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electric.........tingling.......erotic....eyes closed.......anticipation.......tasted like strawberries
precum.....hardness......wanted more.....we where young......touching........tease...each other......unsure........full lips......****nning a hand.....down her side.........squeeze.......soft.......nice ass.........more pre cum.....kissed her just behind the ear....hear her breathing............father comes to pick her up........ held her hand.....dont want to let go........till next time........
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nice to see this thread is kept up
the effort is grreat!
Sex is the best activity in life.
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Eyes bright, the little blonde ran towards him. Her face was a mess, her arms covered in something horrible and she had a grin as wide as the river. She jumped into his waiting arms and threw her arms round his neck. Her lips mashed into his with the force of a train, but tasting of raspberries.

She let go, looked at him and said "Love you, Grandad", and padded off to her Mum.
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A little rough, I know, will edit...just wanna get it out, maybe share, while still fresh and pleasant in the mind.

When it comes, that we are so blessed, it no longer becomes a question of what a love would do for you, but rather, what would you ask of them.
“Feels a bit naked,” I rubbed my wrist, “You?”

“Can’t you feel them bound together?” He nodded the distance we had come from earlier.

I winced, of course I could. Just like I knew he’d wait with me here, leaning against the ancient oak, suspended across the creek, grassy sloped bank, lush with give. The tension rippled away, fizzling from my fingers onto the reeds I had been twining.

Gazing longingly toward the sky, I straighten up suddenly…”See that? Awwww…you freakin missed it! Feeling your way again Wonderboy?” I resisted the usual first name twisting. Nudging his glasses with a flick of his knuckle, closing his eyes he loses it to swaying, then free slinging body pulses, fingers scaling, finding base chords in his mind. I pulled my arms in, giggling, braced for his reach, always sliding under my arms encircling from both flanks. “That’s the only reason you keep me, to find the other half, you keyless…so OUTTA YAAAA RANNNGE.” I delighted in his comical exploit of an exaggerate insult, arching his eyebrows as I roar with laughter.

“Oouch”, I mock, with his pull to the ground. He settles next to my side. “Huh, they all think I’m a superhero.” We both giggle again, our hair now rustling together in the fall night breeze. True, it had become a comical staging of repeated copycats, the trend. Funny as hell. Course that was usual “young love”, funny term as well, watching our friends mix back and forth amongst each other. We knew we had it good; time had served to nurture our bond as well as our bodies.

I blushed…we both sensed his shorts strain, brushing taut cotton fabric against my leg. He pulled back a few inches. Bringing my gaze to his, we searched and found each other seeking. He began leaning in, lifting himself more onto his side, hesitating fractions of seconds each time to assess my similar approach. I could feel my lips come to his, both tensed, not finding the blend. Pulling back, we looked at each other, moved in again, shoulders, arms, chests already knowing curves, the best spaces to close between us. Licking my lips, opening slightly, I travel my cheek and lips across his jaw, finding a better angle to graze my lips across his lower. Finding each other, our moist lips travel across each other, gently tasting lips with tongues, meeting taste buds, sharing the hint of tea and sugar, warmth, comfort, then inviting. Familiar body heat warns us, breaking our kiss.

We lean our shoulders together, looking down at our hands, clasped together, so familiar, so automatic.

Still looking down, he assures, “We’re both gonna make it out of here, you know.” Looking up into my face, so fixed on our fingers playing each other’s palms, I force my gaze to him, “both of us, I promise.”

“I know…world watch out.” I smile, comforted again by his aqua blue harbors.

-And so…I be.-
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The opposite sex thing definitely threw me off a little bit...but I did the best I could...

He sat alone.

When it was over, little by little, the people got up to leave, but he didn't move. And he didn't move for a long time after everyone had gone. He just sat there, alone.

As I watched him from the back of the room, I thought about when we were young. I thought about the old neighborhood and kick the can and ghost in the graveyard. He was always the ringleader, the mischief maker. Our captain in our quest for the endless summer.

I thought about high school and how he'd always try and protect me from boys. I'd tease him and he'd turn sheepish and say, "I know you don't need it, I'm just sayin'..."

We went away to school and you try the best you can to stay in touch, but, you know, it's just one of those things. Like autumn leaves of the same branch that fall into the river, there's nothing you can really do about it as you drift away in the currents. You can only look back with fondness and the hope that, if you're lucky, the currents meet again a little further downstream.

I walked softly down the aisle, not wanting to startle him, passed row after row of the old wooden church pews. As I reached the front, he didn’t look up. I sat down and took hold of his hand and placed my head gently on his shoulder.

“I’ve missed you,” I whispered.

We sat together for a long time with my hand in his and my head on his shoulder and with the late afternoon sun coming through the stained glass of the old church. His parents, surrounded by flowers of every color, smiled down at us from the big picture, mounted at the front of the church. Their caskets like bookends.

After a long silence, his voice cracked, “I don’t know what to do…”

Our tangled fingers now moved as one, feeling each other’s skin. I looked up, closed my eyes and touched his cheek. And I kissed him.
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Kind of restrictive to many on Lit, limiting the parameters to opposite sex.
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Latest poem:The Senses of Love (written for the erotic poetry challenge);
Latest story: She loves me, she loves me not.
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This is me in a nutshell.

"I was attempting to be nice, it burned....smug is good....be smuggy." - Abs
Goose Grading:Goddam fuckin' adorable!!
My favourite comment from Colly: "Few write caring, loving erotica with the flare you do."
"Mats inpsired Alien Sensations. Her belief in me gave me the courage to try Sci-fi/fantasy."- Colly
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Latest poem:The Senses of Love (written for the erotic poetry challenge);
Latest story: She loves me, she loves me not.
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This is me in a nutshell.

"I was attempting to be nice, it burned....smug is good....be smuggy." - Abs
Goose Grading:Goddam fuckin' adorable!!
My favourite comment from Colly: "Few write caring, loving erotica with the flare you do."
"Mats inpsired Alien Sensations. Her belief in me gave me the courage to try Sci-fi/fantasy."- Colly

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just happened

to find this thread as I've been lurking in author's hangout as I think about going back to writing, which I've decided to do...My question is, are we talking the very first kiss?

Or just a first kiss between any two??
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I'm a guy, so a woman's perspective.

