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She steps out from the shower, water darkening the bathmat by her feet.

I'm greeted by the smell of jasmine wafting from the bathroom as she wraps her auburn hair.

Her body is a visual delight, goosebumps on creamy skin.

I wake, sweating and alone. It was not to be.
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I heard the piano string break as he played the Mozart piece last night and at that moment I felt a sense of profound pleasure at having experienced a moment that was real, so exquisitely real. A piano string breaking, a clock stopping, an actor forgetting his lines. Beautiful, real moments.
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An aureole of light frames her head as I look up at her silhouetted atop me.

Her breasts stand out in proud defiance of her age, supported by my rough palms.

I can feel the pressure of her legs on my ribs as she leans back in ecstasy, finishing us simultaneously.
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Her legs lay open, stretched pussy exposed. He was at her mouth. She tasted herself on him. Licked him clean. He had told her to. She was bound. Blindfolded. She did not want to. This was her only way to freedom he had said. She had no choice.
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"Behavior is character or is it?" Rachel wondered this to herself silently as she watched outside the cafe window while her lover Blake was having a drink with the other woman. His hand covered that woman's hand while Rachel stood alone in the rain watching.
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He sits in a booth and appears to be reading the newspaper that hangs into his lap.

Really, he’s looking at the blond mom one booth over. Her clingy sweater reveals her form, and her hair is ordered and shiny.

He rubs it furtively with fingertips. Uh-oh! It goes off.
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I’d seen that pale suicide nightmare redhead in her short skirt a million times before just sitting contemplatively at the bus stop. This time, however, she opened her knees and displayed her uncloaked sex. It was moist and shimmered in the low amber morning sunlight. She got on the 108.
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Exclamation naked before a thousand eyes.

I removed the single robe covering my breasts and
bottom. I saw a flash and heard a distant noise.

untraceable again.

the chair rocked in unison with my hands across my pussy.
as i came, he showed himself and came all over my body...

his cum tasted sweet as rain.
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The Lonely

“Yes... did you have something to say?” The mousy librarian said with expectation in response to the slightest of sounds that had emerged from his mouth just as she turned.

He did, but couldn’t. “... No.” He said, defeated.

The regret of each built with each step that parted them.
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A red dot forms in the pristine white gauze.

They had once been as heavenly bodies locked in each other’s gravitational pull.

Now she is not so much as a dream or apparition.

Her shoulders shake and she turns away.

He takes her unfamiliar hand and says. “Don’t cry, Miss.”

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The nude blond hitches up her stockings.

Her client’s face is emblazoned with a smile as he lay on his back cradling his head in the nested palms of his hands.

While wriggling into her dress: “A man will call tomorrow and tell you what to do.”

His expression sours.

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I imagine you

Closing my eyes I imagine you.
I smile forms on my lips and a warm throbbing sensation flows from my groin.
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He pulled his head out of the window. I stared. He seemed poised. I noticed his hand on my door handle. I allowed him to open it. Unbuckling my seat belt, I swung my feet around, planting them on the ground. My body faced his, feet spread apart, eyes challenging.
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They met. They kissed. They coupled. He came. She didn't. She went.

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Roughly, I throw her on the bed.


I take my time undressing, keeping a careful eye on her.

"Please?" she begs.

I pull her fleeing body back by her matted hair. "Are you ready?" I whisper acidly in her hear.

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You did say 50 words?

As he held her wrists above her head she recalled the tingle that began between her thighs on first seeing him in the bar.

"I want you," he said, hours later.

"I need you," she replied.

And then, his body hot against hers, his cock demanded and she yielded willingly.
JT Harding

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Two hours before she learned not to speak without permission. Four before she learned not to cry out unless she wanted double the punishment. Two days before she had to be told not to deliberately get herself in trouble. No matter how much she liked it.
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I whisk sugar to butter, fluffy golden clouds, then turn then stormy with a shower of cocoa. I fold and smooth, bake my soul into your delights, and watch you consume it, all unknowing.
Trouble comes in threes; The weather, the Devil, and me.

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Ring, ring.

"Yes, yes!"

Drive, drive.



Drink, drink.

Wink, wink.

Giggle, giggle.

Smile, smile.

Lean, lean.

Kiss, kiss.

Nibble, nibble.

Purr, purr.

Drive, drive.

Knock, knock.

"Out, out!"

Climb, climb.

Lick, lick.

suck, suck.

Thrust, thrust.

moan, moan.

Squirt, squirt.

Cuddle, cuddle.

Zzzzz, Zzzzz.

Ring, ring.

"Uh oh."
"She's just like potato salad -- creamy and delicious!"

My stories: ben's stuff
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The train rattles and sways.
A young man nervously rubs his hands together.
If he can't find her all hope is lost.
She walks benighted streets -rain slick and leaf pasted - searching out her quarry.
His train is late, her victim early.
She sinks a wicked fang.
Abandon all hope.
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The Oblivious Tourist

Heavy white flakes fall slantwise to earth.
Strangers two hours ago, they share a blanket watching the snow pile on the tarmac.
Do you know how hard it is to find privacy in an airport?
Does he not notice the faces, breathing, or movement under the covers?
Damn oblivious tourists!

