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First Time BJ

I want to suck a mans cock for the first time. Any tips? I have never done this before and want it to be good for the guy. I know what it's like to have a girl do it to me and have an idea of what to od....fondle balls, lick them, and tease and every thing, but as far as full blown sucking goes, i'm a complete novice. I want it to be great for him and would love to swallow, just was wondering if there's any tips from some "pros" out here. The hardest part of al of this will be finding the right guy but that's another story!
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My sympathies to you. I'm in the same situation!
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Originally Posted by Locknuts View Post
My sympathies to you. I'm in the same situation!
Seems to be pretty common.
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Originally Posted by Dreamer110 View Post
Seems to be pretty common.
Yes it does
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Originally Posted by J1biboi View Post
Yes it does

Quite common for sure.
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