes still didn't make it easy to come back in the house. Luci just looked up and smiled at the pair as they came down stairs.

"They don't make easy you know, I guess they're both happy to have someone to play with." She walked over to Chris and leaned into him and whispered, "neither of them is fixed, so we can't let them get away with anything."

Chris smiled and laughed to himself and nodded. "Okay well she came on to him."

Luci laughed too and nodded. "Oh really."

Luci let Princess lose in the house and talked to Sarah before they all headed back to the kitchen for coffee. As it brewed Luci sent Sarah to change into her PJ's, but soon returned for her milk and cookies she could have a long side the adults. After they talked a little longer Chris decided to head home for the night. So, after a few hugs and well wishes he headed out in his truck for home. It was a wonderful evening, and it was one he'd like to do again soon.
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Luciana Sullivan-James

Sarah drags Chris away to show off her room and Luciana begins to clear the table. Dinner had been nice, more than nice, at first she had feared it might be awkward having Chris to dinner. What if they hadn’t had anything to talk about? Of course, even if they hadn’t she’s sure Sarah would have kept the conversation from falling into awkward silence. When Sarah was leading the conversation she had found herself staring at Chris. He’d caught her once and smiled as she tried to hide the fact she’d been staring. What she had noticed was how when he engaged her in conversation he seems to lean in a little closer. She wonders if Sarah wasn’t around tonight would they have crossed the line and flirted with each other. She considers asking him to stay for a drink after Sarah is nestled into bed.

On that very thought the phone rings. Turning off the water, Luci shakes her heads and picks up a towel to dry off her hands as she walks to pick up the phone from its base. Pressing the talk button with her thumb she lifts the phone to her ear, “Hello?”

“Hi Luci, It’s Sylvia, I hope I’m not interrupting. “

“Hi Sylvia, no it’s fine I was just cleaning up dinner. How are you? How’s Ed?” Cradling the phone in the crook of her neck she returns to the sink, rinsing off dishes and placing them in the dishwater.

“Oh we’re fine.” Luci can hear something unsaid in her mother-in-law’s voice. “I only wanted to call because Sarah’s birthday is coming up and I need know what’s on her list.”

She knows that isn’t what she really wanted to talk about as she’d already emailed Sarah’s wish a list last week. “Didn’t you get Sarah’s email? I sent it last week… if not, I’ll be happy to forward it to you.”

“Oh…yes, that’s right.” Sylvia laughs and then falls quiet.

“What’s really on your mind, Sylvia?” Luciana pauses with the dishes and leans against the counter while keeping an eye on the doorway for Chris and Sarah.

“Well…. Ed and I were talking about how we don’t get to see Sarah as often now that you two have moved upstate and Stephen doesn’t want to give up his one weekend and we don’t want to interrupt her school attendance more than necessary, so would you think about sending her to us for Thanksgiving week?”

Luciana is quiet. The first Thanksgiving week was a matter of contention between her and Stephen as they will have to rotate the holiday. A similar arrangement was agreed on for Christmas. Sylvia and Ed are good people, but they love their son to a fault and blamed her for the divorce. She doesn’t know how they feel about the woman he’d started seeing the moment they separated, but they probably found a reasoning to put blame on her as well. So, this request can very well be a well devised plan for Stephen to get his way and have Sarah. On the Brightside at least she has two parents who love her enough to fight for time to spend with her. “I will think about it, Sylvia, but you should know that I was considering to go see my parents, they haven’t seen Sarah in a couple of years.”

“I understand hon. If not Thanksgiving then maybe we could arrange some extra time over Christmas.”

Luciana had to grit her teeth to keep the words even toned, “You know, if you want to arrange a long weekend to see Sarah that’s fine. She can go to you or could take a weekend away from the restaurant to come here… you both are welcome.”

It was Sylvia’s turn to be quiet for a few seconds she knew she had gotten under the woman’s skin when she asked them to visit. Like it or not they are going to be in each other’s lives, always. “Yes, dear we know… and we may.”

“I hope you do. Sarah misses you both and as for Thanksgiving I will consider your invitation if we don’t go out to California.”

“Thank you, Luci. Have a good night and tell Sarah I love her.”

“I will. Good night.”

These conversations leave a sick twist in her stomach as they remind her of the challenges she’ll face every holiday because of the divorce. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. She and Stephen were supposed to stay happily married and raise Sarah. Hanging up the phone she cleans up the rest of the dinner mess. At the sliding glass door both Abel and Princess are scratching, “Hmm…do you guys need to go potty?”

Grabbing two leashes she wrangles the dogs and takes them downstairs. A lot harder than one might think as the dogs can barely concentrate long enough to pee before frolicking around each other. “Oh, we’re going to be in trouble if we’re not careful.”

She’s pulling back inside when Chris and Sarah appear at the bottom of the stairs just as she gets the dogs inside. A few words are exchanged and then Chris takes his leave. Luciana regrets not having the chance to ask him to stay for one more drink, and yet, at the same time it’s probably for the best. Feeling sorry for yourself with a glass of wine isn’t the best combination for company, especially of the male persuasion. The potential for moving too quickly or regretting your actions are all together is too high. After he drives off Luciana tucks Sarah and Princess into their beds and pours herself a glass of wine before snuggling into her own bed to watch a little TV.

The rest of the weekend consisted of school supply shopping, dog walks, painting and baking cookies. On Monday morning Sarah starts her first day of school and Luciana has a morning to herself for the first time since they’ve moved into the house. Deciding take Princess on a run before she works in the studio the two set off through the woods.

A few miles later Luciana and Princess find themselves jogging through Chris’ backyard. It isn’t an accident, but she’s not even sure if he’d be home.
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A Joint Reply

Chris flipped the grill cheese sandwiches on the grill while Abel played with a length of rope being held by Becky in the living room. She was partnered on the ambulance with one of his best friends Bruce. Today he was out and about volunteering with the town ambulance, and had called Chris wanting to stop by because he was in the area, so Chris had invited him to lunch. Becky was going to college locally and still lived with her parents, but volunteers as an EMT. She was a good kid and he figured she'd be one of the handful of kids to stay in the area even after school. As Chris took the grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches out of the pan and placed them on a platter Bruce began to talk business.

"Look Chris if you can hang on a little longer you'll have the job and you can give up traveling and stay local."

"Yeah well you said that six months ago and I'm still waiting. Look it's a good job head of security and maintenance with people under me, a 401k, good pay and chances to take plenty more classes for free, but they have to actually offer to me. Also I like traveling and you just don't want to have Abel for another few months."

Bruce laughed and took one of the sandwiches and bit into and drank from his can of coke and looked at his friend. "Seriously the kids love having Abel around and he loves the farm. I know you like seeing the scenery change, but come on man I've been there done that remember? Ten years with the army moving almost every two years. It was killing Dayana and the kids. You have a home, friends, and a life here."

"Yeah well like I said they need to at least offer the job to me, and they haven't even officially posted it."

"Alright I'll concede that point, but look it will happen. They created the job for the administrators son, who is a good kid and well qualified, but he re-upped in the navy and will be gone for another three years. They need someone to do the job, and there aren't many people qualified. They know you and they know you'll do a good job. It's just a matter of them working things through the system."

Chris ate and listened and shook his head. "In the mean time what do they want me to do, keep doing odd jobs when I could be making a fortune elsewhere."

Bruce opened a bag of chips and started eating and rolled his eyes. "That again? You really want to go out to a war zone and be gone for 18 months? Oh, and don't even start. I know you'd be home every six weeks and they're paying you a fortune, but it's damn dangerous and you'd have to put everything else on hold."

"Well the Colonel will be making a presentation to candidates in a few weeks and I'll be joining them at least to listen. I've already been told the job is mine with a signing bonus."

"Okay well I'll talk to the suits and see what I can do, but just think about it before you head off. Alaska was dangerous, but what you're talking about even riskier."

The rest of lunch continued on uneventfully with talk of sports, school, and mutual friends. Becky had so much fun with Abel she offered to dog sit which was something so many offered to do after meeting him. They had their sandwiches and soon it was time to hit the road again. With so many residence spread out over the town it was best to keep moving and hope you could get to where you need to as fast as possible. Being rescue first aid in a rural wilderness area didn't just take dedication it took guts and plenty of ingenuity. While Bruce used the bathroom Becky snuggled with Abel in the kitchen.

"Ah excuse me Mr. Smith I mean Chris ah where did Abel get his name?"

Chris bent down and scratched Abel between the ears and smiled. "Well Abel came from a shelter run by a nice Christian couple, and if an animal didn't come with a name they got one from the Bible. Debbie, the woman I was with at the time she found them on the church website."

"You're lucky he's so smart and sweet. You should take him to the hospital for the kids to see."

"Yeah maybe I'll do that. His mother was a service dog who had puppies and her elderly owner couldn't care for them, so they were brought to the shelter. I lucked out big time."

With that Abel rolled on his belly and smiled looking up at his master with a goofy grin as his tongue hung out of his mouth. "I think he feels lucky too."

Chris shook hands with is long time friend Bruce wishing him well as he joined his partner in the hospital ambulance. Abel was wondering around in front of the house and picked up on Princess's scent right away. After waving one more time Chris looked over and smiled and walked over to his mail box and waited for Luci to run by. Maybe she would stop by. He had more lunch left over and bottled water he was sure she’d want. Before Bruce dropped by he'd been working out back so he was in tan dirt stained work boots old torn jeans and a white sleeveless tee... "Hey Luci..."

Luciana had purposely made Chris' house as one of the places she'd pass on her jog in hopes that he might be outside and she could get his attention for a bit of conversation without her young daughter was around. It wasn't that she wanted to date Chris or perhaps she did, she most certainly found him attractive, but he is their neighbor and her daughter’s friend. Them becoming more than friends could bring about severe consequences. Still, she is willing to at least explore the chemistry she knows it there. When Chris comes into view, Luci raises her hand in response to his wave and begins to slow down. Abel had already come to say hello to Princess, bring them both to a stop, and so she leaned down to unhook the leash from the female dog’s collar.

"Hi Chris," Luciana said with a smile and wiping the back of her hand across her forehead. "How are you?"

"Hi Luci it’s good to see you again. So out jogging the old logging trail or cutting through the woods? "Chris turned to see Abel and Princess playing one of the games so many dogs play. They were chasing each other back and forth in front of the house like a game of tag.

"So Sarah make it off to school okay? I'm sure she'll love it. She told me she liked not having to wear a uniform and stuff. My mom home schooled me for the first couple of years." Chris realized he was forgetting himself and looked at Luci's lovely sweating form and smile and than said, "Ah looks like you could use a bottle of water. I just put some on the cooler out back if you feel like a break?"

Slowly taking in a few deep breaths to slow her heart beats after running a few miles Luciana is covered in a light sweat. "Yes, I dropped Sarah off at school this morning. I'm not worried about her she makes friends naturally. She's always been a good student... I even met a friends parents... they seem nice and were mildly interested when I told them I am offering private and small group art lessons."

Resting her hands on her hips those dark eyes glance over Chris' clothing and notes his rugged appearance. Diverting her eyes she makes sure not to stare too long then he offers water. "Some water would be great," she said stepping forward to follows him around to the back of his house. "You had some visitors today...they were driving an ambulance."

Chris could be wrong, but he thought there was some attraction between the two of them. Sure people checked each other out, but there was something with Luciana which made her different than the rest of the population and he liked that. Still though she was Sarah's mom and was just getting over a divorce. She probably wasn't even looking for a relationship, but still....

"Yeah I know she's smart and friendly. She's the one who got me to quit smoking, "he smiled to himself and nodded.”She'd come over every day saying how it was bad for me and bad for Abel and how it started fires. She can be very persistent.”

He laughed and nodded to Luci and started to head to the back of the house with the animals running ahead. With out turning he nodded and replied “yeah that was Bruce he's an old friend. He's a great guy, and he's an EMT, fire fighter, ER tech, and when he get's time is a father of four. I think Sarah's in the class with his boys. They're twins. They came over for lunch and to talk about a few things. Ah you hungry?"

"I had no idea Sarah help you make such a beneficial decision...I've always been an advocate against smoking." Luciana again finds herself reminded about how much she's missed in Sarah's life trying to save her loss cause of a marriage on the summers they would come here. "If Sarah is in a class with twins she'll be sure to tell me." It's then an idea struck her and she wonders if it'd be too bold of a move, would he see through her guise to see him again. "No, I'm not hungry... but speaking of food why don't you come over tonight... for dinner tonight, if you're not busy and Sarah can tell us both about her day." Oh, did that sound alright? She can't tell if Chris is remotely interested in her outside of friendship. She was never good at the signals even the supposed obvious ones.

"Yeah well kids are like that. They approach you with such innocents and they just see things as right or wrong. She couldn't understand why you can't just quit if it's bad for you. He laughed and smiled. "Quitting did suck, but I'm better off. And she's not the first to tell me to stop, but well it was about time I listened. She did say you're involved in a few causes?" Chris walked up on the porch as Abel and Princess sniffed around the barn which was being cleaned out. He took two large bottles of water out and handed one to Luci and than poured the other into two dog bowls on the porch. Chris smiled and looked at Luci. "Every body in town has a dog so when I get K9 visitors as well I want them to be welcome. I’m working on cleaning out the barn, because we're going to have some horses for a few weeks. Some friends are going out of town, so their animals will stay here. Oh and back to what you said Sarah will tell you about Jordan and Hunter. They're high energy and love to have fun."

Chris took out another bottle of water and drank as he listened to Luci. Back over again in just a few days. Well he had to be doing something right and it would make Sarah happy, but how to know if she was just being friendly or wanted him around. "Sure I'm not busy, but only if you guys come over this week. I've been to your place twice already. I owe you guys a meal. Do we have a deal?"

"I support a few social programs, mostly to do with art and music; they're rather close to my heart." Setting Princess' leash down on the back porch she takes the water bottle from Chris, "Thanks." It's been so long since she's flirted with anyone though there were times when Stephen accused her of flirting, but she was only being friendly, perhaps it is her friendly nature that often gave men the wrong idea. Then again, when she wanted to give them right idea she felt awkward and at loss for words. "So, if we come over... does that mean you'll be cooking?" She finds the thought of Chris preparing a meal for them extremely attractive, but again, she reminds herself that she must tread carefully.

"Yeah well the arts are very important I mean they're like sports in that they help people get through life and they teach them a lot. Me I'm a fan, but well it is always nice to have creative people around. "He smiled at her and took a drink. Okay that might have been flirting, but it was just a compliment and she deserved it. She was a good lady who was a rare find and he was sure it had been awhile since someone had done that much less called her hot or got naked with her. That jerk Stephan's loss he though. Nodding he smiled.

"You come over I'll cook. We can do take out any night and well if we want to go out. All together well we can do that another time. You do have a nice kitchen though."

Chris is nice, more than nice and good looking and Luciana is starting to entertain the thought of more than friendship. "If you ever feel the urge of an art lesson I promise to give you a really good deal." A small smile and laugh follows the offer and she quickly takes a sip of water from the bottle. "I would mind taking a night off from cooking...or perhaps having an extra little help. One night we can always make dinner together. Going out sometime for pizza is another good idea... pizza is Sarah and mine's favorite." Okay, now she was flirting and even she knew it, but she thinks he started it. Maybe she should gather up Princess and head back home before she makes a fool out of herself.

Chris smiled and drank his water and leaned against the porch only glancing away long enough to see that the dogs were amusing themselves by sniffing around the bails of hay.

"Well I always like learning new things and you know all kinds of styles of doing art work. Maybe we could do some barter. You know trade skills." He smiled at her and wondered if her cheeks were going red again. "Okay well cooking together could be fun and well it sounds like we could make a regular thing out of it if you like. Pizza would be cool, and maybe one night we can go to the bar. Play darts get some beers, but that's only for when Sarah is away for the weekend."

That wasn't flirting but it left the door open for some adult fun. He knew she was reserve around her daughter, but he was sure she could be a lot of fun. Romance wise well, that was still up in the air. What he wasn't going to do was just have sex with this woman and leave her hanging. He liked Sarah to much to have her stuck between him and her mom.

Luciana may be an adult woman, mother and divorced, but that didn't exclude her from blushing like a teenager and that is exactly what she did when he suggested in a flirty manner they might trade skills. To try and hide the fact that her face feels suddenly hot she lifts the bottle for another drink of water. A little too much water swallowed she coughs and covers her mouth, which does nothing to help the fact that her cheeks are flushed.

"You know I've always wanted to be handier around the house. As it is now...anything goes wrong and I'll be calling you." There is a smile on her lips, but her eyes are diverted, staring at the barn and watching the dogs. "I think Sarah would like it if we have a regular dinner date... perhaps once a week." This time those dark eyes don't shy away from Chris, "I also wouldn't mind the occasional evening out when Sarah is away for the weekend."

