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rough bj's

How many of you grab her head and thrust hard during a bj? Men and women what do you think about this and do you do it often? We started doing this recently.
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Love this both giving and receiveing blow jobs
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I've been an insatiable cocksucker all of my life ever since, as a young teen, I first began sucking my best friend Larry's HUGE cock! He would very roughly fuck my throat and I quickly came to LOVE it! I still love it
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Yeah it's fun. In fact, the tactile input from being roughed up during a blowjob is really the only thing that's in it for me. Sometimes when he just lays back and lets me go at it it's like wow, snore... it's not like sucking a cock actually feels good or anything.
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I have never come across a man who doesn't like to or doesn't want to do this. As long as you're partner knows how to open her or his throat and take it. If unaccustomed or uninitiated to being force facefucked (as I like to call it)...you could cut off her airway and make her feel like she's gonna choke to death.
That's a really scary feeling for a lot of people.

If you are not paying attention to her signals and she can't breath, it might screw with her future enjoyment of the act .
I love to be facefucked and have no control, but will panic if I can't get a few breaths breaths in during the act. You must learn to relax, open your throat and breath through your nose...then oh yeah makes my clit throb every time.
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