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Wink Sapiosexuality (or chaturbation)

I want to remain anonymous. & I want to use the internet to deepen my inner life as also my sexual life. I am 37, male and professionally well settled and married. & I want to stay married since am pretty happy with marriage. Terms of friendship:
You must be a lady (that is the keyword) above 35, and not a doll sitting at home, but someone who has a decent job and while one imagines a good stack, you must have cool brains.
You must not be some weirdo who sits in front of the computer the livelong day and moon over rubbish.
I am a libidinal male and I'd want my e-pal to be libidinal too.
& I won't answer badly written letters, I will never ask for your photos, personal identifiers and the same is expected from you.
I like reading and am a tech-geek.
& if you write me stupid one-liners --- then I won't reply.
Call me narcissistic, then who is not?
I am into mild BDSM with my wife, but that's about it. Dirty talk and some ejaculation is needed, so while I pretend to be this intellectual who seeks brains, I seek chasturbation too ( or why should i be here?).

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