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Smile Lisa

No Good

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Smile Lisa Sucks Daddy

I walked up to Daddy Jack in my schoolgirl outfit, still licking the lollipop. I wiggled my hips as I ground into Daddy's groin, feeling his hard cock rub against the bare thighs above my stocking tops. A rope of pre-cum rubbed against my leg, mixing with the juice eminating from my pussy at what Daddy said. "You remember the first time you sucked my cock, don't you?" he said smiling at me.

"Oh, yes, Daddy, I remember it so well." I took the lollipop and started licking it with my tongue right in front of Daddy's face. He started licking it too and our tongues entwined and mixed with the juices of the red hot candy. "mmmmm.." I said.

I got down on my nyloned knees, just like Daddy told me and started licking his juicy cock.

"MMMM...yes, I remember it was the Daddy/daughter...brother/sister dance at school..."I said looking up at him taking a few sucks of his cock, licking at the pre-cum.

"You took me to the Slutty Dress Shop in town and picked out an emerald green satin mini dress....(suck..suck)...The front of the dress tied in the back of my neck and the straps formed a Vee to my belly button, ....(suck..suck)..the straps barely covered my nipples and my tits stuck out the sides..(MMM...suck..suck..) The skirt part was flared and barely covered the tops of the black French silk seamed stockings you bought me, along with an emerald green garter belt. bikini panties and 4"heels...(suck...suck...suck..)

Daddy looked down at me smiling.."Yes, Lisa...mmmmm..that feels soooo good...go on..tell me more."

"You watched me, dressed so handsom in your tuxedo, as I was getting dressed and when I sat on the bed to put on my stockings, you asked if you could help. I think you loved running your big strong hands along my sexy legs as you carefully hooked the garter bet to my stocking tops." (slurp...suck...suck).

'MMMM...yes...slut Lisa...yes..I did." Daddy's hips started moving faster.

"Then you leaned down and lick my nylons, along the seam, from my heels, slowly up along my legs...to the tops of my stockings, along the garter strap and then...finally...(suck..suck..slurp..) "..to my wet panties. God it felt so good...'EAT ME DADDY....EAT ME...OOOOHHH' ....my hips bucked on the bed and I held your head against my dripping hot pussy...I couldn't control myself...and the you made me cummmm....'OHHHHHYESSSSSSSFUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKMMMMMMM"

I rubbed his cock all over my face and continued.."When we drove to the dance you ran you hand up and down my silky black stocking legs and told me to always sit like a slut with my legs open and my skirt up around my waist, and you pushed my dress up showing you my wet sheer emerald green panties." (Suck...suck, slurp..)"Your fingers continued to play with me as we pulled up to the front door, making me on the verge of cumming again."


"When we got to the dance a half hour late because of your talented tongue my girlfriends, Amy and Angela, who are twins met us at the door. Angela was wearing a red satin mini dress and Amy was wearing a black satin mini dress. Of course they were wearing black hose and 4"heels. Their dresses were so tight that their nipples were poking through the satin material and their garter straps were showing through the tightness of their skirts. Like me, their makeup was on the slutty side. We sat at the table with Rafael their father and Kevin their brother.

"God yes...go on Lisa....tell me more...mmmmmm...you looked so hot that night, just like right now....mmm," Daddy said. I looked up at him in my white see though blouse, my red plaid pleated mini skirt which was flared out above my waist, my white hose, held up by a red satin garter belt and red high heels.

"Angela and Amy said they needed some help in the back room to reach for something that was on a high shelf and since you were the tallest gentleman there, they took you by the hand to "help" them."

"Then Rafael and Kevin slid their chairs close to me, our knees touching under the table. Kevin said he loved how my dress looked and how he loved seeing my 1"nipples sticking through the satin materal. He started to caress my nipple though my dress. I started squirming on my seat." SUCK....SUCK...SLURP..

" Rafael immediately put his hand on my knee and said how he loved the silkiness of my stockings and started rubbing his hand higher....higher...to the tops of my nylons. He told me to open my legs for him and I did...just like you told me to do in the car. Kevin put his other hand on my other leg and started caressing that, marveling at the silky texture...their hands ran along my garter straps and Rafael was the first on to touch my wet panties. 'she's already wet, my son,' Rafael said. Kevin ran his fingers along my bare thighs and touched my panties too. My hands didn't know what to do so I reached down to feel their cocks through their tuxedo pants. They were raging hard." SUCK SUCK SUCK

"Then what, Lisa....?"you asked. Again I rub you cock all over my face and then start licking it like the lollipop.

"Their fingers probed and searched, flicking my clit and my slit under my panties. My head was leaning back in the seat. My emerald green satin mini dress was along my waist. A nipple was sticking out of my dress and Rafael was sucking on it. I glanced toward the dance floor where daughters were dancing with their daddy's or their brothers in tight embraces...the girls were all elegantly slutty attired in satin dresses and heels and hose. Some of the girls dresses were pulled up from behind where their daddy's or brothers hands were squeezing their asses. One Daddy had her daughter with her back to the wall and he was fucking her silly in her mauve tight prom dress, her black seamed stocking legs were wrapped around his waist. On one of the tables, another girl was laying on her back being eaten by her father while she was sucking another girl's dad. Her dark blue satin dress was around her waist and her navy nyloned legs were sticking up in the air, her spike heels pointing at the ceiling."SUCKING...MUMMMM...YESSS...YOUR GETTING BIGGER

" From time to time I heard more moaning on the dance floor and I knew that some of the girls were getting fucked while they were dancing.
My hips started bucking on the chair and I noticed you coming back with Angela and Amy, only this time your arms were around them squeezing their asses. I saw strips of white slimey goo was decorating part of their dresses, by their tits and their skirts. Their lipstick was smeared and their shoulder straps were hanging off of their shoulders. They were leaning into you as they walked with you. I saw you smiling. Then, all of a sudden, the flicking of my clit, the fingers probing my cunt, the sucking of my tit, the moans from the dance floor sent me over the edge in a powerful orgasm. My screaming moans mingled with the moans coming from the dance floor.

"Angela came over to sit on Kevin's lap and Amy sat on her fathers lap, straddling him and facing him. She leaned down to give him a very passionate, sloppy kiss. Both of the guys took their fingers that were enjoying my twat and stuck them in the girl's mouths."

"You told me you wanted to dance and took my hand. As I got up from the chair you saw my dress up above my wet panties and my garter straps and nylons on display. You put your arms around me and told me you were very proud of me that I'm going to be a wonderful slut. I wanted to know what you did with Angela and Amy but you were holding me so tight and I could feel you cock rubbing against my satin covered pussy. I wanted you to fuck me right there on the dance floor.


"Then the Principal Horn made an announcement for Slut Queen of the Year. "The runners up slut for St.Lawrence Unity Trinity School are Amy and Angela Morgan. Amy and Angela were escorted by their father and brother to the stage and received a small tiara. "and the winner is....."LISA WARREN!!!!" I was so happy I jumped up and down, you took me in your arms and kissed me. We walked up to the stage and you put a tiara on my head."

"Now ladies and gentlemen, the Queen Slut Lisa will dance with her father."
We had a very slow dance and, the spotlight and video camera was on us as your rubbed your hands up and down my back,...feeling my ass through my satin dress....pinching my ass..feeling along my garter straps and then finally pulling my dress up in back for all the audience to see. Cheers went up in the crowd. I could see daughters hanging on to their daddy's or brothers squeezing their cocks as they looked at us, male hands were down the front of dresses, everyone was in ecstacy. The smell of pussy juice and cum permeated the air." LICK....LICK...

"Hurry, damnit Lisa.....I almost ready but I want to wait for the ending," Daddy groaned, knowing what the ending was because he has a copy of the video, but wanting to hear it from my sucking lips.

"Then the principal said that since I was Slut Queen, I got to suck off my Daddy in front of everyone, and after that all the males could have me suck them off. I looked at you and you smiled..."yes...Lisa, my slut,...you will do this"

"They placed a matress on the dance floor and I got on my knees in front of you. Angela and Amy were on each side of me as all the men got in a line, 25 on each side. Angela and Amy would suck their cocks to get them ready for the blast of cum they would bestow upon me. Their tight satin dresses were above their nylons tops, just like me and their tits were hanging out the tops of their sexy dresses."

"Hurry Lisa...hurrymmmmmmmmm, I remember how hot they looked"your hips moved faster and faster.

"I pulled your zipper down and put your cock in my mouth. I could see lipstick traces which were not my color, but the color of Angela's and Amy's lipstick. I sucked and sucked and you bucked your hips and soon cum was flying out of your cock, hitting my lips and the videographer zoomed in on the cum shooting all over my cheeks. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM...YESSSSSS...COVER MY FACCCE, DADDDDY.." I exclaimed. I'm soo glad that the first blowjob I gave was to you, Daddy."

"Angela and Amy were sucking the next in line guy's cocks getting them ready as you were cumming because the principal said they had only 1 minute each to start cumming on my face. Most of them came in less than 30 seconds."

"As a guy on each side of my face stuck their raging cock in my face, I would take hold of it and rub it on my cheeks, sometimes turning my head to take it in my mouth. Sometimes I was forced to take it all the way in, but I learned how to do that from the porno tapes that you have from www.fullyclothedsex.com, www.naughtyathome.com.,and www.hotwiferio.com."

"YEEESSSS....LISSSAAA....YOU LOOKED...SOOOO SLUTTTY." I know you're close to cumming now.

"Each of the guys came all over my face, my dress...my stocking, my hair....Sometimes Amy and Angela would put their face next to mine to get some of the wayward shots of flying cum, decorating their faces and dresses. After they came you got in front of me and fucked me right on the dance floor, bending my legs back to my ears, my high heels stabbing you in the back as you pumped me as I begged you to fuck me.

Rafael and Kevin put Amy and Angela on their nyloned knees so they were facing each other right above my face. Rafael pulled up Amy's satin dress from behind and Kevin pulled up Angela's. Their dicks went into their wet pussys, making them scream right above me. Their tongues were licking each others.

Rafael said, "Yes, you sluts, this is what you get for letting Lisa's dad cum all over your pretty dresses, this is the punishment you deserve."

Then Principal Horn came over to Angela and Amy and pointed his cock at their faces, the head of his rod pointing down at my cum covered face. Amy and Angela alternated from licking each other's tongue to sucking the principal.

"Yes, girls, I'll be sure you all get into the best Slutty collages after this,..." Horn groaned as he pumped his cock into their wet mouths.

My blurry cum covered eyes could see Angela and Amy getting fucked doggy style, alternatingly sucking on Mr. Horn's horny horn. Soon Mr. Horn geysered his load on their faces, though some of it ran down their chins onto mine, mingling with the gluey mess that was on my face. My tongue reached out to lick it, at times touching Amy's and Angela's tongue.

A fuckfest was going on all around us as I could see other daughters fucking either their own daddy or brother or someone else's. Moans and groans filled the air and I was on the verge of cumming myself, by the way you were fucking me.