We are walking down a path behind the college campus. I look up at him as we are talking, walking side by side. He walks with a calm, confident stroll. Not afraid to look into my eyes, or joke with me. At the end of the path, we stop and look out across the lake. There are no waves, the word that describes it is, peaceful. I feel his hand on my hair, and he said something. I'm not sure what, as my heart almost stopped when he touched me. He is playing with my hair, then he leans over and kisses me. Electricity went through my body at the speed of light when our lips met. My knees almost gave out, and if he wanted to, he could of just moved his hand from my hair to my shoulder, and with one finger, pushed me over. I'd of fell, and hit the ground. The kiss had no tongue, just a light kiss that lasted three seconds, then he stopped, making me want more, much more.

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but not wondering who
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497 words

My palms are sweating, and I’m almost positive she can hear my pathetic heart pounding against my ribs as it threatens to beat right out of my chest.

“Um, I had a great time tonight,” she says as I walk her to the door. “Thanks for dinner.”

I wipe my hands on my thighs, hoping she doesn’t notice, and reply, “Sure.” God, can I possibly get any lamer?

We stand awkwardly on her porch for what seems like hours, looking anywhere and everywhere but at each other, and I’m just waiting for her dad to fling the door open at any second and ram his shotgun down my throat as payback for all the nasty thoughts I’ve had about his innocent little girl throughout the night.

After releasing a sigh, she mutters, “Well, um, I guess I should go.”

She takes a hesitant step toward me, and I do the same, wondering what the hell is going through her mind. Does she want me to kiss her? Hug her? Stick my hand out like the sorry loser that I am?

Finally, our eyes lock, and in that moment, my nerves seize hold of my entire body, and I swear, I can’t feel my legs. Of course, I can feel my cock as it practically thrashes about in my jeans in its effort to break free and molest her. My breathing is so erratic that I hope and pray like mad I don’t pass out like a pussy in front of her.

I reach a shaky hand out and tuck a stray lock of hair behind her ear as I swallow the painful lump in my throat and inch my face closer to hers. Her hazel eyes flutter shut, and it’s all the encouragement I need.

My lips brush tentatively against hers, and oh God, they’re so amazingly soft and full, and I’m going to die if I don’t have more. A ragged breath escapes me, and I want to reach out and grope her tits, but I’m pretty sure that would freak her out so I settle for grasping her hips instead. She lets out the tiniest whimper, the sound sending a shiver all the way down to my toes, as her arms wrap around my neck.

I sweep my tongue against her lower lip, and she opens her mouth without hesitation. The throbbing in my jeans is almost painful, but I try to ignore it as best I can as my tongue delves inside her hot, little mouth and slides and tangles against hers.

She moans, and I groan, and all I can think about is ripping her clothes off and pounding into her slick heat like a battering ram.

No sooner has the thought entered my mind, than I hear a throat clearing, and my eyes flash open just in time to see her father’s red face as he snarls at me like an angry bear about to tear apart his next victim.

Oh shit.
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my first kiss happened like this. then i fell in love.

This is a short story about my first kiss with a woman (kind of) sober

Fuck Sage Carter (3,658 words)

When Sage walked into a room there was no sudden silence that immobilized your limbs. This was college, and it wasn’t like every cliché movie. It was worse. The room would continue humming its random mix of voices, iPods and of course, not so lulling and particularly rude air vents. Rather, everyone continued on as they were except that deep down they were all trying, (unnoticeably), to watch her. Eyes would shift and cut sentences short. I swear that once, the music skipped with her entrance only to resume with a rustic base attuned to her every step. She had this mesmerizing power over everyone it seemed -everyone but me that is. I could give two shits about Sage Carter.

I wasn’t fascinated by her eerie beauty that was almost too surreal for a nineteen year old. She wasn’t your typical prom-queen tight ass bitch, (though let me be the first to say, that ass was certainly tight). She was simple, with flowing blonde tufts that angled down her back and a killer ex-track star body. She was completely Irish, a creamy pale with faint freckles that accentuated her glimmering brown eyes. Maybe I’m lying; there’s definitely an uncontrollable need to just stare at her whenever she comes around because for whatever reason, she doesn’t act like she’s that great. There’s just something about her that sucks you in and locks you to her without you even realizing it. Due to this, Sage Carter is almost like a god around here, but one that no one would ever openly admit to worshipping. Instead, people just stare over magazines and whisper rude remarks because they’re afraid. Afraid of what someone so fascinating is hiding.

No one knows her really; she eats alone and studies at cubicles. She dated a Junior once, or so I heard, but rumor has it he doesn’t go here anymore. So why do I feel the need to rant to you about this random girl? Quite plainly, I’m just as addicted as everyone else, (but don’t you dare tell). She’s a spectacle of sorts, but I actually have a reason to eye her up like she’s some rare piece of art you’d typically only see in magazines and textbooks. Last weekend, Sage Carter and I fell in love.

It started in our Freshman year here at Owtamango College. The first time I saw her I had been sitting under one of the gillion trees our campus is so damn proud about, (it’s cool to be eco-friendly right?), just reading some poems by Jane Mead, (who is remarkable as well, she writes a lot like me if you’re ever in the mood for morbid imagery and poems that leave you feeling hopeless and ashamed), and choking down a Camel Crush. I almost wondered if she was lost, the way she walked so hurriedly and yet, without a care at all. It was like she wanted to lazily dance in circles, but at 228 beats a minute, cut time. How I never noticed such a person before was completely beyond me. She was draped in a knee length dress made of argyle purples and grays that cinched her waist and hinted at her backward curves in a way that made it unfeasible for me not to stare. She looked nothing like me in my tight jeans, leather jacket and fuck off scowl.

Nonetheless, I instantly envisioned her naked and how warm and smooth she would feel and oh, how desperately I wanted to grab that ass! But then, as she finally walked past, I saw her face. The shadows that hung from her choppy bangs could not disrupt her incontestable beauty. She was gorgeous in the most unforced way possible. Her eyes were slightly sunken, but not in a drugged out I need to go to rehab way. More so, they looked as if they were accented by bruises and I couldn’t imagine anything sexier. It was in that moment that I knew I would one day tie her down and we’d bite and bleed and fuck.

I recall thinking up some random poem in those following minutes, something like, “I need to hurt in order to scream, so punish me and meet my needs. Feed me pain while we fuck. Bring me down to pull me up.” It was a little rusty, but definitely captured what I was thinking at the time.

She then became my obsession, or perhaps, the object of my private stalking. I searched for her wherever I went and on a few occasions I’d find her sitting in a lounge or reading some archaic book. It was then I began to notice how much attention she actually drew to herself and I was further shocked to see that she never acknowledged it. It was as if she was alone in the world, merely meandering through sceneries without ever appreciating them. I think I found her lack of care for anything most attractive.