Then without thought or maybe on purpose Luciana offers a bit of information, "In fact, Gabriel who works at the used bookstore offered his tour guide services... should I want to know more about the town's nightlife... I think that's the way he put it." She laughs and shakes her, "He's sweet... but perhaps a little young."

"Well, you have an issue you can call me. May not be able to fix everything, but at least I'll be there to help. Tools are usually in the truck already, so don't worry I'm used to be on call." Sure he was playing it cool, but he was getting her hot. Not hot and bothered I need sex hot, but she seemed to be liking being around him.

"I know Sarah would like me to come over, but I want to know what you think. I don't like imposing, but if you want me too. I'd love to have company regularly." That was a small lie. He had company regularly. In fact he could always find a friend to eat with or a place where he knew the staff, but well what he could have with Luci and her daughter was different.

"Yeah well I'm sure you do plenty of stuff just for Sarah and that's cool, but you should be able to have fun too." Chris wanted to laugh thinking of Gabriel. “That skinny little academic living above his uncle's shop working on his thesis.”

Well before Chris wasn't sure he even knew there were two sexes. "Oh he did did he. Well the town night life isn't that much, and if you want to see it, you'll have more fun with me trust me. And no offenses to you, but unfortunately there aren’t to many unmarried women between 21 and 50 in this town. Though he does have good taste, but do you really want to date a guy Sarah could take in a fight, "he teased.

Luciana appreciates Chris' offer to help with repairs if/when they occur. It feels natural to call on him even if they'd only known each other for a short while she felt like she'd known him longer perhaps it was because Sarah had talked so much about him over the last few years. "I'll try not to lean on your generous offer too much, but thank you...it's nice to know I have someone nearby to help should disaster strike.”Then came a little more serious of a confession in regard to regular dinners, you wouldn't be imposing. My house is large and even with Sarah it can feel lonely. I enjoyed when you came over for dinner and I'd like to do it again."

Luciana smiles and this time doesn't look away like before, but then came the teasing borderline insensitive comments from Chris regarding Gabriel's offer to show her around. Perhaps she deserved it, but she felt a little insulted all the same.

"I didn't say I was going to date him or even accept his offer." There is definitely a change in her voice, an edge of stiffness which she tries to wash down with the last of the water.

"Could the same thing be said about you? That you're only offering to take me out because you're friends with my daughter or perhaps the lack of eligible women in the general area?"

Okay he'd stepped in it now, but he was only playing and he'd keep playing as far as he was concern. "I don't know what you're taking about. Dates are easy to find. Finding someone worth dating is a little more difficult, but not impossible as you'll find out. I was just asking you if you wanted to hang out."

He smiled and looked at her and reached out and moved a few wisps of hair from her face. "If you want anything more or adult companionship, well that is a talk. Gabe is a sweet boy, but just that a boy. I think you've moved passed that. Still though I think we could have a lot of fun." He glanced around not like there would be anyone for miles, but he did anyway before leaning in and whispering to Luci. "I'm glad Sarah is back, but I'd really love to get to know her mom too."

Luciana feels embarrassed by the quick snap of her temper she thought he'd been flirting, possibly asking her out but she'd totally misread a simple invitation to hang out. If she was a teenage she'd turn and run, but she's an adult and has to face her mistake, "You're right..I just.." She didn't/couldn't finish her thought as Chris reaches out to brush her bangs from her forehead. Her breath catches in her throat and then realizes perhaps her signals aren't crossed after all. Those dark eyes stare at Chris and a hot flash warms her entire body, she may have stopped jogging several minutes ago, but her heart had sped up. Her lips part, but nothing comes out, she wasn't sure how to respond, but then simply says, "Then come to dinner tonight... come a little early... or stay a little late once she's tucked in and we can have a conversation without Sarah vying for sole attention."

She was getting the idea it seemed. He was leaving the door open and if she wanted to go through it with him they'd have a lot of fun getting to know each other even if nothing happen. Still though it looked so why the hell not give it a try.

"How about same time as last time we had dinner. I'll be on time and I'll bring Abel so he can play with Princess. I know Sarah will like that. Than after she's in bed we can have some coffee, and talk about a few things without Sarah. She's sweet like her mom, but doesn't need to know everything. Sound good?"

Luciana knows this will be a sensitive subject, a line they'll have to cross carefully, if they cross it at all. It may not have been blatantly said, but they both know the potential of more than friends is there and in time they could mean something to each other. The idea both excites and scares her and the thought of maybe accepting Gabriel's offer isn't such a bad idea. Still, this is a small town and she didn't need that type of reputation. And what would it prove other than she is a coward running away from potential happiness. "It sounds good." Luciana smiles at Chris, "I look forward to that cup of coffee ... " She wanted to stay longer but this seems like ideal time to excuse herself. "I better go...I'll let you get back to cleaning out the barn."
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Another Pleasant Evening

The jog back home served as a good way to clear her head, Luciana didn’t exactly know what she’s thinking flirting with Chris the way she had. He’s her neighbor, her daughter’s friend, well known and liked in the community, she’s recently divorced and he’s her neighbor, her hot neighbor, who is interested. She laughs to herself as they come up to the house and she takes a couple of slow laps around the house to cool down. Releasing Princess from her leash the dog runs off to the nearby bushes to sniff around while she stretches.

Luciana spends the rest of her afternoon picking up the house, painting, taking a long bath and finally driving off to pick up Sarah from school. There is met by a smiling girl waving to other classmates before skipping up to her mother. "Good day?"

"Yeah, it was okay." Sarah replies with an impish grin.

Looking down at her daughter she laughs and reaches out for her hand, "I can't wait to hear all about your day, but first we need to go to the store to pick up a few things for dinner. I invited Chris and Abel over because I thought it’d be nice if he could hear about your first day too."

"That was a good idea."

"Yes, I thought so."

The two climb into the car and head to the store while Sarah chatters on about the nice Miss Roberts and how everyone was very welcoming and how they fought over who she would sit with at lunch, but in the end she chose to sit with twins boys. Identical twins, but even though they could fool others Sarah had observed that one twin had light freckles across his nose while his brother did not. Luciana smiled and commented as they shopped and once they arrived home she sent Sarah off to do homework, to which there was not much, and reminded her to take a shower, so she'd be ready when company arrived.

Once everything was in the oven or on the stove cooking Luciana goes to her room to change into a pair of fitted jeans and dark purple tank top covered by a black cardigan. Leaving her feet bare she returns to the kitchen to check on dinner, which is coming along nicely.

With less stuff Chris did pretty much a repeat of the other night and put Abel into his truck and headed out to Luci and Sarah's house. It had been a nice visit earlier and Chris had to wonder how the talk would go. He'd had all kinds of relationships over the years. He'd had a fiancé; he'd had girlfriends, one night stands and even friends with benefits. What Luci wanted, well that he had no idea about, but whatever he did he had to tread carefully with Sarah in the picture. Something about kids, you never wanted to have them be mad at you especially when they were right. He wasn't going to hurt her, but for the first time in a long time he felt a connection very quick, and it had all of the potential of being something meaningful. Before he knew it he was pulling up in the driveway of his neighbor’s house and Abel was hopping out of the window and running up the stone walk way to the house. Maybe he smelled Princess or just dinner, but he was scratching away at the door. He walked up laughing carrying two things of flowers. He'd picked them up in town and he didn't want things to be awkward so he bought two sets of flowers. He gave Abel a pat and knocked on the door.

In the kitchen Luciana is finishing up dinner, tonight's menu roasted lemon pepper chicken breast, mash potatoes with gravy and carrots. By the time Chris arrives the potatoes are finished as are the carrots and the chicken has only minutes left. She pours a glass of wine as she hears Chris' truck and shortly thereafter Abel scratching at the door. Sarah comes out of her room in a half run wearing a pinks sweater and blue jeans yelling "I'll get it!!"

"Okay, you let our guests inside." Luciana says with a laugh.

Sarah smiled and opened the door and Abel quickly licked her face and giggled. "Hi Abel how are you? Princess is in the kitchen"
With that Abel headed inside and Chris leaned down to get a hug. "Hi Chris how are you today?"

"Good thanks Sarah and how is school?"

"Good and I met your friend's kids and a lot of people know you and stuff."

Chris walked in and closed the door. "Well I'm lucky to meet some nice people and these are for you and your mom," Chris said handing her both flower bundles.

"They're pretty, thank you." Sarah smiles with a suspicious smile, "Mom loves flowers."

With that said she walks up the stairs leading to the main are of the house. "Mom look what Chris brought us!"

Luciana is standing at the entrance of the kitchen and smiles as she sees the flowers in Sarah's arms. "They're lovely." Lifting her gaze she sees Chris and feels a twinge of excitement there is no doubt she is crushing on him. "Thank you. Sarah, let's get them in some water... there's a vase under the sink."

"Okay." Sarah disappears into the kitchen and Luciana steps forward to close the distance and the tips of her fingers reach out to casually and lightly brush against his forearm. "It was very thoughtful.... can I get you something to drink?"

Chris leaned forward and kissed her cheek softly. "You're welcome I thought you and your daughter would like them. As to the drink I just have water, soda, and beer at my house so how about some wine? You clean up nice by the way."

The touch of Chris’ lips against her cheek, no matter how chaste, brings a rosy hue to her olive skin. A smile spreads across her lips as she demurely looks off to the side feeling her heart pick up with a few speedy beats. "Wine it is and thanks you."

She takes a moment to meet his eyes before turning around to walk back to the kitchen making sure to throw a little bit of an extra sway into those hips as only a Latina vixen can. Luciana isn't exactly sure what they're doing, but going on instinct and the rush of lustful hormones trusts that they're both adult enough handle the situation with discretion.

In the kitchen Sarah has put both bouquets in a large blown glass vase of many colors and is setting it on the center of the long kitchen table. "Thank you, Sarah...that's the perfect spot."

Pouring Chris a glass of wine Luciana catches an interesting look from Sarah. Had she seen Chris give her a kiss on the cheek? If so, the preteen wasn't saying anything, yet. Dismissing the thought for the time being she turns to Chris offering him the glass of wine and the timer goes off. "Dinner’s ready. Have a seat you two."

Once the glass of wine is handed off she walks to the oven and shuts off the timer before taking the chicken out. Scooping the three half breasts onto a serving plate she brings it to the table along with the sides. "Enjoy." Retrieving her glass of wine she joins them at the table sitting beside Sarah opposite Chris.

Chris smiled and thanked Luci as he took the glass and had a sip. Wine was okay, but he never understood how people would collect it and not drink it. What was the point? Her Ex-husband probably had racks of bottles that just collected dust. He'd have wine on special occasions and having a meal with friends was just that. Chris put his glass down at where he was seated and then walked over and playfully picked up Sarah and carried her over to the table.

"Chris put me down I'm not little you can't do this to me!" she said as she was laughing and became flustered as he flipped her around and placed her in her seat.

"I just did and you’re not too big for that yet. Where is Abel?" "Oh he's with Princess in the laundry room"

"Ah don't worry I'll handle it," he said glancing at Luci who was taking the food out of the oven. "It smells great by the way."

He found Abel laying on Princess who was snuggled down on one of the mats by the wash. She hopped up seeing him and came over.

"Hey doggy you tired honey. Well you had a long run today."

He brought both animals up into the kitchen and looks to Luci." I didn't bring his food tonight, because he had a grill cheese today, but could you give him something to snack on while Princess eats or he's going to be pest." He leaned down and looked up at Luci with a smile. He was still trying to think of a civilized and diplomatic way to tell the woman she had a great ass.

Luciana was serving Sarah her piece of chicken as Chris comes back to the kitchen with the dogs. "Oh, no problem ... I have an extra bone from the butcher's counter that Abel is welcome to have. Princess has hers outside, along with her food..."

Rising from the table she walks to the fridge to take the paper wrapped bone off the shelf and then steps to the sliding glass door and pulls it open wide enough for the dogs to slip through. "Go on guys..." Once Princess has slipped through she unwraps the bone and hands it out, "Here Able chew on this while Princess eats. She has her own, so don't let her bully you."

She laughs a bit as she talks to the dog and once he's out she closes the sliding glass door. Tossing the paper in the trash and washing her hands she rejoins them at the table. Serving herself she smiles at both Chris and Sarah thinking how nice it was to be having another evening like this so soon. There is a certain natural flow to how life is progressing in this small town. It is comfortable. "So, Sarah has Miss Roberts as her sixth grade teacher and seems to like her well enough."

"Oh yeah... she's nice and very pretty and young! Nothing like the teachers at my old school they were all practically Grandma Sylvia's age."

"Mm, yes, but still good teachers."

"Yeah...they were...but with Miss Roberts she took us on a nature walk for our science studies and we listened to music during our reading time. We're also working on a special project for Back to School night, but it's top secret."

Luciana smiles listening to Sarah and feels comforted by the happiness in Sarah's voice. She'd made a lot of tough decisions in the last year, so to find validation that they were the right decisions makes her feel more at ease. "So, with all these new friends you're making we'll have to have a birthday party for her in a couple of weeks."

Sarah's eyes seem to light up at the mention of a birthday party, "I'd like that....maybe I could have a sleep over too?"

Luciana glances to Chris as if to stay I might have bit off more than I could chew. "Perhaps sweet heart... if the weather stays nice maybe we'll make it like a camping ground in the front yard."

Sarah mulls that over not sure what to think then looks at Chris and back to her mom, "Maybe... if the other kids think that's a good idea."

Luciana nods, "It's your birthday....you plan and I'll have final approval."

Chris looked over Luci as she sat down and listened to her chat with her daughter about school and as they did filled his plate. He could cook but far too often he ate out of can because it was just simpler. When he had friends over though he'd cook and he was looking forward to returning the favor to Luci and Sarah. After the talk of a birthday party Chris looked at Luci and said, "thanks for the bone we owe you one. I take it you did meet Thomas the butcher. He's third generation the family came over from Germany and everybody likes going there. He also processes all the meat for hunting season. He donates to the animal shelter regularly too. We just gave some of Abel's puppy toys to them before we knew you guys had Princess. "

He then turned to Sarah. "I know Miss Roberts she is a very nice lady she moved to town a few years back. Worked at the college's library before getting the teaching job. She works at the animal shelter and she has pet raccoons that live at her house. I'm sure you saw the pictures though."

They went back to eating and Chris was very pleased with the food and with Luci who he kept looking at as he listened to Sarah talk about her day. Then he realized something. "Hey I could help you out if you wanted to do a sleep over. I still have this 8 man tent from another job, and it even has its own heater and AC. It was a tent for the military a bunch of us tested. I got to keep one of the prototypes. It is yours if you need it." He smiled...knowing he'd scored points with her and Sarah.

Sarah's eyes lit up at the mention of the tent, but keeps her excitement to a minimum on the outside, "That sounds a lot better than a regular old tent... so yeah, maybe...thanks."

Luciana smiles to Chris and after swallowing a bite of food, "If you decide Sarah we can decorate the inside with lots of pillows and hang drapes like something you see in the movies."

The idea perks Sarah's interest and she asks, "Sooo does that mean you'll do henna tattoos like a couple of years ago? That went over very well."

Again Luciana laughs softly thinking she's only creating more work for herself, but then again Sarah will only be young once, "Yes, I’ll do the Henna tattoos and maybe we can have Julia come for the weekend and she can creatively braid everyone's hair."

"Yes! I think that sounds like fun."

Luciana nods, "We'll plan more details later we don't want to bore Chris."

Sarah smiles and dinner continues to pass with light conversation and ends with a story of how the twins captured a frog only to slip it down the back of Leslie's shirt. Standing up from the table Luciana goes to pick up the wine bottle she forgot to bring back to the table and pours herself another glass setting the bottle down in the center of the table. "If everyone is done... I'll start to clean up. Chris and Sarah why don't you two take Abel and Princess outside I'm sure they need to potty."

"Only if you’re sure you don't need any help Luci."

She nodded as she collected items from off the table and Sarah scampered off to get a leash. Chris let the two dogs in and held them as Sarah hooked them up and they all headed outside. They walked around letting the animals relax when Sarah looked at Chris. "Chris do you like my mom?"

Chris took a second to process the question before he replied simply, "yeah I do she's my friend like you are."

"Oh good she needs a friend. All her friends are back in the city and stuff.”

"Well she'll make new friends out here, but I'm happy to be her first."