."GOODDD, YEESSSSS, DADDDY, FUCK YOUR LITTLE TEENAGE DAUGHTER....FUCK YOUR LITTLE CUM SLUT SLAVVE...MAKE ME CUMMMMMMM...OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I'M YOUR LITTLE CUMSLUT!!!!" ..I came and came and when you were ready you stuck your cock between my tits and shot your load on my face, Amy's face and Angela's face. And Daddy...you know what???..."

"What Lisa....you fucking slut,....tell me..." I knew the vision of what he was remembering was driving him over the edge.

"Daddy, I brought that cum covered prom dress here so I can wear it for you. And the video of the nights happenings too!" With that Daddy lost it. His cock gushered, spat and shot my my mouth. His hands grabbed at my head forcing his cock down my throat. The overflow of cum dribbled out along the sides of my mouth going down my chin dripping on my see through blouse making my elongated nipples show more through the diaphranous material. Some of the cum landed on my pleated plaid mini skirt.

Daddy pulled his cock out of my mouth and gushed more gops of goop all over my face while I smiled up at him. As he finished shooting he would slap my face with his cock. All the while I would stick out my tongue to taste the last drops.

After I thoughly cleaned his cock with my tongue and wiped most of the cum from my face, pushing it into my mouth , Daddy said that I didn't have time to change, just clean your face a little so we can meet Rod and his friends.

On the elevator ride down to the bar Daddy had his hand on my ass, under the hem of my little school girl skirt, feeling my red see through pantied ass and the bare thighs above my white nylons.

We walked throught the lobby, me still licking my lollipop, Daddy's hand on my ass, as we go to the bar. We see Rod their with 3 other guys and a girl. I had to look twice. The three guys were the guys in the truck that followed us from the airport yelling obsenities. Their names were Peter, Dick, and Randy, all dressed in wife beater t-shirts and jeans.

Then Rod introduced the girl, who was dressed in a red and white pleated cheerleader skirt, a red see through button down blouse, black seamed nylons and red heels.

"Daddy Jack, I'd like to introduce you to my little sister, Laura." You looked at her sexy body and she looked at you smiling. "I felt that since you were so nice to let your daughter suck me off, I would return the favor."

Laura walked up to you and rubbed her body against you making sure her protruding nipples through her red see through blouse just touched the front of your shirt and her hips ground against your hard cock. "You know, Daddy Jack, " Laura said, "You made those boys so hot when they saw you and Lisa in the car, they had to come to my house and make me suck them off. Would you like me to do the same to you?" With that, Laura stuck out her tongue and licked her red lipsticked lips. You put her arms around her and squeezed her ass through her short, pleated cheerleader skirt, feeling the straps of her garter belt through her skirt.

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Smile Edited Post

I just edited the last post to make it even hotter. I hope everyone likes it.


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lisa in the bar

Rod asked me to dance and led me onto the floor. His arms went around me and pulled me tightly into him, his hands caressing my ass through my 8" pleated mini skirt, rubbing his hands up and down, taking my skirt up showing my red see through panties, which were now very wet.

I ground my cunt into him, feeling his rod poking through his pants, hoping he'd want to fuck me right here on the dance floor. "OOHH RODDD...YOU'RE SOO BIGG." I brought my hands down as Rod pulled my skirt up from behind showing Randy, Dick, and Peter the tops of my white nylons and red garter straps. I unzipped his pants and took out his dripping cock. His cock rubbed against my skirt, leaving another pre-cum stain like Daddy did a little while ago.

Rod looked down at my tits in my see through blouse and said, "I see Daddy Jack already came on your new blouse," He said humping his hips against me.

"Ohhh, yesss, I guess I made him real hot in my outfit...I hope you like it too, Rod," I said as I opened my legs, letting his dripping cock caress my cunt through my panties.

I looked and saw that Laura was sitting on Daddy's lap, stradling him, kissing him, and bouncing her cheerleading mini skirt up and down on Daddy. His hands were playing with her garter straps holding up her black seamed hose.

OC: I think we need someone to play Rod and Laura, and maybe one of the other guys. But don't just write 1 liners...we want those that are into sexy clothing and getting fuck wearing it.

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Rod may have been a bellboy, but he was hung like a fuckin' pornstar and had the sexual stamina to match. Having just been sucked off by Lisa in one torrid sexual affair not even two hours ago, he had also dipped his dick into his sister's incestuous pussy the moment he had gotten home. The slut had been fucking around with three of his friends when he had returned, but Laura loved her big brother's cock best and showed as much by screaming like a banshee when he had rode her into one frothy mess.

Now they were at the bar and Rod was finally gonna get him a piece of Lisa's fine ass. Just as Lisa's Daddy had requested, Rod had brought along the three guys gangbangin' his sis for the ride too. Imagine their surprise when the fucktacular trio spied Lisa, the girl they had seen while on their way to Laura's. To say that their dicks were practically bursting through their metallic zippers would have been an understatement, cause they were just rearin' for some action. Bastards would have to wait their turn.

The bellboy clothes were long gone and in their place were a simple pair of expensive jeans as well as a button down dress shirt. The top two buttons were undone to reveal his muscular chest, a testament to his youth and something that her Daddy didn't have (although her Dad did have a cock that matched the best of em', he had to admit).

Takin' Lisa to the dance floor and making sure to grab and grope whenever possible, he gave Randy, Dick, and Peter an eyeful whenever he lifted up her skirt and gave them a flash of that fucktacular ass through red lace panties. The girl was built for fuckin', and you had better believe that he wanted more than just her mouth this time. He wouldn't have to wait. The slut was practically insatiable as her hand made a beeline for his prick, button and zipper undone deftly as she released his monster cock to a gush of cool air. His dick was already hard and wanting, a stream of precum drippin' down its length and staining Lisa's pleated skirt as she began to rub that shaft nice'n'hard, making sure that the cold he felt was only temporary as she looked up to him with a lustful twinkle in her eye and a "OOHH RODDD...YOU'RE SOO BIGG."

Job be damned! Even though he was in the middle of his workplace, there was no fucking way that he was going to hold off when a girl as hot and ready as Lisa was pawing at his cock. So without further ado, that skirt was shifted up and her panties were slid to the side. Her gushing lil' slit practically drowning his cock as he rubbed that shaft along her slippery nether lips...a deviant grin crossing his lips as he leaned in to whisper hotly in her ear.

"Tell me what you want, you lil' slut. Do you want me to fuck you right here on the dance floor...right in front of everyone as my lil' sister gets her brains fucked out by your daddy? Cause it looks like Laura may have gotten a head start, sweety, and if you want to catch up, you had better let me hear you purr."

His tongue licked across the arch of her ear on the closing of his words while his thick cock throbbed in her hand. It took every ounce of self control not to fuck her right then and there, but Rod wanted Lisa's engined revved to the max before he pistoned into her. Shit, she'd need all the lube she could get for the servicing he intended.

OC: If that post wasn't to your liking, I'll definitely bow out.

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Smile Lisa gets fucked on the dance floor

OC: Yes you're going to be a great asset to the post. Thank you.

Rod pulls my panties to the side and licks my ear.
Asking me what I want, do I want to get fucked right here on the dance floor, right in front of everyone.

"ooohh...goddd....yesss.....ooohhhh, your fingers know where to touch me....mmmmmm," I whisper to him. "I want your cock...you're making me soo fucking hot...I want you to fuck me right here, right on the dance floor, right on the fucking cocktail table...right on the bar...wherever you want..I want to be your hot little teenage, schoolgirl slut....pleassse...don't make me wait." I said breathlessly.

Just then Rod leads me over to the table and turns me around so that my back is to Rod. His cock is inside of my panties from behind rubbing the spot between my ass and cunt, but I know he can feel the juice dripping from my hot pussy.

Rod's strong hands rub my tits right in front of Peter, Dick and Randy's faces, pulling on my nipples. I arch my head back and stick out my tongue, wanting to kiss him, my arms stretch above my head and around his neck and my back arches, emphasizing my lush tits straining against my cummed on see through blouse. My eyes are closed waiting for the assalt that my body needs.
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Lisa doesn't quite get the fucking she wants...yet

Rod was like any other red-blooded young male. He liked to drink, he liked sports, and above all else, he liked to fuck. Added to the fact that he was one demented bastard who took plesure in reaming out his sister and mom (often together), and you had one perverse sexual freak.

Right about now, with Lisa bent over the table and begging him to be his little fuckslut schoolgirl (at least for now), there was nothing more in the world that he wanted then to send the rest of his dick barreling inside her. To split her wide apart, to stretch the walls of her sticky cunt with that loglike cock and to have her feel his thick prick for days. Well...almost nothing more.

See, Lisa was a hot little number, but he knew that if he fucked and gave in right there, he'd just be another one of her appetizers compared to the main course of her Daddy. While Rod definitely respected the man, he wanted to be more than just preparation. As such, even though the Lisa's engine was running in fourth gear, he wanted push the pedal to the max and get her into fifth. He knew just the thing.

Wedging that mushroom shaped cockhead between her soaking wet lips, he positioned himself so that just the tip of his dick split apart her slick walls to let her know just how big he was. This was no normal cock, after all. We were talking about a piece of meat that got not only his mother gushing between the knees, but his sister screaming out a mantra of his name from multiple orgasms that his prick had inflicted.

He'd have to wait to see if Lisa came multi-orgasm capable, but he wouldn't have to make her beg for it.

"Hmmm...that's not good enough Lisa." His hips were grinding, pelvic bone pushing roughly against her panty-clad ass cheeks as barely a centimeter more penetrated. His arms were straining, taut muscles on full display as he held the girl at bay. By now, Randy, Peter, and Dick having form a semicircle around the table to not only get a better look, but to make sure security didn't kick them out.

"I said for you to beg, you little fuckslut. I'm not going to stick my big, throbbing dick into a girl who doesn't really want my cock. At that point...I'd just rather fuck my sister's ass while she's fucking your Daddy over there."

As if to add and exclamation mark to that point, Laura let out a little scream. Her pussy was packed full of Lisa's Daddy's cock and the lithe litte cheerleader was practically delirious from the pleasure. Her ass was bouncing, tits were molested, and the little teen couldn't have been any happier. That is until she had caught an earful of what her brother had just said. You had better believe that that had caught the teen's attention, and she nearly came from just the thought of a combo of Lisa's daddy in her pussy and her brother in her ass. Did Lisa feel it too?

It sure seemed that way. At least the way her body arched while her arms wrapped around his neck. Her ass trying desparately to engulf his cock while their mouths were practically devouring one another. This wasn't exactly an intimate kiss between lovers. No. It was one tongue-tangling, saliva swappin' kiss that left a translucent strand between their mouths when they finally broke apart.

"So what do you have to say, sweety?" Teeth nibbling against her neck and ear before hazel eyes bore down into her own eyes.