Aw fuck. I can see my pathetic face now so intent on pursuing her, searching through her with my eyes. I wanted so desperately to know every part of her. What was it she listened to as she idly paced the corridors? What words resonated in her head as she read such peculiar books in the back corner of the library? But most of all, I wanted to know what she was thinking. She always seemed such a distractible mess, as if she wanted no part of this world, but instead was completely content in a place I’ve never known.

So this pattern of searching and staring continued for a few months until one Thursday night in March something sensational happened. I had been carelessly drunk, rummaging through some papers some dick left on the bench where I was sitting, when all of a sudden my heart bounded fiercely against my ribs. The night air was stale and it burned my throat as I half choked on my spit. I was beginning to freak out, and I knew from the uncanny silence that something strange was waiting to unfold. And that was when it happened.

Sage Carter was stumbling, struggling to carry a bag of books and some, (I assume heavily intoxicating), drink just across the court. I began to shake and in my drunken confidence I did something I’d never intended: I ditched my Crush and jumped, well, tried to rise quickly, to my feet. Before I could interpret what my body was doing I was halfway to her. In the few seconds I spent traveling forth my mind was plundered by maddening thoughts: “What was I doing!? What was I going to say; what if I freaked her out?” But then, as if I knew precisely what she was thinking, I joined her side and retrieved a few of her books that had just smashed to the ground.

“Here, I’ve got them. What have you been reading, you must have had a lot of work,” I spoke, my voice crackling like a hot coal. I was still dumbfounded by what had just occurred, but I knew that I was too far in now to just hand them back and leave. She responded with a sigh and I wasn’t a bit surprised. I almost expected she would find words a waste. There emanated from her some strange aura of ocean air and a self-assured coolness that I was immediately fond of. As if transfixed by some higher power I raised my eyes to her for the first time and I knew that this was the perfect moment.

I cannot recall the pang of her books as they slumped out of my hand and on to the ground again. I cannot recall exactly where we stood or if it there was a breeze caressing us as I turned to face her. All I can remember is that somehow, shy, outcast me was at that instant enflamed by passion and an unfamiliar courage. As I leaned forward and smoothly slid my arm around her my insides were squirming on a molecular level. I could not believe what was happening, and it was then that I stroked her cheek, tilted her head and kissed her once, a gentle tap. Her lips were like plush pillows that ignited so many sensations as they met mine. I was enveloped by a sea of shock and exhilaration and lust.

That was before I realized that she, in her unyielding simple manner, had not hesitated. There was no pause; she did not force herself from me as I crept closer. Instead, she willingly accepted my offer and kissed me back. What the hell did this mean? I was so unsure of my actions. Did she regret what had just taken place? Fuck it I thought- I had tasted her once and I’d never known anything as wonderful. It was because of this I knew I had to do it again, and so I did. That night we made out under a crumbling sky city of stars, emblazed by our passion, like flaming trees etched across the horizon. And that was all it took. From that moment on Sage Carter was figuratively my everything.

The next morning I awoke in my ridiculously comfy bed, (I had a memory foam mattress pad), amused at feeling far too giddy for my taste. But then I remembered everything from the previous night. Memories of Sage, flashes of us kissing in the courtyard; it all tore through me in unison. I could see it as distinctly as it had happened: the two of us, palms touching, linked as we walked back to her single in Pearson Hall. I remember the second in which she closed the door and tossed her bag as if it didn’t matter at all. She walked towards me, unbuttoning her floral black blouse as she went. Her clothes glided off her in single motions until she was just standing there modeling her lingerie for me.

I couldn’t wait much longer so I ripped my jacket off and started removing my t-shirt and jeans. She stepped forward and pushed me onto the bed and slid my pants down my legs. I was so turned on I was almost nervous. I let her kiss me first and that was the sign that told me all I needed to know. We made out, our tongues smoothly running alongside each other and she tasted like skittles. I caressed her back and lightly scratched her, leaving thin pink trails near her spine. She was so damn sexy and I couldn’t stop my hands from feeling her all over, absorbing every inch of her. She felt like warm sand as she slipped between my fingers. Before I could notice, she had us both completely naked and exposed.

She could tell I was excited and slowly kissed me from my mouth, to my neck, down my chest and further. I was swimming in a sea of gasps and tingling spurts of pleasure while I fingered her nipples and palmed her breasts. My fingertips gently combed though her hair as I massaged her scalp. She worked her tongue around my clit and sucked and tickled in ways no other woman had before. I was in a lapse of ecstasy as she ran her hands up and down my stomach. She was full of surprises that somehow didn’t surprise me. Sage Carter was everything I expected.

So then we fucked and I completely let go of my inhibitions. We 69’d and I flipped her over and pinned her arms and legs. Constricted, she was completely subject to my will. I kissed her strongly and she bit my tongue, so I moved to her breast and let my blood paint her nipple crimson. I tugged on her nipple ring with my teeth and she squirmed beneath me. I was fiercely motivated and I couldn’t stop my body from reacting to her. She was like a drug that intoxicated me with every lick and every touch. I rolled her over onto me and began to slightly choke her. I arched her up and back so that she was sitting on my naval and I could grab her ass. But it wasn’t enough. I wanted to be inside her and so I threw her down and grabbed her hips. With her ankles around my head I slipped my fingers in and with every thrust she grew moister. The bed was pounding against the wall and I didn’t give a shit whether her neighbors could hear us. My fingers were going wild and with my mouth pressed to her I began exploring. I examined every section of her with my tongue and she shook and shuddered.

She made the softest “oooh” sound as she came. We laid there, my arm around her back, as she nestled against my chest until her breathing slowed. I was so serene and satisfied, that just as I was passing out she felt the desire to straddle me and lean forward until she was nibbling on my neck. I can guarantee that after that I was no longer tired. I should have known better; one round wasn’t going to be enough for Sage Carter. She wanted to experience it all; the tenderness alongside the rough and dirty. Who was I to deny her that?

Eventually she grew exhausted and fell asleep while I stroked her with the backs of my fingers. I stayed like that for an hour or so just thinking about what had taken place. It really had happened; Sage and I had just made love for the first time. It was amazing and somehow we had known how to please one another without needing to say anything. There was something about her that just drove me wild. Once I was sure she was asleep, I discreetly crawled from her bed and dressed in the moonlight. I’m not quite sure why I left, but for whatever reason, I didn’t want to wake up there in the morning.

