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New Author - Hello to Everyone!


I am new here but very excited to have joined. I don't have a wide spectrum of stories, just chapters in a book I'm working on (to date 3 chapters posted and 3 more pending), but the book has a wide spectrum of sexual themes.

I know it's not for everyone and this is actually an altered version of the original I wrote to attempt to make it slightly more mainstream (if that's a thing here). I am grateful to be able to post it here as I don't know of any other avenue to publish sexually explicit books. I consider that a shame that violence is so much more excepted than sex (at least here in the USA).

At any rate I hope to find like minded authors to share ideas with.

Thanks and I hope to hear from you!

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Good little witch.
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A welcome for the little newbie from the good little witch.
"When did I go from the good little witch to the not good enough for you little witch?"
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The good little witch writes naughty things.
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Dirty Old Man
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Welcome to the madhouse.

Sexually explicit books? We're supposed to write sexually explicit books?

Now you tell me.
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Why yes, I am a dirty old man. Thanks for asking.

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Hi and welcome!
"No one writes trash like you, Jo." - bluebell
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Welcome to the madness.
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Please don't ever ask the question. The answer is going to be different depending on which of us last submitted a story.

What takes 72 hours to a week? *double jeopardy music playing*
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Mallory Heart Surgeon.
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