He smiled thinking well that was pretty much true. Sarah didn't need to know anything more than that for now anyway. They walked around the property for a bit making sure the dogs went and then took them off their leashes so they could chase each other around a bit before heading back inside. As they hung up the leashes Sarah smiled. "Thanks for coming Chris"

While Chris and Sarah are outside with the dogs Luciana takes the time to gather her thoughts. The unspoken attraction between she and Chris could be felt from the moment she laid eyes on him, but they hadn't reached the point in their relationship to act as anything more than friends. In fact, she isn't sure she's ready for a relationship, so how will this work without being insensitive to whatever Chris might be feeling? Even with the best intentions this situation can become complicated especially with a child involved. Would it be better to date someone Sarah doesn’t know and care about? Placing the last plate in the dishwasher she turns around to see first Princess and then Abel scamper into the kitchen before Sarah appears to hang the leashes.

Hearing her daughter thank Chris for coming makes her smile as it sounds like an invitation to leave. "Sarah, Chris is going to stay a little later so he and I can have some coffee and talk. So, why don't you go change into your pjs and brush your teeth."

Sarah turns around to look at her mom a little surprised, "Mom, if Chris is going to stay then can't I stay up too?"

"No, it's a school night and you have an early morning... remember you promised that twice a week you'd get up extra early to walk Princess before school. This was our agreement before we took her in."

"Yeah...I know, but can't I do it the next day."

"No. Now go on and call me when you're ready to be tucked in."

"Fine..." Sarah says with a bit of a pout and pauses as she walks by Chris to give him a hug. "Good night. See you later."

Luciana tries not to laugh as Sarah sulks off looking to Chris, "Do you want to finish your glass of wine or would you rather have a beer?"

Chris almost laughed also. Times might change but kids don't and as much as he hated to think it her mom was right. You had a dog you had responsibilities, "He leaned down and hugged Sarah. Sweet dreams honey."

The soft hug felt really good. It was soft and tender. Kids could do that to you with no problem at all. He waved to her one last time before she headed up to her room and turned back to Luci. "Your right though I had dogs growing up the whole time, but walking them was part of chores. Hell it still is when I go home to visit mom... “

He looked at her and smiled as he went from head to toe. She'd be fun to cuddle with he thought and more, but all this was at this point was an invitation to talk like adults. You found out quickly how few people could do that, and how many women were crazy. He didn't expect any surprises, but he figured he'd get some incite from Luci. "The wine is fine until we brew up some coffee. I take Sarah has grown out of bedtime stories?”

Luciana feels Chris' stare roam her body and again she can feel her face warm. Good grief, she's like a school girl! Then again it'd been ages since a man had looked at her the way he had. The romance between her and Stephen had died over a year ago when the arguments took over. Crossing the kitchen she picks up her glass of wine and smiles, "Yes, kids will always try to put off their chores if you allow them. I was the same at her age though I didn't have a dog... I had a cat and bunny... and a garden to tend."

Luciana lingers a little closer to Chris and sips at the wine. "I'll start the coffee once Sarah is tucked in." Sitting down on the bench at the table, "She usually dawdles when it's time to get ready for bed. Do you like your coffee strong?"

"Strong is fine and once she's in bed I do hope we have time to talk Luci." He sat down on the bench next to her close enough and though he could have he put his arm on the top of the bench and stretched out and smiled at her knowingly.

"Sarah is really sweet though. I could see why you like having her around, "he said teasing. "It is nice to just spend time with you though.”

Abel stretched out on the small rug in front of the kitchen sink and chewed on his bone. Princess on the other hand after trying to get him to follow her headed up to Sarah's room to lay down on Sarah's bed and wait for the little girl to chase her off. The house is quiet and peaceful.

Luciana smiles as Chris sits down beside her and she could feel the tension of wanting to touch, but they both hold back. Taking it slow will be the smart way to go, but she's not sure how well the restraint between them will last. She knows tonight there will be some restraint, especially with Sarah home and the fact she's cautious about having an affair with her neighbor. Sipping at the wine, "Once the coffee is done brewing I thought we could go out to the front porch... I have a gas fire pit and the couches are comfortable... it's a clear night, the stars seem to shine bright this time of year." Luciana gives him a sideway glance.

He nods listening to her and as she turns to look at him he caresses her hair again. "Sounds good to me, but make sure Sarah's taken care off first. I'd love to have her out there, but not if she well should be in bed. You’re a good woman Luci and I hope you guys decide to stay for awhile. I want to get to know you better. “He took a drink of his wine and put his arm around her briefly and just squeezed her before letting go.

Feeling Chris so close and his light, soft touches make her skin tingle and her entire body feels warm, smiling warmly she has a hard time taking her eyes off him. "I know... and I want to get to know you better too. There will be times when the three of us will spend evenings together. She likes you, trusts you... “

Before she can finish the sentence Sarah's voice comes floating down the hallway, "Moooom... I'm reeeeaaaadddddy."

The moment is broken and Luciana laughs, setting her wine glass down she gets up and rests her hand on Chris' shoulder. "I'll be back in a minute."

Entering Sarah's room she finds her daughter snuggled up in bed and Princess lying on her own pile of pillows. "You look cozy."

She says sitting down on the edge of the bed. Sarah looks up at her mom, "I hope you don't mind that I want to spend some time with Chris too."

The young daughter looks at her mom and smiles, "You like him."

Luciana nods, "A little, yes."

"Then I don't mind... I like having him around and Princess likes Abel." She says while looking over her shoulder at the snuggled up dog.

"Yes, it would seem we're set up to be close friends." Tucking the blankets around Sarah she leans down to give her a kiss on the forehead. "Good night, sweet pea."

"Good night, mom."

Luciana stands up and moves to the door, "Sweet dreams."

Switching off the light she leaves the door cracked open and then returns to the kitchen. She gives Chris a smile as she lightly touches his shoulder again as she passes by to make the coffee. "There is a switch on the side of the fire pit out on the porch... will you go light the fire?"

Chris smiled as Luci returned and listened and nodded. "Sure can, a friend has a similar setup."

He walked out and followed her instructions and no time had a warm fire going. He then walked back in and closed the door. "I'll take it black and Sarah all snug in her bed? Oh and I have to say I'm not a fan of modern, but I do like your house it still has that warm comfortable feel to it."

Luciana smiles as Chris steps back inside, "Yes, Sarah is all snuggled in and not completely oblivious to our fondness."

Luciana smiles stepping to the cupboard taking down two mugs, "Thank you...I enjoy a mixture modern and classic to help keep it warm and inviting."

Stepping back to the coffeemaker she sets the mugs down and waits. "I love to entertain. I have hosted countless dinner parties, cocktail hours and formal dinners. I do miss that... but as we settle more into the area and make stronger ties I'm sure there will be chances to host new people."

Turning to face Christ she leans her hip against the counter and reaches out tugging the side of his shirt gently, affectionately. "So far everyone has been friendly and helpful... interested in us."

"Yeah from when I first came up here people were nice and the atmosphere is so relaxing. Not like the city. I like that things are 24 hours, but it was so busy. And no space no matter how nice people were and plenty were there was so much going on. Me, I like my peace and quiet and when I want people they're a short drive away. Plus there are phones, emails and everything. Trust me you'll be having friends over besides me before long. Grant you they won't be like your NYC crowd, but they're good people; speaking of which, you thought about having some of your friends come visit?"

"People really aren't that different when you get to know them it doesn't matter if they're from the city or small town."

Seeing the coffee pot full she picks it up and pours each of them a mug full before replacing the craft. Handing him one of the mugs she smiles and walks pass him, "Let's go sit outside."

Walking to the sliding glass door she open it and leaves it that way as she walks out on the porch. The rectangular fire pit is in the middle of the area surrounded by three couches the two on the sides are long, made for at least four people, but the one at the head of the pit is a love seat. Sitting down on the couch she leaves Chris plenty of room to either sit at a distance or close, leaving the decision up to him. "I have a lot of friends in the city, but I only have two real friends Julia and Marsha ... I met them my first week in New York. They showed me around and helped me get the job at Sylvia's Bistro where I met Stephen. They're also the only two women friends in my life who truly understand and support my divorce."

"Well it is good to have friends. I have a few good long term ones, but I know people all over the world. I hate losing touch though, so I try to send out a lot of emails and call. I take a Christmas card every year with Abel on them."

Chris moved from the door and sat down right next to Luci and smiled and then playfully moved over. "So you and Stephan it was good for awhile I guess? I know you made Sarah and she's happy. I just don't want to come in if you're still dealing with some stuff. "

The conversation quickly goes from light sharing to something more serious, but that was the point of this evening, wasn’t it? Shifting on the couch she faces Chris and stretches out her legs to lay them across his lap. Leaning against the back of the couch she takes a sip of the coffee and then nods, "We were very happy in the beginning; in fact, I'm not sure when we lost sight of us and became one of those couples merely moving through the motions. We've always been compatible even when we were fighting. Sarah came to us early in our relationship we got pregnant the first year of our marriage."

Pausing Luciana shifts her gaze to look at the fire as she gathers her thoughts, "Once Sarah was born Stephen wanted the best of everything for her, which meant more hours at the office. At first he made time for us and while we weren't living the life he and I talked and planned we were happy. Slowly everything changed and our only alone time were the cab rides to and from this party or that benefit. The money was too good and Stephen couldn't walk away; he’s always been ambitious. It’s one of the reasons I fell in love with him. I suggested the summer house, so we could make time to be a family, but by then I think it was too late, we'd grown into different people."

Holding the coffee mug in her lap with both hands she looks to Chris, "He's a good man, who wants to be a good father, but he and I are done. There hasn’t been anything romantic between us for more than a year. Our divorce was final almost six months. So, in a long answer to your question... you're not stepping into a situation that has unfinished business."

Chris put his mug on the side and gently rubbed Luci's feet and when she seemed receptive he continued as he listened to her tell about their relationship and divorce. He thought it was probably easy to get caught up in work and stuff, but how could you miss out on some of the best things in life. You could always find time to work, but a lover, a child. Well those things don't come around often enough in a lifetime. He leaned against the side of the couch and looked at her. "So what about you and I...friends I think we should call it."

Friends. So, though there are feelings between them he understands that they need to move carefully into whatever may be happening between them. Luciana’s hazel gaze shifts to his hand on her feet, his touch is gentle, but his hands are rough showing signs of a man who hasn’t spent his time in an office behind a desk. Her thoughts think back to a week ago when she officially met him; he’d been chopping wood, he was shirtless and little sweaty. She’d felt the attraction then and quite honestly she hadn’t been able to keep him from her thoughts. “Friends is a good starting place and I don’t think I’m ready for a relationship, but I like you, Chris. I want to know you, but I don’t want to jeopardize what we already have, and yet I don’t want to ignore these feelings”

A nervous laughs follows as she pulls her legs from his lap and leans over to set her mug on the edge of the fire pit, “I’m terrible at this.”

Sitting back on the couch she turns to the side and folds her legs beneath her, “What do you think? Could we be more… while still staying friends?”

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Finishing out the Evening

They would be friends. Even though there are feelings between them Chris understands that they need to move carefully in whatever may be happening between them. Luciana’s hazel gaze shifts to his hands on her feet, his touch is gentle, but his hands are rough showing signs of a man who hasn’t spent his time in an office behind a desk. Her thoughts think back to a week ago when she officially met him; he’d been chopping wood, he was shirtless and little sweaty. She’d felt the attraction then and quite honestly she hadn’t been able to keep him from her thoughts.

“Friends is a good starting place and I don’t think I’m ready for a relationship, but I like you, Chris. I want to know you, but I don’t want to jeopardize what we already have, and yet I don’t want to ignore these feelings." A nervous laughs follows as she pulls her legs from his lap and leans over to set her mug on the edge of the fire pit, “I’m terrible at this.”

Sitting back on the couch she turns to the side and folds her legs beneath her, “What do you think? Could we be more… while still staying friends?”

“You’re talking about having sex. Lot’s of fun safe casual sex right?”

Chris's forward words bring a hot blush to Luci's cheeks, which flushes down her neck and suddenly she feels very warm. Is that what she was alluding to? Yes, it was. It'd been a long time since she'd had sex and Stephen had only been her second lover. Could their relationship withstand this arrangement? It's not as if they've known each other very long. Biting on her lower lip those hazel eyes look to Chris, "Yes... that is what I was suggesting...too forward?"

Luci seemed a little embarrassed about bring up the whole thing, but he was glad she did. There was some attraction, they both had needs, and well they could both handle it in this stage in their lives. "Well, no you're not being to forward. I mean I'm glad we can discuss things like this." He reached out and took her hand. "If we're adults about this it can be a lot of fun and that mean communicating, and keeping in mind someone who won't understand everything because she's not an adult"

Luci smiles with relief to find Chris is open to the idea of their being something more without complicating it with feelings. Yes, they are both adults and she misses the touch of a man. Squeezing his hand she scoots a little closer, so that her knee brushes up against his leg. "When it comes to Sarah... she's already aware we like each other, but I want to keep our relationship from her... at least, for now."

"Yeah I can get behind that. I mean she's a kid she doesn't need to be dragged through any relationship drama or well try to figure out adult relationships. She asked me about you too. I do like you Luci otherwise I wouldn't be talking to you about this." He leaned over and kisses her on the cheek. "So, I think we're going to need some rules and talk some things out."

This is starting to feel a little impersonal, but she knows they need an understanding to keep either of them from getting hurt, but even that is a possibility. "Rules, yes... "

Cradling his hand in both of hers her gaze shifts her lap as she thinks about the line they need to draw. "You should know... I've never had an arrangement like this before and well, I never slept around before... you'd be my third lover and if we're going to sleep together you're the only one I'll have sex with... I'm not saying I want the same from you, but if you're going to sleep with other women besides me be safe." Taking a breath she looks up at Chris, "We not required to date each other... and we can of course see other people...most importantly we keep mostly behave ourselves when Sarah is home."

Okay it was a harsh way to put things...but well you needed to have a solid arrangement so nobody got hurt. One person thinking it is love while the other one thinks it is only lust is a recipe for disaster. Luci seemed to understand that and he was a little surprised she'd not had more lovers among the artist crow she hung out with. Well that being said she seemed open and willing.

"Look Luci I'd never want to hurt Sarah and keep her from coming around and that goes for you too. So, being safe with others is something we need to do...So we're condom free for each other and each other alone. What about pregnancy though? I don't want to give you any more trouble than you have...even if I would like a child with someone as wonderful as you."

The talk of pregnancy and his honest response about seeing her as a woman he'd like to have a child with is a sweet compliment. "I have no doubt one day you'll make a good father, but with me you don't need worry. A couple of years ago I had an IUD inserted... to avoid an accidental pregnancy." Luciana reaches up brushes her hand against Chris' cheek feeling the rough prickle of stubble, "I've always been adventurous... I would like to have an adventure with you. I know this is risky, but I think we're both capable of enjoying each other without expecting more." Even as she says those words she has a little trouble truly believing them; she already feels something for Chris, but a relationship isn't what she needs. At least with this honesty she's not worried about hurting him or using him.

After some cuddling and a little more talking Chris headed home. He gave Luciana a friendly kiss goodnight at the door though they did hung for a long moment before he and Abel headed out to the truck. He looked back and smiled at her. What was he getting himself into? Well, they'd made things clear, but for some reason he didn't feel it was going to stay that way. He'd have to wait and see though.

That night Abel chose to go sleep in the barn. Since it was cleaned out it seemed he knew the horses were coming, and despite being a dog Abel loved horses and would go out of his way to be friendly. Those who had them in town found that out, and even the horses seemed to like their short furry friend when he paid them a visit. So, Chris setup his friend with a blanket a pile of straw to sleep on, and a bowl of water.

"They'll be here tomorrow boy. I know your excited," he said as he pet the animal. "So you like Princess huh? You know she's younger than you, but Sarah seems to think your going to be Princess's boyfriend so be nice."

Abel gave a odd look and just licked his master. Who knows he maybe understood some of it after all he knew dogs understand humans. He smiled and headed back to the house and started turning off the lights. Than headed to his bedroom and undressed, but for for laying down and looked at the picture of Debbie. Yeah he'd had that feeling before.

(This post was jointly written.)
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Luciana Sullivan-James

They had the talk, set the rules and now, well now nothing had really changed. The kiss goodnight was chaste and as Luciana locks the door she wonders when they might find the time to consummate their new arrangement. Walking back upstairs she shuts off the fire pit and locks up the house before going bed.

Lying in bed Luciana stares up at the ceiling thinking about Chris and questioning their decision. Despite the fact they made it together she can’t help, but feel a little selfish. She wants the benefits of a relationship without the responsibility and while there is no doubt she could find a lover not so closely connected to their lives there is something about him, something that is drawing her to him. In any case she promises herself she will be careful because she doesn’t want to hurt him.