As I walked back to my house I was almost jogging from all of my excitement. I brushed my teeth with a smile and curled up in my loft with all seven of my pillows, my audience of stuffed animals and my huge comforter. It had been an unforgettable night. I fell asleep thinking of one thing only: Sage Carter. And the next morning as I awoke I realized my thoughts had not strayed. She was always on my mind after that night and I wasn’t bothered in the least.
It was almost surreal attending to my regular activities after such a fascinating experience. I walked to class smiling at people I’ve never noticed before. I could barely hear my professors over the soundtrack of The Shins resounding in my skull. I sat and bobbed my head in sync with the music and I must have looked absolutely ridiculous, but I didn’t care. Who isn’t super giddy after getting some when it’s been a while, (or a year or so… but who’s counting)? I had nothing to worry about anymore; I was completely infatuated with a woman who was actually worth it.

The next few days were spent walking around campus, arm in arm, not giving a fuck what people thought. If they stared we gave them something to look at. She was pleased with all of the attention for a change, and loved showing off for our spectators almost as much as I did. We spent the evenings in her single listening to indie music and I eventually got her to listen to a few of my awful playlists. I loved how open she was to everything. We talked for hours about how much she hated men and their “macho madness” as she called it. I talked about my ex-boyfriend who had raped me and how I’d never been able to enjoy myself with a man since.

“They’re all dicks,” she sang, “and that is why we prefer the pussies.” I laughed aloud. She was so shocking at times, and I enjoyed that she was poetically beautiful; my Emily Dickinson of sorts. I wrote her love notes and stuck them in her text books. Little poems about her ass and how badly I wanted to be kissing her. There were a few fun ones too. Ones that said, “Meet me in the bathroom across the hall at 2:40.” It was convenient knowing her schedule and being able to surprise her for a change. She’d gracefully exit the classroom and nonchalantly head to the bathroom. It was best when she was wearing a skirt because I would lift her onto the sink counter and go at her while we made out. After we realized we were being too loud, (though the risk always made us want to continue), I would send her back, her hair a wild mess and I would smile because everyone would know that those hickeys were from me.

Tuesday night I took her out for the first time. It wasn’t much of a date, but half off appetizers at Applebees was my favorite late night special. I got the boneless buffalo wings, classic, with an extra side of sauce and she got the chicken quesadillas with extra sour cream. She preferred the blue cheese too and I couldn’t imagine a better combination of thick sauces and spicy chicken. If I hadn’t realized it by this point, I knew then that Sage Carter completed me in every way possible. She didn’t mind my cheap taste and awkward silences. Just like I didn’t mind the distant look in her eyes as I talked to her about New England clam chowder and whether I thought I could handle a Stat class. Boring as I was she didn’t seem disappointed, and for a date that only cost me $12.00 I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The next two nights were spent on my second story porch smoking hookah while everyone else was asleep. We watched stupid shit on Youtube and sang along to crappy pop songs. We talked for hours before we realized it was dawn and the sun was peeking its neon radiance at the horizon. I swear, in those two nights we found out everything about each other. She knew all about my family, my hobbies, my wasted potential, my past relationships and my awkward habits. I knew about her rich father and cokehead mom. About her brother who died in a car accident two years ago and that the smell of lemons makes her want to vomit. I learned what made her cry, what made her want to impale someone and where she was ticklish. Covered by my blanket, hand in hand, I grew completely connected to her. She was everything I never knew I loved.

Then came the weekend. Friday night I curled her hair and she was gorgeous. I can’t explain how amazing someone who never does anything to fix herself up looks when they dress up. To be blunt, she was fucking hot. We almost didn’t make it out of her dorm room, but luckily we had control enough over our sexual desires to calm ourselves for a few hours. We went to a mixer at Mantley and partied for the first time together. The added drunk buzz drove me wild. We grinded so close no one even bothered to intervene. It was a mesh of thighs against thighs, breasts upon breasts. I rubbed my leg on her clit while I grabbed her ass and scratched the back of her neck. I was so horny, that we started full on making out in the middle of the dance floor. It was the greatest feeling of vibrations: musical, physical, mental.

Afterwards, we went home and had the most sensuous experience of my life. We stripped down and showered together. She lathered me with soap and my fingers prickled her scalp as I massaged in shampoo. There were suds all around us and it was almost as if we were two best friends enjoying a playful bubble bath. Except for when I went down on her for a good twenty minutes.

Then we wandered back to her room and got under the covers, each of us completely naked. I loved staring at the angles of her body, they were so raw, but incredibly sexy. That night we didn’t go crazy though, we actually just cuddled and kissed and held each other. It was terribly romantic. She felt so perfect in my arms, as if she had been shaped for me to hold. She smelt of coconut shampoo and melon deodorant. It smelt like familiarity. It smelt like my first love.

I won’t get into much detail to avoid being redundant, but that really was the greatest night of my life thus far. I recollect waking up at some forbidden hour and just looking over and seeing her. She was so beautiful in the moons glow and I just stared. I kissed her collar bone and gently rubbed her breasts. I loved feeling every part of her. Each section was something tragically serene and faultless. When I awoke the next morning, perhaps she was still a little drunk, or perhaps she was still caught up in her dreams, but she very clearly whispered that she loved me. And I whispered it back. And even now, a good half a day later, I do not regret it. I almost think I meant it.

Oh shit, it’s almost eight, I’ve got to go pick up Sage, we’re heading to the movies. We’re going to select the most ridiculous sounding title and see how that goes. I know you’re just a hamster and all, but you’re a great listener Pokey. Don’t try to escape and shit everywhere while I’m gone. I’ll be home in a couple hours.
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(1,496 words, and I may be a guy, but I want to try doing it from BOTH views, if that's alright. Guy first.)

I'd never imagined, being back in a daycare center with my neighbor at four years old, I'd met and befriended one of the few totally innocent girls on the Earth. She'd do almost anything you asked because she believed it would make you happy, with the exception of anything obviously destructive. She never developed a full interest for a lot of the things I liked, like some games or musics, but that never daunted her from being at my side any time she played or hung out with me in our childhood.

I'm most thankful for two things. One is that I had the common sense and upbringing to not abuse her willingness to make others smile... The other is that her and my parents saw what would happen long before it actually happened, and took the time to try to keep us from becoming distant. She was never more than a ten minute's ride or drive from me. Hell, she was never in a seperate school zone as me.

