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After finishing the set of videos and testing things at the mall, Steve couldn't believe hypnosis was this easy, even for disagreeable tasks.

"Fuck, NOW what do I do?"
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lost in the abyss
trembling, moaning, gasping
clutching at the edges of infinity
begging, scratching, biting
a shattering scream
Porn will set you free!

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Saw Her Next To The Pool

I stepped outside and
saw her laying naked and
wet next to the pool.

And when she saw me,
I dropped my trunks and had
her suck my hard dick.
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Modern Marriage

She walked down the aisle wearing only thigh-high boots; not a blushing bride!

While she fucked her latest husband, the bridesmaid did a striptease and sucked the best man's cock.
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How The Model Turned The Photographer On

I snapped a few pics
before she opened her legs
and flashed her juicy pussy.

I dropped my pants and
camera and let myself
probe the cunt of that hottie.
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Dirty in 30

Phone lights.
Wife, from back home.
Tit pic.
Thanks! I respond.
She sends back a heart.
Forward pic to mistress.
Response: mine are better.
Otherwise you’d only have hubby.
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