6:30am.The alarm jerks Luciana from a rather deep sleep and without opening her eyes she reaches over and hits the snooze button. Not a minute later Sarah is bursting into the bedroom and jumping on the bed followed by Princess, who tramples over her legs. “Ow…”

She mumbles and then blinks her eyes open, “Princess off.”

The dog jumps down and Sarah giggles, “Come on mom… you promised me pancakes this morning!”

“Did I?” Luciana looks to her daughter with a smile, “Ah… yes… well then you better hurry and take Princess outside and get dressed. Don’t dawdle or you’ll be eating cereal. I’ll meet you in the kitchen.”

“Okay!” Sarah says as she jumps off the bed, “Come on Princess!”

Dragging herself from the comfort of the warm bed she stumbles off to the bathroom and a few minutes later steps into the kitchen to make coffee, pancakes and lunch. Sarah, good on her promise not to dawdle if she wants warm cooked breakfast, shows up a half hour later dressed for school. “Don’t forget to feed Princess.”

“I already did.” She beams as she sits at the kitchen table.

“Did you? Then I guess you’ve earned your warm breakfast.” Luciana laughs and sets a plate with a small stack of three pancakes. “Eat up and we need to leave in twenty minutes.”

Forty minutes later Luciana is back home cleaning up the kitchen and baking a batch of banana bread. While the bread is baking she hops in the shower and takes a little extra time to shave her legs among other parts of her body. She has a plan in place. A fresh baked loaf of bread wrapped up and ready to deliver is her excuse to drop by for a friendly visit. Hopefully he’d be home and that he’d be alone, but if not, then delivering a loaf of fresh baked banana bread would be reason enough to stroll by while walking the dog.

Waiting until 11am to take Princess out on a morning walk she first wraps up the loaf and places it in a satchel which she slings across her body. Taking up the leash she calls for Princess and the two head out for a brisk walk through the forest, which eventually leads them to Chris’ house. Keeping Princess on the leash they walk up the few steps to the backdoor and she knocks her knuckles against the frame of the door.
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Lust in the morning (A Joint Post)

Luci walked up to the back door of Chris' place with Princess on the leash. She's wrapped her knuckles against the door frame.

She hears Abel barking out by the barn and soon she saw Chris walking out in a sleeveless white t-shirt, jeans, and work books. She also hears the soft whinny of horses. Chris waved and smiled and than takes a drink of water before saying, "Hi Luci I'm over here, what's up?"

Luci already had butterflies in her stomach on her way over here. Not the kind you get when you're nervous before a big meeting, but the kind you get when you're young and you know you're going to see the boy you like. She didn't have any expectations of anything serious happening between them and there was a chance he wouldn't even be home, but there he was, back by the barn.

Reaching down to unhook Princess' leash the female pup runs off to Abel. Luci rolled up the leash as she walks down the steps heading towards Chris, "Hi Chris..." She suddenly felt quite silly and embarrassed knowing the real reason she's made an excuse to come by this morning. "I baked some banana bread this morning and made an extra loaf... it's a lot for only Sarah and I, so I thought I'd bring one to you." Tucking the leash into her satchel she pulls out the loaf of wrapped bread. "I can leave it on your table if you're busy with your new guests."

Chris smiled and walked out to meet Luci and smiled as Abel and Princess began playing the chase game all dog play. They ran after each other back and forth and looked to be having fun. He nodded listening to Luci and smiled. "

Well thanks it will be a treat. As to my guests they're settled in for now, but I would like you to bring Sarah over for a ride soon. They like to workout with someone on their back. You can tell her there names are Old Dan and Little Ann. I can't offer you much, but if you have a minute you can come in and have a glass of water. I'd love to talk if you would." He was testing the waters, could be this was just a simple act of kindness, but after the other night maybe more.

"I know Sarah will love the idea of riding a horse. She's never been on one, but I use to go horse back riding when I was growing up." Smiling a little easier she turns to walk back to the house with Chris her eyes looking to Princess for a moment and knows she won't stray with far with Abel.

"Yeah, I can come in for a little while. Water is fine...really... Princess and I have been out for a morning walk." Walking up the steps to the back porch and door she steps inside as Chris holds the door open for her. "The horses have sweet names...not intimidating in the least maybe when we can plan a short ride through the woods. I'll pack a picnic."

Setting the banana bread on the kitchen table she wishes she wasn't so nervous. They'd already spoken about the possibility of their relationship progressing to a sexual nature, but that also was only last night. Is it too soon to move forward? Should they maybe spend a little more time together? Oh good grief, this was ridiculous they were both adults knowing exactly what they want from each other. "If you're not busy over the weekend I can bring Sarah by..."

Luci looked good. Well, she always looked good he thought and while he didn't exactly know her for years in each instance she looked good. He listened as she talked about the horses and making plans and all as he retrieved an ice cold class bottle of water for her from the fridge and held it out to her. She took it as he took another for himself. He loved using the old milk bottles because the water just tasted better. He turned and smiled over at her.

"Any time you want to bring her by will be fine. I think though a picnic might be much with just two horses, but you and I can go out together and once you get to know them I'll be glad to let you take them out with your lovely daughter. So, Sarah isn't leaving this weekend? "

Taking the water she smiles to Chris her eyes glancing first to the old milk bottle filled with water and then back to him. Those hazel eyes couldn't help but wander over his body before lifting back to meet his eyes, "No, she's not scheduled to head into the city for another three weeks then she'll be gone for four days to celebrate her birthday with her dad. I want to have her party the weekend before so, if you're around I hope you'll come. You'll already know the parents and you can meet my two best girlfriends."

Chris smiled back at Luci in that way you know isn't by accident and nodded. "Right I remember you mentioning it and I will make time to come to Sarah's party, but if I'm running behind I'll make sure the sleep over tent is setup in advance, and I'd love to meet your friends. It is too bad that she's not going though."

He paused for a second and explained, “I mean well I was hoping to get to spend some time with you over the week end. Just you and I...you know to feel each other out see if we connect." He reached out and caressed her hair and slowly moved down to her face. "We like each other enough to be open about having fun, but if there is no chemistry it won't be fun. And I want us to have lots of fun, " he said trailing off...in almost a whisper. She was a friend and if they were to be better friends he had to find out what else they shared.

A warm flash runs through her body as Chris reaches out to touch her hair and then her face. He wants them to spend time together and she wants the same, but she has the responsibility of a mother, so their time will be limited. "I...” her voice pauses as the words get stuck in her throat, "I want us to spend together too and we'll be able as time allows." Her throat feels dry but she's forgotten about the glass of water in her hand. "I don't have to be anywhere right away... I could stay... “She doesn't look away wanting to read his expression.

"I'd really like you to stay than too Luci, and I understand time is a factor and I'll respect your limitations in that and other things. No pressure, just well you look good and..." not wanting to mix words he put the bottle on the counter and stepped forward and repeated his action with her hair, but this time he looked in her eyes and not sensing resistance he moved in and kissed her lips firmly and held them their for a long moment before pulling back and kissing her again...than again and on the cheek moving down kissing her neck and nuzzling her softly. He put his hands on her shoulder and lid them down her arms as he soft kissed her neck and whispered, " this feels good so far. How do you feel Luci?"

A fire lit within Luci and it burns hotter as Chris agrees that she should stay and moves closer. His callous hand again touched the side of her face, but this time he didn't keep his distance his face moves in closer and soon his lips are pressing to hers, firm with a slow burning passion. Fingers clutch tightly around the milk bottle in her hand while her free hand reaches forward and rests at his side, fingers gathering his t-shirt into her fist. This was not the chaste kiss goodnight they shared last night. This kiss is wanting. The break of their lips is short lived as is the next after before he moves his lips to her cheek and neck. Oh, her neck. She can feel her body sway closer as his hands grip the tops of her arms. Her eyes are closed and her breaths are deep and her body wants.

Tilting her head to the side her cheek brushes against his temple and she whispers back, "I feel warm... and I don't want you to stop." Stepping into his embrace she wraps her arms around his middle and reaches to the counter to set down the water. Then looking up at Chris a smile breaks across her lips before she reaches up and pressing her lips to his as her arms hug around his middle, fingertips pressing against his shoulder blades.

He felt Luci's body against his and he loved it. Her skin was so warm and soft and smelled of a perfumed body wash and sweat. It only enticed him more and he didn't want a wait a second longer. This was desire and he had no intention have having her leave any minute sooner than she had too and he didn't see any limits to their exploring of each other. This time he kissed her hard and his tongue pushed past her lips and into her mouth and did battle with her tongue. He messed her hair and moved his hands back down her sides to her hips. He looked at her happily, but not so content and with what sounded like a grunt he kissed her on the lips again and French kissed her for as long as he could before taking a breath. Than grabbing her by her firm butt he lifted her up on to the counter not carrying if he knocked over the bottle but fortunately he missed it. He spread her legs and moved between them and embraced her than kissed her hard. He than moved and began pulling off her shoes and socks. As he did though he looked up at her "Ah how long do you have baby?"

The passion burns hot between them, desire and lust proving to be almost primal as they press against one another their lips clashing as their tongue tangle seeking dominance. Luci's head is swirling with thoughts of what he might feel like without clothes. Their bodies crying for more she lets out a gasp as his hands roughly grip her ass and place her on the counter of the kitchen. When moves between her legs she wraps them around his waist and trembles as she feels his body press close once more. Running her fingers through his hair she curls them into the short locks as their mouths again fight against each other. Breathing heavily he breaks away and begins to remove her shoes.

"I have hours...about two... that should give me enough time to get back to pick up Sarah." Two hours would be enough time for a taste, but if the sex is as good as his kissing the next two hours were going to go by quickly.

Chris nodded and thought to himself. Not tons of time, but time enough for fun. "Okay well we don't have to decided from just one experience do we?” Chris rose up and kissed Luci again and smiled. "You always can come back tomorrow too."

With that he began kissing Luci again and felt around half groping her for the zipper on her hoodie and he pulled at it finally deciding to pull it off of her. It came apart and with her help he had it over her shoulders and off onto the counter he than pulled off her tank top in a quick motion barely pausing he kissed and licked her bare midriff before going for her sports bra which came off with much the same ease. He than cupped her lovely round breast in his hands and looked into her eyes. He could almost say I love you, not yet, so he began tugging off Luci's yoga plants looking in her eyes for her to help him get them off.

It was happening so fast and more than just her clothes coming off. Every time Luci looks into Chris' eyes she can feel more than only fun passing between them. Did she even know how to have sex without other emotions developing? Her hands pull at his shirt and soon it falls to the floor, a smile stretches across her lips as her eyes look to his firm body. His head soon blocks the view as his lips travel up her stomach and then her sports bra is gone. There they are staring at his each other and she could see the affection in his eyes.

He isn't going to hurt her and without a single doubt she knows she can trust him completely. As his hands tug at the waistband of her pants she hops off the counter so he can push them away along with her panties. At the same time nimble fingers reach for his waist and she unbuttons his jeans, slipping fingertips beneath the waistband and pushes them from his hips taking his boxers at the same time. Luci's gaze focused on Chris' as they remove the last of clothing. She steps out of the pants pooled around her ankles and runs the tips of her fingers down his chest, feeling his skin, feeling the strong beat of his heart. One hand stops on his hip while her hand travel past his waist and gently touches the length of his hard shaft. She wanted to touch him, feel and know his body before they connected. She wanted to say something, but she didn't have words all she knows is wants him more than she's ever wanted anyone.

Naked in the kitchen with Luci wasn't one of the things he pictured he'd be doing this morning, but that didn't matter. She was here now and neither of them seemed to care about the morality of the situation, the timing in their relationship or even the simple fact they were both sweaty before this passionate romp started. He smiled and looked at her from head to toe in that primal way that doesn't express love or even lust, but rather the more simplistic view. I want you now we're going to have sex now.

He grabbed Luci by the hand intending at first to lead her, but that felt illogical and he thought it would take so long so he heaved her in the air and put the naked woman on his shoulder and carried her off like he was a Viking. It was a quick trip to the couch in the other room and he didn't waste a second and placed her down on the couch. He laid her down leaving enough room for himself. He laid next to her and began kissing her again passionately not carrying about leaving marks as he manhood laid on her lovely soft thigh. As he kissed her he felt her breasts again gently tugging at the nipple, but soon one arm went under he head and as he continued to kiss her he began rubbing her clit hard. No fingers inside and her just gently rubbed her slit. He vigorously rubbed her clit and didn't give her a moment to breath with his kisses.

Surprisingly Luci wasn’t bashful or uncomfortable standing naked with Chris in the kitchen. Perhaps it is because the first thought she had this morning was doing exactly this, well maybe not in the kitchen, but she knew what she wanted. The moment they stood in the kitchen holding hands she looks at him and sees something curious cross his features. The next thing she knows she's being tossed over his shoulder. A light scream/laugh leaves her lips as he bound them off to the living room and she is tossed onto the couch. He quickly joins her bodies pressed together. A shiver runs through her body as his hand wanders tugging at the firm nipples of her breast. Their lips again meshed together and every part of her body is screaming with desire. The touch of his fingers against her clit brings a gasp to her lips and a soft moan as he stimulates the sensitive nub. A shutter runs through her body and her lips move to his neck, teeth dragging against his skin, her breath warm.

"Oh Chris..." his name a breathy whisper on her lips.

He kisses her forehead as the words escape and he feels her teeth on him as well as her hot flesh with his arm under her neck he brings her only closer, but he continues to rub her sex. He does take time out to finger her moist honey pot and gives her a good in and out before moving to caress her naked thighs and butt, he knows though what she wants and soon his fingers return to her clit.

After many more passionate strokes he knows what she wants and it was something Luci couldn't do by herself. He slid off the couch breaking their embrace and moving to her feet and going between her legs and kneeling down and worshiping her vagina and soon he was completely. With his hand on her pubic bone he keeps rubbing her clit but he began alternating between fingering her and licking her slit. He pushed his tongue inside others taking his time licking from her knee down her thigh and licking all around her sex before actually moving in and pleasuring her.

Oh god! Is the thought moving through her head as Chris devours her body, quite literally as his mouth moves between her legs pleasuring her body. The tip of his tongue against her clit drives moans from her lips as she arches her back and just as she thinks she's about to reach the edge his attention moves away from her clit to tease the opening of her slit then only to kiss her thigh and then back to tease her throbbing clit. This was beautiful torture her hands reaching to grip the cushions of the couch as she squirms and moans, drawing in deep breaths.

Chris glanced up looking at Luci as she squirmed and struggled and enjoyed the passion. He only paused long enough to savor the moment, but he can't stop he loved to watch what is going on with her and he smiles...the kissing the licking and the nibbling go on he even kisses Luci from the souls of her feet all the way down to her slit and licks her from the bottom of it to her belly button. He than slides his body up and rests his swollen member on her clit and steadies himself and looks in her eyes, wanting approval.

She'd never experienced anything quite like this several times her gaze shifts down to look at Chris, their eyes would sometimes meet and she would smile. The moment she didn't think her body could hold out any longer he stops, slinking up her body only to press the length of his hard shaft against her clit. Luci couldn't be more ready to feel him inside of her. Looking up at him she takes in a few breaths and presses her hand against his cheek before nodding her head. She doesn't reach for a kiss or close her eyes instead she holds his gaze wanting to see him as their bodies connect.

Liking how her hands feel Chris nods back and slides back using his arms than guiding himself in he pushes inside her. The initial resistance is there but naturally lube it takes only a little effort to push inside and he goes to the hilt. For a moment all is right the world and nothing can go wrong. That wonderful feeling when you first push into a woman especially when it is someone new. He moves his hands from the couch to her shoulders and without a word he begins going in and out hard. Sometimes going so hard he pops out of her wet honey pot, but with a smile and maybe even a laugh quickly slides in her again and keeps going more intense the moment his hands move to her breasts and squeeze as he thrusts into her more. Without any barriers and a feeling of caring and maybe something more the experiences is wonderful thus far.

Sex had been the furthest thing from Luci's mind for so long as everything she'd thought would last a lifetime fell apart. She had to start life over and with a small daughter. The thought of dating or having a man in her life wasn't a priority, but then Chris came into her life. Well, he'd been there, but she was in a different place. Now they were friends and a little more. The intensity in which he thrusts jiggles her body and closing her eyes she arches her back, bending her knee on the outside of the couch her heel digs into the cushion to give her more leverage to meet his thrust. Trembling beneath him Luci gasps, moans, and cries out as pleasure overtakes her body. Tension weaves into her muscles and the once forgotten joy of sex renews itself with the man on top of her.

