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Exclamation What Can Make My First Story That I Have Ever Written Better?


My First Time In Las Vegas

"good morning mom," I said as I ran down the stairs. "good morning sweetie, did you sleep well?" "Yes thanks, so mom I was wondering if you ask dad if it was ok if I went to Arizona with Chris and Jenna?" "Yes sweetie and we agreed that you shouldn't go..." she paused as I lowered my head. " unless you take this can of pepper spray and your very own cell phone and you call us twice a day, Ok?" I jumped for joy and ran and hugged her. " Oh thank you mom I love you both." This was my first time going on a trip without my parents. I just had my eighteenth birthday and mom and dad is finally giving me a chance to prove to them that I am becoming a reasonable adult. I ran upstairs to pack and call Chris and Jenna and tell them that my parents said yes. The next day we were to take off on our trip to Arizona, so we all met at the high school parking lot. We said our goodbyes to our parents and went on our way. "I cant believe we are finally taking a parent free trip," Jenna said. Jenna was eighteen and Chris was the oldest , he was twenty-one. We drove and drove for hours finally I told them to pull over that I had to use the restroom. We pulled in to this truck stop and we all decided to get something to eat while we were here. Chris got a table while Jenna and I went to the restroom. "Can you believe that we are finally alone with Chris," Jenna ask. Looking at Jenna I was afraid to agree cause I did not know if she knew that I had the same feelings for him as she did, and if she did have them how would she react to me having them too. Jenna paused from fixing her hair, looked at me and said. " Tracy, it is ok I know you are attracted to Chris it is ok, what girl wouldn't, he is the star of the college football team. "Looking at her I said "Yes. I have always had a crush on him." We finish freshen up and head to the table with Chris. smiling at him we set with him and order. " So, Chris, where we goanna stay tonight?" we ask him. "Well girls, I was thinking we drive a few more miles to Las Vegas and get a room there is that ok?" We look at each other and both say "Yes" at the same time. "Umm, Chris, Can we get a room together cause we need to be protected by a big strong man like you," Jenna said seductively. I looked at Jenna and whispered in a stern voice, "what are you doing?" "Trust me," she said with a smile on her face. I just looked at her and nodded, ok. "Well ladies if that is what you want of course we can." Chris stated. After we ate we went on our way to Las Vegas. After three more hours on the road we finally made it to the hotel. "One room with king size bed, please," Chris told the clerk. "Yes sir, that will be $150 dollars please." "Wow that is a lot of money, here Chris," I said as I handed him $50 dollars'. "Here is my half too," Jenna said. "Ok, here you go sir" Chris said as he handed the clerk the money. Jenna and I went to the room as Chris was getting the luggage. "Jenna, you know I am still a virgin." "Yes Tracy, don't worry if you don't want to do anything we don't have too ok?" "Ok, but I don't want to be a party pooper." "Tracy your not a party pooper, we both want you to be comfortable with this, this trip was for your enjoyment and learning remember?" "Of course I remember," I said smiling. Just them we herd a loud knock at the door. "Let me in this stuff is heavy." Jenna and I laughed and let him in. "Thanks ladies, what do you all have in there a dead body," he said laughing. "Noooo," Jenna and I said at the same time. "Chris, since you are the oldest can you go out and get us some vodka and dr. pepper?" I ask. "Sure anything else?" "Well," Jenna said "Yes get me some Rum and coke, Please." "Ok I'll be back in 10 minutes," he said as he walked out the door. Jenna and I at the same time went through our luggage and found our makeup, perfume, nighties, and bathrobes. "So lets go take a shower while he is gone and freshen up," Jenna stated. "Ok," I said as I followed her. I turned on the shower and fixed the water to the right tempeture. As I turned around I could not help but to watch her slowly take off her shirt. Her breast was a 38D and perfect. I found myself getting aroused, I never looked at a woman in this way before, what was going on? Suddenly Jenna walked over to me, but I was couldn't stop looking at her. She walked over to me and grabbed my hand and put it on her breast. I wanted to pull away but I couldn't. Suddenly I found myself leaning down to lick her nipples and suck on her breast. What was going on with me? She pulled me up to her lips and we kissed for the first time. Oh my God, What a kiss! She pulled my shirt off and started kissing and caressing my breast. Oh my God, I am so wet I have never wanted someone like I do her, but why? We kissed again and finally