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"Finish This" 11/13/13 - The Businesswoman and the Hidden Camera

This is a writing exercise inspired by a similar one on another site.



As the title suggests, the idea is to finish the story. Every week, we will make a new thread here in the Exercises forum. The premise (the concept) and starter (first part of the story) will be posted. The premise and starter are chosen from this thread.

Once the weekly premise and starter is posted, writers can read it, think a bit, then finish the story however they like. They will have 7 days to do so. "Finishes" should be less than 750 words.

Anyone can contribute a "finish". Read the exercise, then post your finish in single post below - one post per writer. You are free to edit your post as many times as you like for the duration of the contest.

Any "finishes" deemed to be jokes, not serious attempts, trolling, or off-topic will be removed from the exercise. Repeat offenders will be banned from the exercise permanently.

After 7 days, the thread will be closed to new posts. If there are enough substantial "finishes", we'll take the premise, starter, and finishes and post them - with author credit - to a story submission under the "Finish This" user account.

And remember: this is not a contest. There are no losers - only winners. It's about having fun, stretching your imagination.

So - have fun!


This Week's Exercise: The Businesswoman and the Hidden Camera

The Premise (submitted by HeyAll)
A female CEO of a powerful company has been getting threats in her email. She is involved in a multi-billion dollar transaction which would change the geopolitical landscape. The blackmailer is threatening to expose all her secrets and ruin her life unless she changes course.

One day she discovers a hidden camera placed in her bedroom. The woman has never done anything illegal or dirty. But she's had sex with her boyfriend on that bed.

She pulls the camera out and takes it to a computer genius. He determines that the video has been going to a rival corporation. She's enemies with their CEO, a powerful man.

What happens next?

The Beginning (submitted by HeyAll)
Claire stood in front of her office mirror and adjusted her suit. Everything was perfect. Her hair and make up were done to perfection, and her outfit was neatly ironed. The 46 year old woman smiled at her reflection. She was going to make history.

The secretary looked at the daily schedule. "Your meeting with the board of directors starts in 30 minutes. Then at 12 pm you have a lunch meeting with Mr. Price. At 5pm you need to arrive at the television studio to do an interview with Mr Donovan which begins in the 6 o'clock hour.

"Busy day."

"Yes ma'am."

"How do I look?" Claire asked the pretty young secretary.

"Wonderful as always," she replied. "There's one more thing. James Hoffman delivered another message to our office this morning."

"Another useless threat I suppose. Do you know how I became the CEO of such a powerful company at a young age?"

"No ma'am."

Claire smiled at her. "I know how to get what I want. I'm not intimidated by anyone. If Mr. Hoffman doesn't like the way I run my company, then he can either get out of the way or be crushed liked everyone else."
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Claire sat in the first meeting of her day, listening to the Board praise her on her efforts and abilities to make the best first quarter the company had ever had. They weren't too concerned with her methods, as long as the bottom line showed a profit.
She felt the boost to her ego and felt invincible, feeling all powerful and in control. She made her way downtown and entered the fine restaurant and was seated by the Maitre de.
Ken Price showed up five minutes later and apologized for his lateness. Claire forgave him with a light chiding and looked at the envelope he had with him. He passed it across the table to her with a worried look.
Claire opened the envelope and looked at the glossy coloured photos inside. One by one, she looked at shots of her nude, playing with herself and her toys and several of her with lovers. The last couple were of her using a strap on dildo on her assistant and made for a very compromising set of pictures and evidence.
She tucked them back in the envelope and looked at Ken, fretting what her reaction would be. She looked at him and acted calm, as she spoke.

"I'm supposed to be worried about this? Some pictures of me having fun? Hoffman better do more than this to make me worry. I think Mr. Hoffman and I need to have a little meeting of the minds and talk this out."

Ken Price didn't find out what she wanted to talk about, but he knew she would be playing hardball with him and throwing more curves than he could swing at. Claire took out her cell phone and called his office, making sure she got an appointment that day. After her six o'clock show, she wanted to make sure Mr. Leo Hoffman knew what the score was and who was winning.

Leo opened the door to her and saw the seduction of her looks take him, as she entered and walked past him. She tossed the envelope of pictures on his desk and looked at his face, as she undid the buttons on her jacket and opened it. Leo stared at the lace covered breasts and gulped, then looked into the eyes of an apex predator in kill mode.
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