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Lisa gets fucked

"Ohhhh....my god..." I said as Rod held my wanton teenage body close to him from behind. My body was brazenly on exhibition on the dance floor at the bar of the Ritz Carlton as Rod squeezed my bursting tits through my cum covered white see through blouse that Daddy shot his load on just before we came to the bar. My hard nipples were poking out over my red demi-bra. Then Rod squeezed my nipples hard, pulling on them, making them stick out over 2" long. The pain was sharp, but I only felt pleasure. I knew Rod would be a great cocksman from the first time I saw him when I got out of Daddy's car in my white satin, mini dress, my black stocking and white high heels. My face and dress was covered in Daddy's cum and I could tell he wanted to fuck me the first time he saw me. I just didn't think he would tease me so much like he's doing now.

His other hand slid down along my side and pulled up my 8" pleated plaid mini skirt, high above my nylon tops, showing Peter, Dick and Randy my very wet, very dripping red see through panties and red garter straps holding up my nylons. His fingers dipped inside from the top of my panites and found my enlarged clit. Expertly he played with the bud, making me moan and thrash my body.

Randy, Dick and Peter looked me over making comments about my attire and my body. I was in such a sexual delirium because of Rod's talented hands, fingers and cock, which was inside my red panties from behind, just barely teasing the entrance to my steaming pussy, I couldn't hear everything they said, but some of the words were 'slut, cocksucker, cum on her face, make her scream...etc."

I looked around the room and saw in the booth next to us, an executive in a suit was sitting with his teenage secretary, rubbing his hands up and down her nylons as she watched what was happening to me and Laura.

On the other side a bride and groom, still in their wedding attire were sitting with their parents, however the bride was sitting between her father and father in law. The groom was sitting between his mother and mother in law. The bride had the top of her wedding gown pulled down and the fathers were licking her nipples while she stroked their cocks. Their other hands were stroking her stocking legs. The groom was french kissing one of the mothers, her mauve satin dress was pulled down and a nipple was sticking out. The other mother, who looked like it would be his mother, was bobbing her head up and down her son's lap, his hand was guiding her head as she slobbered all over his cock. Her black stocking tops showed as her blue, tight satin dress was high on her legs. Sexual tension was everywhere in the room.

Randy, Dick and Peter stood in front of me, took out their raging cocks, all dripping pre-cum. Their cocks looked like a one eyed flesh colored dragons, hard, pointing up toward my face ready to explode any moment.

I looked and saw Daddy fucking Laura in a frenzy, her satin blouse open, her tits in his mouth, her black stocking legs wrapped around Daddy's waist as her pleated cheerleader skirt bounced up and down with the movements of her ass. I could see her wet red panties laying on the table.


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Lisa Takes On 3 Cocks!!!

With my red lipsticked slutty and pouty lips sucking on Dick's dick, Rod holds my head from behind as he guides my mouth over his cock. "MMMMMMPPPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I say as my mouth is full.

Peter and Randy take their dripping hot cocks and rub them on my cheeks leaving ropes of clear pre-cum dangling from my chin. I take each of my hands and grap their cocks, stroking them to even greater hardness my thumbs rubbing the heads.

Rod is still teasing me from behind, rubbing my tits through my white see through blouse and keeping the head of his cock tantalizing the entrance to my hot pussy. With my hips bucking against him, Rod takes both of his hands and rips my red see through panties. The sound of the tearing of the delicate material fills the room and makes me cum with my mouth on Dick's dick.

"OHHHHHHHHHMMMMMM I"M CUMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIINNGGG." With that, Rod fills me to the hilt with his cock as my pussy contracts around it. His hips are pumping wildly.

Next to our booth, the secretary with the man in the suit, is standing on the cusion of the booth, her pussy at level with his mouth, facing him. His hands are rubbing along her black seamed nylons, sliding up her black satin pleated mini skirt above her nylon tops, his fingers squeezing her ass as his hands are tangled in her garter straps. "OOOOHHHHHMMMMMM....GRANDPA.....OHHHH YOUR TONGUE IS SOOOO GOOODD...EAT ME GRANDPA....EAT ME!"

Dick looks the girl over as he's pumping his cock in my hot wet mouth. Suddenly after hearing those nasty words from her mouth, his cock explodes, just as I explode again over Rod's rod. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" I say.

Dick pulls out his spurting cock and shoots load upon load on my face. White gooey slime is covering my face and some goes in my hair, matting it down. Then Dick takes his cock out of my mouth and feeds it to Laura who is being fucked royally by my Daddy in her pleated cheerleader skirt and nylons, and wipes his cock on her face. She licks it clean, looking at Dick in the eyes, smiling.

Randy takes Dicks spot and feeds me his cock as again I orgasm on Rod pumping cock, my pussy trying to squeeze the juice out of his fuckstick. Rod is squeezing my ass now. 'TAKE THAT YOU HOT SLUT...FEEL MY BIG COCK RAPE YOUR SLUTTY PUSSY WHILE THESE GUYS PUMP YOUR SLUTTY MOUTH WITH JIZZZ."

I scream again at his hot words. "YEEEESSSSS....YEEESSS...YOU FUCKER...YOUR KEEP MAKING ME CUMMMMMM...OHHHHHHHHHHH," I say, taking Randy's rampant cock out of my mouth. "RAPE MEEE....RAPE.....MEEEE...HARDER.....HARDER!!!!!!"

Dick takes a look at the girl who's getting eaten by her grandfather and stands on the cusions right behind her. He takes his hands and slides them up her sexy stockinged legs. He slides her black satin pleated skirt over her ass and jams his cock right into her asshole while at the same time he reaches in front of her rips her white satin blouse open, the buttons flying thoughout the room.


I see grandpa pull is head out of his grandaughter's snatch, his face wet with her juices..."That's okay, Ashley, my slutty grandaugher....that's what I did to your mother, right here on her prom night when she was your age."

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Wink Ashley's story

Ashley grew up with her mother, Rene, who was only 18 when she had her, and her grandfather, who was a wealthy private banker, averaging $7,000,000 per year plus bonuses. Ashley was told that her father died in a senseless war. Ashley did always wonder why her gf and mother always shared the same bed.

Ben is 54, but in wonderful shape. He's a black belt in karate, and he is the only person to win 3 gold medals in Olympic history from 3 unrelated sports in one year. Swimming, fencing, and wrestling.

Ashley was shy, yet very pretty. By the time she was 12 her mother and gf enrolled her in a private school where they emphasized the importance of older things. Penmenship was taught with a fountain pen only, typing was learned on a real typewriter, no computer, and girls had to wear real nylons held up by a garter belt or corset to school. No pantyhose, no bare legs, no slacks or shorts. Blouses had to be silk or satin, with buttons down the front.

When she was 18 her grandfather, Ben, hired her to work for him part time after school as his personal secretary. All the girl's that worked in Ben's office, of which there were 10, were attired in elegant but slutty outfits, per Ben's order. Ben's personal secretary changed every year when she became 19yrs. old.

So now for the next year, Ashley would do anything Grandpa Ben told her. When she took dicktation, she would sit on his desk, facing him, always crossing her legs making sure her nylon tops and garter straps show. She would dangle her 5" high heels on her toe.

Grandpa loved the display his precious grandaughter would do and to show his appreciation, on the first day of work, he laid Ashley on the desk, slid up her satin gold tight mini dress, and ate her pussy for a full hour. She came about 10 times, and then he fucked her until she came another 10 times.

"I didn't think work would be so much fun," Ashley said, wiping the cum from her face, from the giant load her grandfather gave her.

One day at work, Ashley wore a white see through dress., so sheer that anyone could see ther red satin corset holding up her perky tits, and that straps from that corset running down her legs to hold up her Christian Dior black seamed nylons. The outfit drove Ben crazy, that he cancelled all of his appointments for that afternoon. The next four hours Ashley spent sitting on Ben's cock, bouncing up and down, having massive cums. Ben landed a massive load on her face when Ashley said she wore this outfit to school and all the male teachers wanted to fuck her.

Now, Ashley is at the bar at the Ritz Carlson, being eaten by her grandfather, and being fucked in the ass by Dick. "GRANPA...GRANPA...HE'S FUCKING MY ASS....OHHH ....IT HURTS....OHHHHH IT HURTSSS.....OHHHH...IT HURTS SO GOOD." Ashley was feeling the twin sensations of grandpa's talented tongue and Dick's dick fucking her ass. With her white satin blouse ripped open, her tits were bouncing outside of her black satin demi bra.

"That's okay Ashley, that's what I did to your mother on prom night, right at this very table. In fact, after I fucked her ass, I laid her with her back on this table and her red satin slutty prom dress above her stockings and fucked her silly, while my 2 brothers, which are also her brothers came on her face. You see, Ashley, your mother is my little sister. Your not only my grandaughter, your also my neice and my daughter.....my little slutty daugher."

Ashley couldn't believe her ears, yet all of this excitment was turning her on more and more. "OOOOOHHHH...GRANPA....DADDY.....THIS ASS FUCKING FEELS SOOO GOODDDD...MMMMMMMMMMM"
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Wink Lisa Gets More Cock

With Lisa getting fed Randy's cock, Rod is still pumping her hot, tight teenage pussy from behind. Peter is reaching down, pulling on Lisa'a tits through her white see through blouse.

'God what a slut I am," Lisa thought. 'But I love it...I love being a slut, being used and abused and demeaned like this. Being a cumslut cocksucker dressed like a naughty little school girl, playing with anyone's cock I can get a hold of.'

I came again with Rod's cock pumping me. This time he starts spanking my bare ass cheeks, making them as red as my satin garter belt.

"TAKE THAT YOU LITTLE SLUT..." SMACK...SMACK...SMACK. My ass moves and my pleated plaid mini skirt bounces over my ass with each smack. Pussy juice is running down my legs unto my white stocking tops and red garter straps.

My ass burns, but the pain in so good. While Randy is fucking my mouth he looks over at the groom, who is getting a blowjob this time by his mother in law. It seems that the groom as already cum all over his mother's face as she is now sitting up, with cum dripping onto her blue satin mini dress. "God mom..I love cumming all over your face, and seeing it drip on your dress," the groom says, taking his fingers and scooping the cum off of her face and placing them in her mouth. She sticks out her tongue to accept the offering.

Randy loves what he's watching and starts shooting cum at my face adding to the load that Dick has already given me... Cum drenches my face, eyes and hair...and I cum again as Rod spreads my ass cheeks with his thumbs and sticks one of his thumbs in my ass.

Then Randy goes over to Laura who is cumming like crazy on my Daddy's cock, and licks him clean. Randy then goes over the the groom's mother with his still hard cock sticking out of his blue jeans. "Here mother...suck on this for a while, while sunny boy gets his rocks off on his mother in law."

I look around and see the bride, now laying on with her back on the table being eaten by her father and sucking her father in laws cock. Her long tight white satin wedding dress is hiked up around her waist as she wraps her black stockinged legs around her father's head her white 5" spikey high heels pointing in the air

Ashley is still getting eaten by her grand father and Dick is still pumping her ass. 'OHHHH....GOD...WHAT A HOT COCK YOU HAVE....KEEP FUCKING ME...KEEP FUCKING MY ASSSSSUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMM"

Rod has stuck both thumbs in my ass as Peter feeds me his cock. I'm in a sucking frenzy and I can't stop....I have to cum again and again.
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Lisa, Laura And Ashley Cummmmm

With my sloppy, drooling, mouth I suck on Peter's turgid cock. It fills my mouth it's so long and round. "MMMMMMMM....YESSSSSPPPHHH..MMMMMOOOORRREEE," I moan. I don't know if Rod and Peter understand me, but all I want is more...and more cock.

