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Can't cum. Am I overdoing it?

Is there anyone else here that has difficulties in cumming? I have been a cyclist for over 30 years and it has affected my ability to get completely hard and I can barely cum at all anymore. I also have a unique way of getting myself off. I lie on my side with the heel of my left hand at the base of my dick at the top and use my right hand to support my body weight. After 'humping' the bed I can get maybe a little, tiny bit of cum out of me but I sometimes get worn out before I get that far. I get very turned on by the posts here (and other things on the net) and they somewhat help but most times I just can't cum. It is very frustrating. I've been doing it this way ever since I was little and can't make myself cum the way everybody else can from conventional masturbation. I'm therefore more focused on performing oral sex. I'm still responsive to getting licked and sucked though and would love to meet someone who can understand my needs. I also have gotten very good at using toys up my ass. I'd love to have a RT encounter with someone though with me dressed up all nice and pretty and offer myself to them but I still need someone to make me feel good too.

Is there anyone else in this type of situation?
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You're not alone: and though the reason for my inability is down to my medication, the underlying cause might be similar ie hormonal. If you're not on HRT then now is a good time to have your bloods checked for your peace of mind.
As for your technique - I do something similar though I'm not going to say on the threads! Be happy to PM and compare notes
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