took off our pants and thongs. I looked at her pussy and she was so clean shaved. I looked down at mine in comparison and I was clean but with a little patch of hair. I though to my self, I have to shave completely. We both got in the shower and cleaned each other. While she was washing her hair I jumped out and shaved my pussy and legs and hopped back in. As she finished rinsing her hair I watched the water pour off her tits and down her legs and to her pussy. I just wanted to kiss her all over, I found myself kissing her tits and working my way down to her pussy. I pause and looked at her, she nodded as to show me approval and she spreaded her legs. I had no idea what I was doing, or if I was doing it right. So I started by kissing her inner thighs and close to her pussy lips. She seemed to be enjoying it cause she mooned and moved her hips. "Oh don't tease me, Please" she said. I opened her pussy lips with one hand and started to lick her clit. When I did that she exploded quick. I thought to myself "wow I must have done something right." Then she pulled me up to her and kissed me. She turned me around and pushed me against the wall. "Now it is your turn," she said. I was so turned on and nervous at the same time, what was I to do or say? She started by kissing me then working her way to my tits. The closer she got to my pussy the more excited I seemed to be getting. She made her way down to my dripping wet pussy and started kissing and licking it and fingering the clit. "OH MY GOD I'M CUMMING" I screamed with pleasure. About that time Chris walked in to the room. "Hay what is going on in there ladies, a party and didn't wait for me," he chuckled. Jenna and I hurried up and finished showering and got dressed. "Sorry about that it was kind of a spur of the moment thing," I said bashfully. "Its ok Tracy I was Joking." "So who wants a drink," Chris ask. We do, Jenna and I said. So we all started drinking and listing to music. I started feeling sexy again, must be the drinks. "lets play strip poker," Jenna stated. "Ok," Chris and I said. As Jenna was dealing I got up and turned the music to something a bit more romantic. Then I went back to set on the bed with them. Thinking to myself this is going to be a night that ill never forget. The first hand Chris won with a full house. Jenna and I had to take off something and remind you all we had on was our robes, nighties, and thongs. So Jenna and I took off our thongs. The next hand Jenna won with three of a kind. Chris took off his shirt and I took off my robe. So I was setting there with just my nightie on, Jenna had her rode and nightie and Chris had his pants and boxers on. What came to be the final hand I won, with a straight. So Jenna took off her robe and Chris Took off his pants. Jenna and I just looked at him, he was so hot, and what a bulge As he set back down he ask us to lean over to him so we did and he kissed us at the same time. We kicked off the covers and everything on it. We layed beside him on the bed, Jenna on one side and I on the other. He leaned up and scooted Jenna and I together and got on top of us and kissed us again, and then kissing our tits and playing with Jenna's pussy as he was kissing me and playing with my tits. Then after a little he played with my pussy and kissed her tits and her. Then he got up and told us to take off our nighties so we did, and he took off his boxers. There he was nude in front of us and wow what a package. We got back in bed, this time with him on the bottom and us on our knees at his side. We kissed him and worked our way down to his big thick cock. Jenna on one side of it and I on the other we licked his shaft and sucked him so good. Then after a while he sat up and layed me down on the bed and started eating my pussy. "Oh yes Chris." Jenna was under him sucking his dick as he was eating me. Oh my I feel like im in heaven. After a while he stopped and turned me over and slowly pushed his rock hard cock in my wet tight pussy. "Ooh" Jenna was laying beside me, he was fingering her pussy as he was fucking me. "Yes Chris fuck me, give me that hard cock!" He stopped with me and went to Jenna and fucked her for a while. While he was fucking her he fingered me and Jenna and I was kissing. Jenna and I played with each others clit while he fucked us and after we go off we took over and made him lay down. We started sucking him and then Jenna got on his face and I started to ride his cock. We all fucked all night long and well we never made it to Arizona. We stayed in the hotel there in Las Vegas for the rest of the trip fucking. To say the least I will never forget Las Vegas. Jenna, Chris and I go back there every summer, and have the most amazing summer vacation that three people can have.
The End
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I really don't know.

How about the rest of you guys?

Any ideas?
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