Thank, God.

She never could learn things as fast as I could in school, and I always became her tutor when she absolutely couldn't grasp something in a class. It wasn't until high school that this slowed down; she didn't need me for math as often and could take classes that actually interested her while I could pursue computer work.

I'd never expected hormones to hit like they would. She was an early bloomer, but all I'd seen out of her was a blossoming body; she managed to keep her period and its effects on her hidden very well. Me? I'd been totally oblivious to the fact that my voice was getting deeper and my penis was starting to grow. I'd expected puberty to be such a bigger deal that these natural changes didn't leave me craving every girl I saw. They did, however, start making me notice her body, and that we'd been so close for well over twelve years now.

That's when the overload hit and I'd started seeing the other girls, too. I was stupid enough to want what most teens would; stick thin, big chest and butt, and a body that was easy to imagine stroking me. No matter how much I wanted, I never touched or pursued; I at least had it in my head to not go for intimacy without a relationship first. But where she, my best childhood friend seemed to be gaining weight from a metabolism change, all I could see were the "models" in my school.

She never questioned my preference, she never asked "What about me?", and never made a sign of feeling left out or unwanted. All she did was smile and cheer me on as I tried to make an advance on a few of the girls at different times.

One flat out rejected me. Big surprise.

One had a boyfriend. At the time I thought it was sad, but now I'm happy I couldn't go with her.

One said yes. It was cliché, but the first date we decided to be at the movies. It was there that one of the best things happened to me; cuddling. I'd never thought to just hug, hold onto, and relax against her, or let her nestle into me and melt in comfort. But on the date, the arm rest was put up and suddenly I found my date scooting into my side, tucked up under my arm and her head nestled under mine. It gave me an odd sense of protectiveness and importance, as well as a warm fuzzy feeling that I grew to adore in that short hour.

Then it happened. During the soppiest moment in the movie, many couples were kissing. Her head lifted, she turned in place, and gave me the sweetest smile I'd seen on a girl before reaching her lips to me. My heart was pounding at the idea, but... One date? Not even a week? A pounding heart turned to a heavy one as I placed two fingers on her lips and shook my head with a sad smile. "Too soon..."

Those two words of self defense against rushing earned me a powerful slap to the face and a girl marching off in a huff. I was left dazed and confused for about thirty more minutes until the movie ended and I was on my way back home. Except... she was on the way.

Impulsively, I asked if I could get dropped off at her home instead, overnight. But when I got to her door and knocked, I heard the shakiest version of her voice respond, "Yes?" I'd only heard that tone twice, when she was in tears. Both times from being hurt to tears... Had she done it again? Or was it because of me? I stepped into the room, to which she gasped at the door being open and hid her face in a pillow. "Please, leave me alone..."

"No." She gasped again and snapped around fast enough to leave her hair flying, revealing a shocked, pained face with puffy red eyes.

"B-but... Your date..."

I walked over to the bed and sat on the edge, reaching a hand to stroke her wet cheeks. "Ended horribly, with me getting an impressive hand imprint on my face because I denied her the chance to kiss me."

"But... why? She's pretty, she probably liked you a lot to want to kiss you, she--"

"Also slapped me for saying it was too soon. I don't want to rush things, and she pitches a hissy... I doubt I want to get involved with someone that shallow. But why are you crying? What happened?"

"I... I'm... ugly. Every time you asked a girl out, she was pretty, and I asked guys now and then, but they all'd said no, or looked at me like I was joking, or... I don't know why, I used to be skinny, but... Oh, I hate this!" She dropped her head back into the bed and curled up in place.

It took me a minute to decide what to do. I slowly crawled behind her, nestling my chest to her back and my arm around her stomach... It may not have been the thinnest in the world, but I didn't care. She was my best friend. It actually felt pleasant to give her a squeeze into me as I nestled my cheek against her head, keeping her attached to me amidst the sobs. They soon faded, giving way to one contented hum from her and a nuzzle against my cheek before the exhaustion of crying and stressing out took her over; she was sleeping.

The only movement I did was to pull a blanket up over us, keeping us warm as the hold kept us together. I soon fell asleep, glad to have her to hang onto. I didn't feel her wake up earlier than I did, get out, and help make breakfast. I did feel it, however, as she sat back into bed with a plate of it for me. The moment my eyes opened she said, "Good morning, sleepyhead" and handed the plate to me before crawling into my side. Her head was against me, and her arms wrapped around my belly, giving me a gentle squeeze... Her hold was soft, too. So was she, as the hug tugged me into her body. It felt nice as I slowly cleaned off the plate.

As soon as the plate was set to the side on a table, she was looking up at my face. "I'm sorry to have been so depressing last night... I just never thought looking like I do would be so bad."

I closed my eyes and sighed a little. I hated knowing she was upset at herself... I got her to look at my eyes and smile. "What's bad about it? You're not thin... Oh well. Neither are our parents, but they are still loved." I stroked my hand against her stomach, sliding across the curves slowly. She shivered, blushed, and started looking away. "And I think I like it." She stopped turning as I let my hand roam against her legs, her back, arms, and wherever I could reach. "It's soft, like you..." My hand got to her cheek. "And it's warm, like you. It suits you, and I wouldn't want it any other way."

She mumbled my name and, face beet red, looked down. What did I think of doing then...? I knew she wanted me. I knew I wanted her, but... I couldn't use the excuse of "It's too soon." We'd been in love without knowing it for well over a decade. So all I could do is smile and let my lips meet hers in the most tender, longest lasting kiss I'd experienced with her. It couldn't have been any shorter than ten minutes that we held each other as tight as possible as our lips stayed together.
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(Female POV, 305 words. First kiss, leaving out what comes after. ^_^)

Some men are just oblivious. It was our third date finishing up, a very good dinner with movie plans at my house. He was a gentlemen, cute, very cuddly and clingy, and just about everything except that he was too damned shy about taking initiative. Even now, as I'd tugged him into bed with him stradled over me, all he could do is lower down and hold me tight in his arms, protected and warm as he nuzzled himself affectionately against me.

God, how could I be mad? I knew all he wanted was what I'd said I wanted. He refuses to push at anything that may hurt me. I couldn't take it anymore as I lifted my hands and clasped them around the back of his head, his long hair cascading around us to hide us from the world. "Kiss me, already. I--"

I couldn't even finish saying I wanted him to as he let his lips claim mine, a deep kiss from an inexperienced boy letting his love guide his lips to mine. His head tilted, sealing us together more as I opened our mouths to slide my tongue to swirl against his in circles. We let our tongues dance together as I moaned against his lips, the new level of affection overtaking me and leading my hands to roam his entire body.

