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Depict scene: Lovers meeting face to face for first time – Depict sexual *TENSION*...


This scene depicts the moments BEFORE the lovers start having sex… So it’s NOT about the actual sex acts…

Tried this one here before…

Would like to see how other writers would do the same scene…

I wondered what it would be like for a man to walk into a room, and see this waiting for him:

It’s a “cuckold” story.

A stud has been hired to impregnate a woman. A venue has been chosen for the impregnation to be carried out. The stud and the woman have not met up until this moment.

The stud is a Caucasian man. The woman is Asian Indian.

The woman is a virgin. She is an “ingénue” type character – beautiful, sweet-natured, and innocent.

The stud is a wild hulk of a man.

He walks into the room, finds the young woman waiting for him there.

She is naked from the waist above. When the stud walks into the room, she reflexively flings her arms across her breasts, trying desperately to guard what remains of her dignity. But she becomes aroused as the man walks closer and closer to her. She also finds that the sensation of her own palms upon her nipples is pleasurable.

As she looks into his eyes, she becomes more and more sexually aroused, but also feels fear, shyness and nervousness.

So, the “challenge” is to depict the scene in words…

Depict the female character –
• her beauty
• her youthfulness
• the sweetness, innocence, and vulnerability in her eyes
• the exquisite, well-proportioned, statuesque curvaceousness of her form
• how nervous she is, and also how aroused she is
Depict the male character –
• his virility
• he is a walking volcano of lust
• description of the man must be such that a female reader would become aroused by reading it.

The male character looks something like this:

The male character represents strength, power, energy, wildness – he is a hulking, brutish, savage, beastly caveman, with a wild temper, which almost threatens to erupt into violence at the slightest provocation.

The female character is a sweet, gentle, innocent, nervous young woman, beautiful, nubile, submissive, timid and vulnerable. The fullness of her breasts, and the rich, healthy pinkness of her nipples, should be described in loving poetic detail.

I want the scene to depict how she is frightened as the stud walks into the room, how she is flooded with so many thoughts and urges, she almost doesn’t even fully understand what she feels… she is so intensely nervous, she is getting breathless, her shapely breasts rising and falling beautifully. As the stud gazes at her breasts, her lips start quivering, she starts trembling.

Describe the scene up to the point when the stud reaches out to touch the woman for the first time... the scene need not be described any further than that...

So… would like to see what other writers do with the idea…

By all means, take a look at my previous attempt...

HERE (click link) is the best example of the style of erotica I'm aiming to write.

Would be grateful for feedback/development on my story ideas: "Niyoga", "Tidying Up", "Nymphomaniac Office Bully", "Flower".

They are all "vanilla" stories, with the female protagonists being from India.

I don't expect I'm ever going to find the time to develop the ideas into fully written stories, so I'd be grateful if anyone would like to do that (i.e. develop the ideas into fully-written stories).

Most of the female protagonists in my stories are based on women I've been attracted to in real life... female friends, female acquaintances, female colleagues, etc.

If I could get them to read my stories, and if they felt GENUINELY flattered, or even sexually aroused, then I've succeeded as a writer.

Do visit my blog, folks... (Actually, I haven't updated my blog in a loooooooong time... and it's almost certainly going to a long time yet before I get round to doing so)...
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A little disappointed that no-one's given this a try...

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Originally Posted by erotica_n_s View Post
A little disappointed that no-one's given this a try...
I'd hint that part of the lack of response is that your prompt is too specific and doesn't let the creative be inspired.

My suggestion, for your next prompt, is to look present it as a peek into a moment of sexual tension. All the details you outlined are things you find erotic, but you don't take into consideration where the story is being made... so something that is erotic to you might not be erotic to someone else.

- Two lovers: why stop at two? Could be a threesome, or two couples meeting for the first time.... again. you're initial boundary has snuffed a person's ability to create their worn world.

- A man walks into a room: in 5 words, you've basically told all the female writers in this forum that you're not interested in their POV; same with homosexual couples; etc. etc.

- The woman is Asian Indian: this is the heart of your own personal fantasy, one that not many (as beautiful as South East Asian women can be) might be able to connect with for an infinite number of reasons.

- Everything Else: it's just a bullet list of things you find erotic. So the immediate response for me is "Why waste my time, I don't find any interest in any of this."

Your post essentially forces your fantasy on another person, and you ask that person to create a universe they don't have much room to play in because of the constrains of your erotic needs.

Remember that a prompt is a catalyst for someone else to roam and build something from scratch. It's like the moment before you kiss someone for the first time... how excited would you be if that person's family was standing next to you with an outlined list of when you will get married, when and how you will have sex, how many kids you will have, and what their names will be, etc., etc. Would you even want to continue with the kiss at that point?

For example, if you mess around with your subject line and pair it down to "Lovers meeting face to face for first time" -- this would let someone empathize with that position because we've all been there before, and creativity takes over from there.

Good luck with your next prompt!
-- HU
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