Peter pulls his wet peter out and starts slapping me in the face, the cum and drool from my mouth, mixed with Peter's pre-cum coats my face and sends ropes of the clear liquid mingling with the cum already bestowed upon my face from Randy and Dick. "Yes, Lisa, you made me sooo fucking hard when I saw you sucking your Daddy in the car in your sexy white satin dress and your black stockings on display. At the same time he has his fingers in your fucking pussy. If you would have pulled over to the side of the road, all three of us would have fucked you right alongside the freeway, with you on your knees. Cars might have pulled over, but not to help you. They would have cum over to fuck you too and cum on your sexy face and dress. You would have liked that, wouldn't you , Lisa?"

"OOOOOOOOOHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYEEEESSSS" I said, nodding my head at the same time.

Peter's cock is hard, just like a cucumber, at least 9" long and 3" around. Not as large as Rod's or my Daddy Jack's, but still a mouthful.

Rod's thumbs spread my ass and I feel him pull his cock out of my wet, squeezing, cumming pussy. "NNNNOOOOOO...." Then he rubs his wet cock along my ass hole.

"Okay, Slut, get ready for the assfuck of a lifetime," Rod says. I try to take my mouth off of Peter's cock, but Peter's hands are tangled in my hair, forcing my mouth to stay on his cock.

Without warning, Rod's hot rod enters my virgin asshole to the hilt. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEE" I scream with a mouthful of cock. Tears are running down my face, mingling with the cum already there.

Rod's rampant expert pumping of my ass makes me want to cum. The pain isn't sooo painful after all.

I look and see Randy fucking the mouth of the grooms mother. She is on her knees on the floor, with her blue satin mini dress high above her nylon tops, her tits pouring over the top of the dress. The groom is sitting in the booth while his mother in law in her sexy mauve dress is bobbing her head up and down his cock.

The bride is squirming on the table with her white tight wedding dress around her hips while her dad is licking her pussy to another orgasm. At the same time her father in law is feeding her his cock. "Welcome the the family, Julia," the father in law says to the bride as he pulls his cock out and shoot his sticky sperm all over her pretty face and dress.

Meanwhile Dick has pulled Ashley so that her nyloned knees are on the table while he still fucks her ass. Her grandfather/father, gets into position in front of her and rips her black panties. "NOW I'M GONNA FUCK YOU WHILE THIS BOYS FUCKS YOUR ASS. YOU'RE GONNA GET A REAL REAMING TODAY, MY DARLING GRANDAUGHTER.''


My Daddy, who's been fucking Laura, both with her facing him, and now with her facing the action in her little cheerleader outfit, hears the cries of Ashley. He whispers something in Ashley's ear as she cums for the umteenth time. Ashley leans back and tongues my daddy's mouth, and gets off of his cock.

Daddy goes over to sexy Ashley who has her black satin pleated mini skirt rucked up above her ass, and her tits hanging out of her white satin blouse, and brings his bloated cock to Ashley's lips. She looks up and him as she grabs his cock and smiles. "OHHHHH...THANK YOU...THANK YOU...' she says as she engulfs him. Now she is getting a triple fuck, while I get a double fuck.

Laura, gets on her knees below me and opens my see through blouse letting my tits hang out over my red demi bra. Rod is alternating from fucking my ass to fucking my pussy, making me cum each time he enters one of my fuckholes.

I can tell by the size of Peter's peter in my mouth that he is ready to blast and blast off he does. "HERE IT CUMS SLUT...HERE IT CUMSSSSSSS...OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH' His hot blasts of spooge hit my eyes and cheeks, some of it runs down unto Laura's face.

Peter then wipes the residue off on my face and goes over to the Julia the bride and stands on the opposite side of her face. With her bridely face all full of cum she doesn't hesitate to start sucking Peter's big log.

Rod pulls out of me and places me on my back on the table. My nyloned legs are placed around his neck as his cock again enters my pussy. Both of my holes are open so wide that Rod doens't have to hold his cock to enter me. He pumps my pussy, then he puts it in my ass, pumps a few times and then back in my pussy.

Laura in on her knees, below my ass, her tongue licks the length of Rod's cock as her fucks me. "OOOOHHHHH RODDD...YOUR SOOO FUCKING NASTY...FUCKING ME LIKE THIS," I say. "NOW FUCK MY ASSSS...YESSSS THAT'S IT...NOW FUCK MY PUSSSY...MMMMMMMMMMM....YES...NOW FUCK MY ASS...'' I repeat these words time and again ass Rod call me all sorts of names.


"YESSSS...YESSS...YES I AM.." Agreeing every bit with what he says.
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Everyone Cummms

What a scenario is being played in the Ritz Carlton Bar.

Rod is fucking me silly in my ass and my pussy while his little sister, Laura, in her sexy cheerleading outfit is under us licking his cock with each plunging attack he makes on me. I'm in my sexy school girl outfit complete with a red pleated 8" plaid mini skirt, a white see through blouse, which is now open, a red demi bra, where my nipples are sticking over the top, a red satin garter belt holding up my white sheer nylons, and red 5" spike heels

My daddy is at the next booth getting a blowjob from Ashley, who is on her knees on the table getting fucked in the ass by Dick and in the pussy by her father/grandfather. Ashley has her black satin pleated mini skirt held above her ass by Dick, as he strokes her black seamed hose and garter belt, her white satin blouse torn open by Dick, and her tits hanging down over her black demi bra.

On a big round table on the other side, the groom is now on his back, his wife Julia, in her tight white satin wedding dress, is sitting on his face, rubbing her pussy into his mouth. Cum is running down her face from the face fucking she got from her father and father in law.

The mom's, in their sexy satin dresses are sucking on the groom's dick, licking it up and down while Randy and Peter fuck them from behind, running their hands along their sexy legs, encased in seamed hose.

I can feel Rod's rod reaming me hard and expanding as I cum and cum again and again. "OHHHHHH...GOOOOOODDDD BABYYYY....FUCCCCKKKKKKMEEEEEEEFUUUCCCKKKMEEEEE." I scream. "MESS ME UP...MESS UP MY FACE AND MY CLOTHES....''

Rod pulls his raging cock out of my pussy and shoots rope upon rope on me, first hitting my already cum covered face. Thick ropes of white hot sperm cover my face, cheeks, chin, eyes, hair. Other shots drench my skirt and blouse. 'YYYYESSSSSS OOOHHHHHHHH.....I LOOOOVVVVEEE ITTTTT...MMMMMMMMM", Cum is running in my mouth and over my slutty lips as I lick at it with my hot tongue relishing the taste.

As Rod's cock starts to diminish it's onslaught, he gives his sexy sister, Laura the remainder of his load.

Rod then tells me to go over to my Daddy, who is ready to shoot on Ashley's face while he fucks his sexy younger sister, Laura.

I go over to the next table where Ashley is bouncing like crazy on Dick's assfucking dick and Ben's cunt fucker. She screams her cumming while her mouth is sucking Daddy Jack. I bring my face next to Ashley and say to Daddy. "Cummm daddy, cum on our slutty faces." Daddy holds his cock and shoots at us. His cum shots alternate between Ashley's face and mine as we both squeal at the amount of cum covering our faces."WWWWWWWEEEEEEEWWWW....MMMMMMMMMM....'' In the meantime Dick and Ben fire their cocks in Ashley's other two holes. Ashley takes my face in her hands and licks at the cum that has covered my face numerous times today. I return the favor, licking at her pretty cum slut covered face and tongue. We trade the cum back and forth as Daddy's cock cums between our mouths. We lick him clean as his hands rub in our cum covered hair.

Daddy then tells me to go over to Julia and help her out. I leave Ashley to her 3 studs and get on the table facing Julia who has her tight satin wedding dress above her waist showing her black seamed stockings and white garter straps attached to a white satin corset. I face her as I lower my pussy in the grooms face. His tongue works it's way between our clits as Julia and I lick as each other's faces, and the two fathers who are on each side of us. Julia and I alternate sucking each Dad, back and fourth, back and fouth, and licking at each other's tongue.

The groom has a talented tongue as his hands are squeezing my asscheeks, his hands spreading my ass. Julia and I cum together as the Dad's shoot their loads on our faces. The groom cums and covers both mom's faces and Randy and Peter yell as their cocks explode in the mom's assholes.

The room smells of sex, cum and pussy juice.

Daddy walks over to Julia and me and says it's time to leave. Reluctanly I get off of the groom's face, find my lollipop and hold Daddy's hand as we walk through the lobby back to our room. I take the lollipop and scoop the cum on my face and drive the cum to my mouth. My blouse, skirt, nylons, face and hair are drenched in cum as Daddy shows me off to the people starting at us in the lobby. His hand is on my ass, under my pleated mini skirt, and my hand is holding on to his hard cock through his pants.

"I wish she was my daughter....I'd love to cum on her face too...I love how sexy she looks in her nylons and garter belt.....what a sexy little slut...I'd give her a fuck she'd never forget." These are just a few of the things the men in the lobby say as we pass and stare at us.

As we get in the elevator Daddy tells me not to clean my face or take off my clothes, he wants me just as I am.

We get to the room and Daddy picks me up and throws me on the bed, my little red skirt above my waist. Since my panties were torn off in the bar, he can see my bare, wet pussy as my legs spread for him. Daddy takes off all his clothes as lays on his back and forces my mouth to his cock. My cum covered lips encircle his raging dick as Daddy takes my legs and puts them on each side of his face, my white nylons caressing his cheeks. With me on top sucking his cock, Daddy's tongue works at my hairless pussy. I grind my clit into his mouth as his tongue tickles my clit and snatch. My mouth, a little tired from all the sucking I did today, moves up and down his large shaft until a big explosion over takes both of us. With Daddy's hands running along my nylons, and squeezing my ass, and his tongue flicking my clit...I scream...louder than ever at my raging cum... This turns him on even more as his cock cums in buckets, flooding my mouth, coating my face. "OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWDDDDAAADDDYYYYYY...YYYESSSS...CUM ON YOUR LITTLE TEENAGE SLUT DAUGHTER....MAKE ME CUMMMMM....MAKE ME CUMMMM....."

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Lisa The Streetwalker

After our big cum together in our room we both fell asleep, me with his cock in my mouth and Daddy, with his tongue in my clit.

The next day I woke up alone, still in my slutty schoolgirl outfit and Daddy's note on the bed.

"My Darling Little Slut, Lisa,

"Wear the streetwalker outfit I laid out for you on the bed and meet Ben and I for lunch at Neimun Marcus Rotunda room. Be there 12o'clock sharp. Make sure your makeup is extra slutty.