"Oh, yes!" She cries and grips Chris' side tightly and shutters beneath him as the first wave warms and tingles across her naked skin.

A orgasm born from passionate is such a wonderful and intimate thing to share especially with Luci who just let herself go, not worried about making noise embarrassing herself or even having him look at her differently. She'd let go and she'd enjoyed every minute of it. He took a breath and sighed looking at them both hot and sweaty making stains in the couch. It was wonderful. He looked at Luci and had a glimmer in his eye. He hadn’t cum yet and he wanted to do something more. He withdrew from her moist honey pot and she gave him a look like he'd done something wrong, but before she could say a word he was off the couch once again pulling her. This time be brought her to the end of the couch by the kitchen and bent her over it and pushed her legs apart with his foot and than moved in behind her and slid into her moist hole again. Grabbing her hips he started thrusting again arching his back moaning as he got close and he thrust harder even more determined.

Luci's orgasm only intesified with each thrust and she let Chris know just how good he made her feel with each raise of her voice. She claws at his sides as her entire body shutters and trembles and he kept pushing into her until she takes in that final shuttering breath. Opening her eyes she looks at him with a smile feeling an overwhelming sense of satisfaction, but curious to the fact he'd not cum and had seemed to stop thrusting. This mystery didn't last long as he pulled her from the couch only to bend her over it and take her from behind. Have mercy! The slick walls are still sensitive, tingling as he thrusts vigorously, her hips though guarded by a cushion knock with a force against the arm of the couch. The skin reddens and she might be sore tomorrow, but none of that crosses her mind. All she wants is hear that familiar grunt of a man as his spills himself inside a woman. Bracing herself she presses her hips back as she arches his back and lets loose a small moan.

Chris road Luci hard and he loved every minute of it, and he could help but think her ex-husband never did her like this. Made her scream from passion orgasm hell he was content to think they only had sex once, but it was different with him. She was a hot piece of ass that’d been left along far too long and she had all this sexual energy built up and he was in the right place at the right time. In the back of his mine he'd hoped it would be more than that, but he dismissed it thinking right now he was simply a great lay. A few times he bent over further to grab and play with her breasts which he now loved. Finally though he couldn't hold back and with some good hard thrusts and some grunts he felt his back arch and the pressure inside his cock and balls was unbearable so he let go and filled Luci's vagina with his warm gooey seed. He convulsed a few times as he truly orgasms hard not just cum inside her and smiled and thrust a few more times until his cock softened and he pulled it out of her. He rested it on her butt for a minute breathing hard but than he stopped and grabbed her again and just kissed her hard and nuzzled her lovingly but finished with a French kiss.

Luci is still breathing hard as Chris finishes and pulls her into his arms. She wraps her naked body around him, nuzzling into him as their lips meet for several kisses. Running her fingers through his hair as they enjoy the afterglow of sex. She'd missed the feeling of a warm body pressed against her with that all consuming passion. Luci slowly pulls from his arms and taking his hand leads him back to the front of the couch, a piece of furniture she will never look at the same again, and has him sit down so she might straddle his waist. Feeling his softening manhood pressed against her moist slit she rests her arms on his shoulders as she leans forward to press a kiss to his lips.

"I hope we can do this often..." A smile tugs to her lips, "I mean... if it was this good the first time together it can only get better." A small laugh then bubbles from her lips as she feels that light giddy sensation of enjoying someone new. Playing with the hair on the back of his head she places a kiss at the corner of his mouth and feels an all too familiar feeling that tells her this is more than sex. That's a dangerous thought Luci... don't move forward to fast.

Chris grind as Luci moved him and he could even picture another round, but even though he hadn't even glanced at a clock he knew time was short. He'd been to busy enjoy every intense warm passionate moment, a long hot moment that took them all over the first floor. He caressed Luci's flesh as she sat on him and smiled. This was the time for I love you's and can you stay the night, but in reality it was that was great now back to the rest of my life. "It was a lot of fun honey and I do hope we can do this more." caressing her face. "I hope I didn't hurt you being so rough and all."

Luci feels the want ebb back into her body as they sit on the couch, she straddling his waist, she has a feeling it wouldn't take much to get him hard again.. It’s a lingering thought as they talk. "You weren't too rough... I liked it." she says with a smile even though she knows her body will feel a little sore in a few hours from now. "I can come by tomorrow... or you can come by my house. I have a couch of mine own... and kitchen counters and lots and lots of floor space." The thought of hours alone with Chris is enticing, but that will have to wait for the weekend that Sarah is with her father. Rolling her hips teasingly against his she leans in to nuzzle his neck, "I also have a rather large bathtub... do you like baths?"

The fact was without much thought Chris was getting hard against and having Luci so close to him smelling of sex wasn't helping, but this was as a good as a time as any to let things cool down. They'd have more fun soon and Luci wasn't saying soon she was saying soon as possible. He listened to her talk about the house and smiled and even laughed as she talked about the floor space. Figured the only place off limits would be her daughter's room. He nuzzled her and smiled. "Well, how about this? You drop off Sarah and I'll bring Abel and breakfast and we'll talk about the work you need done around the house and take it from there. And yes I like baths I want to put one in here soon. I do have a hot tub though, "Chris said with a smile.

The fact was without much thought Chris was getting hard against and having Luci so close to him smelling of sex wasn't helping, but this was as a good as a time as any to let things cool down. They'd have more fun soon and Luci wasn't saying soon she was saying soon as possible. He listened to her talk about the house and smile and even laughed as she talked about the floor space. Figured the only place off limits would be her daughter's room. He nuzzled her and smiled. "Well, how about this? You drop off Sarah and I'll bring Abel and breakfast and we'll talk about the work you need done around the house and take it from there. And yes I like baths...want to put one in here soon. I do have a hot tub though, “Chris said with a smile.

Luci laughs, "I think we both know there won't be much talking at least, not right away." The sexual beast has been awoken and if she didn't need to be somewhere the thought of leaving wouldn't even cross her mind. In fact, she considers pushing the time just so they might enjoy each other again. Combing her fingers through his hair Luci gazes into Chris' eyes and then giggles before kissing his mouth and finally pushing herself up off him. She sits on the couch next to him,

"If I'm going to behave then I better put my clothes on." Springing to her feet she walks to the kitchen and begins to gather her articles of clothing and putting them back on one by one. "I'm back home by 8:45.... Just so you know.”

"You know I'm in no hurry to see you dressed, but yeah this is the situation right? You just can't stay here for hours....but we can plan for more fun. I'm sure I could get over to your place around 9:00 am tomorrow." Still naked Chris walked over and kissed Luci hard. He knew he couldn't do this around Sarah so he'd get his fill. He was glad the she was too young to know what her mom was up too. It was obvious what Luci had been doing. "Now would you like that water Luci?"

"We can plan to spend the weekend Sarah is away together," Luci says as she pulls her pants back on and watches Chris walk his sexy naked ass her way and wishes she could pounce him this very second. "9am will be fine... I'll be waiting."

As he kisses her again she wraps her arms around his strong body feeling content though still sexually restless. She really did not want to leave and she considers asking him over for dinner just so she can see him later and at least kiss him when Sarah isn't around.

"I can go for some water..." She laughs softly and slips from his arms to retrieve the previously poured glass of water. Taking a sip she leans against the counter and looks at Chris, "You know... we could talk about what I need done around the house over dinner tonight." She couldn't resist and against her better judgment not to push the limits invites him over. "With Sarah around we'd be sure to actually talk."

"I'd like that, spending the whole weekend with you and hanging out. I'd like to show you more of the town and well we can have plenty of fun right at home." He tugged at her waist band playfully and pulled her close to him and kissed her on the lips and caresses her hair again and gently spanked her bottom. "That depends what is for dinner tonight?”

Luci giggles as he tugs her closer and she is forced to hold her water steady. Gently returning his kiss she rests her free hand on his side and nuzzles her body a little closer as she laughs again. "Mmm...That I haven't decided...what if I was having something simple like grilled cheese and soup? Would that still entice you to come over?" Luci smiles and reaches up to kiss his lips before nuzzling her nose into the crook of his neck. "Or maybe we can light the fire pit and turn on the grill and have burgers... maybe roast some marshmellows while we're all bundled up in sweater shirts. Later when Sarah's asleep you and I can cuddle on the loveseat and talk."

He let Luci nuzzle him and he caresses his hand down her back and held her tight. A nice moment, but didn't stop him from teasing her. "Well you don't have to feel obligated to buy me dinner baby," he let her react and smiled. Simple is fine and so is burgers. I happen to like grilled cheese though does Sarah still call it gurl cheese? “He laughed thinking of the sweet young girl who wondered over. She had an even more special place in his heart now. "We could do s'more. I'll bring the stuff if you do dinner."
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The afternoon after...

Luciana leaves Chris standing naked in his kitchen feeling positively giddy her skin still tingling as she and Princess walk through the woods on their way back home. The intensity between them has her day dreaming over their afternoon together. She can’t wait to see him at dinner and is looking forward to the next morning. This excitement is something she’s felt it before, so she knows she needs to be careful she’s only just started waking up in the morning without the feeling of loss and sadness. It was difficult losing Stephen and breaking up her family. She’s not eager to open herself up to possible heartbreak.

Driving up to the front of the school Luciana sees Sarah hop down the front steps sandwiched between two identical boys. The divorce had been hard on both of them, but they are healing and finding joy in their new home. She’s quickly spied by her daughter who runs across the lawn as she waves to her friends and then jumps into the backseat with an exaggerated sigh.

Luciana laughs at the dramatics as she starts the car and then glances in the rearview mirror, “How was your day sweet pea?”

“Fine. Jared and Kenny tried to catch a lizard today at lunch and its tail came off! It was kind of gross, but cool. They thought it’d been funny to hide in Jackson’s desk… he’s kind of a bully. We were having silent reading time when he found it and screamed like a girl which scared all of us, but then we started laughing. Miss Roberts wasn’t very happy she gave them detention for the next two days.”

“Kenny and Jared… are they the infamous twins?” Luciana smiles and slowly pulls out of the school parking lot.

“Yep. Their dad is one of Chris’ best friends. They think of Chris like an uncle… kind of like me.”

“Is that so?” Luciana looks glances in the mirror at her daughter and smiles, “Speaking of Chris… I thought it’d be nice if he came over to barbeque burgers with us tonight. We should enjoy the good weather while it lasts ….it’ll be cold soon. We’ll stop by the store on the way home to pick up some meat for dinner.”

“Chris is coming over again?” Sarah asks with a curious smile.

“Is it a problem? I thought you liked having him over.” Luciana glances between the road and rearview mirror.

“I do… I think it’s good that you like each other. I wouldn’t mind if he’s your boyfriend.”

Luciana pulls into a parking space in front of the grocery store and turns in her seat to look at Sarah, “He’s not my boyfriend, sweet pea. We’re friends.”

“Mom…you deserve to be happy. Dad has a girlfriend, so there’s reason you can’t.”

“Yes, well…” Luciana reaches for her purse, “that’s your father. I think we deserve a chance to build a life on our own.”

“I’m sorry mom… “

“It’s okay, sweet pea… I know you mean well.”

The two get out of the car and not two seconds pass before a young girl Sarah’s age is waving from across the street. “Sarah, hi!!”

“Who’s that?”

“Jenny.” Sarah tells her mom before waving back to her friend, “Hi!”

“I’m going to the candy shop, you want to come?”

Sarah looks up at her and Luciana smiles, reaching into her purse for her wallet and pulls out a few dollars. “Go hang out with your friend….I’ll pick up what we need for dinner.”

“Thanks mom.” Sarah says as she off, pausing briefly to look both ways then runs across the street.

Luciana watches Sarah for a minute as she interacts with her friend and soon they are joined by a couple of others. Turning away to enter the grocery store she feels happy and more confident about her decision to move here. Life is good. They’re happy and she has to admit that her daughter has a point. Moving on is what she has to do. Stepping up to the butcher’s counter she smiles, “Hi Ray… can I get a pound of the lean ground beef?”

“Hi there Luci …sure thing. Where’s the kid?” Ray asks as he pulls on a plastic glove and grabs a chuck of ground beef.

“She’s at the candy shop with a few of her friends.”

“You guys seem to have settled nicely.” Ray slaps a price tag on the meat and hands it over.

“Yeah… we have…” Luciana says with a smile as she takes the packaged meat. “See you later, Ray… tell April I said hello.”

“Will do…bye, Luci.”

Placing the meat in her arm basket she continues to the bread isle to grab some buns and decides it’d be fun if they make some homemade fries. As she walks to the produce section she spies a woman at the checkout counter she’s not seen before talking to Hansen, the store owner. Selecting three good sized potatoes she places them in the basket and walks to the checkout. The woman is gathering a few items into a canvas bag. “Thanks for setting up a delivery for the rest of the groceries.”

“No problem Jessica it’s good to have you back.”

“It’s good to be back… “ Picking up the bag she turns to leave and then pauses, “Hey, do you happen to know if Chris is in town I called him earlier, but didn’t get an answer.”

“As far as I know, he’s around… I think he’s housing the Watson’s horses. “ Hansen then notices Luci approaching and smiles, “Hi there Luci… she’d know if Chris is around seeing as she’s his neighbor.”

“Hi Hansen.” Luciana’s gaze shifts from him to the woman and without a pause smiles, “Yeah, he’s around… Hansen has it right, he’s horse sitting.”

Jessica smiles and steps forward with her hand outstretched, she’s young definitely in her twenties and she’s pretty with dark brown eyes and brown hair, petite, but shapely. “So you’re the summer neighbor… Sarah’s mom, right? I’ve seen her pictures on Chris’ fridge and pin board… he always talked fondly of her.”

Luciana looks at Jessica and feels an interesting pang of jealousy, but quickly squashes it and reaches out to take Jessica’s hand. “That’s right…I’m Luci and we’re full time neighbors now, Sarah and I.”

Jessica takes Luci’s hand and gives a firm shake, “It’s nice to meet you… I’m Jessica… part-time resident, but here for the next few months before going off to Paris for a while.”

“Paris... it’s a lovely place.” Releasing her hand she sets her basket down on the counter for Hansen to ring up.

“I’m looking forward to studying aboard …finish up my masters.”

“That’ll be twelve dollars.”

Reaching into her purse she pulls out her wallet to pay before glancing at Jessica, “Good luck with your degree… I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other around.”

“Yeah… thanks.” Jessica smiles and turns around to leave the store.

Luci hands Hansen a twenty and waits for change before gathering up the items in a bag. “See you later Hansen.”

“Bye, Luci.”

Walking outside the store she sees Jessica with her bike and smiles at the woman as she approaches. “I didn’t want to say anything inside and make a big deal out it… but I love your work and heard your lectures at NYU for Professor Ander’s class. He likes to brag about you.”

Luciana is surprised by the compliment and smiles, “Thank you…and yes, Professor Ander is a good friend and a mentor. He taught me everything I know about photography.”

“So, you said you’re living here full time now?”

“Yes, Sarah and I moved here at the beginning of summer… after my divorce was final.”

“I see…I’m sorry… you must miss the city.”

“Sometimes… but life here is good for Sarah … and I can create art anywhere. I’ll be giving art lessons out of home and I’ve volunteered to be the art teacher for elementary school.”

“You have my old gig… though I’m more of a sculptor and I make my own furniture. It’s why I’m going to Paris… well, Europe in general… looking to learn some old tricks of the trade.”

“I enjoyed my time there… “Luci’s sentence is interrupted by Sarah running across the street and joining them.

“Hi mom…ready to go home?”

“Sarah… this is Jessica.”

Jessica and Sarah look at each and exchange hellos and Jessica adds, “It’s nice to finally meet the artist who has littered Chris’ fridge with cards and drawings all these years.”

Sarah smiles and blushes, “Yeah… I’ve asked him to take some of them down, but he won’t… I draw a lot better than when I was five.”

Jessica mentioning Chris again seems to set off a warning and Luciana knows it’s probably best they go. “Well, Sarah and I need to get going, she has homework and we have a guest coming to dinner.”

“Yeah, Chris and Abel are going to barbeque with us… it was nice meeting you.” Sarah offers the information as if on cue before climbing in the backseat of the car and sticking her head out the window, “I’ll tell Chris you said hi.”

Jessica smiles to Sarah, “You do that… and give Abel a scratch behind the ears for me.”

Looking from Sarah to Luci the two women exchange a look and by some woman psychic power they know they’re each other’s competition. “See you around Jessica.”

“Yeah, see ya.”

