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Finding an editor

While I realize the editors are volunteers, I am having difficulty getting one to be responsive.

I wrote to one, who said he'd be happy to look it over. I promptly sent it to him, only to get an email a couple days later, asking for it (he didn't see the attachment in the prior email I guess), so I sent it again. I haven't heard back from him yet and several days have gone by.

I also wrote asking another if they had the time, never heard back AT ALL from that request. Then wrote to another who just recently updated their editing bio and the email posted in his bio, came back as undeliverable. Then I wrote to two more...still no responses. And I'm not talking hours or even a single day..but DAYS. If they can't look it over, why not just send a quick email/pm stating so?

I'm frustrated by the lack of help so far, but haven't given up just yet. Just wondering if there is any thing I can do to get help sooner? LOL. Just want to see if I even have any writing talent as my g/f says I do.

Thank you in advance.
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This sort of posting usually is put on the "Editor's Forum." And if I were you, I'd name the editors you aren't finding responsive. They'd either respond then or others would know not to bother with them.
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