He didn't relent. His lips stayed against mine and he lowered our bodies together, lifting me into his so my frame was squished tenderly into his as we rolled, allowing him to simply hug me down against him as my hands slid between our bodies to trail against his chest.

It wasn't until we had to swallow that I pulled back from the kiss and stared down at his eyes, on fire from the kiss and matching my own...
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(Male POV, 300 words, First kiss)

We sat next to each other in the dirt, under millions of stars and a bright moon far from the streetlights. My motorcycle sat a few yards away. I'd brought her here on it, showing off my new pride and joy.

The tension between us was as it always seemed to be of late. She was always close to me. I was the one who was always moving forward. There was always something to do or somewhere to be, but when I would look next to me or over my shoulder I was sure to see her.

I touched her thigh without knowing why and she laughed loudly as her legs jerked wildly. Her look was enigmatic and she explained with a very soft voice that she had "coffee nerves".

A boy finding a new toy, I tortured her for several minutes by grabbing her thighs and making her jump and twitch and laugh. But it was late and I didn't want her to have to deal with her draconian parents.

We walked together to my motorcycle and stood next to it for a moment. She was facing me and I didn't know why we weren't talking or leaving, only that I didn't want to move.

Our lips touched. It wasn't anything like I had imagined but so much more. The warmth and softness of her lips combined with the closeness of her body to mine made my head spin. One of us moved and our lips brushed, sending pulsing sensations through my entire body.

Seized by greed I grabbed her and held her as close to me as I could. I crushed my mouth on hers and held her like that for moments as long minutes passed.

The kiss ended and I woodenly climbed on my motorcycle and started it. She climbed on behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist. I was filled by amazing sensations as I rode her home on my bike. Everything in my life seemed to change and I didn't have the slightest idea what was supposed to happen next.

I watched her go in and started my bike. The ride home was a whirl as I drove my bike way too fast and stood up in my seat, crowing with joy at the top of my lungs.
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Female POV (460 words) Bad first kiss

When I looked up at him I could see his eyes were already closed. Was he waiting for me to make the fist move or did he plan to go in blindly. I tried wrapping my hands around the back of his neck to bring him closer to my height but he wouldn’t budge.

Although already in high heels I had to lean forward on my toes more to try and get a bit of height. As I went to place my mouth over his it opened wide. I though he was going to swallow me whole. I continued hoping it would be better than I expected.

This was going to be the first time we kissed and though I knew not to expect fireworks going off in my head I hoped for a little heat. When our lips finally met mine had been completely covered. It took a second to extract my lips from his and to open my mouth slightly.

This height thing really wasn’t helping, why did I have to pick a tall guy, I suppose because he looked cute from across the room. I finally got my tongue loose and started working it into his mouth. I though he would be gentle, but it was like we were playing thumb wars. He kept trying to pin my tongue down and it was getting annoying.

I was getting to the stage where I needed to come up for air. I tried to brake away as gently as I could but he had his hand around the back of my head now as well and was holding firm. I stayed where I was for another couple of seconds before trying to disengage again. My neck was getting sore from its unnatural position.

This time I managed a brief distance between our lips before they came together again. The impact made my teeth rattle and I didn’t want to stick around with this guy all night. I got an idea and set about trying it.

I moved my hands to his ass to see what sort of response I got. In response he tried to shove his tongue further into my mouth but I could also feel the beginnings of an erection through his jeans.

I carefully moved my hands around to the front of his jeans and caressed his dick gently through the material. It had the desired effect. It shot up and that’s when I gave it a brief squeeze. The shock of this caused him to let go of me and I sucked in clean air gratefully.

I turned around and walked back into the disco. Maybe not the best way to break a kiss but what choice did I have
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I had the strongest desire to be with him. Everytime I saw him in the halls at school, I wanted to walk beside and just look at him. To me he was gorgeous. I loved everything about him, from the way he combed his hair, the way he walked and talked, the funny way he would smile if he was embarrassed. I wanted nothing more than to just be beside him, hoping he would notice me and say Hi. I saw him leave school just after me today, walking a little bit behind me. I slowed a little, hoping he would catch up and say something to me. I could smell him in the air he was so close to me. Then I heard his voice and I turned to him. "You dropped your notebook back there. Here." I looked into his eyes and melted to the ground, I didn't know what to say. "Thanks," was all I could manage, but he walked with me and talked as we continued. I couldn't help but keep looking up at him as we walked along. I was sure he noticed, because he smiled everytime I looked. When I reached my street, I didn't want to say goodbye to him. I think he felt it too. He moved his face just a fraction towards me and I closed my eyes, hoping beyond hope he would kiss me. With the lightest of touches, his lips touched mine and I felt the world had became a wonderful place for me. I dropped my books and threw my arms around his neck and pulled him to me. I pressed my lips against his and kissed him, like I did to my pillow so many times before. I felt his arms go around my waist and my whole body shook with nervous excitement. The kiss seemed to go on forever, until a voice called my name. "Kathy, time to come in." My mother of all people had just witnessed my first kiss. I broke away and saw that silly nervous smile on his face as he looked at me. I watched as he walked away, thinking of what he would be like to fuck.

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but not wondering who
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first kiss
Male POV
498 words


I offered her a warm smile, still not believing we were finally meeting face to face after weeks of nothing but e-mailed messages and nightly chat sessions. She immediately ducked her head, her eyes averting to the ground. I wasn’t sure if it was merely shyness or nerves or if she had changed her mind after seeing me in the flesh.

That thought caused my chest to clench painfully, but I pushed it away and gestured toward the building ahead. As we began walking, my hand reached out of its own accord, and to my surprise, her fingers met mine halfway. I sighed inwardly at the contact of her soft skin against my palm. Could she feel how perfectly we fit together, as if her hand had been crafted especially for mine?

My mind raced wildly with every step we took. What was she thinking? Did she want me as badly as I wanted her? Was she even remotely attracted to me? Though we’d said countless words online, this was a whole new ball game. What if her feelings were no longer the same?

As we neared the entrance to our destination, I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to tell her. Taking a quick glance around, I noticed that the area was surprisingly empty, so I stopped her, looked her in the eyes and confessed my love for her, all the while hoping and praying like mad that she felt the same, and wondering how the hell I was going to survive if she didn’t.

