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She whimpered. Her body, stripped naked and put on display, quivered with the terror of it all. Though she sensed the other presence in the room, the blindfold prevented her seeing. But the strangerís touch was surprisingly gentle. As warm hands explored her body she found herself melting. She whimpered.

(I realise I've bent the rules a little in repeating only two words but thought this might be allowable since the sentence only consists of those two words.)

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When would the wondering ever end? She was staring out the window again, lost in the memory of the night before. His hands on her waist, his voice in her ear. He had promised, after all. He had promised tonight would be the night, and they would never be apart again. But how much longer could she wait?
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Foul Play Suspected

Originally Posted by wildsweetone View Post
not to be outdone by the previous 'no repetition' thread, i've just dreamed up this exercise.

write one paragraph containing six sentences, two sentences of which must have the same first three words - it does not matter which sentences contain the repetition.

Last words were the writer's last words. He was found on his couch, his laptop gone to sleep on his belly, his fingers stiff and gray over the keys. Naturally, one of the police detectives checked the computer to see if it contained any clues as to the cause of death. It appeared that the dead man had been writing a post on an erotica forum about a man who's murdered while writing a post on an erotica forum. "Check this out," the detective said to his partner. "Last words were this guy's last words."

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