Daddy Jack"

Being 10am I went to the bathroom to start my bath. I looked at myself in the mirror. Gobs of dried cum was still on my face, matting my hair, and making my see through blouse stick to my body. My plaid pleated mini skirt had cum on it also, along with my white nylon hose and red garter belt. Even some cum was on my red pumps. My lipstick was smeared from all the sucking I did last night.

After my bath I saw the outfit Daddy laid out for me, and I started to put it on.

A black merry widow with 1/4 cups, and four garter straps running down each leg. A black transparent blouse made the merry widow show every detail in the satin material. A black satin, pencil mini skirt, so tight that the 8 garter straps were visible under my dress. The skirt was so short that my garter straps, and 1`" of bare thigh would show under the hem. The French Christian Dior seamed black sheer silk hose with reinforced heel and toe made my legs extra sexy along with the 6"patent leather spiked heels. I slid the transparent see through panties along my stockinged legs to cover my bare bush.

I made sure my makeup and hair was extra slutty looking, just as Daddy requested.

It was a 4 block walk to Neimun Marcus and I tottered on my heels. As I walked out the door of the Ritz, Rod was there in his uniform looking at me.

"God, you little slut, can't get enough can you, with the slutty outfit you have on, showing your sexy nylons. I'd like to fuck you right now in front of the hotel, Lisa and cum all over your face. Come on, give me a blowjob right here," he said as he held his throbbing cock through his pants.
I smiled at him.

"Wait til I get back. You'll probably see me with cum all over my face and my clothes. I know you like that," I said to him smiling.

"Hurry back, slut," he said as he helped a sexy older women out of the car, with her dress above her stocking tops.

As I walked down the street, cars slowed down looking at me. People on the street couldn't believe the sight they were seeing here in broad daylight, with my tits jiggling through my black transparent see through blouse, my tight black satin skirt riding high on my luscious thighs and showing the 8 black garter straps and the tops of my sheer silk seamed hose.

Within 2 blocks of Neimun's, I saw a very handsome man in a suit walking toward me. His eyes undressed my body and I could feel the juice running through my see through black panties. I smiled at him as he stopped and said,

"How much for a blowjob, right now?"

I looked him up and down, seeing his rigid dick leaving a wet spot in his pants.

"$500," I said smiling at him. "And you can cum on my face and my outfit if you wish." He took me by the elbow and led me down an alley nearby.

His hand rubbed along my satin covered ass. "I love the way you look, so slutty. I love the way this black satin skirt caresses your body, and the way I can see your tits through your see though blouse. I wish every teenage girl would dress like you do. What is your name?"

"Lisa," I said, "and I am a slut. I love dressing like a slut and showing off my body." I rubbed myself against him as we stopped behind a pile of boxes. I leaned up and kissed him. His tongue entered my mouth and I moaned. "MMMM...."

After the kiss, he looked around and started to push me down on my nyloned knees. I opened his silk shirt and on the way down I licked his nipples, then lower along his hard tummy. My hands went to his zipper and I fished out his dripping cock. Getting on my knees, I knew he liked seeing my tight satin skirt above my nylon tops with the garters and my wet panties peeking out. Looking up at him with my big brown eyes, holding his cock I said, "Is this what you want...is this what you want your little teenage hooker to do?" I stuck out my tongue, licking the precum.

"Ohhh, yesss baby...that's it....such a hot teenage slut....mmmmm." I engulfed him, feeling every inch of his cock puffing my cheeks out. I moved my mouth up and down, flicking my hot tongue around the head. His hands were in my hair. He was getting hotter. His hips were moving....faster...faster...he was holding my head harder against him....and then...and then...

"OOOOHHHHHH......JEEEZZZZZUUUSSSSSZZZZ..." His blast of jizz filled my mouth. Still sucking I could feel the white sperm leaking out the sides of my vacuuming mouth. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and pointed his rod at my face. Smiling up at him I felt gusher after gusher coating my slutty made up face, pouty lips and hair. I pointed his cock at my tits, making sure my blouse was going to have cum on it. I rubbed his cock against my tits and it shot more and more, some of it dripping unto my black satin mini skirt.

He reached in his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. "Look at me, Lisa," He took a couple of pictures of me with his cock in my mouth and his cum on my face and clothes.

After I licked each drop off of his cock, he zipped himself up when he finished the photo session and cumming

"Listen, Lisa, I'm having an oscar party tomorrow night in Los Angeles after the Oscars. I've got 20 other A list guys coming. Do you think you can bring a couple of your young slutty teenage girlfriends with you? I want them to dress just like you. Slutty, in satin, stockings, and sexy see through..okay. And tell them to be ready for a cum bath. I'll pay you each $1000."

He gave me his hand and helped me up. "Sure I'll be there." I knew just the girls he would love to have attend with me. He gave me his card. On it was the address, his phone and his title. The president on of the largest movie studios.

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Lisa gets eaten at lunch

I looked at the card and looked up at him, smiling, my face still covered in his cum. "Yes, of course, but I have to ask my Daddy first. I'm meeting him for lunch in 10 minutes. But I'm sure it will be alright.'' My tongue licked at the spooge that was running down my upper lips, and slurped it in my mouth.

He gave me a red silk scarf that he had in his coat pocket and started wiping my face. When he got done, he tied it around my neck...."Now you look like a French whore, in your stockings, satin skirt, heels and scarf. I bet your daddy will like that when he sees you."

He took out his camera again and took another picture and showed me. Yes, the red silk scarf looked great on me with the two ends running down my left shoulder, with some cum spots on it.

He helped me up and and said a limo would meet us at the airport a 4pm tomorrow to take us to the Oscar party. I adjusted my black satin skirt, even though it didn't do any good in covering my stocking tops, and looked back, making sure my seams on my silk stockings were straight. We kissed and he led me out of the alley. As I walked to Neimun's I could hear the 'swish' of my nylons, the clicking of my 6"heels on the sidewalk, the feel of my breasts bouncing through my black see through blouse.

I took the escalator to the 6th floor where the Rotunda Room was. A few young high school guys were following me and I know they could see up my tight satin skirt, seeing my garter straps, stocking tops, and bare thighs. I looked back and smiled at them, licking my red, pouty lips.

The Rotunda room is very dark, very romantic. I asked the young female hostess, whose name was Tiffany, where Daddy Jack and Ben were seated. She looked me up and down, knowingly, seeing the cum spots on my satin skirt and see through blouse. Her dark blue silk dress fit her very tight, her nipples were protruding through the silk, and the flared skirt was so short that her dark blue nylon tops were showing under the hem. As she led me to Ben's table I looked around at the other couples having lunch. They all were sitting side by side. It looked like most of them were either mother and son, father and daughter, or brother and sister. All the ladies were dress elegantly slutty. The guys looked at me as I walked by them.

We got to Ben's table, and Daddy was smiling looking at me up and down. I know he was proud of his slut daughter. We were seated in a booth that faced the center of the room, on the second level. Those that were on the first level could look up and see under out table.

"Lisa, you look so beautiful, so slutty," Daddy Jack said. "I see you had a little fun before you got here, with all that cum on your new streetwalker outfit." I smiled at Daddy and slid into the booth so I was in the middle of the two guys. As I slid across the soft leather cusion, my tight satin skirt slid up along my legs, showing my 8 garter straps and my see through panties to Ben and Daddy. Ben smiled.

"Yes, Lisa, you do look very slutty, just how I hoped you'd look today, in your very tight satin skirt, black see through blouse, red silk scarf and patent leather heels. I love to see you love showing off," Ben said.

He put his hand on my knee feeling the silkiness of my nylons. Daddy, sitting next to me on the other side started to squeeze my tit, pinching the nipple, making my juices flow in my black see through panties. My mouth opened, I started breathing heavily.

"You have a beautiful slut, Jack," Ben continued.

Daddy put his finger along the side of my face, wiping a bit of the cum that the movie mogul left there. Then he put his finger in my mouth and I sucked it, savoring the salty taste.

"By the way Lisa, I have a job offer for you. Since Ashley is almost 19, I need someone who just turned 18 to be my personel secretary." I looked at him through my slutty eyes, feeling his hand slowly go higher along my nylons. My legs parted even more.

"What would I have to do?"

"Just what Ashley does, dress very slutty, in heels, hose, mini skirts and dresses. Give me a blowjob every morning and after work. Entertain some of my customers. Show your body off, just like your doing now." Now Ben's hand was touching my bare thigh, along my garter strap, then higher...higher still until he reached my dripping panties.

"Ohhhhh.....yesssss..right thee.....yesssss.....Daddy, is it okay?"I was quivering under Ben's touch.

"Of course, Lisa, my little slut, you can do whatever pleases you." Daddy fingers were opening my see through black blouse, putting his hand inside. I could see the couple on the lower level looking up at us. It looked like a brother and sister couple. He was squeezing her tits through her white satin blouse and her stocking covered legs were open wide. A pair of panties was on the table.

"I'm glad you accept, Lisa. Now I want to give you even more pleasure." Ben got under the table and pulled my panties down to my knees. Then he started to slowly...agonizingly slowly, lick his way along my nylons, starting at my upper thighs....higher...then to the next leg, licking the nylons....higher along my garter straps. He brought my knees up to my chest so that my heels were digging into the cusions, putting a hole in the leather seat. His expert tongue licked and swapped my clit sending shivers along my body making me writhe like crazy in the booth.

Meanwhile, Daddy's tongue was in my mouth. His hand was on my tits which were now bared for anyone to see. Moaning was going on in the room and I could tell other people were getting into the sexual frenzy. "UUUUMMMMMM.....OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....UUUUUHHHHHH.'' I said as Ben kept licking and licking at my exposed clit....Daddy opened his pants and out popped his huge sausage.
He guided my head to his cock. Dripping with precum, licked at the succulent nectar, slurping it's juice down my throat. My hair was a tangled mess as Daddy forced my mouth up and down, around and around his raging cock.

Ben's talented tongue was doing the same thing to my clit....flicking, licking, slurping as his hands were holding the back of my thighs, my panties streatched because my knees were parted so far.

Soon, Daddy started cumming, flooding my mouth at the same time I came from Ben's ministrations of my hot dripping cunt. "OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUYYYYYYYYYYESSSSSSSSSSSUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMPHHHHHHHHHH'' I gurgled around Daddy's cock as his cum flooded my mouth. I pulled out his cock and let it shoot on my face, all the time looking Daddy in the eyes.

Soon Ben came up from his knees, his face covered with my pussy juice, smiling at me. Daddy had me suck him clean and then guided my head to Ben's cock which was now sticking out of his pants. Willingly, in my cum covered face, and sexy cum covered outfit, I dove for my new bosses dick, slurping and licking wanting to taste his cum, let it cum all over my face like Daddy just did.

Ben's hips bumped up and down as both of his hands were in my hair. While I attened to Ben's willing body, Daddy's fingers probed and searched my hot freshly cum pussy. His expert fingers found the right spot as I came again, this time with Ben's spurting sausage spewing seed in my slutty mouth and on my slutty face. 'YYYYYYEEEESSSSSMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

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Smile Lisa pays the bill

With cum on my face, red silk scarf and sexy clothing, I sit up from Ben's cock after he rubbed his cock all over my face. I looked around the room and saw that other couples were in the same sexual frenzy.