Her face softened, joy flitting across her features as she whispered similar words back to me. My heart soared, and I could no longer control myself. It was as if a cord inside had snapped. I may have apologized for being so forward, but I wasn’t sure. The only thing I was aware of was the fact that my lips were on hers–Oh, God, finally–and hers were on mine, and my tongue was in her mouth, and I could’ve died right then, because my soul felt whole for the first time in my life.

It was as if every single kiss I’d had up until that point meant nothing. I’d had countless kisses in my years, but not one of them compared to this one.

As our mouths moved together, I found myself fighting the primal urge within that roared out to shove her against the wall and take her for all the world to see, consequences be damned. Thankfully the love I felt for the woman in my arms was strong and pure, because it was the only thing that kept me from ripping the clothes right off her body and claiming her as mine once and for all.

Much too soon for my liking, our lips separated, and I instantly missed the contact, but I knew right then and there, no matter what happened in the days and weeks and years to come, I would never cease to love her.

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Originally Posted by matriarch View Post
Kind of restrictive to many on Lit, limiting the parameters to opposite sex.
I pretty much ignored that...
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our lips met in a thunderous crash behind the kitchen counter, as pancake batter and eggs went flying through the air as she pulled me down onto the floor so our boss wouldn't see.

When we finally came for air, staring into her blue-blue eyes, a million emotions flitted through my head.

"What was that for?" I asked in a whisper, i could hear heavy footsteps coming ever closer. just as the door opened I pulled her up close to me, covered in batter.

"It was a thank you." she said with a mysterious grin.

"what the hell is going on in here?" the boss yelled, angry.

"I was just helping her clean up the mess." i said, blushing.

the boss hurrumphed, turned around and left.

this time, I picked her up, set her on the counter and went in for another kiss. she giggled and our lips touched once more, this time much fiercer than before...

at this rate, breakfast wouldn't be ready until noon...tomorrow.
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I sat, slouched in the corner of the seat where it met the door, watching his pretty blue eyes as they looked at me with hunger. We had known each other since freshman year of high school and this was the first time that we had been together, alone, since graduation. Feelings for him I had in abundance. I have been dreaming of just this situation forever.

He slid over, looking into my eyes. I smiled reaching up and caressing his soft blond hair. I watched his lips come closer. My breath, suddenly taken from me, as the soft skin of his lips touched mine. My heart was racing as a tingling washed over me and when his hand touched my cheek, I felt the blood rush out of my head causing me to become faint. I was suddenly and wonderfully in lust.

Time stood still as his kiss went on and on. I held his head in my hands as his lips pressed hard against mine. Opening my lips in invitation his tongue invaded my mouth dancing with mine. His hand moved from my cheek only to gently caress my breast. Air exploded out of my lungs, his touch lighting the fires of passion. My chest heaved and I pulled his mouth harder against mine. With every passing minute, I was becoming more and more excited. My dreams were finally coming true.

Slowly at first, his hand slid under my blouse until his hand cupped my breast in my bra. Reaching down I pulled my bra up over my breasts so his hand would have access to my bare flesh. When his hand cupped my bare breast, I pushed him away as I tried to catch my breath. Instead of trying to kiss me again, he pressed his lips to my nipple. When his mouth opened and his wet tongue flipped across my flesh I shook with orgasm.

He pulled his mouth off my nipple raised his head and looked me in the eye. Smiling he kissed my lips gently. Moving his mouth to my ear he whispered the words I had yearned to hear.

"I love you."


This is actually not a first kiss but the first time I got the nerve up to feel her up. She loved it and acted just as I described. I did tell her I loved her, I had from sophomore year. But all good things there is an end. We split a couple of years after this.
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My fingers entwined with her coppery locks, as I gently tilted her head back to gaze into the stormy depths of her eyes. My heart beat kicked up a notch, as she swallowed a small lump in the back of her throat. I had been anticipating what was to come, but wasn't sure she was prepared. She had confided in me that that it had been over a year since she'd had any physical contact with a man. I wanted this first kiss to be on a total different level for her. I wanted to bring butterflies to the surface of her heart. I lowered my head to her forehead and held there a moment before brushing her lips with mine. Her eyelids flew open as she kissed back, her arms automatically winding up around my neck. My body heat wrapped her body, as the kiss wrapped the soul. She stood on tiptoes for better access. One hand remained cradling her head, while the other had dropped down to the small of her back, pulling her in, bringing her closer. I could tell that the touch of my hand on her skin sent little tingles throughout her body. She trembled in my arms. She caressed my cheek and sipped kisses from me parting her lips slightly. I responded with a murmur of approval and tilted her head further, deepening the kiss. Her body melted into mine. We paused mid-kiss to come up for a breath of air, not letting go of each other. I lowered my head to her neck and breathed deeply, dropping a small kiss there.

She brought my lips back to hers and nuzzled my nose in an eskimo kiss. I remarked that her nose was cold and pink and she snuggled closer to my teddy-bear warmth, saying she was already starting to warm up. My fingers brushed against the side of her breast, a feather light touch, as she resumed the kiss. The intensity was never forced and there was nothing hurried, nor frantic. I think she appreciated that about me. She had told me that with most men, she gave them an inch, softening her lips, and they'd take a mile, rushing in clumsily, ruining the moment. I was trying hard for that not to be the case with me. Part of me wanted to lift her up off her feet and carry her away. I told her that she could kick me out at any time. We broke off the kiss and descended the porch stairs, peeking up at the sky, which had cleared of rain. Stars could be seen and while she was gazing up at them, I drew her in and snuck another kiss, much to her delight. She giggled and kissed back and reluctantly pushed me away, reminding me of the hour and drive ahead. I responded with something clever about the illusion of time; which earned me another kiss. She shook her head with a smile on her face. We said goodnight. She licked her lips and turned away. I wondered if they tingled. Mine did.
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I'm obviously not a writer but wanted to try.