The drive home didn’t give Luciana time to think about what the return of Jessica might mean to her and Chris’ arrangement because she was caught up in deep conversation with her daughter about the trip to the candy shop. It is amazing how soon a daughter changes from a small child into a pre-teen. The conversation was a good distraction and as they pull into the driveway Princess bounds out of her dog house and towards them though the chain keeps her from getting too close to the car. Pulling into the garage Luci looks back at Sarah, “Go untie Princess and then head upstairs to start on your homework.”

“Okay mom…”

Grabbing the grocery bag Luci heads up stairs to prep for dinner and consider what may or may not happen with Chris.
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The groceries upstairs and Sarah settled down to do her homework Luci pours a glass of wine and begins to prepare the patties and prep the potatoes by slicing them into rounds. Chris wasn't due for a couple of hours, so once the food was ready for cooking she leaves the kitchen to take a bath. Running the water hot she drops a couple of lavender scented beads into the water.

The time she spends in the bath gives her time to think. Sarah only peaked through the doors a couple of times for a few simple questions. Soreness is beginning to show itself as she gets out of the bath and dresses. Pinning her hair up in a twist she pulls on a casual fitted cotton dress with short sleeves and scoop neck. Pressing her lips together she takes a little time to pay attention to her makeup and can't stop thinking about how she told Sarah they deserved to be happy on their own. What is she doing? While brushing her teeth she hears the phone ring and shortly there after hears Sarah voice.

Another minute later she can hear the happiness in her voice and knows she must be talking Stephen. When she walks out to the living room Sarah is on the couch and smiling. Luci walks through to the kitchen and takes the premade patties from the fridge knowing Chris will arrive shortly. Stepping out to the patio Luciana switches on the propane for the barbeque and turns on the fire pit. When she turns around Sarah is standing there with the phone in her hand. "Daddy wants to talk to you."

Luciana sighs and reaches her hand out for the phone, "Go finish your homework. And if Chris arrives before I'm off the line please answer the door."

"Okay mom."

Sarah leaves and Luciana presses her ear to the phone, "Hi Stephen." There is a pause and then the gruff annoyed voice her ex speaks.

"Hi Luci having another dinner with your neighbor?"

Closing her eyes she walks to the railing of the balcony preparing herself for an argument. "I don't see how any of this is your business."

"It's my business because it involves Sarah. I should know who is in her life."

Pressing her lips together she stares out into the forest, "Chris has been in her life since she was five, so I don't think there is cause to be concerned." The fact they keep fighting about this wears on Luciana.
"Yes, but you weren't dating him... "

"Stepen that doesn't make any sense... and you're not aloud to dictate my life. This needs to stop."

There is a pause and she can hear him breathing she can also hear Chris' truck pull up around back, but she knows Sarah will answer the door. "I've made a choice to see other people... I'm moving on... just like you."

Stephen grunts before adding harshly, "You left me, sweetheart...I never would have divorced you, but I also wasn't going to wait around. As a mom you should be a little less shameless if you're going to fuck the neighbor."

The words cut into Luciana who is already feeling sensitive and confused about her feelings for Chris. "God dammit... you don't get to judge me. Not after what you did. good night." With that she ends the call and stays by the railing trying to collect her thoughts and calm her emotions.

The rest of the day had been routine for Chris, though as good as it went after you have hot sex in the middle of the day it's a little hard to go back to business as usual without feeling let down. He dressed, had a snack, and then tended to the horses. He was planning to build a fenced in area for them which he could put Abel in as well, so he measured looked at the wood he had and made some notes. He took the horses out for a little while and Abel went with them on their walk. Along the way a group of tourists came by in their SUV. You'd think they'd never seen horses before. They stopped too pictures asked to if they could feed them apples and headed off happily some how convinced he was a farmer. They'd even offered to pay him for his trouble.

Heading back he just shook his head and wondered what Debbie seen in the city. She liked it though and when he was there with her it was a nice place to be. That was his thought about her for the day now he had to get ready for dinner. He went home cleaned up and fed Abel. Tonight he'd leave his friend behind to watch the farm. It wasn't really necessary, but he felt with the horses they should have someone to protect them. Abel seemed alright with it and found some straw in the barn to lie down on. With that Chris headed out to the highway and hit the large road side store and picked up all he’d need to make s'mores. He talked with a few buddies before heading down the short stretch of highway back into town. Before long he was pulling up into the driveway. He collected his bag and headed up the walk.

Sarah could hear Chris' truck pull into their driveway and looking up from her work to see her mom still on the phone. The young girl feels torn. She wishes her parents could get along and be happy especially now that they weren't together. Setting her notebook to the side she slides off the couch and heads downstairs to the door. She opens it before Chris is close enough to knock and frowns slightly, "Hi Chris... where's Abel?"

Chris shook his head. Kids were amazing even if they were happy to see you they were still frank about how they really felt. It was refreshing though since most adults would put on a face. Chris knelt down and smiled at the girl. "Well someone had to watch the horses and he got the short straw this time. You can see him this week though if you want and you can see the horses too. How does that sound? Oh and how's school going?"

Sarah smiles as Chris kneels down in front of her and tackles him in a hug, squeezing her arms around his neck before taking a step. "I understand... school is fine. I really like Jared and Kenny... today they tried to catch a lizard, but only caught his tail." She laughs a little and leads him inside. Princess is at the top of the stairs and as they walk up Sarah tells her dog, "Sorry P... no Abel tonight." The pup still looks around curiously and then heads down the stairs once they're on the first floor to go check it out for herself. Sarah looks out to the balcony. "Dad called he and mom are talking now... I wish they would get along better... " Sarah sighs and then looks up at Chris. "I still have homework... but maybe you could go cheer up mom?

It was sweet that Princess liked Abel. Maybe the dogs were too friendly, but he'd talk to Luci about that some other time. I he listened to Sarah and laughed about the twins and just shook his head. It was business as usual and even with Sarah they still misbehaved. Well that was okay for now. When she said cheer he mom up Chris had an evil thought than just smiled and looked at Sarah. "Yeah finish up your homework and I'll see what I can do with mom." He head up into the kitchen and took the items out of the bag and put them down on the counter and waited for Luci.

Luci stares out at the forest for a long while as she gathers her thoughts. Taking in a deep breath she steadies herself and knows the least the questions the better. Brushing her fingers against her cheek she bites on her lower lip and tries to keep on a calm face. "Hi Chris,” she says softly and clears her throat before turning around to face him. He can see her eyes a little red, but she doesn't let that affect her smile.

He didn't want Sarah to know that Luci was a little distressed. Her body language her face everything said she'd had a less than pleasant conversation. He knew who it was and Sarah was right the two of them weren't getting a long. He took a quick glance around for child and dog and walked over and gave Luci a short friendly kiss on the lips and a supportive hug. "Hey you kay Luci? You know I can take Sarah for burgers if you want to call it a night."

It was nice too see Chris and his friendly hug and kiss are appreciative. She wanted to snuggle herself into his arms, but holds back, placing a smile on her lips. "Don't be silly... I'm stronger than that. “Besides the burgers are already made." Stepping past him she reaches out to squeeze his arm and then adds "We ran into a friend of yours today.... her name is Jessica... she's hoping you're around.

As Luci spoke those last few words a rush of memories came back to him. Times hanging out at the bar, shooting pool, and plenty of other fun things. And some fun things they did without clothes. Skinny dipping, love making in the woods, and a very hot tryst in the truck stop parking lot. All of this wasn't anything he'd be sharing with Luci any time soon. So he played it cool. "Oh you did how did you meet her? I saw she called on the caller ID, but it was her cell figured she could be anywhere. I was going to call her tomorrow. I guess she's back in town at her parent's old place. You talk to her any?" That was a loaded question. What he really meant was did she mention we used to have sex a lot.

Luci studies Chris a few seconds after she mentions Jessica and knows they have a little more than friendship between them. For some reason this crushes Luci, discourages her and as she walks back inside tries to steady her voice, "We spoke a little... she knows my work... seen me lecture at NYU. Hansen introduced me as your neighbor, so I could confirm that you're in town. She's says hi... " Luci bites back any words that may come off petty. Jealousy doesn’t work in their relationship. They are friends. Only friends. If she can't handle this she might as well all it quits. Standing at the stove she turns on the oven preheating it for the potatoes. "She said she's in town for a few months."

"Oh well I'll have to drop by before the gypsy takes off again. I swear it is someplace new every few months. I get some interesting post cards though. She's a sweet girl.” Sweet was a nice way to put it. She was a freak and she had a thing for him, even if it was only sexual. Well she liked him, but didn't want to settle down any time soon, and when Debbie was around she respected their relationship and even made the trip for the funeral. He hated returning the favor when her parents pasted. So as Luci cooked he told her about their friendship, her loss, and her art work. If she asked about the sexual side of their relationship he'd tell her, but well she didn't need to know about that just yet. It was a non issue really.

Luci stands at the stove and listens to Chris talk about the young woman. Her idea of the nice quiet evening together had been altered. Sarah seeming to know something was wrong stays in the living room working on her homework. Luci checked on her daughter once before returning to the kitchen and picking up the plate of uncooked burgers. Stepping outside Chris follows her and she sets the three burgers on the hot grill. The mixture of feelings shadowing her typical happy mood has her feeling annoyed. She isn't supposed to care, not like this, not so soon.

Maybe she should be true to her words spoken to Sarah this afternoon about being happy on her own. Looking into the house they are shielded from view out on the porch, so she steps closer and looks at up Chris, her fingers playing with his shirt, "I ..." She pauses trying to gather her thoughts, "that is... “And with that she reaches up and kisses his lips softly, "I'm glad you're here...but I think I need to protect myself." It didn't make sense and it was only half of what was her mind.

"Luci what are you talking about Luci...we've only just started being friends and I'm cool with that really. I don't think sharing some meals and hanging out, and well being close is anything to worry about. What's really going on with you?"

Luciana feels confused her brief argument with Stephen has her second guessing and while she felt confident about her arrangement with Chris before, now she's not so sure. She doesn't know how to separate her feelings between friendship and sex. She knew it the minute they'd were together this morning and again when she met the pretty and young Jessica. "I ... “Her voice grows soft, "don't know...let's just enjoy the evening together." She smiles softly and presses her lips against his again. "Do you want something to drink?"

Without thinking he caressed the back of her head softly and neither noticed young Sarah looking on. Far enough to not hear the words she did see something was going on, but quickly headed back into the kitchen now that her work was done. Chris wanted to say what he hell just happen, but he was ready to put it down to women are crazy at least for now. He wanted to talk to her about this, but there was a time and a place. "Yeah okay and a drink sure, I'll have whatever you're having otherwise water will be fine. I'll get us started here though okay. You have any cheese?"

Luciana gazes up into Chris' eyes and smiles then nods her head, "Yeah...I do...watch the burgers. I'll go get some cheese and a couple of water bottles." Stepping away her hand grazes against his stomach and she walks back into the house. She feels a little silly, but knows she'd going to have to be honest with him about how she feels... sooner rather than later. Stepping to the fridge she notices Sarah standing at the entrance of the kitchen looking at her mom with a knowing smile and she freezes with the cheese and water bottles in her hand. The moment they'd shared hadn't gone unseen and now that was exactly what she didn't want to happen. "Finished with your homework?"

Sarah smiles, "Yes... I'm going to take Princess down for a short walk. "

Luciana laughs a little, "Okay... don't be gone long. Dinner will be ready soon."

Sarah turns away, "I won't."

Luciana rejoins Chris at the barbeque and smiles a little, "Sarah saw us being affectionate confirming the suspicious I've been trying to dodge."

Chris took one of the bottles of water with a smile and took a drink and nodded. "Well there are worse things for Sarah to see than adults being affectionate. She likes us together and she'll think what she's going to think without us saying or doing anything. So, since we have a few minutes. What’s really on your mind honey?" He reached out and caressed her hair. "At the very least we're friends and friends talk. Okay?"

Standing at the grill together and him calling her honey puts her right back in her place of concern. It's too soon. Isn't it? To feel this way, to want something more the friendship, and sex relationship. "She does like us together... in fact; she's given me her blessing." Luciana laughs a little and cracks the bottle of water open. "I think that could be a problem... she can see far too easily how much I like you." That brief confession is followed by a long drink of water feeling suddenly a little warm.

Chris smiled and turned away from the burgers for a minute and let Luci finish her drink. "Well I'm glad she approves after all I'm her friend too.” He smiled at her and caressed cheek. "We're friends and there doesn't have to be limitations on that. Respect and caring are good things. Even love, but that all happens with time. Today was great and I want to see you tomorrow. Thing is I want us to talk about things together. And I don't want any body to hurt in the end. I want you guys around in one form or another for a long time..."

Luciana smiles and nods, "Yeah... Sarah and I are here for the long haul and I'm sure you'll be in our lives for the years to come." His words were comforting and helped draw the line to where they are at in their relationship. "There will be plenty of time to talk once Sarah is in bed. I need to go put the potatoes in the oven." Luciana steps away and returns to the kitchen.

The rest of the evening went off as expected. They ate, laughed and made s’mores. The breeze turns cool as night falls and all too quickly it was time for Sarah to go to bed to which she tried to bargain for extra, but Luciana was firm. Tucking her girls in she smiles and kisses Sarah on the head. "Sleep well, sweet pea."

"Good night mom... "

Returning to the patio Luciana settles down next to Chris, "This was a nice evening. I'm happy you came over."

It was a nice evening for the three of them and after all the fun and food he saw Sarah and her canine friend off to bed with one more big hug. Now he found himself out by the fire pit with Luci again, and without a thought he puts his arm around her and let's her snuggle up close. "You look pretty tonight Luci...and I'm glad I came over too. The few jobs you mentioned around the house won't take to long and I don't have anything that will keep me to busy until next week. Have some carpentry work to do and a few other things, but if you want to get together this week we still can if you want to?"

Luciana snuggled into Chris' side and closes her eyes savoring the quiet moment alone with him by the fire. Its evenings like this she misses the most she didn't want to be single again, but it was choice she made in hopes to create a happier life for them. Taking Chris's hand she slips her fingers between his and feels at home. A very dangerous feeling. "Sure. Whenever you have time. Even if I'm not here... I trust you. I am working at the school Thursday afternoon and I'm checking out a few store spaces on Friday. I can't really afford to rent one yet... but hopefully soon." Snuggled in his arms Luci feels that familiar ache of desire. It'd been there all night, but now that they are alone it's worse. "How is you're still single? Haven't you met someone who you wanted to settle down with? Or are you ...what they call a confirmed bachelor?

Chris laughed and gently kissed Luci on the head. "I appreciate that, but it is more fun when you're here," he squeezed her gently. "Don't worry it will all get done and you'll be happy with the work." Than there was the question. Anybody should be able to answer it, but well it was complicated and something never liked getting into and nothing he was going to get into tonight.

"Well thanks you flatter me, but I thought about doing it once and well it didn't work out, so I stopped trying, and I think I'm doing okay." That answer would have pissed Debbie off to no end. He knew she didn't want him to be alone, but connections were hard to make, and he didn't want to get hurt like that again. For now it was only fun with Luci and it needs to be that way. It was best and they were starting to work things out. "I think I should call it a night though. I'll catch up with you in the morning though."

And there is was the question which shifted his mood she felt it in his body language and in his voice. So, he stopped trying and now he's excusing himself for the evening. Luciana sighs softly and nods, answers like this help her categorize her feelings for him more easily. She can't get too close. The sex earlier in the day was great, but it was for fun. Pulling herself from his arms she stands up and smiles, "Sure... I'll walk you to the door." With that she leads him downstairs to the front door. Looking up at him she smiles and reaches up to peck him on the lips, "Night Chris... "

As they headed down the stairs Chris thought about it and he really should have opened up to Luci about things. She should know about that part of his life. His other friends knew so why not her also. Just well he was sleeping with her, but that shouldn't have mattered they could be close in so many ways he'd have to tell her. Tonight though he at least wanted to show her he cared. She kissed him and he kissed back.

"Yeah good night Luciana," with that he grabbed her hair and pulled her close with to him and kissed her hard and passionately on the lips and pushed into her mouth with his tongue and took a long time kissing her as he caressed her lovely dark mane. He eventually released and took a long breath before kissing her neck and whispering into her ear, "I don't want to go yet."

Luciana had expected Chris to leave it'd been a good evening but there were strange moments between them. Part of it was struggling with her feelings for him, trying not to feel too much and then his inability to confide in her. Then here at the door he grabs her and kisses her, passionately. She hesitates at first but is unable to resist. Her arms wrap around his body as she presses close to him as desire flares. She wants him and she doesn't want him to go. Her thoughts are whispered by him in her ear. Her breathes are a little heavy as she says in a whisper, "I don't want you to go either..."