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This is a little more than 50 words but enjoy

excerpt from Training Taylor - to be released in the spring of 2011 - sequel to Breaking Taylor

“What would you like to do today?” He asked as I stood and hugged him back. I truly love feeling his arms around me, the warmth of his skin, the scent of his body. My physical need for him has grown over the last several weeks.
“Do I have to say it?” I smiled as I stepped away. He had the most adorable impish grin sometimes. He wore that grin now. I hoped he would say yes. I remember when all I wanted was to not be bound. Now I can’t wait for him to bind me.
“You’re sure you want this?” He asked looking a bit more serious.
“You know I am.” I wanted it more than I had ever wanted anything in my life. I wanted to feel what he could make my body do, needed it even. The sensations were like a drug, obsessive and addictive and I don’t think I could ever get enough of it. A devilish idea came to mind. Maybe one day we could switch roles and I could give him a fraction of the pleasure he gives me. Maybe, someday.
“All right, we should start with something simple.” He said with a smile. He took my hands and led me to the king size bed, lifted me and lay me in the middle of it. I was blushing a little, partly from excitement and partly because I had embarrassed myself about being so open with my desire.
“What do you have in mind?” I teased, knowing he wouldn’t tell me.
“No, it’s a surprise. Close your eyes and keep them closed.” He instructed as he got off the bed. I closed my eyes and patiently waited for him.
“You are such a spoil sport.” I said as he sat down beside me.
“Do you want the water?” He asked. We had not been together without it since he started the training.
“We won’t need it.” I said with a smile on my face, and I knew this was true. Just the idea of what was about to happen had all ready lit a fire in me. The memory of the pleasure made me restless wanting it now.
“Are you sure?” he asked as he slid a blindfold on me.

“Positive.” I replied. I felt his lips brush mine ever so lightly and I trembled in anticipation under them. I reached out for him and he took my wrists as he climbed over me. The clicking of the zip tie no longer frightened me. I still had the bracelets and now I knew I would probably never take them off. He tied my hands to the headboard and began undressing me.
“You’re sure about this?” He asked again as he kissed my neck, unbuttoned my blouse and kissed my breast.
“Yes.” I wanted to tell him to hurry, but I also wanted this to last so I could relish every second of it. His hands explored me, caressing me as his lips kissed me lightly all over. He slid my panties off and discarded them. The heat of his mouth shocked me. I moaned deeply when he kissed me. I wanted that warmth, needed it and he was willing to give it to me.
“Oh Taylor, I never imagined this.” He whispered as his hand found my cleft and buried itself in my vagina. I gasped as his fingers sunk inside of me. My back arched and he kissed my neck. I thought I would release right there it was such a sensation. I felt my wetness and my throbbing against his hand and my hips rocked with him. My need grew quickly, much more quickly than I had anticipated. I tugged at my wrists. I wanted to wrap my arms around him, but not being able to sent me into a heated frenzy of need.
“David, don’t stop.” I cried as he brought me up higher and higher. I wanted him to take me. I needed him inside of me. His fingers were relentless in driving me up with pleasure. His mouth hot with desire teased me as he kissed me with feather light kisses. He slowly pulled his hand back and entered me. I moaned so loudly I thought the whole house must have heard it. We rocked together, riding the passion with every ounce of our being. It consumed us and for a time our two bodies were one in passion.
“Taylor, my sweet Taylor is this what you need?” He breathed in my ear. I had not expected it to be near this intense. I needed it so much I had tears in my eyes, this time from pleasure.
“Yes.” I whispered breathlessly as he brought me higher with need. I felt him inside of me, throbbing, growing larger with the expectation of pending release. I wanted him more than I had ever wanted anything before. He somehow knew this and granted me the release my body needed. As we climaxed he gripped my hips tightly as he kissed me deeply. The sudden power of the orgasm took my breath. As he relaxed beside me I gasped in the remaining contractions of the orgasm.
“I could do this all day.” He breathed into my ear.
“Me too.” I exclaimed in surprise with myself. I wanted to feel the need for release like he does to me every time he touches me. I wanted him to drive me insane before giving it to me. But how could I tell him?
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I didn’t know what I was getting into when I kissed your mouth that morning. You took me at the end of the day, and I stretched wide for you to let you sink deep into my heart. The feel of it amazed me. Too bad you pulled out.

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Originally Posted by honeybites View Post
Short stories under 50 words. Inspire some new ideas. Amaze yourself. Make someone wet.
Originally Posted by turner28 View Post
This is a little more than 50 words but enjoy
Since the thread is for Short stories under 50 words, try to follow the parameters as others do. You posted over 900 words, which is not even close.

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Stuck on a sheet of ice behind a backlog of semis for a day.
She was shivering and exhausted, but dared not use the gas.
The gritty, but handsome, trucker invited her into the warmth of his cab.
She excepted his offer and his conditions.
The rest was soon forgotten.
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