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Ssri induced inorgasmia

A place for discussion about how it has effected you. I'll go first

I was prescribed ssri ( zooloft) for depression and anxiety issues a couple of years ago. One possible side effect is the inability to orgasam.

This was one of the side effects I encountered. I viewed it as a plus as before, when I was lucky enough to get lucky, my general mindset was too wobbly and I lacking in confidence to really have any control over when I came.

So the reality was pretty good for me I could maintain a strong erection for an hour sometimes more and really enjoy sex and my partners enjoyment of it helping bring them to climax many times before I did or as was more often the case did not.

I have stopped taking them now for a couple of months and have found I can reach ejaculation in what I guess is a normal amount of time, ie ten or so mins after penetrative sex, but if I hold back at that point it usually resuts in a very fun and lengthy session leaving us both exhausted but without me ejaculating despite our best efforts, I experience other high points making me suspect that ejaculation and orgasam are seperate events that can happen together as when ejaculation happens early it is often just that without the other good feelings that can come with it or without it.

One draw back for the puppy is she really wants me to ejaculate and there are still times when I just can't. I'm perfectly happy with it as I had a great time. She came many times and we finish in a sweaty exhausted heap in a huge wet patch of her cum, she really does get wet and squirty lucky thing. But she, despite my assurances feels bad I did not ejaculate and worries it was not good enough for me. It's a bit of a roll reversal I guess as most sexual problems we hear about are that the woman did not orgasam or the man does too soon.

So what are your experiences of this I'm hoping to hear from both men and women those that suffer from it or those who's partners suffer from it. Btw this is not some lazy way of researching a paper on the subject.

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I have no experience with a partner not being able to ejaculate or orgasm due to SSRI's but I do have experience with partners who through their practice of tantric sex due not ejaculate when their orgasm. They can still ejaculate if the sex has to be a quickie or a one and done type of sex episode. However, when we have 3 or 4 hours to just have sex the fact that they can orgasm without ejaculation makes the sex last longer.

It did take me a little while to get use to the lack of ejaculation at first. After a while I could tell more easily when his orgasm occurred. It also at first helped when he reassured me that he had been able to have multiple orgasms and was very pleased with me.

My advice would be to continue to reassure her, it may take a little bit of time for her to be convinced.
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