With hot intense purpose Chris pushed Luci against the wall by the door and continued to kiss her and caress her hair and without missing a beat moved his hands move down to he breasts and groped her through the cloth as he tugged at her dress. He moved his hand down further without waiting for reaction and she could feel her dress move up as he caresses her thighs and paused for but a an instant. "I can be quiet if you can."

Luciana loses herself to passion as her hands slip beneath Chris' shirt to caress his warm flesh as their lips press together and their tongues wrestles. With heavy breaths she breaks from their kiss leaning her head back against the smooth stone wall feeling the chill against her warm skin. Eyes closed she enjoys the feel of his lips against her neck and his hands on her breasts. She knows what will happen next if they continue and has this thought moves through her head she feels the skirt of her dress rise to her thighs. To agree would be breaking the one rule she'd set for herself -- not when Sarah is at home. But here they are downstairs, alone, if they are quiet.... Luci's hand slide down Chris’ back, purposely dragging her nails against his skin and slides them between their bodies to unfasten his jeans. No words spoken she only gives him a smile and then presses her lips to his.

Running his fingers through her hair he caresses her mane knowing the answer is yes to all he begins to kiss her again hard as he caress up her freshly shaven leg kissing her as he goes. Finally under her dress he feels her undergarments as his fingers move between her soft warm flesh and the string he pulls until he reaches the center and than smiles and begins to quickly rub the outside of her thong just above her clit knowing from before how much she loved it as he does he kisses her more to keep her moans of passion in than simply taste her lips again. His other arm around behind her holding her away from the wall as he plays pressed up against the side of her body.

Luciana trembles in his arms as his fingers explore between her thighs and feels a little tender from their after tryst but the desire is stronger. Her fingers had his pants undone quickly her hand now reaches in, pushing beneath the waistband of his boxers to take hold of his stiff cock while her other hand pushes both pants and boxers down. Whimpering against his lips she teases her fingers along his shaft and reaches further down to fondle his sack as the heel of her hand rubs against the base of his cock.

Caressing her back and neck as his arm moves up and down he loves the feel the touch of Luci and he couldn't think of any other lover, but her in that hot moment. He continues to play with her wanting to feel that warm moisture between her thighs so he knows she's prepared to take him. He shudders and does his best to hold in moans of passion and all the dirty things he wishes to say. Instead he moans into the base of her neck as he kisses her near her collar bone. It feels so good and she's coming out of her shell so he moves to lick her earlobe and whispers to her. "I'm going to fuck you"

Luciana bites on her lip to stifle a moan as they entice each other the feel of his hand traveling her body while his other continues to tease her clit it's about all she stand. Shuddering against him she grips his hard shaft in her palm, rubbing slowly and trying to distract herself and enjoy the sensations a little longer. That's when his voice warms her ear with a whisper. Breathing heavy she nods and whispers in return, "yes, Chris...please...” Perhaps it was this morning's coupling or the fact that she is pressed against the wall next to the door of her home and having to be quite, but she is crazy hot and wet and desperately wanting to feel him inside her. Releasing his cock she wraps both arms around her neck.

With his pants already mostly down and him so hard from her touch he moves and rearranges himself. The hand that was just giving her pleasure pulls the thong down and than to the side as the other holds up her dress. He than guides himself into her and with a few misses pushing against the softness of her thighs he smiles and than hits the sweet spot and pushes all the way into her warm wet welcoming vagina. Familiar from earlier that day but no less powerful he begins to thrust. He pushes in and out passionately while he has her against the wall but knows he can do better. He smiles at her and Frenches her mouth again and pulls out off her and quickly kneels down and yanks Luci's thong off and down her legs and over her bare feet he gently caresses them as he tosses the thong to the side and arises lifting up her left leg holding at the height of his waist her bare thigh touching his naked hip. With more room he feels his thrust go into her even deeper and he begins with new vigor.

Their bodies awkwardly bump against each other, but soon they connect and a whisper of a moan leaves her lips. The feel of him pressing inside of her is painfully sweet, but as he continues to press inside the pleasure is all she feels. Then he stops and she opens her eyes to see him drop to his knees, but before she can question she feels his hand yank her thong down her legs. Her fingers run through his hair as he slides up her body with her thigh his hand, hitching it on his hip. With no less passion he presses inside her once more and Luci shutters against his body. Burying her lips against the crook of her neck she muffles a moan and he feels her nails press into the flesh of his strong back

This all feels a bit different than their earlier encounter that day. Before they could open and loud, but now they conceal their passion with good reason, but that only makes it dirtier. An element that makes sex seem forbidden even when it is between to consenting loving adults. Well maybe not loving, but lusting for sure and with one hand holding her leg and the other arm around the back he keeps thrusting like mad. He had had time to rest and get his energy up but even so it would take longer to cum, but as he looked in her eyes he could tell she didn't mind at all.

Luciana isn't thinking about her decision to fuck Chris in the basement of her home all she can think about is how good it feels and how good he feels between her thighs. Whatever weirdness there was between them tonight had faded into passion and lust. She meets his eyes for a moment and can't help but smile and then quickly presses her lips to his to help stifle a moan. Her teeth bit on his lower lip as her muscles tense and shutter. She's on the verge of losing control and holds to him tighter, squeezing her nails into his back. Dragging her lips against his cheek she manages a soft breathy moan of a whisper, "I'm going to cum..."

Chris simply whispers back, "Let go baby feel good. Bite down if you have too." With that he pulls out of Luci completely only to slam back in hard even hitting his arm against the wall behind him. Wincing for a second he keeps going wanting her to feel good, wanting her to orgasm again to day. He so badly wants to show her what he feels for her without breathing a word. With her bare ass cheeks against the cool stone wall he moves his free hand down her side and under her skirt and finds her clit again and begins to rub as he fucks.

It hadn't occurred to her until now that Chris isn't a selfish lover; he'd made sure that she feels every bit of pleasure sex can offer. This only endeared him to her and already she looks forward to their future romps. The thoughts wandered for a few moments, but soon the pleasure retakes the moment and she so badly wants to cry out especially as her bare ass presses against the cool stone wall. It's a shock and yet adds to the moment. Feeling her knees grow weak she holds onto him tighter as her breathes grow heavy with silent moans mixed with soft groans.

The moment he uses his one free hand to press against her clit she gives way to the pleasure completely and buries her lips against his shoulder to muffle a scream as her body shudders and tenses. Clinging to Chris' body Luci can barely stand as every nerve tingles and her blood pulses through her body. Sucking in a deep breath she then bites down on his shoulder, teeth squeeze into his flesh through his shirt as her body grows stiff and tense before shuddering one last time before slowly relaxing, but every part of her still tingles. Breathing against his shoulder she trembles and holds to him.

There is something simply wonderful about being inside a woman when she orgasms. It is a manly sense of accomplishment but also you feel as if you've given your lover a special gift. He knows that she feels every bit of passion he wants her to feel, but this wasn't over by any means..Chris aggressively grabbed Luci picking her up while still inside her and lifted her off her feet. She seemed to have the presents of mind to wrap her legs around his torso and hang as he pushed into her again while holding her up in the air. He kept going being painfully close he didn't have to hold her long but he let go and released inside her loving how their juices mixed as he tensed against her in return. He only let her body slide down off of his after he'd let go but even as he set her down on the floor some sperm dripped down onto her dress from his cock.

She hadn't expected him to pick her up and she nearly screamed as he did, but remembered quickly they must be quiet. Wrapping her body around him as he drives his cock inside of her with violent thrust she bites on her lip to quiet the moans and shutters with each thrust. She may have cum, but he feels amazing and wants to feel him cum inside her. She didn't have to wait long as her body is pressed to the wall as he tenses and lets himself spill into her. When she is back on her feet she feels unsteady, her arms wrapped around him tight and rests her head against his chest as her breaths return to normal.

Standing there in his arms she wishes he didn't have to leave, she wanted to take him to her bed, but it's too soon and Sarah is home. She reminds herself this isn't a romance and not to get too close emotionally. Reaching up Luciana presses her lips to Chris' chin and then to the corner of lips. "That was amazing... " And as if keep the boundary set in place pulls from his arms and considers cancelling their date tomorrow afraid that she may be doing this friends with benefits arrangement wrong. Maybe they take a day or two off. "Chris.." Luci looks at him and decides she'll enjoy him while she can. "I'll see you tomorrow."

Helping Luci stand up he gently kisses her on the forehead and hugs her one last time and smiles. "See you in the morning. I'll bring something for breakfast so wait if you can Luci." He lingers a moment long and caress her face. "Sleep well honey. "

Luci leans her cheek into his hand as he touches her face and smiles, "You too... “And then as if breaking yet another rule she set for herself she steps into his arms and hugs him close. "I'll wait to eat with you..." Reaching up she presses a kiss to his cheek and then his lips. "I can't wait to see you again, but now I must shove you out the door before I forget we're only casual lovers." With a small laugh she again slips from his arms, but takes his hand and pushes him through the door. "Good night... “Those dark brown eyes meet his gaze for a moment before she shuts the door and turns the lock.

And with all the passion and all the intensity all good things must come to an end. She didn't say no and showed her willingness and a whole lot more too him. How many women would do such a thing in a relationship they were trying to keep quiet. Well it was wonderful and as they said good night he locked eyes with her one last time. They said I don't want you to go, but I must let you go. He didn't fight it and he walked and turned on his truck and quietly headed down the road. What a night they had.

The giddiness of the afternoon is back and she knows what it means. Sighing softly she retrieves her tossed aside thong wanting to leave no evidence behind and slowly walks back upstairs. Shutting off the lights in the kitchen and living room she walks down the hall to her bedroom and once inside closes the door and pulls off her dress. A quick trip to the bathroom she then crawls into bed wearing only a thin night shirt. Curling into the blankets she hugs an extra pillow into her arms and sighs softly. The bed feels lonely and she can smell Chris on her skin, which only makes her wish he was here. Get a hold of yourself, Luci... It is way too soon to start feeling like that. Closing her eyes she slowly drifts off to sleep.
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The Lovers Grow Closer

Waking Sarah up for school in the morning came with a third degree of questions. While her daughter eats breakfast and she packs a lunch the flurry of questions in the young girl’s head spills out.

“Mom, I have a confession.”


“When you thought I was doing my homework I was actually spying on you and Chris.”

“Were you?” Luciana zips up the lunch pail and picks up her coffee mug before joining Sarah at the table. “And?”

“Annnnd… I saw you kiss him.”

Smiling she lifts the mug to her lips for a sip of coffee waiting on her daughter to continue.

Pushing her eggs around on the plate with her fork she doesn’t meet her mom’s gaze, “So, you like, like each other?”

“We do.”

“But yesterday you said you were friends and that we should be happy on our own.”

“And they are both true.” Holding the mug between her hands she looks at Sarah trying to construct an answer her young ideals will understand. “Chris and I are friends, and we also like each other, but don’t know each other very well, we are spending time together to get know each other and see if we’d like to be more than friends.”

Sarah looks at her mom with a little bit of confusion, “But … if you’re kissing him doesn’t that make him your boyfriend?”

Taking in a slow breath Luciana smiles and sighs a little, “It’s a little more complicated for adults. Sometimes you meet someone you like, but you’re not ready for them to be a boyfriend.”

Still staring at her mom without understanding she reaches for her juice. “Does Chris want to you to be his girlfriend?”

“I don’t think he does, at least not yet; you see we both are taking our time to get to know each other. I know it might not make sense, but no matter what happens he will always be our friend. Now go brush your teeth so we can get you to school.”

The ride to school is surprisingly quiet, but Luciana figures she either explained herself well enough or confused her daughter into contemplative silence. Either way she’ll expect another round of questions at a moment’s notice. Pulling in front the school she turns around in the driver’s seat to look at Sarah, “You have a good day. I love you and will see you after school.”
“I love you too. Bye, mom!”

Driving up to the house she parks the car in the garage and enters the house through the basement. Walking her into her studio she rips a blank sheet a paper from her sketch book and picks up a pencil. On this she writes, "Chris, The door is open, come on in and take your boots off. I'm upstairs waiting..." Taping this note to the outside door she retrieves her larger, personal sketch pad and a box of drawing pencils before heading upstairs. Over the next several minutes she starts a fire, lays out a few blankets and several pillows by the fireplace. Classical music softly plays throughout the house and the sheer curtains are drawn over the windows to give a touch of privacy. It's a cool morning, announcing fall is on the way so the fire begins to remove the chill from the house. Stripping down to her dark purple panties she pulls on a satin robe, but fails to tie it in the front. Sitting comfortably on the blankets surrounded by the pillows she picks up the sketch pad and begins to finish a drawing she had started to work on a few nights ago.

Being so close Chris had to pass the time before heading over to see Luci. He took Abel out for fun took care of the horses did a few minor choirs around the house before taking a hot shower and shaving. Once he was cleaned up he dressed making sure to wear fresh clothes. He then headed out to the highway and ordered a pair of his favorite breakfasts as Abel barked at truck drivers from inside the pickup. He than headed to the exit and headed back towards home. He pulled into Luci's driveway and before he could hit the bell he saw the note...He walked in with his dog took his boots off and locked the door behind them calling out Luci's name as he headed stairs Abel walking behind him.

Luciana hears Chris and Abel walk into the house and remains in her place among the pillows. "I'm up here..." She smiles softly to herself and then sets the pad down on the floor behind the pillows; dropping the pencil in her tin on the fireplace ledge she stands to her feet to greet her guests. Leaving the robe open the edges partially cover her breasts and sides of her body. "Morning." She greets and Princess as if on cue comes padding down the hallway from Sarah's room. Walking up to Chris she pulls him by his shirt as she steps closer and gives him a sweet kiss.

Holding breakfast in one hand he holds Luci in the other as the kiss after saying morning and he pulls her closer to him and kisses back and then kisses her again. "You look nice today honey. Very pretty..." They were both distracted as Abel nuzzled Princess who made a happy sound. There were some laughs...and Chris smiled at Luci. "About last night I had a lot of fun on all counts, but I do want to be more open with you." He caresses her dark mane and smiled. "We're friends too and friends should trust and be open." He kissed her on the forehead softly.

She feels giddy in his arm and sighs happily after the many kisses knowing she's feeling a lot more for him than she'd expected and so soon. Looking down at the dogs, she glances back to Chris, "Why don't you go put breakfast on the counter and I'll walk the dogs to the front door, so they can run around outside. I'll meet you right back in this spot, okay?" Smiling warmly she claps her hands to get the dogs attention, "Come Abel and Princess let's go outside." Shuffling them off to the stairs, she leads them down to the basement and opens the front door, "Go run around and have fun." The dogs happily run outside and Luci closes up the door before taking two steps at a time back up the living room and stands back in the same spot as before.
Listening to Luci he nods and gives her a playful pat on the bottom before she headed down the stairs. He smiled thinking how nice this was. Getting to see her all the time. They'd enjoy the morning than he'd tell her about the temp job. It would only take him away a few days, so now was the time to have a little fun. He quickly found the plates and put the two sandwiches out on them. Rolls with two eggs two different kinds of cheese sausage and bacon. He put out knives and forks with the napkins though he figured they probably wouldn't need them. In retro speck this wasn't the most romantic breakfast, but at least it was good...he poured two glasses of OJ and put a rose down by Luci's plate.

Luciana stands in the spot and looks at Chris as he prepares the settings of food. "Chris... the food can wait... at least for a little bit... come here." Yes, she has a plan and it didn't involve eating straight away. Skipping a few steps to the blankets she waits for him to join her.

"Okay I'm in no hurry....and what we have until 3:30?" In socked feet he moved over to the blankets and hugged and kissed her again with both hands caressing her.

"More or less.. " Luciana returns his kiss as her hands moves to his sides and push up his shirt. "You have far too much clothing on... " Pulling up on his shirt she tosses it off to the couch. "Hmm... let's have you stand here..." She pulls him by the loops of his jeans to the center of the blankets and if he peers over her head he can see the sketch pad, which is a picture of her lying on her side naked with an arm casually resting across her waist as the other arm keeps her head propped up. Luciana's fingers quickly move to his waist and unbutton his jeans as she slowly sinks to her knees. "Last night was wonderful... and I want us to be open and honest with each other, but first, I want us to enjoy each other for a little while." Tugging down his jeans along with his boxers she pulls down his legs and waits till he lifts his foot to pull one leg completely off and then the next. Of course she made sure the socks went too. Sliding the robe from her shoulders she looks up at him as her left hand trails up his thigh and tenderly she begins to cup and massage his balls. A smile quirks at her lips and then she looks away leaning in and with the tip of her tongue teases his hardening cock.