Hi, I'm new and not a writer but here goes,,,,

Life can change they say, forever and in an instant.
The moment I saw her, it was as if the rest of the world and it's cares, ceased to exist for me.
I knew her somehow.
I knew that I had loved her forever,
That she was the missing piece of me.
My hope to find her someday lingered beneath the life I had been living.
Since I was young she visited my dreams.
She was the one true love of my soul and she delivered a promise that she would trust me to find her someday.
The years passed though and there were these lives to be led and so we did, seperately.
I had let the world subdue the faith I had.
A little death of hope it seemed for so long but the flame stayed lit.
Maybe, I thought, we had not missed our destiny but that our day was yet to come.
I had always lost myself in fantasies of us and the time passed away until,
That moment!
I had dreamed of it so many times!
There she was!
My dream girl in the flesh!
I KNEW it was her!
I had seen her first and wondered for a moment if she would recognize me so easily too.
I was transfixed by her and from my first glance I would be lost in admiration of her every nuance.
I was as excited as a little boy in anticipation of her raising her eyes to finally meet mine.
Like a little boy tempted to run but at the same time a man that would have fought an army to get another inch closer!
It was as if every hope and desire of my soul was being fulfilled at once.
I knew even then that her approval would govern the weather of my soul.
There in the grand, open lobby of the resort that I was staying.
Her eyes scanned the area and stopped on me, they widened and I saw it!
She knew me too!
The dreams were real and she remembered!
Her jaw dropped in a confused stare and I smiled proudly as though I had travelled a million miles to rescue my Angel.
I don't know how long we stared across that place without speaking but I could read everything there was to say in her eyes.
I glanced at the entry to the gardens and back at her as we slowly began to move toward it.
I let her reach the gardens first and followed her into their depth to the place of destiny's choosing.
she held her ground as I moved to her slowly and took her FINALLY in my firm embrace.
It felt like victory and home.
It felt like validation for my faith in the power of love to conquer all else.
Like a love story greater and stronger than the world itself!
That life could now begin where this search had ended.
That true happiness was brand new and greater than even my dreams and fantasies of us.
A love written by destiny!
A love against which time and dimensions had been powerless!
I had lost myself in daydreaming of this kiss so many times!
It always felt as though you were somewhere feeling it too and that we would tell each other about it someday.
Has ever a first kiss been so anticipated as mine with my dream girl?
Is love beyond the description of words?
Yes! and I fear that I'll never stop trying, so that she knows my heart.
The heart that exists to love only her.
Can our first moment feel more like a reunion, a thousand years held in hearts made of one soul and seperated?
Our lips met gently at first and instantly it became clear that our bodies couldn't wait long for the reunion we had lusted and ached for in the freedom of our deepest secret moments.

I'll cut it here, thanks for reading!
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Welcome and good luck with your writing...everyone has a different style, for sure, but the advice I was given early on, was to 'show' not 'tell', what is going on in a scene.

I have my own idea as to how such a kiss could be described, and fortunately, I had it portrayed for me on the screen in the form of Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in a scene from the film, "The Lake House".

To set the scene: the two were outside, stepping out from a noisy party inside and they met, rather awkwardly, for the first time, and introduced themselves and talked for a few minutes. The were sitting on a stone bench when one arose, then the other, both reluctant to return to the party, so they talked some more about music...and of course, in the soundtrack, the music came up and she said she could sing and he asked her to...she declined but said, "I can dance..."

They both cautiously and tentatively assumed the normal dancing posture, hand in hand, arm around waist, arm around shoulders, and began dancing very slowly, barely moving their feet.

I'll take it from there and put it in first person from the man's point of view....and let's see what happens:

She met my eyes as we made the first few exploratory steps; her hand was warm and smooth in mine, I felt her fingers on my back, lightly and I opened my palm on her back and felt the silky touch of her blouse and the warm flesh beneath.

We remained several inches apart for a few steps and then the distance between us lessened and I could see her breath in the cold night air. I inhaled deeply and just a slight scent of her perfume teased my nose.

Mutually, it seemed, we both moved closer until we were touching, the exciting tingle of her thighs against mine the startling softness of her breasts against my chest; I think we both experienced a sharp inhale of breath as our two bodies became as one.

The scent of her hair overwhelmed me and I breathed it in as deeply as I could, I felt her hand move across to the back of my head, fingers into my hair and I drew her closer with my hand low on her waist and buried my face in her hair until I could sense the warmth and the scent from her neck, jush behind an ear.

I was aroused and felt it happen, just as her breath quickened and she clung closer and our dance turned into just a sensual swaying to the music without movement.

I didn't kiss her throat, but moved my lips along the line of her jaw and to her chin and then drew back and raised my head and my eyes and gazed into hers. It was there, as it must have been in mine, the question asked, answered and given in a tiny movement at the corners of her mouth and then a quick glance down and up again with her lips slightly parted and both our breaths mingle in short, quick bursts of visible air.

I slowly moved my cheek against hers and moved my face slightly, thrilling at the smooth, warm flesh of her face; I move my lips to her chin, pulled back and looked into her eyes again, they seemed clouded and lost in the physical emotion of the moment. She glanced at my lips and back to my eyes as I lowereed my lips to the corner of her mouth, this time kissing lightly to her cheek and back to her lips and now she answered the motion of my lips with her own, took a deep breath, pulled back just slightly and turned her face to accept my lips.

We breathed each others breath and gently explored our lips, gentle here, sliding there, gentle again and then the kiss became all consuming as I pulled her hard against me and she rose to me and put both arms around my back.

We stood apart again, gasping, staring, trying to sense the wonder and the meaning of that first intimate encounter.


well...such as it is...without an edit or a redraft....

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First Kiss with a Colleague

It's almost eight p.m. -- normally I would have left this office three hours ago -- and my stomach is uncomfortably empty. She and I are the last people in this office, working to finish a project for which our psychopathic boss will no doubt take full credit later.
My colleague and I have worked together now for five months. When she first started I naturally noticed that she had a hot little body under her power suit, but I didn't think much more about it until a couple of months ago, when we began working closely together for our asshole boss. Then I started to daydream about her, delicious pornographic fantasies involving elevator cock-sucking and fucking up against the break room wall. In real life, though, she has behaved almost primly.
Now she and I stand very close by her desk, reviewing together the spreadsheets in her hand. My eyes slide from the papers to her earnest profile: it's cameo-clean, beautiful in even in the office's ugly fluorescent luminosity. Suddenly I feel a yearning fondness, and I'm startled to realize that I really like this woman. I want to kiss her. She feels my stare and turns to look at me, gently dropping the papers on her desk. I resist the self-protective impulse to turn away -- I look into her hazel eyes, waiting for an answer. She blushes, and slightly parts her lips. Her eyes soften into a languid, creamy look. I smile in answer, my heart pounding, and pull her body to mine. I feel her heat through the cotton and worsted wool. She leans into my chest, pressing her breasts against me as I press my lips against hers -- mouth opening mouth, tongues touching gently at first...my growling stomach is forgotten.
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