Some girls were under the table, some were laying with their backs on the table getting fucked by their partner. Some were bouncing on cocks while their partner was in his chair fucking her. In all cases these sexy girls and mothers were dressed very sexy, their stockings, mini skirts and satin dresses all now wrinkled as their son, father or brother were fucking them. Even Tiffany, the hostess was on her knees sucking a waiter, her blue silk low cut dress was above her ass as she sucked him. The maitr'de came up behind her and fucked her cunt from behind running his hands along her sexy seamed nylons and garter straps.

Watching all the action going on made me horny again as I grabbed Ben's and Daddy's cock still sticking out of their pants.

Our waiter came over to the table with the bill for our lunch. Ben looked at Daddy and winked. "I'm afraid, young man, I forgot to bring my credit card. However, I think we can work something out." He motioned for the waiter to look at me. I smiled at him, cum still running down my face. I licked my lipsticked pouty, full lips. The waiter smiled looking at me in my streetwalker outfit my black satin skirt up to my waist, my black panties missing, somewhere on the floor.

"Meet me in five minutes behind the building," the waiter said looking me over, his cock straining in his pants for me.

Daddy and Ben held my hand as we left the sexual excitment going on in the Rotunda room and headed for the back door. Not only was our waiter there, but also 2 others. All Spanish, holding their cocks.

"Okay, little chica, get on your knees and suck us off. You better do good or else you'll have to pay twice as much."

A matress was laying in the alley and the 3 guys came up to me. I got on my knees making sure that my skirt was well above my nylon tops, and my bare pussy, because I happed to leave them on the floor under the table.

"ooohhh...so many cocks," I said, "I just don't know what to do..." I smiled looking up at them.

"Anyone who dresses like you do in your hot satin skirt and see through blouse and sexy hose knows what to do....start sucking."

The three cocks came close to my face and I opened my mouth.

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Smile Lisa gets triple teamed

"Ohhh, so many cocks, and soooo big...I don't know if I can put them in my mouth, " I said as I stroked the cocks on the sides of my face. Pancho, the one standing in front of me just grunted and open my mouth with his cock.

I looked up at him with pleading eyes. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM," I said around his cock. I pulled it out and looked up at him. "Is this what you like...hhhhmmm, do you want me to suck it more?"

"God dammit, slut beetch...." Pancho pulled my head and my waiting mouth engulfed his tool.

Meanwhile Paco and Pedro were rubbing their cocks on my cheek. "What a slut...," one of them said. "I can't wait to fuck her."

"I'm gonna take her ass..."the other said.

I heard Daddy talking to Ben. "I hope they don't hurt her," Daddy said.

"Don't worry, Jack. Every week Ashely wants to come her for lunch or dinner and she always tells me to leave my credit card at home. She's had these guys back here on this matress a bunch of times. And I love watching her sucking someone else's cock and getting fucked while she's fully dressed. Don't you?" Ben asked.

"Yeah, seeing my little Lisa slut getting fucked and getting cum on her face and expensive clothes really turns me on," Daddy said.

Hearing these works from Daddy and Ben just turned me on more and I took one hand and brought it down to my enlarged, wet clit. I couldn't help myself, thinking that here I am all dressed up in my black satin skirt, black see through blouse with my black merry widow underneath, my French silk seamed black stockings and 6" patent leather sling back heels and a red silk scarf that the movie guy gave me, on my knees on a matress in an alley sucking 3 Spanish guys while my Daddy and his friend watch. I came hard...."OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYESSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHH" I said around Pancho's dick.

"Look at her, she can't help herself, the little slut. I'm gonna fuck her now."
Pedro got behind me and jammed his cock in my cunt, all the way to the hilt. I felt his monster tickle my womb. His hands grabbed at my ass kneading it, squeezing it, spanking it with loud slaps. The pleasure pain turning me on even more.

Paco got down on his knees and started squeezing my tits. Then he bent down and started licking my nipples through my black see through transparent blouse. He scooted down further as Pedro pulled his cock out of my clutching pussy and stuck it in my ass."OOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWNNNNNNNNNNNooooooooouuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSDDDD DDDDEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR............'' I gargled around Pancho's cock. Soon each one wanted to take turns at each of my holes. Pancho pulled his cock out of my mouth and took Pedro's place in my ass. Pedro took Paco's place and Paco took Pancho's place so now I was sucking Paco's hard tool.

Each time a cock entered my ass or my cunt, I screamed another cum. The guy whose cock I was sucking made my screams not so loud so that the cops might come. 'IIIIII'MMMMCCCCCCCUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGCCCCCCCCCCCCUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIINNNNNNNN NNGGGGGGGG......." I kept saying over and over. I couldn't stop cumming, these guys were so talented in fuckology.

After mutiple orgasms on my part they told me to lay on my back and masterbate. They wanted to see this hot teenage high school whole slut play with herself while the stood over me stroking their cocks.

Happily, I complied. I spread my stockinged legs and held them up in the air, my spike heels pointing at the sky. With one hand I squeezing my tit and brought it up to my mouth, licking the nipple through my black transparent blouse, with the other I frigged my clit, flicking it. "YYYYESSSS THAT'S ITTT....OOOOOOOHHH....YEAHHHHH....MMMMMMMMM....CUM ON MY GUYS...GIVE ME SOME SPANISH SPERM......CUM ON MY FACE...MY TITS....MY SKIRT...MY BLOUSE...MESS ME UP.....CUM ALL OVER THIS PUTA....."

Stroking their cocks harder, all three of them came at the same time. Their flying fuck juice coated my face, cheeks, hair, blouse, nylons, my skirt and my scarf. Cum was running down my chin from my mouth to my neck leaving gogs and gobs of cum on my red silk scarf. I smiled up at them as they stroked and stroked at their organs. Then, when they finished they got on their knees next to my face and made me lick them clean.

While all this was going on Ben and Daddy were taking photos with their cell phones. Hopefully they'll show my cum covered image on the web.
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Lisa calls her friends

Daddy and Ben helped me up after I cleaned the waiters' cocks of leftover cum. I took my fingers and slid as much cum as I could from my face into my mouth being sure to get as much protein as possible.

Ben said to Daddy, "I bet you'd like to fuck Ashley right now, wouldn't you, while I fuck your gorgeous Lisa."

"Yeah...call her, have her meet us in the room. Have her talk to Rod the bellman, he'll let her in." Ben made the call and told her to dress like a hooker.

We walked back to the Ritz, me in my sexy cum covered outfit, having my arms linked in Ben's and Daddy's. When we got back to our room we heard excited screaming going on in the bedroom.


We walked in and saw Rod fucking his little sister, Laura doggy style on the bed. She was wearing a streetwalker outfit also, only hers was bright red. Her tight satin dress was pulled up to her ass and her red nylons were hooked to a red satin corset. Her tits were falling out of her dress as Rod squeezed her tits all the while pumping her pussy with his pogo stick. Her head was swinging back and forth and her long blond hair was flying around as she encouraged Rod to keep fucking her.

Meanwhile, on a nearby chair, Ashley was fingering herself. Her very tight dark red satin skirt was pushed up above her black seamed nylons exposing her red satin garter belt straps. Her red see through blouse was open revealing not only her tits but a red see through bra with holes for her enlarged nipples to stick out. "YES...FUCK THAT LITTLE SISTER OF YOURS..FUCK HER...FUCK HER....FUCK HER...," Ashley was screaming as her fingers worked on her pussy and clit.
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Smile Oc:

Thank you all for writing me a giving me sugesstions. Daddy and I are taking a trip together. I'm bringing my sexy outfits. I'll be back in April.

In the meantime, all you Daddy's, and brothers, why not buy your daughters and sisters some sexy outfits like I wear.

I know they'll really like sexy dresses , nylons, garter belts and lingerie and love to dress up for you.

If you have any suggestions for the story please write,


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Talking Lisa's Back

OC:Hi, everyone, I'm back from my vacation with Daddy. We had a juicy time. From all the notes I received, I see a lot of you took my advice about buying sexy outfits for your sister, daugher and mother. In every case it seems, everyone had a sexy wonderful time.

Now it's time to get on with further with "Daddy's Little Slut."

IC: Sexy Laura, wearing her tight red satin mini dress, was on her back getting fucked hard by Rod, her brother, while Ashley in her sexy slutty outfit was playing with her clit encouraging Rod to fuck Laura harder and harder. Ashley's had her spike heels on the cusion of the chair with her stockinged legs spread while one hand was flicking her clit while the other was holding her breast up to her mouth, sucking her tit through the hole in her red bra. Her red satin tight mini skirt was his above her black seamed nylons and her red see through blouse was open.

"Go ahead Jack, put your cock in my daughter Ashley's mouth while I fuck your sexy daugher, Lisa, " Ben said as his hand was squeezing my ass though my black tight mini skirt.

Ben turned me to him and kissed me, at the same time he picked me up by both of my black satin covered asscheeks as I wrapped by black seamed nylons around his waist. His cock was already out of his pants and as he roughly pushed me against the wall his dick slid easily in to my tight wet, dripping, pussy.

"OOOOHHHH....OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH.....OOOOHHHHHHH," I moaned as he squeezed my ass even tighter moving me against his cock, pumping me hard agaisnt the wall. "YYYYEEESSSSS....YEEESSSS,,,,BBBEENNNNBEN.......FUCK ME......FUCK ME...NAIL ME AGAINST THE WALL WITH YOU BIG FUCKING FUCK STICK....MAKE ME CUM....MAKE YOUR HOT LITTLE TEENAGE SECRETARY CUM..."

In the meantime, Daddy Jack had his cock out, pumping Ashley's hot open mouth. "THAT'S IT SLUTTT....PLAY WITH YOUR HOT BODY WHILE YOU SUCK ME OFF....DO IT BABY..."

Ashley was moaning like crazy with her mouth around Daddy's dick, I was screaming yet another cum while Ben fucked my brains out, and Laura kept cumming and cumming around her brother Rod's rod.

Just as Daddy was ready to cum he told Ashley to get on the bed behine Rod and lick his ass. Without hesitation, Ashley got on her stockinged knees as spread Rod's asscheeks. Daddy came up behind her, pulled up her red satin mini skirt and started fucking her in the ass, doggy style.

Ben, holding back his cum, told me to suck my Daddy's asshole while he fucked me like Daddy was fucking Ashley. I did as I was commanded to do and at the same time Ben stuck his cock into my ass."mmmmmmmmmmmmofffffffff......"

Laura, not one to be left out, got behind Ben, on her nyloned knees and was licking Ben's ass, as Rod got behind her and completed the daisy chain of ass fucking and ass licking.

"Look at these fucking teenage street whores, dressed hin heels, hose and satin eating our asses."Daddy said. "Let's fuck them hard and then cum on the faces of the girl licking our asses."