Chris willingly helped Luci undress him and he was impressed with her work on the sketch pad and looked at it and back at her several times. "You look beautiful and you draw beautifully." Once he was naked which he more than willingly helped with he smiled and looked down at Luci and caressed her hair after she teased. "Oh that's all you brought me over for baby?"
A small laugh leaves her lips and she shakes her head, "No, darling... I brought you here so we can enjoy each other. I thought you might like a view while I pleasure you." Luciana has always enjoyed sex and not having had a lover in quite some time she's ready to explore the boundaries with Chris. She's happy he finds her drawing skills to be good, but she was hoping perhaps the fact that a near naked woman is about to suck him off the main focus. Moving her hand she gently takes his stiff shaft into her hand and slowly begins to rub back and forth.

Letting out a sigh he looks at Luci and and smiles. "I enjoy our intimate time and well I enjoy our friendship too. And I like looking at you running around barefoot. I like walking with you outside and I very much like seeing you nearly naked and completely naked. I want to see you like that more....mmm...And I love feeling your touch honey. "

And there it is all these feelings pouring out of him while she is trying to be sexy and seducing and though she feels she's accomplished this she also feels like Chris wants to talk a little more about them. It confuses her a little but she also likes the idea of talking more about them. Feeling the moment of her original plan pass Luci lays back on the pillows and looks up at Chris patting the free space next to her. "I'm happy you're here this morning... I wanted you to stay last night. I didn't enjoy going to an empty bed."

Chris hoped he wasn't spoiling the moment, but they had plenty of time for all the things they would enjoy. Sharing and talking was its own kind of foreplay. They'd take their time together enjoy share it. He laid down next to her and moved close so they could nuzzle and they did. He caressed down her bare side and over her hips resting there and smiling. "I wanted to stay too and complete the night. I missed you too heading home, but I understand the limitations, and well we did go over the line a little with one rule." He smiled and caressed her lips gently before kissing her. This all felt different. Warm and inviting not just hot and heavy. He could almost say it looking in her eyes but he clutched her hand instead and just kissed her again tongues dueling in their mouths before needing to take a breath.

The plan may not have gone the way she'd seen it in her head, but she's not disappointed. Nuzzling her petite form into his body she enjoys their closeness and the touch of his hand on her soft skin and most of all the kisses. Running her fingers through his hand her hand rests on the back of his head as their lips passionately melt together and their tongue strive for dominance. When they finally part she lays her head back and breathes heavily, she feels warm and tingly and longs to be connected to him. This is more than only being friends who are lovers, she knows it and while she should be scared at feeling so much so soon she instead embraces the emotions. "Chris... " Gazing into his eyes she smiles softly, "I want you around as often as you want to here... I want you...” They are strongly spoken words and they still are getting to know each other, but Luciana has never known how to not say what's she's feeling.

Actions speak louder than words, but at that moment the actions were only the prelude to the intense intimacy of the moment. This was more than just the start of a day’s love making and he knew that. As Luci let out some deep breaths he moved on top of her straddling her his semi hard cock resting on her hip. He caressed her lovely breast before he positioned himself above her shoulders and looked into her eyes and gave her a long loving kiss. Taking advantage of the closeness he moved to her right side and nibbled on her ear lobe and whispered in her ear. "Friends can make love and friends can be in love...might be stupid for bringing this up now instead of after, but well I don't think we're just talking about boning here. There is something else." With that he pushed himself up again and looked in her eyes. He swallowed. "I'm good with things either way....going further or enjoying what we have...which is utterly wonderful and just starting honey." He kissed her again and looked into her eyes.

This morning isn't going exactly the way she'd planned. She was supposed to seduce him with all the lust and desire they felt last night. What she wasn't supposed to do was put her feelings out in the open. Chris seems to respond favorably by crawling on top of her and kissing her, but his words are a little confusing. Brushing her fingers against his cheek and temple she gazes up into his eyes. Perhaps they shouldn't bother about talking about their feelings. They like each other and they're quite compatible sexually, why isn't that good enough? Why does she already want to have a claim on him? "You're right... I wasn't talking sex.. I was talking about you and me." Taking in a deep breath she reaches up and kisses his lips. "No need to rush... you feeling you're good either way tells me we should just enjoy what we have right now and see what happens later."

"That works for me too honey." With that he got to what he did know she liked and wanted and he did too...He kissed her forehead and caressed her hair and with that she could feel his cock hard against her soft skin. But he smiled and reached down between her legs and begin rubbing her clit and groping her right breast with his free hand and leaned in and kissed her and than whispered in her ear, "how about we fuck for awhile, have a bite relax and do it again...unless you have better plans for your morning?"

Luciana arches her back as his hand wanders between her legs and begins to tease her clit, she moans. It's true they didn't need to rush. She knows he's more than interested considering how much time they've been spending together. Sliding her hand down his side she tugs on his hip to pull him closer. Sure she enjoys the teasing, but what Luci really wants is to feel him inside of her. "I think that sounds like the perfect morning... one that is completely free of any commitment other than being connected to you."

"I think I can handle that," Chris said with a smile as he shifted himself and pushed his swollen member inside her warm wet honey pot. He savored the moment for a minute and then began going in and out as he thrust into her while still on her soft blankets. Even though he penetrated her he didn't stop from playing with her and played with her clit as he fucked her looking into her eyes using his other hand to steady himself as he laid on top her arm hooked under her shoulder pounding away breaking only to kiss her or slide out and slam back inside her.

He didn't waste any time after her request, spreading her legs she invites him inside and lets out a soft moan as he slides inside of her, his hard shaft penetrating and pushing deep inside. Arching her back her hips press up to meet his as she hooks one knee over his hip and bends her other leg. "Yes..." She whispers softly as their bodies press together and she gazes into his eyes. "I love the way you feel inside me..." Closing her eyes she concentrates on the warm tingling sensations pulsing through her body. She doesn't know what it is, but all he needed to do is touch her for her to want to be naked with him. Resting both hands on his sides she rolls her hips up with each of his thrusts.

"I love the way you feel when I'm inside you honey." She moved and he moved with her lifting one leg up straight up and holding it in place but only after caressing her foot and leg until he found a comfortable way to hold her as he went deeper inside her. The slow in and out with the naughty sounds that could only be heard in love making. Things only became more tense as he sweats. He looked down at her and just smiled.

Damn. The moans turn from soft to loud and louder as they continue to fuck. When he positions her leg up so he can penetrate deeper she grips the blanket with both hands, her hands in tight white knuckled fist. Arching her back the pleasure sweeps through her body making her skin hot and muscles tense. "Oh, Chris!" She cries out, none of her screams are held back, unlike last night. In fact she notices the light bruise on his shoulder from where she bit down. A strong shutter moves through her body and she lets out a loud cry. Unable to hold back her back arches as her body tenses.

Luci was truly enjoying this and she wasn't holding back now that she was free. She was orgasmic and with her purple panties only pushed aside he could see how wet she was...he pulled back and by consequence he pulled out of her. He yanked the panties off her and down over her ankles and pulled open her legs grabbing her thighs hard and slammed back into her to finish what he'd started. Since they only fucked the night before he hadn't time to build up much cum so they enjoyed prolonged fun, but as she was just enjoying another orgasm he let go inside of her pumping and pounding pulling on her thighs to bring her closer until he emptied inside of her he pulled out of her and quickly moved dragging his cock across her thigh as he laid down next to her and begin kissing and groping her again pulling her close and breathing heavy he said, "oh Luci that was wonderful"

The way he takes control of her body only drives the strength of her orgasm, which heightens when he comes with her. The sensation of them together their bodies connected and the pleasure slowly building to an explosive release creates a bond between them. One Luci savors as she watches him release his cum inside of her. Perhaps she's getting ahead of herself but perhaps she's not. Fact is, if they hadn't just started seeing each other she'd be asking him to sleep in her bed tonight. Breathing heavily as he comes to lay beside her a smile breaks across her lips as she nuzzles herself into his side. "Amazing... " Pressing her lips against his shoulder she tastes his warm salty skin. "I'm already addicted..." She giggles softly and presses another kiss to his shoulder.

With that he smiles and picks her up off of the blankets and rolls her on top of him and kisses and holds her grabbing her firm backside and kissing her neck. Then he look in her eyes and smiles. He could get lost in those eyes. "Ah mmmmm...feel like breakfast now honey? I did mean it I want to spend the day with you lover." He tickled her and then hugged her tight. She was a prize no matter what.

Luciana laughs as Chris pulls her on top of him, but the laughs are silenced by his kisses. Feeling positively giddy she returns the kisses and again already feels the stirrings of desire. Goodness the feelings he evokes in her. Resting her chin on his chest she smiles at him as they gaze into each other eyes and there is it - the connection - she knows he feels it too. Pressing a kiss to his chest she giggles and squirms away from his tickling fingers. "I want to spend the day with you too... " Pushing up she straddles his waist, "I'll go reheat the food and we can eat here by the fireplace." Hopping to her feet she walks her naked self to the kitchen throwing a little swing into her hips knowing he's watching her walk away.

Chris watches her walk away and closes his eyes and arches his back before standing up quickly "MMMM...hate to see you leave, but love to watch you go honey." He walked behind her and squeezed her around the waist and kissed her on the neck before retreating back and sipping the orange juice he'd poured early. "So how was Sarah this morning before school. Everything okay?"

As if on cue Chris utters the well known line and Luci laughs as she partially disappears into the kitchen. Picking up the plates she takes them to the microwave nothing like having a bite to eat after a round of amazing sex. She is slightly startled by Chris' arms suddenly around her, but instead of a scream she laughs. Feeling completely comfortable spending time with him she notes how it feels almost too easy. Once the food is warmed she carries both plates back to their spot in the living room. Handing him his plate she joins him on the blankets before answering his question regarding Sarah. "Everything is fine... she knows we're more than friends as in we like each other, but we're taking things one step at a time. Of course, at her age... it's are you’re together or not and she's more than ready to see us together." Picking at the breakfast sandwich she shoves a bite into her mouth. "I told her that we needed time to know each other better before we make any serious decision. To that she seems agreeable." Shaking her head a bit, "I wish more time had passed before I had to have this conversation with her because she likes you so much... she simply wants you in our lives."

Breakfast and a naked wanton woman. Days didn't get much better than this and he had a feeling even the more mundane days with Luci were pretty nice too. So as she said they sat and ate the sandwiches. He was actually pretty hungry and after the workout he was more than happy to have a nibble on more than Luci's lovely flesh. "Well she and I have been friends for awhile and I always thought if I was going to have a kid I'd like one like her. You did a good job Luci. " Took another bite and had a long thought. "I think you gave a good answer though about the relationship stuff. When we figure it out well we'll talk to her together." He leaned over and gave her a soft kiss. "But it seems like you both want me in your lives."

Luci smiles to Chris and then almost shyly looks away before looking at him once more, "Yes, I do want you in my life. It's been a long time since I've felt wanted by a man... and we.. well, we go well together." Nibbling on her food she looks into the fire and thinks about how this house has been missing a loving couple enjoying themselves. "So... what were you holding back last night? You know before you pushed me against the wall and fucked me goodnight?" Luci purposely used the crude language because what happened last night was delightfully spontaneous.

"Well I know that and trust me every thought I've had in reference to this relationship has had Sarah's happiness in mind. She thinks a lot about you too. Wants you happy, and I also see that as a package deal even if she does have a real dad." He continued to eat nodding and listening. He knew what she was talking about. He started slowly, but was determined to tell her this time. "Well there was someone special. Someone Sarah didn't get a chance to meet before you all came around. Someone I loved." He got up and pulled his jeans over and looked through the pockets. He normally didn't carry his wallet, just a money clip, but he made sure he had it when he left in the morning. He went through it and laid out three photos in front of Luci. The First showed Debbie hugging the puppy Abel in front of the cabin mail box. The next had her in her nursing scrubs smiling brightly, and the third showed both him and her showing off their wedding bands. "This is ah that was Debbie. I was going to marry her awhile back, and well I just wanted to let you know you're special too." He gripped the bridge of his nose and tried not to cry as he explained what their relationship had been and how it tragically ended one night on a highway. He told the painful story and after a long drink of juice he started again. "I...I didn't mean to hold any back, but it's still hard to talk about. I've dated and stuff since, but well the feelings aren't the same. I'm sorry it should be something people should be able to talk about you know. I was in love and it ended too soon, but well I miss her and love her. That's passed now...I mean well I'm okay about this." It felt exhausting to talk about and he just looked down after emptying it all out to Luci someone who should know all about his past. He knew about hers.

Luciana listens quietly as he retells the story of lost love, the tragedy of losing someone to death, while slowly finishing her breakfast. She feels for him and understands a little better how even considering a relationship with her is a huge step. Setting the plate aside she takes his hand and squeezes. "Thank you... I'm glad you told me... I want to know you and knowing that about you helps me understand where you are in terms of dating." Leaning over she presses a kiss at the corner of his lips, a sweet, gentle kiss. "I'm sorry you had to lose her... she sounds lovely. Only time heals those hurts, but you'll always miss her, I'm sure." Sitting back Luci feels a little somber, but that's okay, laying back against the pillows she gazes at Chris and is pleased to know that he at least had one serious relationship in his life. It makes her feel a little more at ease about the potential of them perhaps having a committed relationship one day.

After all the talking he didn't have much more to say really not without prompting anyway, so he moved over by Luci and laid against the pillows with her and brought her back to his chest and hugged her tight only reaching to pull one of the thinner blankets over them. He kissed the back of her head and snuggled her. "I'll tell you anything you want to know honey. Just ask okay?"
Snuggling under a warm blanket and feeling his flesh against her own feels perfect, in fact she closes her eyes and presses her backside against him. "I will... " Looking over her shoulder she can barely see him out of the corner of her eye, "I'm glad you’re here, Chris... spending the day with me... it's nice... this is nice. I feel happy." Turning round in his arms she nuzzles her nose against his neck and kisses. "I wouldn't mind if we did this from time to time when we're both available."

"Well I'm happy too Luci" She turned to face him and he returned her affection and caressed her side as he listened. "Yeah I'd like that and well when Sarah is away in the city we could do this too...so we could become pretty regular, but there is a problem next week. I got a temp thing going up to Maine for the week. Driving a truck and doing a few other things when I'm up there. I'm leaving Sunday, but I should be back sometime next Saturday if everything goes as planned. I'll make enough for this month’s expenses and stuff. You can tell Sarah though Abel will be at Mrs. Johnson's house though for a visit. She has a few other dogs...I'll miss you guys though."

When Luci hears he'll be gone next week she feels a little part of herself sink with disappointment even though he'd just told her he'd like to regularly spend time together. Running her fingers through his hair she frowns a little, but nods with understanding, "It's good for me to miss you... everything has happened so fast between us that having a little break may be a good thing, but I will miss." She can't hide the disappointment, but she'd determined not to pout. ."I guess we'll just have to enjoy each other as much as we can now... and the weekend Sarah is out of town...perhaps you can stay with me over the weekend?"

"I'd like that or you could stay with me either way is fine. Also we can go out for dinner. You know there are a few good places in town or take a drive or well does that sound too much like a date?"

"We could take turns sleeping over." Luci giggles softly as her fingers lightly run up and down Chris' side. "And what's wrong with going out on a date?" Those dark brown eyes look at him and a small smile touches her lips, "I know we have a friends as lovers arrangement, but that doesn't mean we can't date... if that is something we might want... do you want that?"

He playfully grabbed Luci's butt and pulled her closer and looked in her eyes. "Well I thought it over and if you want Sarah to think we're having sleepovers like she has well that's fine." He had to laugh, but smiled and got serious again. "We can have all kinds of fun even with our clothes on." He kissed her again and moved his hands to her lovely breasts. "I do have a hot tub though...maybe some barbecue and a nice hot soak afterwards bathing suit optional at that point." He grabbed under her knee and pulled her that much closer she could feel his cock against her. “For now though I want all the loving we can get to baby..." With that he grabbed her wrists and rolled on top of her and with some squirming he was pushing inside her wet honey pot again and smiled looking into her eyes.

Everything about their morning together has Luci feeling giddy and these feelings weren't all about friendship. "I think we have a lot of time to please each other.” She barely had those words out before he's on top of her, holding her down and pushing his cock into her hole, she's sore, but the desire to feel him inside her again is stronger. Arching her back she lets out a moan. "Mmmm...." Her eyes lock on his feeling their bodies move together in a fluid motion. They connect so well.

The new lovers spent the rest of the afternoon making love and cuddling by the fire, snuggling closer as the chill of clouds took away the midday sun. She told him bits and pieces of her childhood and that path that lead to her New York over lunch. Their time ended with a shower and his constant teasing while she tried to get ready so she could pick up Sarah from school. The hug good-bye was long as was the kiss followed by a “See you when I get back.”
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