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Welcome and Please Read!

Welcome to the Playground!

This forum is for posting fun topics/discussion - pretty much anything you want to talk about. As usual, underage/bestiality/etc. is not allowed.

We encourage animated discussion but flaming/hijacking of threads and generally being rude and argumentative is not allowed. Threads that don't follow these guidelines will be removed and posts will be edited! Don't say you weren't warned

The posting of personal information whether yours or someone else's is not allowed at Lit and will be removed.

Extract from Forum Guidelines:

You may not post personal information of other members or, for that matter, anyone else. We do not allow phone numbers, email addresses, private messages or quotes from private emails to be posted on the forum. This rule also covers real names, employment info, and any other personal information that we deem inappropriate.

If you have any other questions, please contact the moderator.

Enjoy your time at the Playground!

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