After ten minutes of hard ass fucking Daddy pulled out of Ashley, and turned around and pointed his ready dripping cock at me. My mouth was open and smiling as his rod spewed forth gobs and gobs of cum on my face, my cheeks, my eyes, my scarf, my blouse and skirt and nylons. "YESSSS,,,,,,OHHHHHHH,,,,DADDDY.........CUUMMMMMON MEEEEE PLEEEEASSSSE."

As Daddy was covering my face with hot stick sperm, Rod turned around and shot his steamy load on Ashley's beautiful face. Her tongue was sticking out hoping to catch and taste some of the spewing nectar. Ben pulled his cock out of my cumming ass and shot his load on Laura's lovey teenage face.

In the end our dresses were drenched in hot white cum and the sluts all fell asleep with a cock in their mouths.

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Lisa Goes To Church

The next morning, Easter, I received a message on my cell phone. It was from Rafael, Amy and Angela's father who fingered me at the prom. He said to meet him at 10am in the balcony at the big Catholic church on the corner. He told me to dress appropriately.

I took a nice hot bubble bath and though about what would be appropriate for church. A nice pleated skirt, I'm sure, white, and a white satin blouse.

I found my white satin 8" mini skirt, my white satin blouse, white garter belt, see through panties, bra and white 5" spike heels. Of course, black seamed nylons would complete the outfit. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I could see that the mini skirt could not hide the darker band at the top of my hose. I'm sure Rafael would like that.

I walked across the street to the church, my heels clicking on the sidewalk. As other parishoneers walked to the lower pews, I found the way to the balcony. No one was up there so I sat down, waiting, anticipating my meeting with Rafael. I five minutes not only Rafael, but his son Kevin came in and sat on each side of me.

"Hello, little slut," Rafael said. I smiled at him and crossed my legs making sure he and Kevin could hear the "hiss" of my nylons. I smiled at both of them, sitting there with their legs open and their cocks straining through their pants.

"Did I dress appropriately for you?" I asked as my hand ran along their thighs.

"Ohhhh, yes, Lisa," Kevin said, "You look great. I love how your little white satin skirt sits above your nylon tops and I love how your nipples strain against your satin blouse." His hand went up to gently touch my hard nipple through my satin blouse. I breathed in deeply.

Rafael's hand was running along my nylons, feeling the silkiness of the French style nylons.

The congregation down below was standing for a hymm and we stood up too, but instead of holding a hymnal, Kevin and Rafael were cupping my ass through my skirt. Their hands were rubbbing my skirt up and down, up and down. I was holding their cocks Soon both of their hands went under my skirt and starting rubbing the backs of my thighs above my nylon tops, stroking the straps of my white satin garter belt. I opened my legs, hoping they would invade my dripping cunt with their probing fingers. I didn't have to wait long. My panites were pulled down to just below my ass and Rafael and Kevin started playing with my dripping pussy. "UMMMMMMMMMM........" I moaned, as the hymn reached a creschendo.

When we sat down, Kevin scooted under me so that I would sit on him. I didn't know that he had taken out his cock and as I sat I felt his steamy rod enter my cunt. "OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW....mmmmmmmmmmmm....."

Some of the people turned around to see what the noise was and I just smiled at them. They couldn't see my body covering Kevin and they couldn't see Rafael's cock sticking out of his pants with my hand stroking it.

When the congreation stood for the gospel, Rafael pulled me by the hair and made me suck on his straining dick. I engulfed it completely loving the taste of his meat. "That's it Lisa, you little slut, suck my cock and make me cum...suck it...that's right....mmmmmmmmmm....don't stop you whore.....you hot cocksucking teenager..."

His words drove me wild. I wanted to please him. My hips were gyrating on Kevin's cock as my mouth slurped and sucked on Rafaels dick. Faster and faster I moved my ass up and down on the pounding cock that Kevin was fucking me with and faster and harder my mouth worked on Rafael.

Soon all three of us came at the same time. Kevin in my cunt, me on Kevin's cock, and Rafael, fulling my mouth. By the end of the gospel as the congreation was sitting down, we all groaned out our cumming. Cum overflowed my mouth and my cunt. Cum was running down my chin and my thighs to my nylon tops.

Rafael said he wanted to switch positions so I got up, moved over, pulled up my little mini skirt and sat on Rafael's cock while Kevin slid over to me wiping his cock on my satin mini skirt. The movement of his cock on my little cool satin skirt made his cock harder and soon it was as big as it would be if he hadn't cum in five days.

"I love the feel of my cock on your satin clothes. I want to cum on your skirt and blouse this time," Kevin said. "First put your mouth on me." I bent over to take him in my mouth as Rafael squeezed my asscheeks guiding his cock not in my cunt for sloppy seconds but into my ass. "OWWWWWWWWWWWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO....YYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEssssssss........."

At first his cock hurt my ass, but pain turned into pleasure as he fingered my clit with one hand and pulled on my nipple with his other hand.

Soon Kevin was ready to cum and he shot his load on my skirt and blouse while Rafael , pumping hard, came in my ass.

The congregation ended the service with a rousing "Hallelujah" and I screamed "HALLLIFUCKINGLUJAH" as my ass contracted in multiple orgasms around Rafaels cock.

I looked at my blouse and skirt as Kevin was wiping the remnants of his jizz on them. I smiled up at him as I slowly got off of his Daddy's cock. I rubbed the cum into my blouse making the satin more see through. My hard nipples were on display while the sticky cum was soaking my blouse.

All too soon the service was over. Rafael and Kevin left the balcony first, and I just waited until everyone left the church. Everyone, I thought, except for the preist. He was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs as he heard the clicking of my 5" white spike heels on the tiled floor.

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Lisa Confesses Her Sins

The old skinny priest was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs to the balcony. I smiled at him. "Hello, Father," I said softly.

"Hello, my child, I see you were making a little noise in the balcony today, didn't you?"

I looked down. "Yes...Father...I was enjoying the service," I said not knowing if he got the double meaning.

"My child, how long has it been since your last confession?" He took my hand and started to lead me into the sanctuary.

"I don't think I've ever gone," I said.

"Well, confession is good for the soul. Come with me. We will go into a special confessional booth, reserved usually for very well know people."

We went into a booth that was carpetted 4' BY 10'. The priest sat in a high back red cusioned chair while I was directed to a wooden chair. I sat down, pulling my white pleated satin mini skirt as far down as I could, but it barely covered the tops of my nylons.

"I am Father Longfellow. What is your name?" He asked looking at my black nylons and at my blouse where the white creamy goo of Kevin's cum coated my white satin blouse.

"Lisa," I said softly.

"What a pretty name for such a pretty girl," Father Longfellow said. "Tell me are you ready to confess your sins?"

"Yes, Father. Sometimes I say four letter words....usually fu....ummmm...the word that means fornication," I stammered.

"Ohhh...you mean "fuck?"

"Yes, Father," I said a little embarrassed, squirming in my chair, my skirt rising a little higher on my legs.

"Do you say it because your mad at someone...like "fuck you.?"

"Uhhh...no, uhhh, Father...I usually say it when I'm fuck....I mean when I'm having intercouse."

"Ohhh...I see....tell me exactly what you say."

"Well, when I'm having intercouse...or fucking...I usually scream...FUCK ME...FUCK ME...FUCK ME.."

Father Longfellow looked at me looked me up and down, his eyes resting on my tits where my nipples were growing. I could see a bulge start by his crotch, his white robe starting to tent.

"And have you fucked a lot of people, Lisa?" He reached over and touched my nylon covered knee. "Ohhh so silky. Do you like wearing nylons, Lisa?"

"Oh,,,yes, I love dressing up sexy...buying expensive satin and silky dresses, skirts and blouses, knowing soon that within the hour someone is going to cum all over me while I'm wearing them. And yes....as a matter of fact I've fucked about...let's see..." I started counting out loud "Rod, Randy, Dick, Rafael, Kevin, Paco Pancho,Pedro, the movie guy, Ben, Father, about ten different guys within the last couple of days."

"Humm...when you say "Father" do you mean a priest?"

"No, Father, I mean my Daddy, my real Daddy. He fucks me and I suck his cock. Then he cums all over my satin and silky clothes, kinda like Kevin did to me in the balcony a little while ago."

"My child, please explain, tell me about some of the instances of your Daddy fucking you. Don't leave anything out. Remember, confession is good for the soul." His hand was rubbing up and down my nylons enjoying the silkiness of the sexy black sheer material covering my legs.

I started telling him about the Daddy, Daughter prom night, leaving out no details...about me picking up Daddy at the airport and sucking his cock on the way to the Ritz....about me dressing up as a school girl and going down to the bar with Daddy. When I finished I saw that the tent in Father Longfellow's robe was really standing up. I couldn't believe I've seen a cock so long. I also noticed that my legs were starting to open and that my panites were getting wet as I was telling the stories. My satin skirt had risen above my nylon tops and my nipples were now straining against my white satin blouse ready to be felt and sucked.

"Ohhh...my child...my child...I know you're in need of a special communion." Father Longfellow stood up and pulled up his robe. I gasped at the sight. Even though this was an old man in his 60's, his cock measured at least 12" long, not very big around, more like the thickness of a hot dog, but the length was like a foot longer. His cock stood straight out, pointing at me, pre-cum, running down like rivulets.

"Come, my child, on your nyloned knees so you can receive a special blessing. A blessing I've never given before...ohhh you look like a virgin all dressed in white. And such a saint, so beautiful. You see I've never had an orgasm before. Yes, I have become hard, but I just read the bible. It's God's way you know. But now, now that you have arrived here at my church, so beautiful in your white satin blouse, mini skirt, and white high heels, I know you were sent from heaven, to give me release."

"You mean you never "came" before?" I couldn't believe my ears. I was about to suck my first priest and on top of that, a virgin, not only from fucking, but also from cumming.

"Yes, my Saint Lisa. I knew the day would cum when I God would send me an angel that would give me my first release in 67 years."

"Ohhh...my God," I said. Sixty seven years of stored up cum about to shoot in my mouth.

"Cum, Saint Slutty Lisa...cum suck my cock and take the body of Christ..The Body of Christ..."I started sucking but I couldn't get it all in my mouth. His hands guided my head tangled in my dark long hair. "The Body of Christ..."I got about 8" then 10". My eyes were tearing. "The Body of Christ...Ohhh Christ....The Body of Fucking Jesus Christ...Yes my dear, I will nominate you for Sainthood. We don't need that prune of Mother Fucking Teresa, We need Saint Slutty Sucking Lisa" My mouth got him all down my throat, my nose was in his pubic hair. He started pumping his hips faster and faster.My mouth picked up the rythm

"Now you will receive the Blood of Christ...The Blood of Christ...OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH fffuuuuccccckkkkkk" Father Longfellow screamed, his words echoing through the church.

His first blast of tasty salty virgin cum was like a half pint, filling my mouth so much I couldn't hold it all..all of it ran down my chin, covering my neck and my blouse. The second blast was just as much as I pulled his cock out of my mouth and pointed at my slutty face. I looked at the eye of the big long spewing snake that was in my hand. His next blast coated my cheeks and eyes and forehead. Like a machine gun, spurts of spooge was shooting out covering my face, my blouse and skirt and nylons. Cum was all over my face running down unto my clothes. He shook so much I thought he would have a heart attack, he had about 40 spasms of cum that covered me.

