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Not Daddy's Angel Anymore

Erika Smith had always been her parents little angel. She always got good grades in school and was always home by curfew. Her parents truly couldn't ask for a better daughter. But this all changed two years ago. Erika began staying out late, her grades were slipping and she had become such a handful to her parents. They tried grounding her, taking away privileges but nothing worked. Erika's parents did not understand where this all came from. But it wasn't as out of the blue as they though. Two years ago, Erika had stayed up late and heard noises from her parents bedroom. Since the bedrooms were next to each other, all Erika had to do was press her ear up to the wall. And that's what she did. And what she heard, she wasn't prepared for. She heard her parents fucking. Any other teenager would be grossed out by this. And although it happened two years ago, Erika remembered what she heard like it was yesterday.

Oh god, fuck me with that big cock. Oh fuck me hard. Mm, such a big fucking cock. Her mother had said to her father as her father pounded her mother's pussy for hours on end, or so it seemed.

And since that day, Erika had been stealing peeks of her father in the shower. She wanted to see how big he was. About a year ago, she caught him jacking off to some porn and saw how big he really was. And since that day, Erika has been trying to get her father to notice her but nothing. Erika wears the shortest skirts, lowest shirts possible but her father still doesn't notice.

Erika knows it's time to step up her game. Erika's parents decide maybe they should bond more and it would cause Erika to stop acting out. They decide a family dinner is best. They go to their favorite restaurant and without fail Erika wears her short jean skirt, and a tight top that hugs her big rack. But tonight Erika decides not to wear any panties. During the beginning of dinner, Erika takes off her flip flop under the table and rests her soft foot on her father's crotch under the table.

This has to do something? She thinks. She just hopes it affects her father in a good way.

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