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Character Development Thread

Hi. Forgive my impertinence, but I've got this idea that I would like to try on these boards, but am unsure of which board it should be posted in. On one of the other sites I frequent, there are these things called "Character Development Threads", in which a group of writers all put their characters in a shared setting to interact with each other. I've found it very helpful in figuring out how my characters react to situations beyond the ones I lay out for them, which in turn makes it easier to come up with new stories for them, so I'd like to try creating a CDT here to figure out how my characters would deal with sexual/erotic situations that I don't entirely control. Where would be the best place on these boards to post such a thread? Also, is there anyone who would be interested in joining?
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This actually sounds like an interesting idea. I am surprised no one else has been tempted.

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Strix it would help if you gave some parameters.

Also what do you mean by: "how my characters would deal with sexual/erotic situations that I don't entirely control" Do you mean you'll be giving control of characters you make to others, or do you mean spontaneous open RPing with others without planning or plotting ahead with you controlling your own characters?

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There is one thing that you need to understand. Player control their own charactors. If you try to control another charactors actions that is GOD MODING. Other writers will not allow that!

If you wish to share an action with an other player try a NPC (Non PLaying Charactor). Just make sure both or all of the player understand what is going on.

As for charactor development, that can come in time as you write a chractor more then once. Or as your thread develops, we learn more about the charactor. Allso, some writers but a basic bio of there charactor at the start of a story.

Does any of this help?
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