I looked up at Father Longfellow with cum covered eyes..smiling at him, all the while licking the remnants of his shooting cum. "Yes, my Saint Lisa...do you have any girlfriends that dress like you that you think might need confession?"

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Lisa Fucks the Father

I slowly got off my knees and stood next to Father Longfellow who had just sat down in his cuisy chair, still breathing heavily from his first virginal cum.

I still held his cock in my hand, wiping the dripping cum onto my white satin mini skirt and black seamed nylons. My hair was matted, my blouse was drenched and cum was running down my skirt and nylons in small white ribbons.

"Yes, Father, I do have a few girlfriends who I know need to confess their sins. They love to dress sexy like me. I can send them over next Sunday, if you would like to hold a private service for them." He looked up at me and smiled. His hands were rubbing up and down the outside of my black nyloned legs pushing my mini skirt up and down. His skinny cock was not getting smaller. In fact it stayed hard in my hand.

"Ohhh...these nylons...they feel so sexy on your legs....so silky and satiny, so smooth." His breathing was getting faster again. My hand started up and down his cock. His hands were rubbing higher, along my white satin garter straps...I stood so I was now straddling his legs. He pushed my skirt up above my ass and his hands were kneading my asscheeks through my white see through panties.

"Ohhh...Father Longfellow, your hands feel sooo good...yes rub my ass...feel my panties...yes..that's it....uuuummmmm.....oh you want to pull them down?.....Yes....go ahead....look at my hot dripping pussy....see how wet you made it."

Father's hands pulled my panties to my stockinged knees. My hips were humping, moving back and forth, wanting to feel his cock enter me....

"Ohhh..my God, Lisa....you feel so damn good....I've...I've never touched a women before....such a wonderful experience...yes..let me pull your see through panties down....there....ooohhhh your vagin....I mean your pussy is beautiful .....all shaved...just like a little girl.....let me...let me...kiss it...."

His words drove me crazy as I drove my pussy to his mouth. Though he may not be experienced, I could not tell by the expert way he was flicking my clit with his hot tongue..."God, Father, ...your so fucking good at this....uuuummmm...I'm gonna cum real soon....please don't stop...PLEASE DON'T STOP...PLEASE...NNNNOOOOO....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH." My hips gyrated against his flicking tongue as pussy juice ran down my legs as I screamed a loud resonating cum.

"I've got to fuck you...I've got to fuck you," Father said, looking at me with pussy juice on his face.

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Lisa Breaks in Father Longfellow

"And I want you to FUCK ME...," I replied to Father Longfellow's request.

Holding his cock in my hand I slowly guided it into my pussy. My lips and cunt opened to accept his long skinny dong. "OOOOHHHH....OOOOOhhhhhh....MMMMMMMMMMMMM," I said as I felt his cock touch my womb with still three inches to go.

I looked at Father Longfellow. His hands were now on my wet, cum covered white satin blouse, squeezing my tits and my 2"long nipples that were straining against the material. His eyes were wide open and his breath was coming in deep gasps.

"Lisa, my child, you look so beautiful with cum on your face, running down onto your blouse."

His hands started touching my tits harder.

"My God, Lisa, your breasts...I mean your fucking tits, their so soft, yet so hard...I can't describe it....I want them in my mouth...I want to suck your tits," Father Longfellow breathed.

All I could do is nod my head as I was concentrating on getting his cock all the way into me.

Father Longfellow forcefully pulled my white satin blouse open, popping the buttons, making them fly throughout the room, exposing my luscious tits encased in a white see through transparent bra. His hands pulled the top of my bra down so that my 36C tits were pouring over the top. His mouth covered my left tit while his other hand squeezed the other one.

"OOOOOOHHHHH......yes Father.....OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH....your so desparate...suck them...mmmmmmmm....pinch my nipples...bite them....ooooooowwww...yesssss..........that's it...........more.....moooooorrrrrrrrrre..." My hands were in his hair smothering his face into my boobs. His mouth went from one to the other. I started bouncing on his cock, now that I could get it all the way in.

Sitting on his lap with my white satin blouse all the way open, my white satin mini skirt above my waist and my black seamed stockings encasing my legs and my 5"white spike pumps, desparately fucking the top priest in all of San Francisco, with my exposed tits in his mouth, would make a great photo for the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle.

I bounced faster and faster...moving up and down his pistoning cock.

Suddenly, the intercom on the desk next to Father Longfellow went off.

"Father this is Charles the alter boy. Mrs. Warren is here for her daily confession, should I send her in?"

Father Longfellow, breathing hard, pressed the intercom button...."NOOO....NOO CHARLES....I'LL BE THERE SOON...I'm coming....I'm coming....OHHHH SWEET JESUS....I'M CUUUUUMMMMIIIIIINNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Father's cock spurted deep into my pussy as I reached a climax with him...my screams must have gone through the intercom because I could hear the echos of our screams throughout the abandoned church walls.

My pussy pistoned up and down, around and around, in and out as Father screwed my brains out with his virgin cock. It had to be a 10 minute cum that we both had and I collapsed against him, still with his cock in me.

But a thought went through my mind. 'Did Charles say Mrs. Warren? That's my last name, but I haven't seen my mother in 13 years since I was five. She left Daddy and me to run off with some rich guy from San Fran. No, this is just a coincidence.'

I got off of his cock. Cum was running down my pussy to my black nylon tops. I got on my knees and tasted the mixture of my pussy juice and his cum....I collected a mouthful in my mouth, took Father Longfellow's face in my hands and kissed him with an open mouth. My tongue and all the cum I had collected jabbed into his mouth. He moaned and put his arms around me. When we parted from the kiss, I licked the pussy juice that was still on his face.

"We can't let Mrs. Warren see that, now can we Father," I said.

"Lisa, my child I wish we could spend more time together but I have some sinners waiting....I hope we meet again."

"Ohhh..I'm sure we will," I said as I tied the bottom of my blouse together, leaving my belly exposed.

I scooped as much cum as I could from my face and put it in mouth and swallowed. Then I opened the confessional door and pulled my panties back up. I made sure my mini skirt was as low as it would go, though it still exposed the tops of my black seamed nylons, and walked toward the front door. But before going out, I wanted to see who the "Mrs. Warren" was.

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Smile Lisa Sees Mom Get A Facial

I stood back in the shadows of the Cathedral as I saw a women, about 36 years old wearing a tight royal blue satin mini skirt and top. The top was made of fine satin with 3 buttons in front, but low enough to see the tops of her 36D titties. The waist of the top flared out at her waist. A peplin style they call it. Her blue satin skirt was very tight and short, showing the tops of her dark blue nylons. Garter belt straps could be seen outlined through her skirt. Her 5" dark blue spike heels completed the sexy outfit. Her hair was dark and long just like mine.

Her heels clicked on the tile floor as Father Longfellow led her into his special confessional. I saw him put his hands on her satin covered ass as he opened the door.

I walked to the back side of the confessinal so I could hear what was going on. I looked and saw a little peep hole in the wall. The lady sat with her long legs crossed, her nylon tops and dark blue garter straps were showing as her tight satin skirt was high on her thighs. She was dangling her shoe on the end of her toe. She looked just like my mom, as well as I could remember, because I was 5 years old, thirteen years ago when she left us to marry a younger man.

Next to the peep hole was a pair of mini ear phones. I put them on and could hear the conversation.

"Bless me father, for I have sinned," said the lady.

"Well, Julianne, please tell me everything."

"Father, ever since my husband died a month ago, I have been shamelessly playing with myself....uh...masterbating. I get dressed up, just like this and lay on my bed and think bad things."

"Please, Julianne, confession is good for the soul. You must tell me in detail."

"Father, I'm so ashamed, I'm so wanton, I feel like such a slut. I love sex. My husband and I had sex everyday for the last 13 years. That's how he died. We were having intercouse..."

"You mean you were fucking," Father Longfellow corrected.

"Yes, mmmm..we were fucking. I was dressed in this outfit, on my back. It was his favorite. Big John..oh that's what I called him...Big John was pounding my pussy..I was screaming for him to fuck me harder...and then...and then..to cum on my face.."

"Go on...." I noticed Father Longfellow was getting a big bulge again through his robe. His robe was standing up like a tent as he listened to the sexy lady's story.

"Well, Big John said...'I'm cumming and I'm going to wash your face with my hot jizz, you little slut..' . And then he slid up to my face and shot all over me, some on my dress, but most of it on my face. Then he collapsed on top of me. Deader than a doornail. It's so sad..only 27 years old. I guess you can still see a couple of cum stains on my dress if you look hard, Father."

"Ummmm....yes...I see uuuuummm. I see you've opened your legs a little, Julianne. It's okay if you show me what you do when you play with yourself."

I saw Julianne open her legs and run her hands along her stockings, slowly along the inside of her thighs, sliding her royal blue satin skirt above her nylon tops to her damp panties. She slipped one of her hands inside the top of her panties, the other hand went inside her satin top as she played with her nipples. I was getting painfully wet watching her. My nipples were straining against my white satin blouse, and pussy juice was running down my thighs, along my white satin garter straps to the tops of my black nylons.

I saw Father Longfellow stand up and pull up his robe. Julianne was in complete ecstacy, with her eyes closed, her head moving from side to side, her lipsticked mouth was open and she was licking her red lips, moaning. Her hands and fingers playing with herself as her stockinged legs were spread as far as her skirt would go."OHHHHH....Big John...your cock is so good...yes...fuck me...fuck me..."

All of a sudden, Father Longfellow put his raging cock into Julianne's hot mouth in mid sentance. "Yes, my child, you are now taking the best communion you could ever have...the cock of God is in your mouth...yes...yes..through me...in me...in you ...fucking you..Holy Jesus, praise be to the Lord." Father's head was leaning back as he enjoyed the hot mouth of who I feel is my mother, Julianne. Like mother like daugher.

Except she didn't hesitate in taking the sacred rod of Father Longfellow deep in her mouth. His cock easily went all the way in. "UUUUMMMMMFFFFFFFSUUUCCCSSS ABIGCOCKUUUUUUUFSSSSSSSSSOOOTASSSSSHTY.."Julianne was mumbling with her mouth full.

Father Longfellow moved his hips in rapid speed as his hand pulled my mother's head into him, not guiding, but forcing her mouth on him. Father Longfellow was literally raping my mother's mouth, but I could tell she was enjoying it, just like I did a few minutes ago.

Then, Father pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot wad after wad of creamy hot cum onto her face. Julianne opened her eyes and her mouth as she saw the wads of jizz shooting at her.

I didn't know, but my own hands had pulled up my white pleated mini skirt and my fingers were in my own juicy pussy though the top of my own wet panties.

I was cumming, along with Father Longfellow and my mother when all of a sudden, someone came up from behind me and cupped my tits through my blouse.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" The male voice asked


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