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What is the appeal of a Daddy?

I know a common fantasy for women is a Daddy/daughter and for some men it's a Daddy/son scenario I'm curious what the appeal to this fantasy is.
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Originally Posted by MasterK13 View Post
I know a common fantasy for women is a Daddy/daughter and for some men it's a Daddy/son scenario I'm curious what the appeal to this fantasy is.
For me it is a return to a state of being unconditionally loved and protected, in the presence of an all-powerful, all-knowing person, who takes care of me. It is a very erotic feeling, because when you are in someone's charge you are pretty free to do as you please, you have no real adult responsibilities, all you have to do is be dependent on that one person and you have no worries in the world.

It is a fantasy of course, nothing can be further from the truth and when we grow up we know we have to face our responsibilities, as best we can. Notwithstanding the small excursions we take to that fantasy land - with the person who is willing to play the part.

Now, if someone actually assumes this responsibility, and becomes a real Father for us, setting down the Law (superego, internal demands and so on), my feeling is that he would not encourage the fantasy of letting go of the responsibilities, but would reinforce the emotional stability that the sub requires in a Daddy/daughter scheme, without allowing for any slack in growing up. We would then witness the phenomenon of a sub who is enjoying a Daddy/daughter relationship, which allows her to acquire more self-sufficiency and more responsibility than ever before.
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For me it's the other side of the fantasy which, be it known I never experienced as a child; Although Daddy expects his boy or girl to learn and grow, he is not averse to enforcing his dominance over his protege. Nor asserting his carnal rights to that young(ish) body.
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It's a combination of fulfilling a need never met and yet pressing the boundaries as well. In my daily life I have a high level of responsibility. It would be nice to release a bit if that. I also think there is something so comforting as a strong figure teaching and molding ones mind body and soul.
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It's a power thing x as a Submissive, especially in a 'roleplay' or 'captive' scenario I know that I must please Daddy and do exactly as I'm told x x x
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I like having someone take that much interest in me... being able to please someone like that, being rewarded, being called princess or baby girl... good girl. Pushed to the limits and struggling and being obstinate and then submitting and releasing and pleasing him... and being rewarded, it is so beautiful.

Daddy just seems to be an easy way to find this.
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wow...That's beautiful....I love playing a dom daddy
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I love to please always but there is always that special wetness when told to please 'Daddy' lol x just can't be helped x x x
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One advantage of Daddy-Domdem is it's a big personality tent. It has plenty of room for one to be kind, supportive and understanding - and simultaneously be a demanding, aggressive and sadistic fuck.

It's a nice space that way.
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